Chapter 3284 - Lightning Path

Chapter 3284 - Lightning Path

As Chu Feng continued onward, he soon reached the end of the corridor.

At the end of the corridor was another path.

Underneath this path was a bottomless abyss as far as the eye could see.

That abyss was so deep that even though the people present were all martial cultivators, they were unable to see the bottom of the abyss.

Although they could not see the bottom, they were able to feel a dangerous aura emitting from it and even hear howls that made their hair stand on end.

It was as if there were malicious spirits, demons and undefeatable demonic beings hidden within that deep abyss.

However, compared to the bottomless abyss, the path was even more terrifying.

The path was placed above the bottomless abyss. It was a path leading deeper into the Bloodline Altar. It was a path made of lightning.

Nine-colored lightning, like countless lightning dragons, formed an interwoven path, seemingly fighting against one another.

They let out thunderous roars and emitted untouchable imposing might and incomparable auras.

For ordinary people, not to mention walking on the path of lightning, they would not even dare to approach it.

At that moment, Chu Feng had walked over to the edge of the corridor.

There were many people of the Chu Heavenly Clan’s younger generation that had followed him there.

They all wanted to personally witness how Chu Feng would walk that lightning path.

Chu Feng did not step onto the lightning path directly. Instead, he grabbed a random piece of stone and tossed it toward the other side of the lightning path..

Chu Feng possessed great strength. Logically, with his cultivation, the stone should’ve been tossed directly to the other side.

However, right after the stone left his hand, it began to shoot straight down, and fell into that bottomless abyss.

“There’s actually a gravitational force?”

Chu Feng frowned slightly. He had realized that flying over to the other side would likely be impossible.

The reason for that was because there was a strong gravitational force emitting from that abyss that would suck him directly into it.

Thus, at that moment, the only path that Chu Feng could take would be that path formed by the interwoven nine-colored lightning.

After verifying it, Chu Feng did not hesitate, and directly set foot on the lightning path.

The reason for that was because Chu Feng knew that, should he wish to proceed into the depths of the Bloodline Altar, the lightning path was the only path he could take.


Right after Chu Feng stepped onto the lightning path, the lightning began to transform into whips that began to thrash him.

Powerful lightning struck Chu Feng’s body and immediately split his clothes, leaving many open, bloody wounds on his body.

“How could this be?”

“Wasn’t it said that little brother Chu Feng is a Martial Immortal now? Didn’t they say that those with a Martial Immortal level of cultivation under a hundred years of age will be able to directly enter the depths of the Bloodline Altar? Why must he suffer from the lashing of that lightning?” The crowd revealed pained expressions upon seeing this tragic sight.

Merely using their eyes to look, they were able to imagine how unbearably painful it was to be struck by those lightning whips.

This was even more so when they saw that Chu Feng was struck by countless such lightning whips with every step he took.

Chu Feng had only just stepped onto the lightning path. Yet, he was already injured beyond recognition. At that moment, his entire body was badly mutilated and covered in blood. He had simply turned into a bloody humanoid.

Even though Chu Feng was a rank five Martial Immortal, he was rocking left and right as he proceeded down the lightning path. He was struck so hard by the lightning whips that he was already tottering, and it seemed that he would collapse and fall into that bottomless abyss at any moment.

If they, the Chu Heavenly Clansmen, were to attempt to set foot on that lightning path, they would likely have their souls shattered by any random whip of lightning.

“I understand now. I finally understand why only the people of the younger generation with a Martial Immortal level cultivation are able to activate this Bloodline Altar.”

Suddenly, a voice sounded from the crowd. Turning toward the voice, the crowd noticed that it was actually Chu Huanyu who had spoken.

Not only was Chu Huanyu present, Chu Haoyan was also present.

Neither Chu Huanyu nor Chu Haoyan rushed to decipher spirit formation gates. Compared to the techniques in there, they were more concerned with Chu Feng.

Thus, they had been waiting for Chu Feng at the end of the corridor the entire time. They wanted to personally see how he would leave the corridor and proceed into the depths of the Bloodline Altar.

Hearing what Chu Huanyu said, Chu Haoyan asked with deep concern, “Chu Huanyu, what did you discover?”

“There are two sorts of restrictions in this Bloodline Altar.”

“Firstly, only people of the younger generation are able to enter this Bloodline Altar. Thus, even though this Bloodline Altar has opened, only we of the younger generation can enter it.”

“As for the second restriction, it would be that lightning path. If one wishes to pass through that lightning path, one will have to suffer from its lashes.”

“However, to withstand the torment of its lashes, one must possess at least the cultivation of a Martial Immortal. Otherwise… neither one’s body nor soul will be able to withstand the power of those lightning lashes.”

“However, according to what we’re seeing now, even those with Martial Immortal-level cultivation will only be able to barely withstand the power of the lightning lashes,” Chu Huanyu said.

“In that case, wouldn’t it mean that Chu Feng will have to endure the pain from those lashes the entire time?” Hearing what Chu Huanyu said, Chu Haoyan revealed an even more worried expression.

The lightning path was very long, so long that they could not see its end. As for those lightning whips, they were lashing at Chu Feng repeatedly. at that moment, Chu Feng was already tottering. Who knew how much longer he would be able to persist?

“I’m afraid that will be the case. If he’s able to pass through the lightning path, he’ll be able to enter the actual Bloodline Altar and comprehend things that ordinary people cannot comprehend.”

“If he’s unable to withstand the lashing torture, he’ll fall into that bottomless abyss, and likely be consigned to eternal damnation.”

“Sure enough, there’s no such thing as power that one can obtain for free in this world. The greater the power, the more of a price one will have to pay to obtain it.”

Chu Huanyu’s expression turned very serious as he said those words. His eyes were filled with worry for Chu Feng.

As matters stood, Chu Huanyu and Chu Haoyan had already had an enormous change in their attitude toward Chu Feng. They also gained a deeper understanding of Chu Feng’s character.

They knew that Chu Feng was a miracle child. He was capable of accomplishing what others could not.

However, even though they knew that Chu Feng was extraordinary, they would, nevertheless, still feel worried for him.

After they left the Chu Heavenly Clan, entered the Ancestral Martial Cultivation Realm and witnessed powers stronger than their Chu Heavenly Clan, they finally realized how small and weak they were.

They knew that even if they had the protection of their Chu Heavenly Clan, they would still be very small and weak in the Ancestral Martial Cultivation Realm.

They were powerless to change this fact.

However, Chu Feng was different; he was capable of changing this fact. That was the reason why they were able to disregard their hatred toward Chu Feng and make such a huge transformation in the way they treated him.

It was not purely because Chu Feng had helped them.

More than that, it was because they realized that only Chu Feng could change the future of their Chu Heavenly Clan.

That was also the reason why they were so worried, so afraid that Chu Feng would fail.

Should he fail, it would not only be a sign of Chu Feng’s personal failure, but it would also be a failure of their entire Chu Heavenly Clan.

At that moment, everyone’s gazes were focused on Chu Feng, who was already badly mutilated, covered in blood and rocking left and right from the lashing of the lightning whips, yet still continuing onward down the lightning path.

Seeing this, the crowd all felt very unsettled.

At that moment, they were also people that showed concern for Chu Feng on their faces, but were hoping for Chu Feng to fail.

Those people like that might be jealous of his prominence, and wanted him to perish.

However, the great majority of the Chu Heavenly Clan’s younger generations were wishing for Chu Feng’s success.

For them, they hoped that Chu Feng would be able to endure the torment and journey past the lighting path.