Chapter 3207 - Chu Feng’s Transformation, Crimson Dragon

Chapter 3207 - Chu Feng’s Transformation, Crimson Dragon

At that moment, the crowd were all completely baffled.

They did not understand why Chu Feng would seek his own destruction and leap into that hell-like spirit formation.

Could it be… that the spirit formation had forcibly sucked Chu Feng into it?

But, if that spirit formation had sucked Chu Feng in, how could they continue standing there and be perfectly fine? Why weren’t they feeling any of the attractive power emitted by that spirit formation?

Thus, Chu Feng had most likely leapt into that spirit formation himself. However, if that was the case, why did Chu Feng decide to do that?

At the moment when the crowd were all confused, the expression of unease in the fierce and sharp eyes of that Holy Spirit Beast became even more intense.


Following that, not long after Chu Feng leaped into that spirit formation, a transformation began to appear in it.

Crimson molten lava began to erupt from the center of that spirit formation. Then, the molten lava actually took the form of a giant crimson creature.

The giant creature resembled a dragon, but wasn’t a dragon. With sharp teeth, it looked extremely fierce.

When the enormous creature flew out from the spirit formation, the surroundings darkened completely.

The aura emitted by that dragon-like creature was not at all inferior to that of the Holy Spirit Beast. Furthermore, its body was over ten times larger than that of the Holy Spirit Beast.

It was truly a colossus that connected heaven and earth with its body, a monster capable of utter destruction.

“Monster, that’s a monster!”

Upon seeing the crimson dragon, the crowd all became even more certain of how dangerous that hell-connecting spirit formation was.

Compared to the Holy Spirit Beast, that crimson dragon looked even more vicious. It appeared to truly be a monster that had emerged from hell.


Right at that moment, the crimson dragon suddenly roared. Following that, it swept its tail and began to emit crimson light. That light quickly spread all over.

Seeing the crimson light, everyone tensed up.

That crimson light was extremely powerful and extremely fast. If it were to strike them, it would be akin to being struck by a fatal calamity.

Most frightening of all was that the speed at which the crimson light spread was truly too fast. They were simply unable to avoid it, unable to escape from it, and could only wait for death.

However, to the crowd’s surprise, after that crimson light reached them, it stopped spreading.

When the crowd looked at it, they discovered that the crimson light had turned into an exceedingly humongous shield.

Li Anzhi’s eyes were shining. Unable to contain himself, he uttered in alarm, “That is… a sealing formation?”

“A sealing formation?”

“Indeed, it really does resemble a sealing formation.”

“That crimson dragon released that sealing formation deliberately. Could it be… it was afraid that the Holy Spirit Beast would escape?”

The crowd all managed to react after hearing what Li Anzhi said.


Right at that moment, the crimson dragon let out another roar. Then, it moved its enormous body and, with an unbelievable speed, flew toward the Holy Spirit Beast.

It opened its ferocious mouth and bit down on the Holy Spirit Beast.

As for the Holy Spirit Beast, it was no ordinary character either. Its body shifted, and it easily dodged the incoming attack.

Then, the Holy Spirit Beast opened its mouth and began to shoot out many balls of energy toward the crimson dragon.

Suddenly, crimson light was emitted from the crimson dragon’s body. Like a shield, the light completely blocked all of the energy balls that shot out by the Holy Spirit Beast’s mouth.

In the blink of an eye, the two frightening giant creatures d collided in battle.

The energy ripples caused by their battle were simply capable of destroying an entire region.

Fortunately, that crimson dragon had released that spirit formation that blocked the crowd before the battle began. Otherwise, the energy ripples would be enough to completely annihilate the crowd.

“Strange. That monster that flew out from that hell formation, the spirit formation that it had released seems to not be sealing off the Holy Spirit Beast’s escape, but rather seems to be protecting us,” someone from the crowd said.

“You’re kidding. Why would a monster like that protect us?”

That person’s words immediately caused a massive commotion. At the same time as the crowd felt astonished, they also felt it to be unimaginable. After all, that monster seemed to have emerged from hell. Its entire body was emitting that terrifying aura. How could such a monster be helping them?

“Everyone, look! Look at that monster’s head!” At that moment, someone cried out in alarm.

Hearing that person, the crowd all looked to the monster’s head. Upon doing so, all of their expressions changed.

Even Li Anzhi, Puyang Han and Puyang Qi were no exception.

The reason for that was because the crowd had discovered that there was a silhouette deep within that monster’s head.

Due to the fact that the monster was moving too fast, the crowd were unable to make out that person’s image clearly. However, should they pay close attention, they would be able to tell that… the silhouette resembled Chu Feng.

“It’s Chu Feng. It’s Young Hero Chu Feng. Young Hero Chu Feng has been devoured by that monster,” suddenly, someone let out a grieved sigh of regret.

“Devoured my ass. Wouldn’t one’s food enter one’s stomach after being devoured? Why would one’s food enter one’s head?”

However, right after that man spoke, he was immediately lashed out at by his fellows.

After being reprimanded, that man revealed a confused expression. He asked, “But, if Young Hero Chu Feng wasn’t devoured, why would he be inside that monster’s head?”

It was actually not only that man who was confused; many of the others present were also confused upon wondering why, Chu Feng would be inside that monster’s head.

Right at that moment, Li Anzhi spoke slowly, “Chu Feng is controlling that monster. It’s not that monster that’s fighting the Holy Spirit Beast. Instead, it’s Chu Feng. Chu Feng is controlling the power of that monster to fight the Holy Spirit Beast.”

“What?! Young master Chu Feng is the one controlling that monster?!”

“In other words, that sealing formation was released by young master Chu Feng to protect us?”

“But… how did he accomplish that? Oh! I get it now! It’s that spirit formation! It’s that spirit formation!!!”

“So that’s the case! So that’s the case!!!”

Li Anzhi’s words immediately caused the crowd to come to a sudden realization.

At that moment, the crowd finally realized why Chu Feng had leapt into that spirit formation that resembled the entrance to hell.

It turns out that Chu Feng had managed to tell with a single glance that that entrance to hell contained enormous power that one would be able to obtain and control should one enter it.

Should one be able to control that power, one would be able to fight against the Holy Spirit Beast.

It was only at this moment that the crowd realized that that spirit formation that resembled the entrance to hell was actually nothing more than a diversion.

Unfortunately, apart from Chu Feng, everyone else has been baffled by that diversion.

Chu Feng was the only one who managed to see through everything.

At this moment, when the crowd looked to the crimson dragon again, they, to a greater or lesser degree, had admiration in their eyes.

Regardless of whether they were willing or unwilling, they had no choice but to admit that Chu Hanxian’s grandson and Chu Xuanyuan’s son, the descendant of those two grand individuals, was truly someone that surpassed others.

Not only did he have a cultivation that was stronger than everyone present, but his insight was also stronger than everyone present!!!