Chapter 3139 - Big Sister’s Gift

Chapter 3139 - Big Sister’s Gift

Chu Feng’s speed was extremely fast. His movements were so fast that one could only see his shadow. He resembled a phantom as he appeared everywhere repeatedly.

Everytime Chu Feng appeared, monsters would immediately attack his location.

The bombardment of their enormous bodies and overwhelming power caused even the extremely solid cave walls to tremble violently.

During that period of time, Chu Feng was unleashing attacks at the monsters nonstop. However, those monsters appeared to be completely invulnerable. Even Chu Feng’s Immortal Techniques were ineffective against them.

Unable to escape and unable to defeat them, Chu Feng was trapped in a dilemma.

“Damn it!”

Trapped in that sort of situation, a flash of determination shone through Chu Feng’s eyes.

The next moment, blood red lightning began to strike down, leaving many explosions in their wake.

It was Chu Feng’s Immortal Taboo Martial Skill, Immortal Taboo: Blood Lightning Technique.

The Immortal Taboo: Blood Lightning Technique was one of the strongest abilities in Chu Feng’s current arsenal.

Once he used the Immortal Taboo: Blood Lightning Technique, all of the monsters that had surrounded him were instantly shattered to pieces.

Seeing Chu Feng being able to use such a technique, the little girl on Chu Feng’s back revealed a surprised expression.

Evidently, the abilities that Chu Feng possessed were much stronger than she had anticipated.

Seeing that their surroundings had finally calmed down, Chu Feng finally heaved a sigh of relief. He was afraid that those monsters would never stop. Should that happen, not to mention being unable to bring the little girl away, even he himself would likely end up being trapped here.


Suddenly, strange roars began to sound from underground.

Those roars were so frightening that they sounded like the cries of a myriad of malicious spirits. Hearing them, one would immediately feel fear.


Chu Feng’s expression changed enormously. Not only did he hear the frightening roars, he also felt an aura that he could not contend against.


Suddenly, the ground started shaking, and rocks began to scatter about in midair. Countless giant monsters emerged from the depths of the ground.

Those colorful monsters were over ten times larger than the monsters from before. Most importantly, the auras that they were emitting were no longer those of Heavenly Immortals. Instead, they were emitting Martial Immortal auras.

Although they were only rank one Martial Immortals, it was a cultivation that Chu Feng could not possibly prevail over.


Suddenly, a monster among them moved. Its enormous body turned into an enormous whip. With whistling wind, it smashed ruthlessly toward chu Feng.

Everything came too suddenly. Chu Feng simply had no time to react before he was ruthlessly struck by the monster.


Chu Feng let out a groan of pain, and was knocked flying like a shot arrow. As he was knocked flying, the little girl on his back and the Immortal Armament in his hand were both knocked away.

Chu Feng did not fly for long before he was immediately stopped in mid-air by another monster. Like a giant python capturing its prey, that monster ferociously wrapped itself around Chu Feng.


Being bound by the monster, Chu Feng began to scream miserably.

The reason for that was because that monster had not only wrapped around Chu Feng, but it was also using its obliterating power to crush Chu Feng’s soul.

That’s right, that monster did not do any harm to Chu Feng’s physical body, but was instead directly attacking his soul.

At that moment, Chu Feng felt his soul being ripped apart repeatedly. Even Chu Feng was unable to endure this sort of pain, and began to let out miserable screams.

While this was happening, the little girl was also caught and wrapped around by a monster. She also began to endure the same sort of attack as Chu Feng. That little girl was unable to endure the pain from the attack, and soon lost consciousness.

It was not that Chu Feng and the little girl had low tolerance for pain. Rather, the nature of those monsters’ attacks was simply too frightening. Their attacks were aimed purely at one's soul.

With the situation being like that, Chu Feng felt his mind going blank. Apart from the unbearable pain, he was unable to sense or remember anything else.

Soon, Chu Feng also lost consciousness.

Most frighteningly, even though Chu Feng had already lost consciousness and appeared to be extremely quiet, he was still enduring that unbearable pain.

In other words, even though Chu Feng had lost consciousness, he was still enduring the pain of his soul being torn apart.

The pain Chu Feng was suffering from did not decrease. Instead, it had increased. If this were to continue, Chu Feng would suffer a mental breakdown. His memories would become disordered, or even disappear.

However, after Chu Feng entered that frightening state of unconsciousness, that little girl who had lost consciousness before suddenly opened her eyes.

The monster that had wrapped itself around her was still attacking her soul. However, she showed no sign of pain on her face.

It was as if the attack from that monster was completely ineffective against her.

Suddenly, that little girl’s eyes turned from jet-black to white.

Her white eyes were very strange. One would feel a chill just by looking at them.

It was as if those eyes did not belong to the living, but were instead the eyes of ghosts from the deep underworld.

At that moment, a frightening power emerged from the little girl’s body.

In an instant, the rank one Martial Immortal-level monsters were all annihilated. No longer bound by a monster, the little girl descended from midair like a celestial fairy.

Although she had the appearance of a celestial fairy, her aura was even more sinister than those of malicious spirits.

If someone were able to sense the aura emitted by the little girl at that moment; they would definitely be extremely frightened.

“Rumble, rumble~~~”

Right at that moment, the earth started to rumble. Following that, countless multi-colored lights shot up from the ground. 

The multi-colored lights fused with the multi-colored fog and seemed to form some sort of power that drifted in the air.

The little girl took out her Immortal Crystal Ore.


The Immortal Crystal Ore suddenly released some sort of power. The multi-colored power started to assimilate into the Immortal Crystal Ore.

In the blink of an eye, all of the fog in the region, as well as the multi-colored radiance, was absorbed by the Immortal Crystal Ore.

The cave had returned to how it was before. However, the Immortal Crystal Ore in the little girl’s hand had changed enormously.

It was a change to its aura. It was as if that Immortal Crystal Ore was the actual Immortal Crystal Ore.

With the Immortal Crystal Ore in her hand, the little girl walked over to Chu Feng.

Seeing the unconscious Chu Feng, who had an expression of pain all over his face, the corners of the little girl’s lips actually rose upward.

As she smiled, she placed the Immortal Crystal Ore in her hand on Chu Feng’s forehead.

“Although I do not know where you’re from, big sister is quite fond of your character.”

“Originally, I was planning to use this Immortal Crystal Ore myself. However, now, consider it a gift from big sister.”

After she finished saying those words, the little girl had a change in her expression, and a strange power was released from her body and into the Immortal Crystal Ore.

The next moment, the Immortal Crystal Ore started to release multi-colored radiance. Like a waterfall, the light began to enter Chu Feng’s forehead and drill into the depths of his soul.


Chu Feng let out a light groan. Then, the painful expression on his face started to ease.