Chapter 3354 - The Power Of Forbidden Medicine

Chapter 3354 - The Power Of Forbidden Medicine

“Insolent fool incapable of differentiating good from bad, you are truly one who refuses a toast only to be forced to drink a forfeit!” Fang Hualong was gnashing his teeth angrily at Chu Feng’s disdainful attitude.

“Oh? Why don’t you allow me to have a drink of that forfeit?” Chu Feng smiled with even greater contempt at Fang Hualong’s threat.

“Very well, I will satisfy you,” faced with Chu Feng’s provocation, Fang Hualong did not attempt to bother arguing with him anymore; he wanted to use his actions to prove himself.

Fang Hualong swung his hands, and countless fists filled the sky. Like a meteor shower that stretched across the horizon, the densely packed fists shot toward Chu Feng to oppress him.

“Bang, bang, bang~~~”

The fists all exploded around Chu Feng, creating a vast amount of energy ripples that wreaked havoc throughout the surroundings.

“That is?!”

However, Fang Hualong and the others’ expressions did not turn into ones of joy after the onslaught of fists. Instead, their expressions turned ugly.

The reason for that was because Fang Hualong’s attack was blocked.

Furthermore, it was all of them; all of Fang Hualong’s fist strikes had been blocked.

One must know that Fang Hualong’s earlier attack was no ordinary attack. Instead, it was a clan-protection treasure of the Fang Heavenly Clan, the Immortal Taboo Martial Skill: Rainstorm Fists!!!

However, such a powerful attack was actually unable to cause the slightest injury to Chu Feng.

When the energy ripples dispersed, the crowd was able to clearly see that a little golden sword and a little golden axe were revolving around Chu Feng.

Those were the appearance of his secret skills, the Ancient Era’s War Sword and Ancient Era’s War Axe, after they fused with Chu Feng.

With the protection of these two grand Ancient Era’s Secret Skills, Chu Feng had also gained a heaven-defying battle power capable of surmounting a level of cultivation!!!

“What are those? Are they treasures? But… why do they give off the auras of secret skills?”

The Fang Heavenly Clansmen all felt very amazed. The expressions in their eyes seemed to indicate that they’d received an enormous shock.

Their reactions were understandable. After all, after Fang Hualong revealed his Hellghost Insect Armor, they all thought that victory was within their grasp.

It was only at that moment that they realized that Chu Feng… actually also possessed the capability to increase his battle power by an entire level.

It was no wonder Chu Feng would dare to laugh and ridicule Fang Hualong after he gained his heaven-defying battle power.

Most importantly, although both Chu Feng and Fang Hualong possessed a heaven-defying battle power capable of surmounting a level of cultivation, Chu Feng was actually able to easily block Fang Hualong’s Immortal Taboo: Rainstorm Fists without even moving.

This meant that there was still a massive disparity between the two men’s actual battle power!!!

“That Chu Feng’s battle power is quite frightening. Likely, among the people of the same cultivation, no one will be able to defeat him,” Wuming Fenghuo said.

“Indeed, it is quite frightening,” Wuming Gangxiong echoed.

Although Wuming Gangxiong greatly disliked Chu Feng, he had to admit that the battle power Chu Feng had revealed was extremely terrifying.

In fact, it was not only they who were astonished. Even Chu Hanpeng and Chu Xuanzhengfa were extremely astonished.

The reason for that was because Chu Feng’s battle power was simply too heaven-defying, and much more powerful than before.

‘Chu Feng, could it be that you really managed to transform yourself through the Heavenly Lightnings?’ thought Chu Hanpeng and Chu Xuanzhengfa.

They felt that Chu Feng’s transformation was too sudden. The only explanation that they could think of was that his transformation was related to the Heavenly Lightning Punishment Platform.

“Do you realize the disparity between you and I now?” Chu Feng was still looking at Fang Hualong with a contempt-filled gaze.

Merely, at that moment, no one was thought Chu Feng was being conceited. After all, he possessed the capability to act arrogantly.

“Chu Feng, don’t you act arrogant! The outcome of today’s match… is still not certain!” Fang Hualong shouted loudly. Then, he swept his palm across his Cosmos Sack and tossed three jade-green colored medicinal pellets into his mouth.

“Hualong, you…”

Witnessing this scene, many people from the Fang Heavenly Clan revealed worried expressions.

They were instantly able to recognize that the medicinal pellets Fang Hualong had tossed into his mouth were forbidden medicines.

Everyone knew what forbidden medicines were. They were things capable of increasing one’s battle power temporarily. However, after the effect wore off, one would have to undergo the pain of the backlash.

As for the three medicinal pellets Fang Hualong had swallowed, they possessed very intense effects.

They were capable of increasing his battle power substantially. However, he would also have to bear an enormous risk upon using them.

That was the reason why the Fang Heavenly Clansmen acted so worriedly.

However, they did not stop Fang Hualong. They knew very well that using the forbidden medicines might be his only hope to defeat Chu Feng. Otherwise… they would lose the Purpletree Ordinary Realm.


