Chapter 937 - Successor

MGA: Chapter 937 - Successor

“Congratulate? Senior, what do you mean?” Chu Feng asked confusedly.

“You are very lucky—you have a chance to become Qingxuantian’s successor! You tell me, should I congratulate you?” said the Vermilion Bird Revival Technique.

“A chance?” Chu Feng was still puzzled.

“Heh, didn’t you see it? That Imperial Door is an Imperial Armament! If you can get your hands on that Imperial Armament, it’s equal to receiving half of Qingxuantian’s inheritance. That Imperial Armament is a concentration of Qingxuantian’s painstaking efforts! It is a very impressive Imperial Armament,” the Vermilion Bird Revival Technique said.

Chu Feng understood what it meant. Since Qingxuantian had spent so much work on the Imperial Armament, wouldn’t it mean the one to receive Qingxuantian’s inheritance was who got their hands on it?

As for the “opportunity” the Vermilion Bird Revival Technique spoke of, it was because Chu Feng only had a chance to acquire the Imperial Armament. Whether he could truly obtain it depended on Chu Feng himself.

“Senior, that Imperial Armament is indeed very impressive; I have seen it. However, I just don’t understand why you said it represented only half of Senior Qingxuantian’s inheritance. Where is the other half of the inheritance then?” Chu Feng said astutely.

“Oh? You’re quite sharp. I didn’t think you would notice! Haha.” The Vermilion Bird Revival Technique laughed, and his impression of Chu Feng couldn’t help but change. Then, he said, “Back then, Qingxuantian built these sites in the continent of the Nine Provinces because he feared he wouldn’t be able to return one day, and thus his work would have been for naught. As such, he left behind two very important things in the continent of the Nine Provinces, hoping that one day there would be a fated person who could receive his inheritance.

“One of those two is the Imperial Armament he forged with great effort and the usage of all sorts of oddities. The other are the four Holy Beasts that had followed him for many years as he set out in an expedition in the world: the Azure Dragon, White Tiger, Vermilion Bird, and Black Tortoise.”

“The other half are the four of you seniors? But didn’t they already grant their power to me?” Chu Feng was a bit shocked. He truly didn’t expect the four Secret Skills to be the other half of the inheritance.

Although Secret Skills were powerful, they were only Secret Skills. How could they be even discussed on the same level as Imperial Armaments?

“Could it be that… you aren’t Secret Skills?” But after a quick thought, Chu Feng came to a conclusion. He noticed that the Vermilion Bird Revival Technique didn’t call itself a Secret Skills, but instead a Holy Beast.

“Hahaha, you are indeed sharp. Brat, you’re right.

“The four of us aren’t any Secret Skills. That’s just a cover that conceals our true identity.

“The four of us were born with Qingxuantian. We originally existed together with him, but with special techniques, he created physical bodies of ourselves and separated us from him, making us into four independent living organisms.

“But back then, in the Holy Land of Martialism, Qingxuantian had met a great enemy. In order to protect him, the four of us were willing to sacrifice ourselves to seal that thing.

“He wasn’t willing to let us throw our lives away, so with a special method, he stripped away our consciousness and nature from our physical bodies, then turned us into Secret Skills so we could live eternally.

“However, as long as our spirits can merge back into our physical bodies, we can revive. So, if you can bring us four back to life, we will be loyal to you as how we were loyal to Qingxuantian. That way, you would have received the other half of Qingxuantian’s inheritance,” the Vermilion Bird Revival Technique said.

“So the four of you seniors weren’t simple Secret Skills, but instead four Holy Beasts! Seniors, if there’s truly a method of revival, I will do my best to accomplish that goal.”

Chu Feng secretly rejoiced. He could feel that the four Holy Beasts were not simple at all. If they could truly be brought back to life, then that would be a huge helping hand to him.

“Less with this ‘senior’ here and ‘senior’ there. You are the only person all four of us approved of in nearly ten thousand years. However, approving of you is one thing. It does not mean we’ve submitted to you.

“We promised Qingxuantian we would find a successor for him. So, we will do our duties until the very end. However, before you conquer that Imperial Armament, we will not advise you on anything, nor will we tell you the location of our sealed our physical bodies.

“However, if you do acquire the Imperial Armament, we will tell you everything. Those are things people in the Holy Land of Martialism coveted to know!”

As he spoke, its body turned illusory. It was preparing to merge into Chu Feng’s body, and preparing to grant him its power.

“Senior, please wait! At least, you have to tell me how I can get that Imperial Armament, right? Otherwise, if it kills me, wouldn’t you have waited ten thousand years for nothing?” Chu Feng hurriedly asked. It didn’t matter how powerful this Vermilion Bird Revival Technique was before. Right now, it was only a Secret Skills. Even though it had its own intelligence, it would lose its ability to speak if it were to enter Chu Feng’s body. None of Chu Feng’s questions could be replied then.

“If you want to know, then get your hands on the Imperial Armament first. Afterwards, we will resonate with it, and then we can communicate with you at any moment.

“However, if you fail and it kills you, that means you aren’t qualified to receive Qingxuantian’s inheritance. We’ve already waited for ten thousand years. We don’t mind waiting a bit longer.”

It had then become a strand of red light and burrowed itself into Chu Feng’s forehead.

He felt a sharp pain to his head before a bundle of information appeared in his mind. He also gained an extra power—the Vermilion Bird Revival Technique.

It was a technique to strengthen his physical body, and also a technique to heal not only himself, but others as well.

If mastered, the Vermilion Bird Revival Technique would take but an instant to repair broken limbs. It was akin to having an imperishable body, so that was why it had such a name.

“As I thought, after gathering these four Secret Skills… this is truly extraordinary! If I cast them all at the same time, there will be a surprising effect.” The corners of Chu Feng’s mouth curled up to form a pleasant smile—one that showed just a slight surprise.

It was no longer as simple as receiving the Vermilion Bird Revival Technique. What he would receive soon was Qingxuantian’s inheritance.

Chu Feng looked very forward to grasping the Imperial Armament. Simultaneously, he looked very forward to knowing where Qingxuantian had gone. He even wanted to know about the existence that nearly took away Qingxuantian’s life, one that could only be sealed after the sacrifice of the four Holy Beasts.

The Holy Land of Martialism—he knew Qingxuantian had gone there a long time ago. With his nature, perhaps he had already left many shocking achievements in that land.

As for Chu Feng, he would soon enter that world as well. He was going to step onto the same journey, but he was going to create an entirely different world.

But before all that, he had to first defeat Jiang Qisha. He had to eradicate the Immortal Execution Archipelago. He had to take back the Misty Peak, or else those were all useless thoughts.

Chu Feng tidied up his clothes, and left. He went to meet up with Lady Piaomiao and the others, preparing to return to the Eastern Sea Region.