Chapter 3133 - Qingyu Fengming

Chapter 3133 - Qingyu Fengming

“What if we refuse to target you alone?” The Cyanfeather Monstrous Clan’s rank eight Heavenly Immortal asked. His tone was filled with contempt and disdain.

“The Ancestral Martial Cultivation Realm is protected by a grand formation. Thus, no matter what sort of method you all are to employ, you will not be able to kill my clansmen.”

“Should you target them, I will find the people that have humiliated my clansmen after leaving the Ancestral Martial Cultivation Realm and repay them for all of their actions. At that time, without the protection of the Ancestral Martial Cultivation Realm’s grand formation, I will not be able to guarantee that you all will be able to live past that,” Chu Feng said.

“Am I mishearing things? He’s actually threatening us? Haha. A mere Chu Heavenly Clansman actually dares to threaten our Cyanfeather Monstrous Clan?”

At that moment, the rank eight Heavenly Immortal burst into sudden laughter. He was also looking at his clansmen repeatedly as he laughed. He had an expression of being seemingly looked down on.

Faced with that rank eight Heavenly Immortal’s ridicule, Chu Feng was not only composed, he even had a smile on his face.

Even though that rank eight Heavenly Immortal was clearly ridiculing him, Chu Feng was acting as if he were looking at a clown.

“What makes you think you’re capable of threatening us?” Suddenly, that rank eight Heavenly Immortal unleash an attack.

When he shot forth his palm this time around, an enormous cyan hand appeared out of thin air and smashed toward Chu Feng.

Immediately after, that enormous hand exploded before Chu Feng, and countless cyan energy ripples began to sweep out in all directions. Instantly, the energy ripples covered the entire region.

“Remember my words. Otherwise… you will end up regretting it.”

Right at that moment, Chu Feng’s voice was heard again. Merely, Chu Feng’s voice was sounding from all directions.

Hearing those words, that rank eight Heavenly Immortal immediately waved his sleeve and brought forth a strong gale that dispersed the energy ripples.

When the people from the Cyanfeather Monstrous Clan looked in Chu Feng’s direction again, Chu Feng was nowhere to be seen.

“Bastard!” At that moment, that rank eight Heavenly Immortal cursed out loud.

The reason for that was because he, as well as everyone else present, knew that Chu Feng had already left.

Chu Feng had escaped. Chu Feng knew that the people from the Cyanfeather Monstrous Clan were monstrous beasts that had special bloodlines. He felt that rank eight Heavenly Immortal should also possess special abilities.

Even if Chu Feng were to reveal his Immortal Armament and increase his battle power by another level, he would not necessarily be able to defeat that rank eight Heavenly Immortal.

A battle like that had no meaning at all. It might even be possible for the Cyanfeather Monstrous Clan to have even stronger individuals around. Should that be the case, Chu Feng would be the one to come out suffering losses.

Thus, rather than staying to fight, it was better to take advantage of the fact that his opponents were careless to escape. After all, Chu Feng had already said what he needed to say to them. It was enough that he had made them understand his intentions.

After escaping, Chu Feng did not go to search for Chu Ping and the others. Instead, he began to move about secretly.

Chu Feng wanted to know exactly what brought those people from the Cyanfeather Monstrous Clan there.

He was wondering if they might’ve come for the source of those intense natural energies?

Chu Feng also attempted to find the source of the intense natural energies. However, he discovered that even though the natural energies were growing denser and denser, finding their source was no easy task.

Finally, Chu Feng found another group of Cyanfeather Monstrous Beasts.

This time around, Chu Feng did not reveal himself, and instead began to eavesdrop on their conversations.

From their conversations, Chu Feng discovered that they were not there to search for the Immortal River. Instead, they were searching for something called Immortal Crystal Ore.

That said, they did not explicitly mention exactly what that Immortal Crystal Ore was.

However, from their conversation, Chu Feng found out that they had requested the assistance of an expert all for the sake of finding that Immortal Crystal Ore. As for that expert, he was not someone from their Cyanfeather Monstrous Clan.

Hearing that, Chu Feng gave up thoughts of finding that Immortal Crystal Ore.

The reason for that was because Chu Feng felt that, with his current strength, he would not be a match for that expert even if he were able to find that Immortal Crystal Ore. After all, a single rank eight Heavenly Immortal from the Cyanfeather Monstrous Clan was already a headache for him.

Afterwards, Chu Feng returned to the Immortal River. Chu Ping, Chu Qing, Chu Haoyan and Chu Huanyu were all present.

However, the four of them had worried and uneasy expressions.

“Little brother Chu Feng, you’ve finally returned. Are you alright?”

Chu Ping immediately rushed up to Chu Feng upon seeing him.

“I am fine. Merely, I encountered someone called Qingyu Fengming. Although he possessed impressive strength, I managed to escape whilst he was careless,” Chu Feng said.

“Qingyu Fengming?” Hearing that name, Chu Ping’s expression changed.

“Big brother Chu Ping, you know him?” Chu Feng asked.

“I do not. However, I have heard of him. That Qingyu Fengming should still be under two hundred years old. He is said to be one of the most outstanding geniuses of the Cyanfeather Monstrous Clan. The Cyanfeather Monstrous Clansmen have been waiting for Qingyu Fengming to enter the Ancestral Martial Cultivation Realm.”

“It would appear that he has decided to enter the Ancestral Martial Cultivation Realm this year like you all.”

“Little brother Chu Feng, how strong is he?” Chu Ping asked.

“He’s a rank eight Heavenly Immortal. However, we did not actually fight. Thus, I am uncertain as to exactly how strong he actually is,” Chu Feng said.

“Rank eight Heavenly Immortal?” Hearing those words, Chu Ping became even more nervous. Then, he asked, “In that case, little brother Chu Feng, how did you manage to escape him?”