Chapter 3285 - Bloodline Origin

Chapter 3285 - Bloodline Origin

As the focus of the crowd, Chu Feng's each and every movement was captured by their eyes.

As Chu Feng tottered on the lightning path, tortured by the lightning whips, no one knew how much longer he could persist.

Suddenly, the raging lightning was no longer that ear-piercing. The lightning whips that lashed at Chu Feng's body repeatedly also stopped.

At the same time, the crowd's expressions all changed.

Chu Feng... actually disappeared into thin air.

He did not fall into the bottomless abyss. Yet, he was no longer on the lightning path, and didn't return to the long corridor either. Just like that, he disappeared into thin air, leaving no trace behind.

Seeing this with their own eyes, the crowd were startled. After a moment, Chu Haoyan and Chu Huanyu looked to one another. Simultaneously, they said, "Could it be that Chu Feng has entered the actual Bloodline Altar?"

That was merely their guess. However, their guess was correct. Indeed, Chu Feng had entered the Bloodline Altar.

That said, the Bloodline Altar was somewhat different from what he had imagined.

At that moment, he was standing on a circular stone plate. That stone plate was very ancient, yet it was also very exquisite. Symbols and runes were circulating through the stone plate. The stone plate was even emitting a faint glimmer. One could tell from a glance that the stone plate was no ordinary item, that it was something sacred.

That said, the stone plate was very small, and could only accommodate Chu Feng.

Furthermore, the stone plate was floating in midair. As Chu Feng looked around, he did not see any mountains, plains or rivers. In fact, he could not even see the earth or the sky. Apart from a firefly-like brilliance that filled his surroundings, there was only endless darkness. Chu Feng... was actually amongst the stars.

Looking downward, Chu Feng discovered that below the stone plate was also endless darkness and shining stars.

Chu Feng was not within the void. Instead, he was within the boundless starry sky.


Suddenly, a loud sound was heard from above.

It was a roar, a very loud roar.

After that roar was heard, the stone plate that Chu Feng was standing on began to tremble violently. The trembling of the stone plate caused Chu Feng to waver, and nearly fall off of it.

If Chu Feng were to fall off the stone plate, who knew what sort of consequence he would suffer. The reason for that was because he seemed to be unable to fly in that place.

He had only just stabilized himself. Before he could be afraid of what had just happened, he raised his head to look upward.

The reason for that was because dazzling light was being emitted from above him. It resembled the descent of a bright sun.

At the same time as the light came about, Chu Feng felt an extremely mighty and destructive aura.

Once Chu Feng looked upward, his expression changed enormously, and even somewhat exaggeratedly.

Lightning had gathered in the void and formed a giant monster that was descending from the sky with a might capable of covering the heavens.

It was an enormous lightning beast.

Not only did that lightning beast have a very imposing look, and appear like a king among beasts, but it was also emitting a very mighty aura that made it seem to be inviolable, like a god. It was as if that enormous lightning beast was the ruler of the world, the sole king.

At that moment, Chu Feng’s heartbeat began to accelerate. He who had been calm the entire time started to panic.

Before an existence like that enormous lightning beast, Chu Feng could only feel one thing: tiny.

The powerlessness that he felt was like that of a leaf being confronted with an enormous wave. Chu Feng was simply incapable of resisting, and could only allow himself to blindly drift with the waves and follow the flow, or be crushed completely.


Another roar was heard. This time, it exploded from the left.

Casting his glance to the side, Chu Feng discovered that another enormous lightning beast had appeared to his left, and was also galloping toward him. The might of that enormous lightning beast was actually on par with the one above his head.

After that, ear-piercing roars began to sound from all directions.

A total of nine enormous lightning beasts had appeared out of thin air.

After the nine enormous lightning beasts appeared, that region was no longer covered in darkness, and was instead illuminated by nine different colored radiances. The nine colors reflected upon one another as they bathed their surroundings in multicolored light.

The nine enormous lightning beasts grew closer and closer to Chu Feng. However, they showed no sign of harming him. After they approached him, they instead began to spiral around him.

