Chapter 3388 - Exploitative Target

Chapter 3388 - Exploitative Target

Chu Feng was brought to an isolated space within the Ice Summit by Wuming Xingyun.

It was a place constructed by the World Spiritist Immortal King. The grand formation through which one could obtain the Nine Dragons Saint Cloak was also located there.

For the sake of helping Bai Liluo unseal the inverse seal, Wuming Xingyun borrowed the power of a grand formation within that region.

That grand formation had not been constructed for a long time. It was the creation of a Saint-cloak World Spiritist.

Furthermore, the auras of several individuals were present within that grand formation. Chu Feng felt that it was very likely that it was constructed by Wuming Xingyun, Queen Mother Fox Immortal, Liangqiu Chengfeng and Grandmaster Long Xuan together.

Their creation was completely sealed off. Looking from outside, it resembled a simple palace. However, without the spirit formation key, one would not be able to enter the palace at all, and would be unable to see the situation inside.

However, Chu Feng was not worried that Wuming Xingyun would harm Bai Liluo.

With Wuming Xingyun’s strength, if he had wanted to harm Bai Liluo, Chu Feng would simply not be able to stop him at all.

At that moment, Chu Feng stood on the mountain peak outside the spirit formation. He was observing a mountain range in the distance.

One could not see the place Chu Feng was inspecting with one’s naked eye. Even someone of Chu Feng’s cultivation could not see that place.

Even though the space that they were in was created through world spirit techniques, it was simply enormous.

However, using his Heaven’s Eyes, Chu Feng was able to see the things that he wanted to see.

There was a majestic grand formation there. Within that grand formation was a completely separate isolated space. No one knew exactly what the interior of that isolated space was like.

One could only see that there was a gown on the topmost part of the grand formation.

That gown was white. It looked very plain and ordinary.

However, Chu Feng knew that that ordinary-looking gown was none other than the legendary Nine Dragons Saint Cloak created by the World Spiritist Immortal King using the power of the Nine Dragons Upper Realm’s Nine Dragons Aura.

Reportedly, should one be able to breach that grand formation, one would be able to obtain the Nine Dragons Saint Cloak.

However, that Nine Dragons Saint Cloak was being guarded by a very powerful invisible spirit formation. Unless that grand formation was breached… no one would be able to obtain the Nine Dragons Saint Cloak.

There were twelve chinese zodiacs arranged at the entrance of the grand formation. Each zodiac measured over a thousand meters tall. They all had enormous mouths. As for those enormous mouths, they were the entrances to the grand formation.

In other words, there were a total of twelve entrances.

Inside the Fire Prison, Chu Feng had not only learned the structure of the grand formation, but he had also memorized it.

Chu Feng knew that the grand formation was very complicated. The different entrances led to different checkpoints. The checkpoints all possessed different levels of difficulty. However, the clues that one would obtain would also be determined by the difficulty of the checkpoints.

Furthermore, only a single person could enter an entrance at a time. Unless that person was to successfully enter the grand formation or leave, no one else would be able to use that entrance.

When judging from the surface, the dragon zodiac’s entrance was the most difficult, whereas the rat zodiac’s entrance was the easiest.

However, according to the contents of the spirit formation in the Fire Prison, Chu Feng knew that there was a hidden path within the rat zodiac’s entrance. That hidden path could only be opened using a special method.

Furthermore, that hidden path within the rat zodiac’s entrance was actually the most difficult path among all of them.

“Brat, what’s wrong? Could you be interested in that Nine Dragons Saint Cloak?” A voice sounded from behind Chu Feng. It was Queen Mother Fox Immortal.

She had soundlessly appeared behind Chu Feng. Her eyes were exceptionally beautiful, and simply capable of seizing one’s soul. If one’s tolerance was weak, one would likely be bewitched by her from a single glance. However, Chu Feng was not affected much.

“Senior, I am also a world spiritist. Thus, how could I not be interested?” Chu Feng smiled faintly. Then, he said, “Senior Fox Immortal, is that grand formation really so difficult that not even you are able to breach it?”

