Chapter 3225 - As Expected

Chapter 3225 - As Expected

The abnormal sign filled the sky. Underneath that abnormal sign were gorgeous rainbows. It was an extremely dazzling sight.

It was as if there were truly a treasure hidden beneath it.

That said, the crowd had no idea that a group of people were actually hidden beneath the abnormal sign.

They were the people from the Linghu Heavenly Clan, the Nightmare Spirit Clan and the Heaven-reaching Beast Clan.

They had directly gone there after entering the Holy Spirit Formation of Light. Furthermore, they'd used various means to create that fake abnormal sign.

And right now, they were using a concealment formation to conceal themselves.

As for their purpose, it was as Chu Feng had guessed.

"Will they come?"

"We've gathered everyone's power to create this abnormal sign. If they don’t come, wouldn't we end up suffering greatly from this?"

"Indeed. It's been three entire days; they must've obtained quite a lot of cultivation resources by now."

At that moment, the people from the Nightmare Spirit Clan and the Heaven-reaching Beast Clan began to voice their complaints in a slightly worried manner.

As it turned out, they were worried. They were worried that they'd wasted three days of effort to create the abnormal sign, but no one would end up falling for their trap.

"Are you all distrusting me?" Faced with the crowd's complaints, Linghu Lun snorted coldly. Then, he used a displeased gaze to look at the crowd.

"No, of course not. That’s not our intention at all," seeing Linghu Lun's expression, the crowd hurriedly shook their heads. Although their hearts were filled with worries, they were unwilling to offend Linghu Lun.

Realizing that they'd misspoken, the crowd began to frantically explain themselves.

"Rest assured, martial cultivators are all people that believe in luck. Earlier, they didn’t dare to come to the central region of this Holy Spirit Formation of Light. However, after seeing this abnormal sign, there will definitely be those among them that will come."

"Besides, our abnormal sign is so realistic; they wouldn't know that it was actually forged by us."

"As long as we don’t reveal ourselves during this period of time, they’ll think that we aren’t here, and might even think that we simply never entered the Holy Spirit Formation of Light. After verifying that this place is safe, they’ll all walk right into our trap," Linghu Lun spoke confidently.

However, after hearing Linghu Lun's words, even though the crowd had managed to calm down, their hearts were actually still filled with doubt and misgivings.

That said, to the crowd's surprise, things began to unfold as Linghu Lun had predicted.

After some time passed, people began to approach that place in succession.

In the beginning, those people were very careful, and concealed themselves with their strongest concealment abilities. They gradually approached the abnormal sign, but remained outside it as they observed it.

It was only after they felt safe that they grew bolder, and began to approach the center of the abnormal sign.

Without exception, all of the people that entered the central region of the abnormal sign would be soundlessly captured by the Linghu Heavenly Clansmen.

Originally, the people that were captured were extremely scared. One by one, they renounced their status as geniuses and began to apologize and beg for forgiveness.

However, to their surprise, the Linghu Heavenly Clan actually didn't show any sign of planning to make things difficult for them. In fact, they did not even plunder the cultivation ores that they'd obtained.

At that moment, the crowd began to feel that Li Anzhi and Chu Feng were overthinking things.

Although those Linghu Heavenly Clan's newcomers were all very powerful, so much so that they were stronger than even Chu Feng and Li Anzhi, they were actually not as tyrannical as they had imagined them to be.

That said, the crowd had no idea that the reason why the Linghu Heavenly Clansmen did not attack them was because they had something else in mind for them.

"We've waited for so long, yet there's still no sign of that Chu Feng. In fact, not even a single Chu Heavenly Clansman had shown up. Furthermore, no one from the Li Heavenly Clan has shown up either. We've merely managed to capture a bunch of trash."

"Brother Linghu, it’s truly not that I distrust you, it's just that if we’re to continue waiting, Chu Feng and the others will only plunder even more cultivation resources. As for us, we’ll end up missing out on this golden opportunity."

Finally, Mengyan Wushuang of the Nightmare Spirit Clan was unable to contain himself, and spoke to Linghu Lun. Mengyan Wushuang did not wish to continue waiting.

"That's right. Brother Linghu, we can't continue waiting," the Heaven-reaching Beast Clan's Tongtian Yuanming added.

While the two of them had expressed their feelings, they spoke in a very gentle and somewhat humble tone.

It could be seen that even though Mengyan Wushuang was ranked seventh on the Ancestral Martial Decastars list, and Tongtian Yuanming was ranked eighth of the Ancestral Martial Decastars, the two of them were very respectful and cautious when speaking to Linghu Lun. Neither of them dared to offend him.

"Do you all know about this Formation of Light more, or does our Linghu Heavenly Clan know about this Formation of Light more?" Linghu Lun refuted.

"Regarding this, it would naturally be your Linghu Heavenly Clan that knows more about the Formation of Light,” Mengyan Wushuang and Tongtian Yuanming replied with smiles on their faces.

Although the Nightmare Spirit Clan and the Heaven-reaching Beast Clan had both entered the Formation of Light this time around, they actually had not possessed such an opportunity in the past.

As such, the Nightmare Spirit Clan and the Heaven-reaching Beast Clan actually did not know that much about the Formation of Light. In fact, it could even be said that they were completely ignorant.

“Judging from the timing of things, it should be about time now. Wait a while longer, I will inform you all of everything then,” Linghu Lun spoke mysteriously.

Seeing Linghu Lun’s confident expression, although Mengyan Wushuang and Tongtian Yuanming were still feeling apprehensive, they did not say anything anymore.


Not long afterward, the cosmos sacks of the captured people began to shine with dazzling light. Following that, many bodies of light that resembled fireflies began to fly out from their cosmos sacks.

Seeing that, the imprisoned newcomers all revealed panic and unease.

The reason for that was because they knew very well that the bodies of light that were flying out from their cosmos sacks were the cultivation resources that they’d spent great efforts in gathering.

Due to the fact that those ores were sealed, the newcomers had been unable to refine them the entire time. And suddenly they were surprised to discover that those ores were capable of moving, and even able to directly penetrate through their cosmos sacks to fly out.

Exactly what was happening?

Shock and confusion filled the crowd’s faces.


Right at that moment, an astonishing scene occurred.

As if they were recognizing their masters, the ores began to make their way into the newcomers’ bodies, assimilating themselves with their bodies.

Sensing that the ores had assimilated into their bodies and had turned into a special power that was moving through their bodies and gathering at their foreheads, the originally panicking crowd immediately felt at ease.

Since those ores had entered their bodies and assimilated with their bodies, it would mean that those ores were now theirs. No matter what happened afterwards, they would still be able to receive the power of the ores.

That said, the crowd were immediately confused afterwards.

Even though the ores had clearly already entered and assimilated with their bodies, they had yet to obtain any of the ores’ power.

At the same time, they felt a scorching pain in their foreheads.

As the crowd looked to the others beside them, they suddenly discovered that a veined pattern had appeared on their foreheads. That veined pattern was shining with light, and emitting a great amount of natural energies.

“Exactly what is going on here?”

At that moment, the crowd were all puzzled.

The ores had clearly already assimilated with their bodies. Thus, why hadn't the natural energies assimilated with their bodies, but instead turned into a veined pattern on their forehead?

It was not only the imprisoned newcomers that were confused by what was happening; the people from the Nightmare Spirit Clan and the Heaven-reaching Beast Clan were also confused as they looked at the scene before them.

Meanwhile, as everyone else was confused, the people from the Linghu Heavenly Clan all started smiling.

“It would appear that everything is as I expected,” Linghu Lun said.