Chapter 3389 - The Beginning Of A Show

Chapter 3389 - The Beginning Of A Show

“I’m afraid he has no other choice.”

Before Chu Feng could respond, Wuming Xingyun’s voice was heard.

It was unknown when Wuming Xingyun had exited the grand formation. He was currently walking toward Chu Feng and Queen Mother Fox Immortal.

“Senior, how is big sister Liluo?” Chu Feng asked with great concern.

“You call her your big sister? Well, that’s understandable too. After all, she’s older than you,” Wuming Xingyun smiled. Then, he said, “There’s no danger to her life. You don’t have to worry about that. Merely, that inverse seal is quite powerful, and very difficult to remove. I have a spirit formation that is capable of removing the inverse seal. However, this formation of mine needs a hundred blades of Ghost-sealing Grass.”

“Ghost-sealing Grass is a very rare sort of medicinal grass. Fortunately, they are present within the grand formation. We have decreased the power of the grand formation with our spirit formation. However, there are some side effects to it. That is, we are unable to enter the grand formation.”

“Thus… you will have to accomplish this mission.”

“This is not an issue. Merely, senior, what does Ghost-sealing Grass look like?” Chu Feng asked.

“This is Ghost-sealing Grass,” with a point of Wuming Xingyun’s finger, spirit power condensed in his palm, forming the appearance of a blade of grass.

The grass was very life-like, and perfectly illustrated the appearance of the Ghost-sealing Grass to Chu Feng.

“Chu Feng, let me tell you one thing. Linghu Hongfei is also present within that grand formation. Furthermore… he has already entered the grand formation. Thus, you will be able to see your rival ahead of time,” Wuming Xingyun spoke with a smile.

“Linghu Hongfei?”

Chu Feng’s gaze involuntarily turned to the grand formation again upon hearing those words.

Chu Feng was simply unable to see the situation inside the grand formation. As such, he naturally could not see Linghu Hongfei either. However, upon thinking that Linghu Hongfei was currently inside the grand formation, billows began to surge in Chu Feng’s heart.

As matters stood, Chu Feng knew that, from the influence of public opinions, he was destined to battle Linghu Hongfei.

Besides, many people in the Ancestral Martial Starfield felt that Linghu Hongfei was stronger than his father, Chu Xuanyuan.

However, Chu Feng did not feel that to be the case.

With his father’s status and strength, it would naturally be impossible for him to fight against Linghu Hongfei.

Thus, Chu Feng felt that he was required to fight Linghu Hongfei on behalf of his father.

Thus, Chu Feng had already marked Linghu Hongfei as a target that he must defeat in his heart.

“Chu Feng, the evaluation is going to end soon. You should go in quickly. You can determine which entrance you want to enter ahead of time,” Wuming Xingyun said.

“Thank you senior,” Chu Feng clasped his fist.

Even though Chu Feng knew that Wuming Xingyun and Queen Mother Fox Immortal might be trying to exploit his strength to help them accomplish their goal, he also felt that Wuming Xingyun was likely really trying to help Bai Liluo remove her inverse seal.

As such, Chu Feng needed to express his thanks for Wuming Xingyun’s assistance.

After thanking him, Chu Feng set off right away, flew over to the grand formation, and entered the rat zodiac’s entrance.

“He actually chose the rat zodiac? That’s quite unexpected,” Queen Mother Fox Immortal revealed a disappointed look.

“Perhaps he wanted to enter a safe path. After all… he only wants to obtain Ghost-sealing Grass,” Wuming Xingyun said.

“But he’s Chu Xuanyuan’s son. He shouldn’t be lacking ambition like that,” Queen Mother Fox Immortal said.

“For him to make such a decision, it is reasonable for you to say that he’s lacking ambition.”

“However, I feel that it might be because he is eager to help his friend remove her seal.”

“While you can say that he’s lacking in ambition, I instead feel that he’s someone that values friendship,” Wuming Xingyun said.

Hearing those words, Queen Mother Fox Immortal chuckled. “Now that you mention it, I remember that brat Chu Xuanyuan was also a person who valued friendship and loyalty.”

“Back then, Chu Xuanyuan, still a person of the younger generation, won against various experts and gained the most advantageous position in obtaining an ancient remnant’s treasures.”

“However, for the sake of saving a friend of his, he gave up on all the treasures in that ancient remnant.”

“However, back then, the decision that Chu Xuanyuan had to make was imminent. If he had chosen the treasures within the remnant, his friend would undoubtedly have died.”

“As for Chu Feng today, he has not been forced to make such an imminent decision.”

“Thus, we’ll have to continue to observe, to determine whether he’s loyal to his friends, or if he’s lacking in ambition,” Queen Mother Fox Immortal said.

“Even you said that we need to observe. In that case, why don’t we figure out what it is in the future?” Wuming Xingyun smiled.

“I am merely sighing my disappointment, that’s all,” Queen Mother Fox Immortal smiled facetiously.

As for Chu Feng, the reason why he chose to enter the entrance of the rat zodiac was most definitely not because it was the safest path. Instead, it was because of the secret path within the rat zodiac’s path.

After entering through the entrance of the rat zodiac, Chu Feng immediately activated his Heaven’s Eyes to search for the hidden path.

Eventually, Chu Feng discovered something amiss from a location.

After discovering it, Chu Feng immediately began to set up a spirit formation.

It was no easy task to open the entrance of the hidden path. It took Chu Feng four entire hours to complete the task.

Normally, for someone of Chu Feng’s cultivation, it would take them at most two hours to successfully pass the rat zodiac’s path.

“How come that Chu Feng still hasn’t reached the grand formation after so long?” Queen Mother Fox Immortal asked with a frown.

“Could it be that some unforeseen event has occurred in there?” Even Wuming Xingyun revealed a puzzled look. He was worrying slightly.

Being inside the rat zodiac, they were unable to see Chu Feng. However, once Chu Feng entered the grand formation, they should have been able to see him using their special observation techniques.

However, they were still unable to see Chu Feng in the grand formation after four entire hours had passed. As such, they would naturally feel puzzled.


Suddenly, an enormous spirit formation gate appeared before the twelve zodiac entrances.

Seeing that spirit formation gate, Queen Mother Fox Immortal and Wuming Xingyun looked to one another.

“It would appear that the show’s about to start.”

They knew very well what that spirit formation gate represented.

The evaluation had ended. All the people that had passed the evaluation would directly emerge from that spirit formation gate and arrive before the entrances.

“It’s time to call those people of the younger generation out,” Wuming Xingyun said.

“Hopefully this will really be a good show, and not a disappointment,” Queen Mother Fox Immortal smiled with an expression of anticipation.

After she finished saying those words, she began to overlay her hands, forming hand seals, whilst chanting a complicated chant.

Soon, another spirit formation gate appeared before the grand formation’s entrances, and began to slowly open...

Sensing the commotion outside, Chu Feng immediately stopped his attempt to open the hidden path and set up a concealing formation to conceal his progress. Then, he began to proceed toward the entrance of the rat zodiac.

“It would appear that they’re coming.”