Chapter 3183 - Become My Guard

Chapter 3183 - Become My Guard

Chu Feng looked to Bai Liluo.

His gaze turned complicated.

With merely a wave of her hand, Bai Liluo had completely sealed all of the Cyanfeather Monstrous Clan’s experts.

Bai Liluo seemed to be even stronger than Chu Feng had imagined. Chu Feng determined that Bai Liluo’s cultivation was at least that of a rank three Martial Immortal.

“Don’t come and provoke this young lady again. Otherwise, I’ll take your lives next time,” Bai Liluo said to Qingyu Ruize.

After she finished saying those words, she left together with Chu Feng.

Although Bai Liluo was fierce, she was not ruthless toward the Cyanfeather Monstrous Clansmen.

Likely, she also felt slightly apologetic for agreeing to become the Cyanfeather Monstrous Clan’s guest elder and then helping Chu Feng.

However, it might also be possible that she simply did not wish to take care of them. As for exactly why that was, only Bai Liluo herself knew.

Bai Liluo brought Chu Feng to another mountain range. Then, like before, Bai Liluo created a tunnel deep in the underground.

That tunnel greatly resembled the tunnel she had opened on the previous mountain peak. It was very deep, and completely covered in darkness when they reached the bottom.

However, this time around, the range of Chu Feng’s eyesight grew even less.

In the previous tunnel, Chu Feng was capable of seeing ten meters. However, Chu Feng was now only capable of seeing five meters.

One must know that Chu Feng’s world spirit techniques had just gotten stronger. However, even though he was now a Snake Mark Exalted-cloak World Spiritist, Chu Feng was still only capable of seeing out to a range of five meters.

This made Chu Feng realize that this underground palace seemed to be even more frightening than the one before.

That said, Chu Feng was relieved to discover that there were no ghost-like wailings and wolf-like howlings there. This meant that monsters were not sealed there.

Furthermore, after arriving there Bai Liluo did not cautiously move about like she did in the previous underground palace. Instead, she directly unleashed her martial power to travel quickly.

This verified Chu Feng’s guess that the underground palace was safer compared to the last one.

“It would appear that this is not a sealing ground,” Chu Feng said those words casually. He wanted to verify his guess.

“Who said that this place is not a sealing ground?” Bai Liluo said.

“In that case, why aren’t we encountering any sealed monsters?” Chu Feng asked.

“That’s because those monsters were all eaten,” Bai Liluo said.

“Eaten? What ate them?” Chu Feng asked.

The monsters in the previous underground palace were all extremely frightening.

As for this underground palace, it contained even greater power. If there were monsters sealed there before, Chu Feng felt that those monsters must be even more terrifying than the ones from the previous underground palace.

As such, what sort of existence was able to consume those monsters?

Suddenly, Bai Liluo turned around and looked to Chu Feng. She had a strange smile on her face. “If I were to tell you that they were eaten by your big sister, would you believe me?”

Seeing Bai Liluo like that, Chu Feng’s heart immediately tensed up. Even his expression changed.

“Haha, look at how scared you are. I’m just playing with you. How could I eat those disgusting things?” Bai Liluo laughed.

Bai Liluo’s smile returned to normal. It was an adorable child-like smile.

No, Bai Liluo’s smile was even more adorable and delightful to the eyes. After all, she had such an adorable look to her.

However, Chu Feng was unable to smile. The reason for that was because he was truly frightened by Bai Liluo’s previous expression.

In fact, based on the experience that Chu Feng had, he was certain that Bai Liluo, that seemingly extremely young little girl, was most definitely not a human.

As Bai Liluo rapidly guided Chu Feng, they did not spend a lot of time, and soon arrived at their destination.

Upon stopping, Bai Liluo once again summoned a spirit formation. That spirit formation was not very large. It was oval-shaped, and had a ten meter diameter, and a width of around five meters.

The appearance of the spirit formation resembled an egg.

“Little brother, help your big sister activate this formation. Do that, and your mission will be complete,” Bai Liluo said to Chu Feng with a smile on her face. Then, Bai Liluo began to form a spirit formation.

After Bai Liluo began to set up her spirit formation, Chu Feng was able to tell from her spirit energy that her world spirit techniques were very powerful. The reason for that was because she was a Dragon Mark Exalted-cloak World Spiritist.

When Bai Liluo was setting up her spirit formation, Chu Feng was simply unable to intervene. He could only watch from the sidelines.

The reason for that was because the spirit formation that Bai Liluo was setting up was very difficult and very strange. It seemed to have integrated some sort of power from Bai Liluo’s body.

Even if Chu Feng knew how to set it up, he would not be able to set it up successfully.

To put it simply, that formation seemed to be something that only Bai Liluo could set up.

After roughly six hours passed, Bai Liluo finally finished setting up her spirit formation.

There were two formation cores to the spirit formation. As such, after Bai Liluo finished setting it up, Chu Feng directly stood on one of the formation cores to assist Bai Liluo in unsealing the egg-like spirit formation before them.

After another six hours passed, the spirit formation that Bai Liluo and Chu Feng were jointly operating started to shine brightly. It shone so brightly that their surroundings were all lit up.

In fact, the area that was illuminated greatly surpassed the area that Bai Liluo managed to illuminate in the previous underground palace.


At that time, the egg-like spirit formation started to crack.

“Success!” Bai Liluo immediately got up. As she looked to the crack in the egg-like spirit formation, joy appeared in her eyes.

“We’ve succeeded?” Chu Feng was surprised. The reason for that was because that crack was very small.

Furthermore, Chu Feng was unable to sense anything from it. Chu Feng felt that it was simply a crack, and that they had yet to successfully unseal that egg-like spirit formation.

Faced with Chu Feng’s question, Bai Liluo turned around and smiled sweetly. With a very determined tone, she said, “We’ve succeeded. You’ve accomplished your mission.”

“Oh, that’s right. If you’re willing, help me with one more thing,” Bai Liluo said.

“What is it?” Chu Feng asked.

“Be my guard, okay?” As Bai Liluo spoke, she handed her fair-skinned little fist over to Chu Feng.

Chu Feng was originally confused.

However, when Bai Liluo’s little fist opened, Chu Feng’s expression immediately changed.