Chapter 3206 - Entering The Hell Formation

Chapter 3206 - Entering The Hell Formation

“You all couldn’t possibly be wanting me to go and take care of it, right?” Chu Feng asked with a tone of uncertainty. At the same time, his eyes were filled with astonishment.

The reason for that was because he was unable to understand why the crowd would place such high hopes in him when they should’ve clearly sensed how terrifying that monster was.

“Young master Chu Feng, perhaps you still don’t know about this. In the past, there were two seniors that managed to defeat the Holy Spirit Beast. As for those two seniors, they are people that you know. Furthermore, they possess extraordinary relationships with you,” Someone said.

“Who are they?” Chu Feng’s expression changed. He had actually thought of an answer already, but he wanted to verify his guess through the crowd.

“They’re your grandfather, Lord Chu Hanxian, and your father, Lord Chu Xuanyuan,” Someone replied.

Hearing those words, Chu Feng’s heart was no longer calm. That person’s words had verified his guess.

The answer that was provided caused Chu Feng’s emotions to surge in his heart.

His grandfather and father had actually both defeated the Holy Spirit Beast and summoned the Holy Spirit Formation of Light in the past.

That was precisely the reason why the crowd felt that Chu Feng was capable of defeating that monster. After all, he was Chu Hanxian’s grandson and Chu Xuanyuan’s son.

In fact, even Chu Feng now felt that it was his mission to defeat that monster.

If he failed to accomplish what his grandfather and father had accomplished, he would bring shame to their reputation.

As their descendant, he would be too disappointing.

People would definitely think that the heaven-defying genius of Chu Hanxian and Chu Xuanyuan had died out at Chu Feng’s generation.

With that, Chu Hanxian’s grandson and Chu Xuanyuan’s son would truly be trash.

The two exceptional geniuses whose names were engraved in the hearts of every person in the Ancestral Martial Starfield would have their reputations completely ruined by Chu Feng.

“Chu Feng, you have no idea. In all these years, rarely do people manage to enter the fifth floor, much less summon the Holy Spirit Beast. However, you’ve managed to successfully summon the Holy Spirit Beast. That is most definitely not a coincidence.”

“That’s right. Young master Chu Feng, your talent is simply too exceptional. You are truly capable of bringing us into that Holy Spirit Formation of Light.”

“Young master Chu Feng, you should also know that even if we were to be able to summon the Formation of Light, we would not be able to enter it due to its restriction. As for obtaining and using the natural resources from the Formation of Light, that would be even more out of question.”

“However, the Holy Spirit Formation of Light is different. As long as it’s summoned, we’ll all be able to enter it directly.”

At that moment, the crowd began to speak to Chu Feng. All of their words were filled with unmasked expectations.

They all hoped for Chu Feng to defeat the Holy Spirit Beast and bring them into the Holy Spirit Formation of Light.

Hearing till this point, a yearning flame was ignited in Chu Feng’s heart.

Originally, even if they’d managed to summon the Formation of Light, they would have no chance to enjoy it.

After all, only the people from the Linghu Heavenly Clan would be able to enjoy its benefits. Even if they managed to summon the Formation of Light, they would only be benefiting the people from the Linghu Heavenly Clan.

However, if it was as the crowd said, and the Holy Spirit Formation of Light would be open to all of them to enter and train should it be summoned, it would not be as simple as just obtaining a chance to train. At the same time, it would also prevent the Linghu Heavenly Clan from obtaining all of the cultivation resources.

Thinking of it, this was actually a very refreshing thing to do.

Merely, that Holy Spirit Beast was so very terrifying. Exactly how should one defeat it?

Suddenly, a furious shout was heard, “Everyone, can you all calm yourselves?”

“Even if you all want to enter the Holy Spirit Formation of Light, you should look at the might of that Holy Spirit Beast first.”

“With how frightening that thing is, who could possibly defeat it? Can you all not be this selfish and ask my little brother Chu Feng to throw his life away for the sake of your own selfish desires?!!!”

It was Chu Shuangshuang. Chu Shuangshuang became extremely furious after seeing those people that were unrelated to Chu Feng telling him to challenge the Holy Spirit Beast for the sake of their own selfish desires.

The reason for that was because if Chu Feng were to die, it would not cause any loss to those people at all. However, it would be completely different for their Chu Heavenly Clan. If an unexpected accident were to happen to Chu Feng, it would be an enormous loss, an irreplaceable loss, to their Chu Heavenly Clan.

Hearing what Chu Shuangshuang said, many people lowered their heads silently.

Had it been before, someone like Chu Shuangshuang lashing out at them in such a manner would definitely receive a beating from them. However, the situation was different now. They had all witnessed Chu Feng’s strength. With Chu Feng present, even if they were displeased by Chu Shuangshuang’s words, they couldn’t do anything to her.

Besides, what Chu Shuangshuang said was very reasonable. They were indeed acting excessively.

After Chu Shuangshuang lashed out at the crowd, many people managed to cool their heads.

As the crowd looked to the Holy Spirit Beast from afar, they were unable to help themselves from thinking that a monster of that caliber was simply undefeatable.

In that case, how did Chu Hanxian and Chu Xuanyuan manage to defeat the Holy Spirit Beast back then?


Right at that moment, light suddenly started flickering from below the Holy Spirit Beast.

Soon, a grand formation appeared. Once that grand formation appeared, the crowd’s eyes all changed.

That grand formation was extremely bright, and resembled a holy ground.

In fact, after that grand formation appeared, a trace of fear actually appeared in the eyes of the mighty Holy Spirit Beast standing in midair.

The crowd all realized that that grand formation had a significant relationship with the Holy Spirit Beast. Or perhaps, that grand formation contained some sort of power that the Holy Spirit Beast feared.

However, when the crowd looked to the center of the grand formation, alarm filled their eyes.

The reason for that was because the central region of that grand formation resembled a volcanic crater. The crowd was capable of seeing the situation inside.

Magma was flowing inside that volcanic crater. There were countless hands within the molten lava. Densely packed, those hands were stretching out like the hands of Evil Spirits. They seemed to want to forcibly capture people and pull them into the magma.

At the same time, frightening roars were coming from the volcanic crater nonstop.

How could that be a lava-filled volcanic crater? No, that was simply the entrance to hell.

It was so frightening that even that powerful Holy Spirit Beast revealed a fear-filled appearance.

At that moment, someone spoke quietly, “Forget about it, let’s go. Let’s forget about defeating that Holy Spirit Beast. If we don’t leave now, even if that Holy Spirit Beast doesn’t kill us, that terrifying grand formation will devour us alive.”

Hearing those words, the crowd all began to nod in agreement.

Indeed, the situation at hand was truly too dangerous.

That enormously powerful Holy Spirit Beast had already bound their hands. Yet now, a terrifying grand formation that resembled the entrance to hell had appeared as well. That formation felt as if it were capable of engulfing and obliterating all of them.

Who would possibly dare to linger around a place as dangerous as this?


However, at the moment when the crowd was planning to leave, a figure suddenly flew past. With an unimaginable speed, that person rapidly flew into that grand formation that resembled the entrance to hell. Following a ‘putt,’ that figure entered the lake of lava that resembled the hands of Evil Spirits.

“Chu Feng!!!”

Suddenly, a worried cry was heard.

The reason for that was because the person who had flown into that terrifying grand formation was none other than Chu Feng.