Chapter 3353 - Demon-level Chu Feng

Chapter 3353 - Demon-level Chu Feng

Chu Feng had crossed the frontier river. Practically everyone from the Fang Heavenly Clan began to feel extremely uneasy.

This was especially true for the people guarding the Fang Heavenly Clan’s camps. Their faces were filled with fright, and they were even shivering.

They all knew that they couldn’t possibly be a match for Chu Feng.


Right at that moment, a figure suddenly flew up from the Fang Heavenly Clan’s inner camp. With imposing power, that person flew straight toward Chu Feng.

In merely the blink of an eye, that figure arrived before Chu Feng, and stopped.

Seeing that person, the Fang Heavenly Clansmen that were feeling extremely frightened all heaved a sigh of relief.

The reason for that was because the person that had appeared was none other than the strongest person among them, the person that they relied on, Fang Hualong.

At that moment, Fang Hualong was only ten thousand meters from Chu Feng.

However, to martial cultivators of their caliber, a distance of ten thousand meters was extremely close.

With their speed and power, they could seriously injure or even take the life of their opponent in an instant at that distance.

Logically, the two of them should be extremely on guard, so that their opponent could not mount a sneak attack against them.

However, both Chu Feng and Fang Hualong appeared extremely heedless.

This was especially true for Fang Hualong. He even began to size Chu Feng up at close range with a gaze filled with contempt.

After sizing him up, Fang Hualong asked, “So you’re Chu Feng?” 

“Why bother asking what you already know?” Chu Feng said.

“I merely want to confirm it. After all, you’re Chu Xuanyuan’s son, no?”

“However, speaking of it, I’m actually quite disappointed. Chu Xuanyuan was such an extraordinary individual. However, his son… appears to only be so much,” Fang Hualong provoked.

“Oh?” Chu Feng was not at all angered by Fang Hualong’s provocation. Instead, he chuckled and said, “If I’m only so much, then what would it make you, who’s over three hundred years older than me?”

“You!!!” Chu Hualong’s expression immediately changed upon hearing Chu Feng’s words.

Chu Feng had managed to strike his sore spot with one sentence.

Indeed, while he was the Fang Heavenly Clan’s proud genius beloved by the heavens, the Fang Heavenly Clan’s hope for the future, and was very arrogant and prideful because of that, his cultivation was only on par with Chu Feng's. Yet, his age was much older than Chu Feng’s.

Strictly speaking, he could no longer be considered a person of the younger generation.

As for Chu Feng, even amongst the younger generations, he was extremely young.

Judging their talents according to the years that they’d cultivated, Fang Hualong’s talent was much inferior to Chu Feng’s talent.

“What use is there in attacking with words?”

“Right now, your clan only has a single banner remaining, whereas my clan’s sixty camps and one hundred twenty banners are all still standing. How exactly are you going to score a victory over us?” Fang Hualong asked furiously.

“That’s simple. I will destroy all one hundred and twenty of your banners. Wouldn’t that solve the problem?” Chu Feng spoke in a disapproving manner.

“Humph, I only fear that you do not possess the ability to do so.”

After he finished saying those words, a Heaven-level Lightning Mark appeared on Fang Hualong’s forehead. Once his Heaven-level Lightning Mark appeared, Fang Hualong’s cultivation increased from rank seven Martial Immortal to rank eight Martial Immortal.

Furthermore, he set off to attack Chu Feng. He turned into a flash of light, and was flying toward Chu Feng.

He wanted to seize the opportunity presented by his sudden increase in cultivation to suppress Chu Feng.

At that moment, the people worried about Chu Feng were all sweating cold sweat.

Fang Hualong’s attack had come too suddenly. At such a close distance, they were afraid that Chu Feng would not be able to react to Fang Hualong’s attack in time.


Suddenly, a loud explosion was heard. Then, Fang Hualong, who was flying toward Chu Feng, was shot back several tens of thousands of meters.

It was only at that moment that the crowd noticed that Fang Hualong was smashed back by a punch from Chu Feng.

At that moment, the aura that Chu Feng was emitting was also that of a rank eight Martial Immortal.

The reason for that was because a Lightning Mark had also appeared on Chu Feng’s forehead. Not only was Chu Feng’s Lightning Mark much more magnificent than Fang Hualong’s Lightning Mark, but even its aura was of a completely different caliber.

The reason for that was because the Lightning Mark on Chu Feng’s forehead was a Divine-level Lightning Mark.

“Divine-level Lightning Mark. He… really trained in the Divine Punishment Mysterious Technique.”

At that moment, the expressions of the Fang Heavenly Clansmen all turned very ugly.

They knew very well that the Divine Punishment Mysterious Technique was not only very hard to obtain, but it was also extremely difficult to train in. Unless one possessed extraordinary talent and willpower, even if one managed to train in it, one would still be courting death.

For Chu Feng to be able to reach his current level of cultivation by training the Divine Punishment Mysterious Technique, there was no need to doubt his talent and willpower. He was definitely a demon-level genius.

