Chapter 3138 - Frightening Monster

Chapter 3138 - Frightening Monster

“Fengming, what is going on here? Didn’t I tell you to follow that monster?” The goateed individual spoke to Qingyu Fengming with a slightly displeased tone.

“She is simply too arrogant, and completely disregarded our Cyanfeather Monstrous Clan. I had only argued a few words with her, and she immediately abandoned me. The way I see it, she is simply exploiting us, and did not really have the intention to help us find the Immortal Crystal Ore. If I am to capture her, I will definitely teach her a proper lesson,” Qingyu Fengming spoke with great anger in his voice.

“Fengming, you must not act recklessly. Did you not know why that girl was deemed to be a monster?” The goateed man said.

“She’s but a little girl with a rank five Heavenly Immortal-level cultivation. What is there to fear?” Qingyu Fengming spoke in a disapproving manner.

“Fengming, you couldn’t possibly really be thinking that our Cyanfeather Monstrous Clan wracked our brains to entice her to join our Cyanfeather Monstrous Clan as our guest elder all because she is a rank five heavenly immortal, right?” The goateed man asked.

“Is that not the case?” Qingyu Fengming asked.

“Of course not. If she were only a rank five Heavenly Immortal, how could she be able to easily shake you off?”

“Not to mention it being you, even I would not be able to withstand a single attack from her,” That goateed man said.

“In that case, it would mean that she’s a Martial Immortal-level expert?” Qingyu Fengming asked.

“Mn,” The goateed man nodded.

“In that case, what rank Martial Immortal is she?” Qingyu Fengming asked.

“It is unknown as to exactly what rank Martial Immortal she is. However, she is most definitely not a rank one Martial Immortal,” That goateed man said.

“She’s actually that powerful?” Qingyu Fengming revealed a surprised expression.

“Not only is she powerful, she is also vicious and merciless. Back then, the Lee Heavenly Clansmen offended her. All because of that, all of their clansmen were forcibly tortured to a state of insanity by her. No one was capable of treating their insanity,” The goateed man said.[1. Changed the Li Heavenly Clan to Lee Heavenly Clan because they are different Heavenly Clans even though the two chinese characters are both written as Li. 李 vs. 黎]

“That girl is actually that frightening?” Hearing those words, Qingyu Fengming revealed an expression of lingering fear.

He would not forget the fact that he was actually not shaken off by that girl.

Instead, he had gotten into an argument with that girl. After arguing, that girl’s eyes suddenly turned white.

For some unknown reason, after he saw the white eyes of that girl, he felt a sense of fear in his heart.

That girl threatened him not to follow her, and that if he were to continue to follow her, she would take his life.

Qingyu Fengming was truly frightened in that split second. Because of that, he stopped following her, and stared blankly as she walked away from his line of sight.

After that, Qingyu Fengming became furious at how he was actually scared by a little girl.

However, after hearing what the goateed man said, he began to rejoice at the fact that he did not end up fighting that girl. Otherwise, he would’ve likely been forced to a state of insanity by her.

“That girl has been running amuck in the Ancestral Martial Cultivation Realm’s Eastern Region for twenty years. Practically no one in the Eastern Region dares to provoke her,” The goateed man continued.

“Twenty years? In that case, how old is she?” Qingyu Fengming felt astonished once again.

“Did you really think she was only seven or eight years old?” The goateed man chuckled. Then, he said, “No one knows how old she is. However, she is definitely not a child of seven or eight years. How could a monster that has been running amuck in the Ancestral Martial Cultivation Realm for over twenty years be a seven or eight-year-old child?” The goateed man asked.

“If that girl is so dangerous, why did we insist on having her join our Cyanfeather Monstrous Clan? Wouldn’t that be akin to inviting disaster upon ourselves?” Qingyu Fengming asked.

“Although that girl is dangerous, she is very useful too. If she is willing to join our Cyanfeather Monstrous Clan, it will only be a matter of time before our Cyanfeather Monstrous Clan rules over the entire Ancestral Martial Cultivation Realm’s Eastern Region,” That goateed man said.

“Never would I have expected that girl to be so useful. It would appear that I must be more courteous toward her in the future,” Qingyu Fengming said.

“Of course you must be courteous. It will not only be for the sake of our Cyanfeather Monstrous Clan, it will also be for your own safety,” That goateed man said.

Hearing those words, Qingyu Fengming smiled lightly. However, in his heart, he firmly reminded himself that he must avoid that girl the next time he encountered her.

The reason for that was because that was no girl. Instead, she was a frightening monster.

Meanwhile, Chu Feng was still traveling through the fog. Logically, even if that fog covered a vast area, Chu Feng should have been able to, with his speed, leave the fog already.

The reason why Chu Feng was still inside the fog was because those monsters had been tangling him up the entire time. Furthermore, those monsters had become much stronger.

Currently, the monsters that surrounded Chu Feng were all rank nine Heavenly Immortals.

Faced with monsters of that cultivation, Chu Feng had no choice but to unleash his full strength.

Currently, not only was the Divine level Lightning Mark shining on Chu Feng’s forehead, but the Ancient Era’s War Sword and Ancient Era’s War Axe were also revolving around Chu Feng’s body. In fact, he was even holding an Immortal Armament to increase his battle power by a level.

Currently, Chu Feng’s cultivation had increased from rank six Heavenly Immortal to rank seven Heavenly Immortal. Furthermore, he possessed a heaven-defying battle power capable of surmounting two levels of cultivation.

However, even with this being the case, Chu Feng was still unable to break away from the monsters. He was completely trapped there.

Whilst Chu Feng was completely focused on breaking away from the monsters, he did not notice that the large, pitch-black eyes of the little girl on his back were shining with a strange light.