Chapter 3226 - Three Phases

Chapter 3226 - Three Phases

Chapter 3226 - Three Phases

Hearing what Linghu Lun said, the crowd all turned their eyes to him.

Faced with the crowd’s gazes, Linghu Lun did not attempt to be secretive. Instead, he slowly said, “You’re confused, right? It’s alright, let me inform you all of what’s happening.”

“Although this is also the first time that I’ve been in this Holy Spirit Formation of Light, the seniors of my clan have already been in the Formation of Light many times.”

“Thus, we suspected that even if this Holy Spirit Formation of Light contained much more cultivation resources than the Formation of Light, the cultivation method here should be the same as that of the Formation of Light.”

“Furthermore, it would appear that reality has proved our hypothesis correct.”

“Now, allow me, Linghu Lun, to let you all understand exactly what sort of cultivation ground this Holy Spirit Formation of Light is.”

“As everyone has seen, the cultivation resources of the Holy Spirit Formation of Light are a special kind of ore. We call them the ‘Ore of Light.’”

“However, if one wishes to obtain natural energies and martial comprehension from the Ores of Light, it will not be an easy task.”

“To put it simply, one must experience three phases in this Holy Spirit Formation of Light.”

“The first phase is the ‘sealed phase.’ During this phase, even if the ores are extracted, one won’t be able to refine them to obtain their powers. In fact, one won’t even know what to do with them.”

“As for the second phase, it is the ‘unsealed phase.’ When the unsealed phase arrives, all of the sealed Ores of Light will be unsealed. Those Ores of Light that are still hidden and not extracted will not have any change at all. However, those that have been extracted will enter the body of the person closest to them and form a ‘Symbol of Light.’”

“That is the thing that you can all see on their foreheads. Those are the Symbols of Light.”

“However, even though those Ores of Light might’ve assimilated with the person closest to them, one will still not be able to refine them. The reason for that is because there’s still the most important third phase.”

“As for the third phase, it is the ‘assimilation phase.’ It’s only during the assimilation phase that the Symbol of Light will assimilate completely with one’s body.”

“The timing of the three phases is under the control of the Holy Spirit Formation of Light. The only thing we can do is let nature take its course.”

“Of course… we don’t have to let nature take its course completely. We can also use our various abilities to obtain more Symbols of Light.”

“Having heard all this, perhaps you all might be wondering if what I meant by obtaining more Symbols of Light was to find more ores and assimilate them with oneself.”

“If that’s what you’re thinking, then you would all be gravely mistaken. What I meant by obtaining more Symbols of Light is not what you all think it to be. Instead, it’s like this…” After he finished saying those words, Linghu Lun’s expression turned sinister.

Linghu Lun’s body shifted, and he arrived beside one of the imprisoned newcomers.

Linghu Lun had an imposing gaze. However, there was a trace of uncertainty in his sinister eyes. It seemed like he was worried about something. However, even though he was worried, he still attacked.

Linghu Lun placed his finger on that newcomer’s forehead.

That movement looked so very gentle. It simply did not resemble an attack at all.


However, the moment Linghu Lun’s finger was placed on that newcomer’s forehead, that newcomer let out a miserable scream.

That scream was so very ear-piercing, so very miserable. Hearing that scream, people would feel their hearts tremble.

At the same time as that scream was heard, the crowd noticed that the Symbol of Light on that newcomer’s forehead was turning into a body of light and being extracted through Linghu Lun’s finger.

Soon, that body of light assimilated on Linghu Lun’s forehead and turned into his own Symbol of Light.

Furthermore, the crowd noticed that the Symbol of Light that had appeared on Linghu Lun’s forehead seemed to be much more dazzling than the Symbol of Light that was previously on that newcomer’s forehead.

It was as if that Symbol of Light had leveled up.

When the crowd looked back to the newcomer whose Symbol of Light had been extracted by Linghu Lun, they noticed that his complexion was extremely pale, and he was completely emaciated. It was as if half of his vital energy had been extracted from him. He was so weak that he simply looked like a dying man.

Following that, his body started to turn illusory. Then, he actually disappeared.

“Heavens! This….!”

“Milord, please spare me, please spare me!”

Witnessing that scene, the other newcomers were all deeply frightened. They all felt that that other newcomer had been killed by Linghu Lun.

At that moment, the imprisoned newcomers were all begging and pleading for Linghu Lun to spare them.

As for Linghu Lun, he revealed an excited expression. All of the Linghu Heavenly Clansmen with him also revealed excited expressions.

The reason for that was because they had all become certain of one thing -- the Symbols of Light could be plundered.

They were unable to verify that beforehand. That was the reason why Linghu Lun was uneasy and slightly hesitant earlier.

After being excited, Linghu Lun explained to the newcomers that were begging him for forgiveness, “Everyone, do not panic. He didn’t die. He has merely left this Holy Spirit Formation of Light. Right now, he has appeared in the main formation’s plaza and been reunited with his clansmen.”

“Ah?” The crowd were all startled upon hearing what Linghu Lun said.

“I believe you all saw what I’ve just done.”

“As everyone has seen, the Symbols of Light can be plundered. Furthermore, the Symbols of Light that one plunders from another will be strengthened.”

“At the same time, the person whose Symbol of Light has been plundered by another will be eliminated and be directly sent out by the Holy Spirit Formation of Light.”

“Of course, the process of having one’s Symbol of Light being plundered by another is slightly painful. Thus, everyone, you must prepare yourselves.”

After he finished saying those words, Linghu Lun gave an eye signal to his clansmen.

Seeing that, those Linghu Heavenly Clansmen immediately unleashed their attacks. One by one, they pounced at the imprisoned newcomers and began to seize their Symbols of Light.

At that moment, screams began to ring out repeatedly and resonated throughout that entire space.

All the people whose Symbols of Light had been plundered would disappear from the Holy Spirit Formation of Light.

All of them had been sent back to the plaza.