Chapter 628 - Taboo Martial Skills

MGA: Chapter 628 - Taboo Martial Skills

*boom rumble rumble*

Another incomparably deafening explosion that resonated to areas several miles away. Another intense clash between Ya Fei and the monster.

“A monster like this has actually wasted almost four hours of my time, yet I am still unable to suppress it. If this becomes widespread news, where will all my face go?!

“I cannot continue dragging this on. I must fight quick and end it quick, or else it will be disadvantageous to me!”

Suddenly, Ya Fei’s gaze changed. Right hand clenching sword, left hand moving about to cast techniques, and along with the changes happening to her, layers upon layers of mighty aura started to gather towards her body, and layers upon layers of faint radiance started to swirl around her beautiful body.

Ya Fei’s power was rising rapidly at that moment, and it was getting more and more powerful. It had already infinitely neared the realm of a rank six Martial Lord.

“Mortal Taboo—Illusory Sword Thrust!”

Suddenly, Ya Fei shouted explosively, then the pink longsword in her hand bursted with light. Then, she pointed it downwards, and with a boom, an enormous white light came slamming down.

The white light’s speed was extremely quick, and the area it covered was huge as well. Although if one looked at it from afar, it was like a frightening divine lightning descending from the heavens, but if one looked more carefully, they would discover that it was a sword. A super-large sword that contained boundless power and was made by white light.


As though if felt how terrifying the huge white light sword was, the monster didn’t meet force with force and block that strike. It flashed away, and bore into the sea.

At the same time, the enormous waves also kept on changing. Originally, the blood-red seawater was roiling about, yet now, they became repetitive patterns, like a turtle’s shell, and covered a region of the sea.

*boom* Just at that instant, the huge white light sword finally came down, and along with a huge explosion, the seawater burst everywhere, becoming wave after wave that surged outwards. The defense the monster made was actually destroyed so easily by the huge white light sword.

“So powerful. I have never seen such a mighty martial skill. Could it be that it’s a rank nine martial skill?!” Chu Feng was shocked. Once again, he experienced how powerful Ya Fei was.

“No. This isn’t a rank nine martial skill. It should be a Taboo martial skill,” said Eggy.

“Taboo martial skill?!” Hearing those words shocked Chu Feng again. He had heard of Forbidden Mysterious Techniques, but it was the first time he heard of Taboo martial skills. So, he quickly followed with a question. “Eggy, what are talking about when you refer to the Taboo martial skills? Could it be the same as Forbidden Mysterious Techniques, something that is prohibited?”

“No. Though both Forbidden Mysterious Techniques and Taboo martial skills are both prohibited objects, there’s an essential difference between the two.

“Martial skills are not powers from the physical body. It uses the energy in the world to create special abilities. Although those abilities are powerful, there’s a limit—rank nine is the very end. After rank nine, humans start to receive backlash, injuries, and even death.

“So, martial skills above rank nine are titled as Taboo martial skills to tell humans that unless there is absolutely no other choice, you better not touch this taboo.

“And according to the difference in power, Taboo martial skills are also split into different levels.

“There are four levels I know of: Mortal Taboo, Earthen Taboo, Heaven Taboo, and Divine Taboo!

“Before, Ya Fei shouted out ‘Mortal Taboo’, and in addition to the might she gave off, I suspected that she was going to use a Taboo martial skill. After all, it’s not strange for Taboo martial skills to appear in a place like this. Especially as she is a genius who’s born in a peak and extraordinary power.

“After looking at the power of her martial skill, I am pretty much certain what she used was a Taboo martial skill,” said Eggy extremely surely.

“Eggy, from what you’ve said, doesn’t this mean that after using a Taboo martial skill, the person will definitely receive a backlash?! And how long before the backlash begins?” Chu Feng was quite intelligent; he already roughly understood what Taboo martial skills were. But, he still had to confirm the degree of backlash one obtained from them.

However, if the Taboo martial skill is truly fierce and if the person definitely receives a backlash after usage, then as long as the monster could defend against the Taboo martial skill Ya Fei currently used, after using it, Ya Fei would be defeated.

“The backlash of Taboo martial skills is unavoidable, or else they wouldn’t be called Taboo martial skills. Even the lowest level—Mortal Taboo—is unavoidable.

“If you want to use a Taboo martial skill and also decrease the degree of backlash the most, there are only two methods.

“First is the comprehension of the Taboo martial skill. Deeper the comprehension, the greater one can diminish the fierceness of the backlash.

“Second is to use other sources of powers to activate the Taboo martial skill. With that, even if there is backlash, it wouldn’t be too fierce.

“This Ya Fei is quite smart. She clearly used the second method—she used the special armament in her hand to activate the Taboo martial skill.

“Although by doing so, it’s possibly because she can’t activate the Taboo martial skill with her own power and has to use the armament, but it must be said that by doing so, it will indeed reduce the backlash she receives,” explained Eggy.





As the two of them were talking, Ya Fei did not stop her attacks. Taboo martial skills were continued to be fired, and one after another, huge white-coloured swords dropped down from the sky.

Every time the sword appeared, it was like the descent of a sun, brightening the dusky world to an incomparably dazzling light. Moreover, every time it came down, a frenzied ripple would spread outwards, flipping everything upside-down.

The monster was clearly inferior to such a ferocious martial skill, but it could do nothing as the skill was too powerful. Ya Fei didn’t even give it a chance to escape. The only thing it could do was to defend continuously, but as it went on, it became more and more powerless.

*boom* Finally, with another deafening explosion, waves roared like wild beasts as they surged and water droplets that filled the sky were like sharp blades as they dropped straight down. The monster also made a painful cry as it sank into unconsciousness.

“Hmph. You’re already quite good to have stayed that long under my Mortal Taboo—Illusory Sword Thrust. But regretfully, you will still die by my hands.

“Let me see what kind of monster you are.” Seeing that she successfully struck the monster, the corners of Ya Fei’s mouth rose to form a hint of a pleased smile.

But she did not continue to attack and directly use her Taboo martial skill to kill the monster. She stuck out her hand, causing boundless suction power to surge out. She wanted to draw out the monster from the sea.

“Crap! I can’t let her catch the monster, or else who knows how this bastard will torment it!” At that instant, Chu Feng panicked. Although he didn’t know who exactly the monster was, he did not wish for it to land into Ya Fei’s hands.