Chapter 629 - Instantly Stupefied

MGA: Chapter 629 - Instantly Stupefied

But Ya Fei was really too strong. So strong that he, at present, simply couldn’t defeat her. Since he could do nothing, he could only cast his pleading gaze towards Little Fishy and ask, “Little Fishy, can you help Big Brother, and save that monster?”

“Save that man-eating monster? Okay okay! Watch Little Fishy!” After hearing his words, she hurriedly nodded. Not only was there not the slightest bit of fear, it instead looked like a lot of fun to her.


At that instant, he saw his surroundings blur past him. Little Fishy’s speed was even several times quicker than normal. Before Chu Feng even had a chance to feel what happened, he had appeared before the monster

*bam* In such a situation, Chu Feng didn’t have time to admire Little Fishy’s speed. He instantly grabbed the monster.

It was because in the area they were currently in was within Ya Fei’s attacking range. The boundless suction power was not only directed towards the monster. Even they were being affected by the wild suction power as they were sucked upwards from the waves that were rising into the sky.

As for Little Fishy, she was very smart. In the instant Chu Feng grabbed the monster, she turned around, and once again used her light-like speed and swam deep under the sea. With inconceivable speed, they shook away Ya Fei’s horrifying suction power.

“Dammit. I didn’t provoke you yet you dare to come and ruin my business? You are indeed in the same group as that monster.”

Although Little Fishy’s speed was extremely quick, so quick that Ya Fei couldn’t even see her face clearly, such mystical swimming speed made Ya Fei subconsciously confirm that the one who came and saved the monster was Little Fishy.

*whoosh whoosh whoosh...*

After going through quite a bit of trouble to defeat the monster yet it was saved in the crucial moment by some person. That made Ya Fei incomparably furious. She held her pink longsword and wildly jabbed at the sea surface under her.

*boom boom boom*

Countless petals shed from her sword and covered the surface of the sea beneath like a storm. Again and again they became terrifying ripples, causing maniacal ruin within the sea.

But it was useless, as no matter how much more violent Ya Fei’s attacks were, they could not harm Little Fishy in the slightest because she already left that area and was currently escaping to a distant location.

“Running? Let me see if you are truly as fast as the legends say, that no one can catch up to you!” Feeling that Little Fishy had already left, Ya Fei coldly snorted, put away her pink longsword, leaped forward, and was prepared to chase after her.


But just at that moment, her eyes suddenly flashed and her complexion changed greatly. Her originally rosy face instantly turned incomparably pale, lacking any traces of blood.

Even her lips became blue and purple, as though she were poisoned and heavily injured. It seems like death was going to come for her at any moment. It was definitely the backlash of the Taboo martial skill that came after her.

In a situation such as that, even Ya Fei didn’t dare to continue chasing forcefully. She quickly first threw into her mouth a special pellet of medicine, then sat cross-legged in the air. Moving her hands around to activate a healing technique, she fought against the fierce backlash.

Only after a good while did Ya Fei’s face turn for the better. Her pale-white complexion started to redden again, but it was still full of sweat. Even her clothes were drenched and her breathing because rough. It could be seen that the backlash she received was indeed nothing simple.

After the backlash, Ya Fei also exhaled deeply as if being free from a heavy weight. But, she was currently still a bit calmer than before. Looking at the water surface that had already returned to its serenity, she swept her eyes across the horizon that was, once again, veiled by sunlight, and said rather suspiciously, “There seemed to be two people who saved the monster just now. If one is Little Fishy, who’s the second one?”

Ya Fei seriously contemplated, yet could not obtain the answer. At the end, she lightly sighed. “That girl’s speed really isn’t exaggerated. There is definitely some sort of mystery on her. If I can get it, perhaps I can even surpass that bastard Murong Xun.

“Hmph. You truly think that I’m yours? Wait until my strength surpasses yours. Who cares if you’re the young archipelago master or not. I don’t want to marry, so I won’t. No one can stop me.” Speaking to there, Ya Fei suddenly smiled. It was so beautiful, enough to bewitch all of the living.

The reason she smiled was because she recalled something. So, she leaped forward, and as her skirt fluttered, she disappeared, leaving behind only faint bodily fragrance belonging to her.

The place Ya Fei headed towards was none other than the treasury she locked Chu Feng in. She was thinking that the current Chu Feng very likely had already become a puppet, just in time to be the bait to catch Little Fishy.

However, as she led a hundred Martial Lord subordinates and returned to the treasury, preparing to let them see the fruits of her harvest, her expression changed in an instant.

The treasury built within the Everlasting Sea of Blood was actually completely empty. Not even a single strand of hair remained. The treasury used to store their profits was obviously robbed.

“Who was it? Who dares to steal the things from my Immortal Execution Archipelago?! If I get hold of who did it, I will rend their corpse into ten thousand pieces!

“Men, check! Go check carefully! Investigate every single person who has the Spirit Formation password to enter the treasury! The robber must be found!” shouted Ya Fei strictly. Because that place was extremely hidden and that the Spirit Formation was very powerful, her first thought was that someone in the internal parts of the Immortal Execution Archipelago robbed the treasury.

“As you order!” Hearing their commands, the hundred subordinates behind Ya Fei did not dare to dally at all. After all, the treasury being robbed was not a small matter. So, they quickly left to investigate who was the most suspicious.

After her subordinates left, Ya Fei continued forward with quick steps. Very soon, she arrived at the second palace. Initially, she hoped that the second palace would be in pristine condition, but after entering, her already furious expression became even stronger, because the second palace was also completely empty.

“God damn. I’ve only left for less than half a day. Who exactly can plunder so many cultivation resources in this treasury?” After successively seeing two palaces being robbed cleanly, though Ya Fei was angry, she was also very calm. Her gaze was looking about, and thinking who was the most suspicious.

As she thought, she did not stop walking and continued forward. She arrived at the final palace.

To her, although the treasury being robbed was something that made her extremely angry, in reality, to her or the Immortal Execution Archipelago, the amount of cultivation resources in the treasury still didn’t count up to any divinely huge number.

Right now, the most important thing to her was Chu Feng. Only Chu Feng could allow her to more easily catch Little Fishy. In comparison to Little Fishy, the cultivation resources in the treasury weren’t much. So, she had to make certain whether Chu Feng was still there or not.

“Heavens! This, this is?!”

However, when she crossed through the final Spirit Formation and entered the palace that should have locked Chu Feng in, her beautiful face lost all colour, and she was instantly stupefied!