It was also no wonder that Fang Hualong would be knocked flying by a single punch from Chu Feng after their cultivations were both increased to rank eight Martial Immortal.

Although they possessed the same cultivation, their battle power… was evidently different.

Looking at Fang Hualong, the Fang Heavenly Clansmen started to feel even more uneasy.

They would’ve been able to accept it if Fang Hualong was only knocked back by Chu Feng. However, Fang Hualong was actually injured.

Fang Hualong’s right hand was completely mutilated. The reason for that was because he had attacked Chu Feng earlier with a punch, but was caught with a rapid counterattack by Chu Feng using a punch aimed directly at his fist.

His fist was not as strong as Chu Feng’s fist. Because of that, his fist ended up being shattered. In fact, it was not only Fang Hualong’s right hand that was dripping with blood; there was also a line of blood flowing out of the corner of his mouth. From this, it could be seen that Chu Feng’s fist had not only injured Fang Hualong’s fist.

However, Fang Hualong did not pay too much attention to his injury. No matter what, those were merely superficial wounds. He wiped away the bloodstain at the corner of his mouth and instantly healed his destroyed right fist with his martial power.

At their level of cultivation, injuries of this caliber could not be considered much injuries at all. Unless their soul was damaged, even if their bodies were to be completely destroyed, they would still be completely fine.

“It would appear that you have some skills.”

“However, I am still destined to win this match.”


After Fang Hualong finished saying those words, he began to shout in pain.

That’s right, he was shouting miserably in pain. It was as if he were enduring some sort of cruel torture.

Not only was he shouting painfully, but even his facial features became distorted with pain.

Soon, strange sounds began to emit from his body. Following that, insects began to emerge from his clothes. Those insects were finger-sized, and entirely black. They bore out from his body and soon covered him completely.

Likely, those insects were the cause of his pain.

However, after the insects completely covered Fang Hualong’s body, his aura actually increased.

Fang Hualong… actually gained heaven-defying battle power capable of surmounting a level of cultivation.

“It’s the Hellghost Insect Armor!!!”

“Hualong, he… actually managed to tame the Hellghost Insect Armor!”

“Amazing! Fang Hualong actually possesses such willpower and ability to tame even the Hellghost Insect Armor. Clan Chief Fang, congratulations.”

At that moment, it was not only the Fang Heavenly Clansmen that were overjoyed, but the powers that had come with the Fang Heavenly Clan also began to congratulate the Fang Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief.

They all knew how powerful the Hellghost Insect Armor was.

The Hellghost Insect Armor was actually a treasure. Should one be able to tame it, one would be able to gain a heaven-defying battle power capable of surmounting a level of cultivation.

However, taming the Hellghost Insect Armor was a very difficult task, for one would have to endure the painful process of Hellghost Insects boring into one’s body and fusing with it.

This process was extremely painful, and simply impossible to endure for ordinary people. If one could not endure it, one would not be able to obtain the heaven-defying battle power.

It had been many years since Fang Hualong obtained the Hellghost Insect Armor. However, he had been unable to tame it the entire time.

Yet, seeing it at that moment, it appeared that Fang Hualong had managed to successfully tame the Hellghost Insect Armor.

It was no wonder he could remain so confident even when facing Chu Feng.

This was a pleasant surprise that not even the Fang Heavenly Clansmen had expected.

“Chu Feng, if you are to surrender now, I can take your father into consideration, and let you leave here safely.”

At that moment, Fang Hualong became extremely pleased with himself. Feeling that victory was certain, he actually demanded Chu Feng’s surrender.


Faced with such a threat from Fang Hualong, Chu Feng actually failed to contain himself, and burst out laughing.

“What are you laughing about?!”

Seeing Chu Feng laughing, Fang Hualong once again revealed a furious look.

The reason for that was because Chu Feng’s reaction was simply too disrespectful toward him.

Not only was Fang Hualong angered, even the Fang Heavenly Clansmen all had expressions of displeasure on their faces.

Fang Hualong already possessed a heaven-defying battle power capable of surmounting a level of cultivation. Even if Chu Feng had the same level of cultivation as him, he would still not be a match for Fang Hualong.

Thus, how could Chu Feng dare to laugh at such a time?

Most importantly, not only was Chu Feng laughing, but he was also looking at Fang Hualong with a gaze that caused the Fang Heavenly Clansmen to rage with anger.

Chu Feng was looking at Fang Hualong with a gaze akin to someone looking at a fool.

In fact, it was not only Chu Feng who was looking at Fang Hualong like looking at a fool; the people who knew Chu Feng’s abilities were also looking at Fang Hualong and the Fang Heavenly Clansmen like they were fools.

He had merely gained the ability to surmount a level of cultivation, how could that possibly be certain victory?

They simply did not know about Chu Feng’s abilities!!!

Evidently, the Fang Heavenly Clansmen had no idea exactly what sort of demon-level genius Chu Feng was.