Chapter 3217 - Within My Control

Chapter 3217 - Within My Control

“Oh no! Everyone, look at that! Look below! There’s another formation below us!”

“Heavens! The lightnings from that formation is simply too terrifying. What are we to do now? If that lightning is to strike us, we will undoubtedly be killed.”

At that moment, the newcomers at the entrance had also noticed the myriad of lightning that was emerging from below them. At that moment, panic filled the crowd.

The reason for that was because they felt fatal danger from the lightning.

If they were struck by that lightning, they might really end up dying.

“Haha. You see that? Did you all see that?”

“Didn’t I say not to follow that Chu Feng? Do you believe me now?”

“How could Chu Feng, a mere individual, possibly be able to contend against the Linghu Heavenly Clan? How could he possibly contend against the Ancestral Martial Cultivation Realm’s main formation?”

Seeing that scene, the person that was feeling the most joy was none other than Puyang Han. Puyang Han revealed how overjoyed he was without trying to conceal anything, and began to laugh frantically. That laughing face of his was very sinister.

At that moment, the hatred and displeasure he felt toward Chu Feng, the feelings that he had accumulated, had finally exploded.

Puyang Han was feeling incomparably satisfied.

Meanwhile, the Puyang Heavenly Clansmen had expressions of lingering fear on their faces. There was deep gratefulness in their eyes as they looked to Puyang Han.

Although they’d only decided not to follow Chu Feng into the Holy Spirit Formation of Light because Puyang Han had threatened them, they were now rejoicing at the fact that Puyang Han had threatened them.

It was all thanks to Puyang Han’s threat that they managed to escape this calamity.

After rejoicing, a Puyang Heavenly Clansman asked, “But, doesn’t the Ancestral Martial Cultivation Realm possess a protective formation? Being in here, one will not die, no?”

“Truly foolish. While that might be true for other places, this is the main formation we’re talking about here. The main formation controls everything. If it wants you to die, how could you live?” Puyang Han said.

“In that case, it means that they will undoubtedly die?” Hearing those words, the expressions of lingering fear on the Puyang Heavenly Clansmen’s faces grew even more intense.

“Humph, they brought it upon themselves,” Puyang Han spoke in a disapproving manner. He was longing for Chu Feng and the rest to all die.

Although Puyang Han hoped for all the newcomers to die, there were still many people that did not wish for them to die.

Naturally, the ones that did not wish for those newcomers to die would be the powers which they belonged to.

“Lord Tiemian, they are still young and ignorant. Please spare them.”

“Lord Tiemian, I beg of you, please spare them.”

All sorts of begging voices could be heard in the plaza. The crowd were not only begging in a very lowly manner, but there were even people that knelt to Linghu Tiemian.

For the sake of their fellow clansmen’s survival, some of them had already relinquished their dignity.

Unfortunately, faced with the crowd’s begging, Linghu Tiemian was completely unmoved. In a deemphasizing manner, he said, “I’ve already given them a chance. They were the ones that did not know how to value it. As such, you cannot blame our Linghu Heavenly Clan for being ruthless.”

After saying that, Linghu Tiemian added, “That said, the grand formation still hasn't killed them yet. If they’re sensible, they should activate their keys, leave the Ancestral Martial Cultivation Realm, and never return again. Otherwise, they will end up losing their lives here.”

Hearing what Linghu Tiemian said, the crowd’s faces all turned ashen. The reason for that was because Linghu Tiemian’s words had verified their guesses. That grand lightning formation was actually really capable of killing.

Unfortunately, the crowd were powerless to do anything. They could only hope that their fellow clansmen would realize the danger before them and quickly activate their keys to leave the Ancestral Martial Cultivation Realm.

Otherwise, that lightning formation really would kill them.

Meanwhile, the newcomers had also realized what sort of danger they were in.

“This grand formation is no ordinary formation. Likely, not even the Ancestral Martial Cultivation Realm’s protective formation will be able to protect us. We might really end up dying here.”

“We are all stuck with no alternative. We must activate our keys and leave this Ancestral Martial Cultivation Realm,” someone said loudly.

“But we’ve only just entered the Ancestral Martial Cultivation Realm. There are so many cultivation resources that we’ve yet to see. If we are to leave like this, wouldn’t we have wasted the opportunity that our clans have given us?” There were also a lot of people that were unwilling to leave.

Unwilling, they would naturally be unwilling to leave. After all, every clan would only be able to obtain limited opportunities to enter the Ancestral Martial Cultivation Realm.

For the sake of obtaining the opportunity to enter the Ancestral Martial Cultivation Realm, many among them had fallen out completely with their fellow clansmen.

They’d finally managed to enter the Ancestral Martial Cultivation Realm after spending that much effort, so they would naturally all hope that they would be able to stay longer. No one would be willing to leave the Ancestral Martial Cultivation Realm so easily. Even if they were to suffer some pain, they would still wish to stay here.

That was the reason why some people would rather have their souls shattered and their bodies destroyed repeatedly and brave the danger of being tortured to a state of insanity than to activate their key to leave the Ancestral Martial Cultivation Realm.

“Everyone, listen to me. That lightning formation is no ordinary formation. That is a formation from the main formation. If we are struck by it, we will really end up dying.”

“Right now, the Linghu Heavenly Clan still hasn't decided to kill us. The reason why the lightning has yet to approach us is because they are giving us an opportunity to escape. If we continue to hesitate and the Linghu Heavenly Clan is to lose their patience, we will undoubtedly be killed,” someone analyzed.

The crowd all felt that person’s analysis to be reasonable.

While the crowd was indecisive as to what to do, Chu Feng suddenly said, “Everyone, if you all believe in me, Chu Feng, then do not activate your keys.”

“Chu Feng, could it be that you possess the means to handle this situation?” Li Anzhi turned to ask Chu Feng.

“Everything is still within my control,” Chu Feng said.

Hearing what Chu Feng said, the crowd all revealed joyous looks.

Chu Feng’s ‘Everything is still within my control,’ revealed why Chu Feng was still so confident when the crowd was already panicking like that.

It turned out that Chu Feng possessed the means to handle the situation.

“What a ‘everything is still within my control.’”

Chu Feng had no idea that his words were captured by the water mirror and seen by Linghu Tiemian.

At that moment, a trace of anger appeared on Linghu Tiemian’s ice-cold face.

“Transmit the order, have Xiuming activate the formation and kill them all!” Linghu Tiemian shouted loudly.

After he said those words, the crowd present on the plaza all turned extremely nervous.

Linghu Tiemian had given the order to kill. Would Chu Feng really have the means to handle it?

Even if Chu Feng really did possess the means to handle it, would it be effective?

Would it be able to withstand an attack from the main formation?

At that moment, the crowd’s thoughts were in a complete whirl.