Chapter 936 - Vermilion Bird Revival Technique

MGA: Chapter 936 - Vermilion Bird Revival Technique

“Mm, yeah! Although remnants from the Ancient Era and even complete products like the Misty Peak remain in the Eastern Sea Region, there’s no one who can expose every single part of the Misty Peak.

“As for the areas that can be opened up, everything inside has already been cleanly looted. The opportunities I have in this place will always be limited, just as how I reached a dead end in growth in the continent of the Nine Provinces.

“As for the Holy Land of Martialism, it is filled with the unknown, and it is filled with even more dangers. However, at the same time, I’ll definitely have a greater chance in finding treasures.

“I truly want to see the strength of a legendary Martial Emperor as well. I wonder if they’re truly like gods?” Chu Feng not only wore a joyful and prideful expression, he also wore a confident smile.

The Divine Lightning required a vast amount of cultivation resources, which limited his aptitude and slowed his rate of improvement. However, as Eggy said, Chu Feng’s cultivation speed would be astounding when there was a sufficient amount of resources.

He lacked cultivation resources. He lacked the opportunities to procure more cultivation resources; however, in the Holy Land of Martialism, there were definitely many of those opportunities, but they were just hidden from sight.

He firmly believed he would become powerful. There would be one day where he’d be able to hold control of the world he once looked up to, and the power to defy heaven itself.

Martial Emperor? He knew he would reach that realm one day, but even Martial Emperor wasn’t his final stop.

“It’s time to ask this senior to appear.” After a sigh, Chu Feng flipped his palm. He brought out the formation that sealed the Vermilion Bird Revival Technique and broke it.

*aooo—* A mellifluous cry rang out immediately, and a strand of red light simultaneously shot out of Chu Feng’s hand. It became an enormous creature which appeared before Chu Feng—it was the Vermilion Bird Revival Technique.

“No wonder those guys gave their approval. You brat, you’re indeed quite extraordinary. Although the junk resources Qingxuantian left behind aren’t anything good, it’s not as if normal people can refine them. You have potential.” The Vermilion Bird Revival Technique gazed at Chu Feng with its beautiful eyes, and nodded with quite some satisfaction.

“Qingxuantian?” Chu Feng’s heart was shaken upon hearing that name. He knew of Qingxuantian—ten thousand years ago, he was an outstanding genius in the continent of the Nine Provinces.

The legends said the Imperial Tomb was Qingxuantian’s tomb. But, after all, a legend was only a legend; there was no way to verify the facts. At present, however, since the Vermilion Bird Revival Technique had spoken such words it meant the legends were likely true.

“Mm? Brat, you know Qingxuantian?” asked the Vermilion Bird Revival Technique with a bit of surprise.

“Of course I do! Senior Qingxuantian is the number one genius in the continent of the Nine Provinces. His accomplishments have been spread down for ten thousand years, and he’s a legend in the continent of the Nine Provinces!” Chu Feng replied truthfully.

“Haha, time truly flows fast! Ten thousand years felt just like a blink. Has that Qingxuantian become a legend already?

“However, he is worthy of the title of ‘legend’. I just wonder how his successors will feel if they know he’s become a legend already…”

The Vermilion Bird Revival Technique’s expression suddenly turned sentimental as it said in a low voice, “It’s been ten thousand years, but he hasn’t returned yet. Has he already…”

“Senior, does that mean Senior Qingxuantian hasn’t died yet?”

Chu Feng felt a bit shocked. There were many legends surrounding Qingxuantian. Of those, the most reasonable one was he had died already and the Imperial Tomb was his tomb. But, from what the Vermilion Bird Revival Technique said just now, he hadn’t died yet. Or, at least, there was such a possibility.

“Qingxuantian’s dead? Who said that? How did he die?” But when it heard Chu Feng’s words that implied Qingxuantian’s death, the Vermilion Bird Revival Technique suddenly became very agitated. Surprising Chu Feng, it not only gave no reply, it fiercely questioned him.

“This… This is only a legend…” Chu Feng hurriedly explained, and told everything he knew to it.

“Rumours and the sort are fake. Back then, he had indeed built some sites and had the four of us wait in there, but they weren’t Imperial Tombs. They were just simple sites.” The Vermilion Bird Revival Technique heaved a deep relieved sigh. It could be seen that it was very concerned with Qingxuantian’s life.

“Senior, do you mean Senior Qingxuantian left this place? And after ten thousand years, he’s still alive?” Chu Feng asked in a probing manner. The life of a human was limited. Although one could prolong their life through special techniques, ten thousand years was really too much time. If one were able to, not only were extraordinary methods required, it also demanded an overpowering degree of strength.

“Hoh, it’s merely been ten thousand years. You think he would die of age? No person can kill a man like him. His only true threat was himself,” the Vermilion Bird Revival Technique said proudly.

Chu Feng seemed to roughly understand Qingxuantian was in fact an impressive existence. Otherwise, the Vermilion Bird Revival Technique wouldn’t have said such words and shown such pride.

Deducing from its words before, Chu Feng knew that even the Vermilion Bird Revival Technique itself wasn’t certain whether Qingxuantian was alive or not.

Out of curiosity, Chu Feng continued probing, “Senior, then where did Senior Qingxuantian go? Could it be the Holy Land of Martialism?”

“Holy Land of Martialism? Hoh…” The Vermilion Bird Revival Technique disdainfully smiled, and seemed as if it wanted to say something. But very soon, its face darkened and as it glared at Chu Feng, it said, “You brat, why are you asking so many questions? There are some things you shouldn’t ask.”

“Senior, Senior Qingxuantian is the pride of the continent of the Nine Provinces, and I do really admire and respect him. So, I want to learn more about his achievements. Please, show me some kindness and tell me a few more things about him,” Chu Feng said as he smiled.

He knew the Vermilion Bird Revival Technique possessed intelligence. However, if it were to grant Chu Feng its power, it would lose its ability to speak. So, Chu Feng had to take this chance to first ask what he wanted to know.

“You give me less of that! Do you think I’d be tricked so easily?” But the Vermilion Bird Revival Technique was an old cunning fox. It instantly saw through Chu Feng’s ploy. It knew Chu Feng didn’t really adore Qingxuantian; he was just speaking flattering words.

Chu Feng could only giggle foolishly and didn’t bothering defending his antics. However, he used his pair of innocent eyes to look at the Vermilion Bird Revival Technique, hoping it could show some generosity and tell him a bit more.

“Ahh… You seem so curious and look like you know absolutely nothing. Did those three old guys tell you nothing?” the Vermilion Bird Revival Technique asked.

“They didn’t. Senior Azure Dragon, White Tiger, and Black Tortoise didn’t say anything to me. If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t even be certain the Imperial Tomb was built by Qingxuantian.”

Chu Feng quickly nodded. He could see that the Vermilion Bird Revival Technique prepared to speak. He also had a premonition it’d be something extremely important.

“Those three old bastards are truly damnable. You’re lazy to speak, so push everything onto me?! I’ll be sure to return this favour!”

The Vermilion Bird Revival Technique muttered to itself, then carefully examined Chu Feng from head to toe before seriously speaking.

“Brat, I must congratulate you!”