“Aiyo. Little brat, I seem to recall that it’s the first time that we’ve met. How did you know who I am?” Queen Mother Fox Immortal looked to Chu Feng with surprise.

“Senior is extremely renowned. How could junior not know about senior?” Chu Feng said.

“It would appear that your Chu Heavenly Clan’s seniors have deliberately shown you my portrait and warned you to keep your distance from me, right?” Queen Mother Fox Immortal complained. It would appear that she was not fond of people being on guard against her.

“No, there’s no such thing. Besides, this junior has no intention to be afraid of senior. This junior only has respect for senior,” Chu Feng was not trying to flatter Queen Mother Fox Immortal. As a Saint-cloak World Spiritist, Queen Mother Fox Immortal was indeed worthy of Chu Feng’s respect.

“Oh my, that little mouth of yours is quite sweet,” Queen Mother Fox Immortal smiled. Then, she said, “I’ve heard that an exceptional brat has appeared in the Chu Heavenly Clan. That brat is Chu Xuanyuan’s son, and is called Chu Feng.”

“It would appear that you’re him.”

“This junior is indeed Chu Feng,” Chu Feng nodded.

He was not surprised by Queen Mother Fox Immortal knowing about him. After all, Liangqiu Chengfeng had arrived on the Ice Summit, and what he had done in the Wuma Heavenly Clan’s Ancient Era’s remnant was also witnessed by many people.

Whilst very few people of the Ancestral Martial Starfield knew about his accomplishments thus far, there were definitely people that knew of them.

“Chu Feng, let me tell you a secret. Actually, the Nine Dragons Saint Cloak is not the only treasure left behind in that grand formation. There’s also power that will provide enormous assistance to world spiritists.”

“If one is able to reach the deepest region, one will be able to obtain that power. That power… might even be able to allow you to become a Saint-cloak World Spiritist,” Queen Mother Fox Immortal said.

Chu Feng revealed a pleasantly surprised expression upon hearing those words. However, he was actually not feeling that surprised.

The reason for that was because Chu Feng had already learned about it from the spirit formation within the Fire Prison.

However, the spirit formation within the Fire Prison had also mentioned that it was very difficult to obtain that power.

Whilst the grand formation was extremely difficult to breach, it would, at the very most, only cause harm, and would not endanger one's life.

However, attempting to obtain the power capable of allowing world spiritists to make a breakthrough from the grand formation would pose fatal dangers.

The spirit formation in the Fire Prison warned that one must not attempt to touch that power.

“Normally, if people of the younger generation like yourself are to enter the spirit formation, it would be very difficult to obtain anything. Apart from you, others would not even be able to pass that checkpoint to successfully enter the grand formation.”

“However, this time around, myself and those three have jointly activated the formation core. With this, the power of the grand formation has been decreased. Thus, as long as one passes the evaluation, one will most likely be able to enter the grand formation.”

“With the assistance of our power, you will be able to unleash greater strength. This is a very rare opportunity. Chu Feng, do you wish to give it a try?” Queen Mother Fox Immortal asked.

“But, aren’t only those that pass the evaluation qualified to enter it?”

“Judging from the time, the evaluation should have already begun. I am destined to not be able to enter it,” Chu Feng said.

“That evaluation is prepared by the four of us. If we say that you’re qualified, who would dare to say that you’re not?” Queen Mother Fox Immortal said.

Chu Feng smiled upon hearing those words. Whilst his smile appeared to be one of gratefulness, he was actually thinking something else in his heart.

Had Chu Feng not entered the Fire Prison and seen that rock mountain with the unsealing formation, he would’ve most definitely felt grateful toward Queen Mother Fox Immortal.

However, as he had entered the Fire Prison and seen the unsealing formation, Chu Feng was not feeling appreciative.

The reason for that was because he knew too much about the secret of that grand formation.

Thus, he knew very well that Queen Mother Fox Immortal and the other three had held this evaluation with a different purpose in mind.

Chu Feng and everyone else that passed the evaluation would become their exploitative targets.