Chapter 3218 - Linghu Mingye

Chapter 3218 - Linghu Mingye


At the moment when the newcomers were pondering what to do, the myriad of lightning below began to violently rush upward.

That simply did not resemble ordinary lightning at all. Instead, it resembled countless hungry ferocious beasts, impatient to tear their prey apart.

As for Chu Feng and the others, they were the prey of those ferocious beasts.


Finally, the myriad of lightning shot forth in an instant. With fatal power, they rushed to kill Chu Feng and the others.

“Perfect timing,” right at that moment, Chu Feng moved his other hand toward the golden disk above his head.

Once he did that, the golden disk started to emit a golden radiance. Chu Feng tossed the golden radiance downward, and another golden disk appeared.

That golden radiance actually turned into another golden disk. The new golden disk completely blocked the path downward, completely shielding Chu Feng and the others from the incoming lightning.


“Boom, boom~~~”

“Boom, boom, boom~~~”

Ear-piercing rumbles could be heard repeatedly from below. The lightning was striking the golden disk, attacking it repeatedly. However, the golden disk below, like the golden disk above, was completely unmoved by the lightning.

Just like that, it easily blocked the incoming lightning strikes.

At that moment, the newcomers, whose hearts had already jumped into their throats, finally managed to heave a sigh of relief.

“Young master Chu Feng, you are simply too amazing. Since you already have this trick up your sleeve, why didn’t you use it earlier? We’ve all been scared to death.”

“That’s right. I was truly frightened earlier.”

At that moment, many women began to blame Chu Feng in a cutesy tone.

Although they were speaking words of blame, they did not resemble people blaming Chu Feng at all. Instead, it was like they were acting coquettishly and throwing a tantrum.

Although they might be acting coquettishly, they had voiced the question that many people had in their hearts. If Chu Feng was already prepared for it, could he be deliberately trying to scare them?

Or could it be that Chu Feng did it to purposely have those that did not believe in him leave the Ancestral Martial Cultivation Realm?

As for those that did believe in him, they would be able to enjoy the benefits of the Holy Spirit Formation of Light together with him.

At the moment when the crowd were confused, Li Anzhi suddenly said, “It’s because of speed.”


The crowd were all confused by Li Anzhi’s sudden sentence.

“Chu Feng used the attack from the lightning below to hasten our speed forward.”

“With the situation being like this, the later he unleashed that golden disk, the more our speed would increase,” Li Anzhi said.

Hearing what Li Anzhi said, the crowd began to look around. Sure enough, they discovered that the speed at which they were traveling upward had truly increased by quite a bit.

“Heavens! That really is the case! Brother Chu Feng, you are truly brilliant!”

At that moment, the crowd all had excited expressions on their faces as they looked to Chu Feng with admiration-filled eyes.

“But, even if that’s the case, young master Chu Feng could’ve told us about it sooner. There’s no need to scare us like this, no?” A woman said.

“That’s right. Brother Chu Feng, you could’ve told us directly. It would even be fine for you to do so through voice transmission. You have no idea how unpleasant the feeling of being on the brink of death is.”

“That’s right. That’s right. Earlier, I nearly activated my spirit formation key and left the Ancestral Martial Cultivation Realm. It was such a close call, such a close call. Fortunately I didn’t use it.”

The crowd immediately echoed the words spoken by that woman.

“If I had told you all about it beforehand, you all would not panic the way you did earlier. If you all didn’t panic, how could I end up duping the Linghu Heavenly Clan?” Chu Feng spoke with a light smile.

Hearing what Chu Feng said, the crowd all closed their mouths. They not only did not have the slightest intention of blaming Chu Feng, but they instead began to look at Chu Feng with even greater admiration.


“That Chu Feng is truly arrogant!”

After Chu Feng’s words left his mouth, a furious shout was heard from the plaza.

It was Linghu Tiemian. He was completely enraged by Chu Feng.

However, right at that moment, the water mirror suddenly started to shine brightly. Following that, the water mirror in midair disappeared.

This most likely indicated that Chu Feng and the others had successfully entered the Holy Spirit Formation of Light.

Not long afterward, Linghu Xiuming flew back to the plaza and landed before Linghu Tiemian.

“Trash! How could you not be able to handle something this minor?! What use is there in keeping you here?!” Upon seeing Linghu Xiuming, Linghu Tiemian immediately shouted at him furiously.

Linghu Tiemian’s voice was so resounding that it caused the entire region around the plaza to tremble violently. Many people on the plaza revealed painful looks.

There were even people whose eardrums burst apart, and they began to bleed from their seven facial orifices.

Rank six Martial Immortal, that was the strength of Linghu Tiemian, the current strongest expert in the Ancestral Martial Cultivation Realm.

“I am incompetent. Big brother Tiemian, please punish me.”

Linghu Xiuming immediately half knelt onto the ground in fear. He was sweating cold sweat profusely and shivering nonstop.

“What use is there in punishing you?! Would punishing you be able to stop them?!”

“Did you hear what that Chu Feng said?! He said that he was using us! That spirit formation of yours not only failed to take care of him, but it instead helped him enter the Holy Spirit Formation of Light sooner!” Linghu Tiemian pointed at Linghu Xiuming and shouted furiously.

As for Linghu Xiuming, he lowered his head and apologized nonstop.

“It’s enough. Not only is your reprimand of him useless, even if you are to beat him up, it would still serve no purpose,” right at that moment, a voice was suddenly heard.

Hearing that voice, the crowd’s hearts were all shaken. They were all wondering which reckless fellow it was that dared to interrupt at a time like that.

Puzzled, the crowd all turned their eyes toward the direction of the voice. They wanted to see exactly who that reckless person was.

Upon seeing the person who had spoken, the crowd’s expressions all changed.

The person who had spoken earlier was a young man. He had a very delicate and pretty look, and his eyes were filled with gentleness.

Not only did that man have an appearance that tempted the women present, but his cultured and refined airs also caused the women present to want to devote their lives to him.

Most importantly, that man was a renowned character.

He was the fourth ranked of the Ancestral Martial Decastars, Linghu Mingye.