Suddenly, Fang Hualong looked toward the sky and began to shout. Not only did green gaseous flames emerge from his mouth as he shouted, but his body was also surrounded by green gaseous flames.

At that moment, Fang Hualong’s battle power had been upgraded substantially. Although he did not manage to gain another level of heaven-defying battle power, the amount of increase that he had gained was already extremely terrifying.

“Using forbidden medicines, was it?” Seeing such a Fang Hualong, Chu Feng shook his head in disappointment.

“So what if I use forbidden medicines?! In the world of martial cultivators, only the result matters, not the methods!”

“Using forbidden medicines is within the rules! As long as I can defeat you, nothing else matters!” Even Fang Hualong’s voice had changed. His voice no longer resembled a human’s voice. Instead, he sounded like a ferocious beast. Each and every word he spoke was ear-piercing, and filled with killing intent.

“I didn’t say that there’s anything wrong with you using forbidden medicines. I merely felt that you’re only of this caliber even after using those forbidden medicines. Thus… I am quite disappointed,” Chu Feng said.


“What a ‘disappointed!’ I only wish that you do not disappoint me!”

Fang Hualong flipped his wrist, and a silver spear appeared in his hand. Then his body shifted, and he arrived before Chu Feng.

Like a dragon, the silver spear began to change and wiggle in multiple directions as it was trust toward Chu Feng repeatedly.

Seeing the incoming spear, Chu Feng did not hesitate, and streaked his palm across his own Cosmos Sack to reveal a black shortsword.

“Woosh, woosh, woosh~~~”

With the shortsword in hand, Chu Feng stepped into the incoming spears. In the blink of an eye, the silvery lights of the spear and the black lights of the sword collided with one another repeatedly. Soon, Chu Feng and Fang Hualong were in close-range combat.

“What a sharp Immortal Armament. Could that be… the weapon crafted by Chu Hanxian, the Blackflame Ghost Sword?”

“That’s the Blackflame Ghost Sword alright. Never would I have expected that Chu Hanxian’s weapon that had been lost for so long would actually return to Chu Feng’s possession.”

Upon seeing the black shortsword in Chu Feng’s hand, not to mention the Fang Heavenly Clan and the other powers, even Wuming Gangxiong and Wuming Fenghuo’s expressions changed.

Although it was only an Immortal Armament, the Blackflame Ghost Sword’s reputation was extremely resounding.

The reason for that was all because… it was an Immortal Weapon forged by Chu Hanxian.

That said, compared to the Blackflame Ghost Sword, the crowd were even more concerned about the battle between Chu Feng and Fang Hualong.

Fang Hualong had not taken those forbidden medicines in vain. His battle power had indeed increased enormously. He had even reached a level, and was equally matched against Chu Feng.

With the situation being like that, Chu Feng was simply unable to breach Fang Hualong’s defense.

“Hahaha. Chu Feng, today, you will undoubtedly be defeated!” Seeing that he was able to contend against Chu Feng, Fang Hualong not only fought more and more bravely, but he also grew more and more excited, and began to laugh frantically.

“The effect of your forbidden medicines will not last for long. I shall see how much longer you can continue to laugh,” even though Chu Feng was unable to breach Fang Hualong’s defense, he was not at all worried. He knew that the effect of the forbidden medicines would eventually wear off. At that time, Fang Hualong would be powerless to defend himself, much less obstruct him.

“What you say is very true. The effect of my forbidden medicines will not last long. But, didn’t you know that there’s a time limit to this match?”

“The time limit is two hours. After two hours have passed, whichever side holds the most enemy camps will be the victor.”

“Right now, all sixty camps of our Fang Heavenly Clan still remain. As for your Chu Heavenly Clan, apart from the banner on your shoulder, you do not even possess a single camp. Tell me… are you not going to be certainly defeated?” Fang Hualong said.

Once Fang Hualong’s words were spoken, the expressions of many people changed.

The Fang Heavenly Clansmen that was originally worried turned joyous. Chu Xuanzhengfa and the others who had thought that Chu Feng would obtain certain victory became nervous.

Fang Hualong’s words had reminded them of the rules of the match.

It seemed that the two hour time limit was about to arrive.

“There’s actually such a thing?” Hearing Fang Hualong’s words, Chu Feng’s expression changed. Then, he turned his gaze to Chu Hanpeng, “Lord Supreme Elder, how much longer till the two hour time limit?”

Before Chu Hanpeng could reply, Wuming Fenghua said, “There’s less than half a cup of tea’s worth of time left.”

“What? There’s less than half a cup of tea’s worth of time left?”

Hearing those words, Chu Hanpeng, Chu Xuanzhengfa and the others all turned ashen.

As for the Fang Heavenly Clansmen, they were all ecstatic.

The match would end in less than half a cup of tea’s worth of time, whereas Fang Hualong’s forbidden medicine would last for ten more cups of tea’s worth of time.

Thus… they were definitely going to win.

However, at the moment when the Fang Heavenly Clansmen were overjoyed, Chu Feng’s next sentence caused their nerve to tense up once again.

“Half a cup worth of tea’s time? That’ll be enough.”

Chu Feng was still smiling as he said those words.