Chapter 3184 - Frightening Existence

Chapter 3184 - Frightening Existence

After Bai Liluo opened her palm, a faint light shone from it.

That light was shining from within Bai Liluo’s palm. Being illuminated by that light, Chu Feng was able to see that there was actually a spirit formation inside Bai Liluo’s palm.

That spirit formation was formed inside Bai Liluo’s palm.

At that moment, that spirit formation separated itself from Bai Liluo’s palm and floated over to Chu Feng.

Although that spirit formation was only the size of a pearl, Chu Feng was able to tell how powerful it was.

That spirit formation was capable of increasing Chu Feng’s cultivation temporarily.

Using it, Chu Feng would be able to temporarily increase his strength.

“This spirit formation is capable of temporarily allowing you to obtain the power of a rank two Martial Immortal.”

“When big sister is in closed-door training, I cannot allow anyone to come and make trouble for me. Use this spirit formation’s power to deal with them.”

“However, don’t get too far away from big sister. If you’re too far away from me, that spirit formation will become ineffective,” Bai Liluo said.

“Very well,” Chu Feng set up a special spirit formation and absorbed the spirit formation Bai Liluo gave him into his palm.

With that, Chu Feng would be able to activate her spirit formation with a single thought.

“This place is relatively safe. It’s hardly possible for someone to discover this place. Thus, this is merely insurance. You shouldn’t have to use it,” Bai Liluo said with a smile.

After she finished, Bai Liluo turned into a strand of white gaseous flames and entered that egg-shaped spirit formation through the crack.

“Sure enough, that girl is definitely not human.”

At that moment, Chu Feng was certain that Bai Liluo was not a human. The reason for that was because no human was capable of changing the way Bai Liluo just did.

In terms of transformations, all martial cultivators were capable of it. However, that egg-shaped spirit formation was not something that one could enter just by changing into gaseous flames.

The fact that Bai Liluo was able to enter it meant that she herself was very special to begin with.

Chu Feng even guessed that Bai Liluo might have some sort of special relationship with that place. Otherwise, she couldn’t possibly know it so well.

That said, Chu Feng did not forget about his proper business either. Chu Feng put forth great effort to set up a concealment formation to conceal the egg-shaped spirit formation that Bai Liluo had entered to train.

That egg-shaped spirit formation actually possessed enormous defensive capabilities, to the point where it was simply indestructible.

However, as Bai Liluo had mentioned that she could not be disturbed whilst she was in closed-door training, Chu Feng suspected that perhaps she could be affected without that egg-shaped spirit formation being destroyed, that perhaps she could be affected just by that egg-shaped spirit formation being attacked.

Because of that, as insurance, Chu Feng decided to conceal that egg-shaped spirit formation with Bai Liluo inside.

Of course, Chu Feng, like Bai Liluo, also did not think that there would be anyone capable of disturbing her.

After all, that place was the most dangerous place in the entire Eastern Region. No one would be willing to go there to begin with.

Furthermore, Bai Liluo and Chu Feng were in an underground palace. It would be very difficult for one to find such a hidden place.

However, Chu Feng was mistaken.


The Cyanfeather Monstrous Clansmen led by Qingyu Ruize were still on that mountain peak.

They were still frozen by Bai Liluo’s technique.


Suddenly, a black silhouette appeared. That black silhouette took on a human form and pointed to the block of ice that sealed the Cyanfeather Monstrous Clansmen.

With that point, the ice that sealed the Cyanfeather Monstrous Clansmen started to melt. Soon, the Cyanfeather Monstrous Clansmen were all free.

“Damn it. Why is that girl so powerful? Even big brother Ruize is completely powerless before her,” lingering fear filled Qingyu Yunlong’s face.

“Big brother Ruize, should we give up on this matter? We’re simply no match for that girl. It’s best that we don’t provoke her,” the other Cyanfeather Monstrous Clansmen also began to urge Qingyu Ruize against continuing to go after Bai Liluo. They all hoped that he would drop the matter.

Hearing what the crowd said, Qingyu Ruize lowered his head. He had tacitly agreed with their suggestion.

During their previous encounter, he had realized how large the disparity between their strengths were. To seek out Bai Liluo again was something that only a fool would do.

“Huu, huu, huu~~~”

However, at the moment when the Cyanfeather Monstrous Clansmen were planning to leave, a black whirlwind suddenly rose up. That whirlwind trapped all of them inside, making them unable to leave.

At the same time, a gloomy and cold voice entered Qingyu Ruize’s ears.

“If you are to leave, then without that girl doing anything, I will extinguish you all.”

The voice was spoken by that black silhouette. That said, Qingyu Ruize was the only one present that was capable of hearing that voice.

“You’ve also seen it, we’re simply no match for that girl. It’s truly not that I don’t wish to take care of her. It’s merely that I am powerless to do anything,” Qingyu Ruize said.

“That girl is currently training. She is at her weakest state. If you all are to go over there right now, you’ll be able to easily take care of her,”

“You simply don’t need to actually injure her. It would do to attack the spirit formation that she’s undergoing closed-door training in,” that black silhouette said.

“Milord, with how powerful you are, why don’t you personally take care of her? Why do you need me to do it?” Qingyu Ruize asked with a frown.

He had already realized how terrifying Bai Liluo was. Thus, even though that black silhouette was telling him that he could take care of Bai Liluo now, he was still unwilling to go and attempt it. He was afraid that an accident would happen.

“If I were capable of taking care of her myself, I wouldn’t have come to find you. Enough of your superfluous words.”

“Upon entering that mountain peak, enter through the tunnel entrance. When you see that brat Chu Feng, you will have found the location where that girl is training,” the black silhouette said.

After the black silhouette finished saying those words, the black whirlwind that had trapped them began to dissipate.

“Big brother Ruize, was it that person again?”

“Exactly who is he? Why does he insist on making use of us?”

After that black silhouette disappeared, the Cyanfeather Monstrous Clansmen turned to ask Qingyu Ruize with nervous expressions.

They all knew that a frightening existence had found Qingyu Ruize. It was precisely that frightening existence that had guided them there, allowing them to find Bai Liluo.

As for who that frightening existence was, they had no idea.

“Don’t bother asking. Right now, we have no choice but to do as he says.”

“Either Bai Liluo dies, or we die,” Qingyu Ruize spoke with a determined expression.

After he finished saying those words, he soared into the sky and began to fly toward the entrance to the underground palace that Chu Feng and Bai Liluo were in.

Seeing that, the Cyanfeather Monstrous Clansmen did not hesitate, and followed him.

The reason for that was because they understood the situation they were in very well. They were now someone else’s chess pieces, and had no choice of their own. They could only do as that person ordered. Otherwise… all of them would die.