At that moment, Chu Feng felt that the nine lightning beasts within his dantian and in the depths of his soul were undergoing a change that he had never felt before.

Upon closer inspection, Chu Feng discovered that the nine enormous lightning beasts within his body were no longer dormant. Instead, like the nine enormous lightning beasts that surrounded him, they were spiraling around something.

“Could it be that the nine enormous lightning beasts that surround me right now are the power of my bloodline inside my body?”

After having this thought, Chu Feng immediately began to sense his bloodline’s power within his body, and the change to the nine enormous lightning beasts that surrounded him. After comparing them, he discovered that they were actually completely identical.

After a series of comparisons, Chu Feng became certain that his guess was actually correct.

The nine enormous and destructive lightning beasts that surrounded him were actually his bloodline’s power.

At that moment, the overwhelming might of the nine enormous lightning beasts was being completely revealed before Chu Feng.

Their power was so strong that it seemed as if there was nothing stronger than them in the entire world.

“Is this the true power of my Heavenly Bloodline?”

“It’s said that Divine Bodies possess inestimable powers, and it’s up to the user’s talent as to how much of the Divine Body’s power one could unleash.”

“It would appear that Heavenly Bloodlines are the same.”

Joy covered Chu Feng’s face. The reason for that was because it was not only his bloodline’s power that was completely revealed before him, but also the connection within them.

The nine enormous lightning beasts actually contained martial comprehension.

Should Chu Feng attempt to properly comprehend it, he would definitely gain enlightenment.

The martial comprehension contained within the lightning beasts was very strong. Should Chu Feng be able to comprehend it, he would definitely be able to make successive breakthroughs in his cultivation.

Even reaching peak Martial Immortal would not be impossible.

However, Chu Feng did not immediately attempt to try to gain martial comprehension. The reason for that was because he faintly felt a sense of miraculousness, he felt something even more immeasurable.

That was… the method to control the nine enormous lightning beasts.

If Chu Feng was able to grasp the method to control the nine enormous lightning beasts, he would be able to gain control over the actual power of the nine enormous lightning beasts; he would be able to unleash the true power of his Heavenly Bloodline.

However, trying to gain comprehension of the method to control the nine enormous lightning beasts was much more difficult than gaining martial comprehension.

With Chu Feng’s talent, he would definitely be able to reap a harvest should he attempt to gain martial comprehension.

However, should he attempt to comprehend the method to control the nine enormous lightning beasts, even if he were to succeed, he would only gain slight comprehension, and not complete control over the nine enormous lightning beasts. And should he fail, he would have journeyed there in vain.

When making a choice between the two, choosing the martial comprehension would naturally be better.

However, the Chu Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief had reminded him that should he be able to comprehend his bloodline’s power, he must definitely choose to do that.

Indeed, comprehending one’s bloodline’s power was a very rare opportunity to come by. It might even be the only opportunity that he would ever get. In the future, he might not be able to encounter such an opportunity again.

However, choosing to comprehend the power of his bloodline would undoubtedly be a gamble. If he won the gamble, there would be gains. If he lost, he would have to return empty-handed.

At that moment, a harsh decision between choosing martial comprehension that was within his grasp or powerful bloodline power that he might not necessarily obtain was laid out before him.

“Grandfather and father must’ve both chosen the bloodline power.”

“Since both grandfather and father were capable of it, how could I, Chu Feng, not be?”

“It’s decided, even if comprehending your power might be more difficult than scaling the heavens, I, Chu Feng, will still attempt to do it today.”

Chu Feng swept his eyes over the nine enormous lightning beasts that surrounded him and revealed a faint smile on his face.

Then, Chu Feng sat down cross-legged and closed his eyes.

Chu Feng had made his decision.

He had renounced the opportunity to increase his cultivation and decided to attempt to gain control over the power of the nine enormous lightning beasts, the true power of his Heavenly Bloodline.

As for how much of their power he would be able to comprehend, it would not be up to luck or the will of the heavens.

Instead, it would all depend on Chu Feng himself.