Chapter 3134 - Shuangshuang In Trouble

Chapter 3134 - Shuangshuang In Trouble

"Big brother Chu Ping, little brother Chu Feng possesses outstanding abilities. Rank eight Heavenly Immortals will not be able to pose a threat to him," Chu Qing said.

"Little brother Chu Feng is truly a genius," Chu Ping's eyes were brimming with shock.

Even though he already knew that Chu Feng was the strongest genius of their Chu Heavenly Clan, even though he knew that Chu Feng had even managed to defeat the Li Heavenly Clan's strongest person of the younger generation, he did not know exactly what sort of ability Chu Feng possessed.

However, based on how Chu Feng was able to escape from Qingyu Fengming, a rank eight Heavenly Immortal, with the cultivation of a rank six Heavenly Immortal, Chu Ping realized that Chu Feng possessed extraordinary abilities.

"Big brother Chu Ping, do you know anything about Immortal Crystal Ore?" Chu Feng asked.

"Immortal Crystal Ore? Of course I know about it. It is a sort of ore that will appear when Immortal Rivers appear. However, compared to the undercurrents of Immortal Rivers, Immortal Crystal Ore is even more difficult to find. It is a sort of power that can only be encountered by luck, and not sought after."

"Truth be told, the cave that we encountered the clansmen of the Cyanfeather Monstrous Clan in should possess some Immortal Crystal Ore."

"Actually, it is my fault that we left this place and entered the cave."

"I felt the aura emitted from the cave, and felt that it was the legendary Immortal Crystal Ore. I thought that since we were underground, no one should be able to find us. As such, I decided to try my luck. In the end, however, we ended up encountering those people from the Cyanfeather Monstrous Clan."

"It would appear that they have come for the Immortal Crystal Ore. I wonder if they have managed to find it or not."

When mentioning the Immortal Crystal Ore, Chu Ping revealed an extremely yearning expression.

Chu Ping was a very dutiful individual. In fact, he was so dutiful that he was somewhat cowardly.

However, someone like him actually decided to brave dangers for the sake of the Immortal Crystal Ore. From this, it was obvious how enticing Immortal Crystal Ore was.

"Chu Feng, it seems that you've also heard about Immortal Crystal Ore. Could it be that you've discovered some?" Right at that moment, Chu Huanyu questioned Chu Feng. Greed filled his eyes.

It was not only Chu Huanyu. Chu Haoyan was also looking at Chu Feng with the same expression in his eyes.

In fact, after Chu Huanyu asked about it, even the expressions with which Chu Ping and Chu Qing looked to Chu Feng changed.

Even though Chu Ping and Chu Qing's expressions were not as avaricious as Chu Huanyu and Chu Haoyan’s, they were still looking at Chu Feng with yearning expressions.

"I actually attempted to find it. However, I was unable to find anything."

"However, I've heard that the Cyanfeather Monstrous Clan has come prepared. Not only did they dispatch their experts, but they've also requested the help of a foreign expert."

"Thus, it is better that we give up on that Immortal Crystal Ore. After all, a single Qingyu Fengming was already so thorny. If we are to encounter experts stronger than Qingyu Fengming, we will likely not be able to escape from them," Chu Feng said.

"What little brother Chu Feng said is very reasonable. We should forget about that Immortal Crystal Ore," Chu Ping said with a smile.

"The power of this undercurrent of the Immortal River is actually quite impressive too. This is especially true now that we're at its source. We can directly enter the central region to train. I believe that it will bring quite a benefit to everyone here," Chu Feng said.

"What little brother Chu Feng says is once again very correct. We should take advantage of the fact that the undercurrent is still here to train," Chu Ping said. However, he suddenly seemed to recall something, and patted his head. With an ashamed expression, he said, "Look at me, I've nearly forgotten that little sister Shuangshuang also came here."

"Big sis Shuangshuang also came?" Chu Feng asked.

"That's right. After we came back, we saw this here," Chu Ping took out a firefly from his Cosmos Sack.

However, Chu Feng was able to tell with a single glance that it was not a firefly. Instead, it was a spirit formation.

Chu Feng held the firefly in his hand and began to imbue his spirit power into it. Immediately, information entered Chu Feng's mind.

It was indeed Chu Shuangshuang. Chu Shuangshuang had arrived at that location and did not see any sign of Chu Feng and the others. Thus, she entered the cave to search for them.

However, she was afraid that Chu Feng and the others would return whilst she was gone. Thus, she decided to leave the firefly there to inform them to not leave and wait for her return should they return here.

"Big brother Chu Ping, leave the matter regarding big sis Shuangshuang to me. You all stay here and train," Chu Feng said. Then, he turned around and planned to leave.

However, right after Chu Feng turned around, Chu Ping grabbed his wrist.

"Little brother Chu Feng, if you want to go, then let's go together. We cannot have you brave dangers alone," Chu Ping said.

"You all know very well what the situation is out there. If I am alone, I will be able to handle things. However, if I am to bring you all with me, it will instead become inconvenient," Chu Feng said.

"But..." Chu Ping felt that it was unfair to have Chu Feng go alone.

"There's no but. Safety is the number one priority," Chu Feng said with a smile. Then, he pushed aside Chu Ping's hand, turned around and began to proceed toward the narrow cave.

Right at that moment, Chu Haoyan said, "Chu Feng, even if you are going to find big sis Shaungshuang, there is no need for you to rush. This undercurrent will not exist forever. You should train in the undercurrent first. If big sis Shuangshuang still doesn't return by the time it disappears, it would not be too late to search for her then,"

"People from the Cyanfeather Monstrous Clan are all over that cave. What if big sis Shuangshuang is to encounter them whilst searching for us? You should know very well what happened earlier," As Chu Feng said those words, there was a trace of anger in his tone.

"Why are you angry at me? What I said was for your good. This undercurrent is a rare opportunity. Are you really planning to let it slip by like this?"

"Furthermore, big sis Shuangshuang is a woman. Even if she is to encounter people from the Cyanfeather Monstrous Clan, they might not necessarily do anything to her. Even if they really end up doing something to her, it wouldn't matter either. After all, with the protection of the defensive formation, she will not die," Chu Haoyan said.

"Chu Haoyan, if you do not understand the importance of one's relatives, even if you are willing to let go of your hatred toward me, we will still never be able to become brothers," After saying those words, Chu Feng turned around and left.