Chapter 933 - The Imperial Door Opens

MGA: Chapter 933 - The Imperial Door Opens


After Qiu Canfeng made his move, the four huge beasts instantly panicked. Their powers were limited; before, they were only concentrated on suppressing Chu Feng and Taikou, which meant they drew some power from Qiu Canfeng’s suppression.

That meant the power initially used to suppress Qiu Canfeng became weaker and weaker, and only then was Qiu Canfeng able to find a chance to release his aura and fight back.

The four huge beasts started to put their full strength in salvaging the poorly progressing situation, but Qiu Canfeng’s power had already erupted, and their power was limited.

If they wanted to suppress Qiu Canfeng, they’d be forced to give up Chu Feng and Taikou. If they wanted to suppress Taikou, they’d be forced to give up Qiu Canfeng. Their front and back were under attack, and they were now powerless. They were fated to lose.


Finally, there was an explosion. The entire tomb started violently shaking, and layers upon layers of shock waves were akin to ferocious beasts as they swept across the air with a terrifying speed, instantly engulfing everyone and everything.

However, Chu Feng, Taikou, and Qiu Canfeng, who were at the very center of the shock waves, had joyous expressions. They couldn’t help but heave a great sigh of relief.

The four huge beasts finally met their end. The fierceness of the shock waves didn’t matter, as to Chu Feng and the others, they were of no threat. The Four Symbols Binding Formation was broken through, and not even sixteen hours had passed since they first started.

“Master, congratulations on being released and regaining freedom.” Chu Feng cheerfully bowed and clasped his fists towards Qiu Canfeng, as it was his duty as disciple to do so.

“Chu Feng, rise, don’t bow! I really feel too ashamed. I took you in as a disciple, but I haven’t taught you anything and instead needed you to save me instead. I should be the one thanking.” Qiu Canfeng quickly pulled Chu Feng up, his face full of gratitude.

“Master, don’t say that! This is something I should be doing,” Chu Feng said.

“Haha, I am truly fortunate to have a disciple like you!” Qiu Canfeng was full of joy and he was very pleased with Chu Feng’s actions.

Amidst those emotions, he looked at Taikou, and said, “Brother Taikou, thank you.”

“Right now, we are on the same side. There’s no need for customary words.” Taikou casually waved his hand, but after seeing such a polite attitude, he did become quite a bit friendlier.

“This feeling?” Just at that moment, Chu Feng’s expression changed and complicated emotions emerged onto his face.

“Chu Feng, what is it?” asked Taikou and Qiu Canfeng as their expressions changed as well. They saw a hint of unknown fear on his face.

*rumble rumble rumble rumble rumble—*

A deep sound like the repeating crash of thunder rang out from afar. Accompanying this shocking noise was the tomb violently trembling from its gradually calming state.

Taikou and Qiu Canfeng couldn’t help turning around and cast their gaze at the Imperial Door. Qiu Canfeng even waved his sleeve, releasing his rank five Martial King power, and thoroughly removed the still rampaging shock waves.

However, after the shock waves vanished, their uneasy expressions unavoidably changed greatly again.

Their worry was that sound came from the Imperial Door, and their worry was true. At that moment, the Imperial Door, with a dazzling golden radiance and inviolable aura, slowly opened.

On the other side of the Imperial Door, there was a world that made people shocked—it was a boundless starry sky.

The Milky Way glittering with silver, the shooting stars streaking through the air, and the stars that shone with fluctuating light—all of this was so near.

When the Imperial Door spread open, there was a wide path laid out by a seven-coloured rainbow. On the sides of this wide path, there were tall and mighty statues.

They were clad in golden armour that glowed with light. Although they stood unmoving, one knew, with a mere glimpse, that these golden statues possessed intelligence. They were very powerful existences, and it was likely a single one alone held the strength to kill all three of them in an instant.

At the end of the rainbow path was a very grand city. Not only were its buildings exquisite, they were beautiful. It made the city seem like a paradise.

However, the gates to that city were closed, thus its true appearance could not be seen.

“The Imperial Door opens… this is a true Imperial Tomb!” Qiu Canfeng couldn’t help exclaiming.

“A true Imperial Tomb? Master, what do you mean?” Chu Feng asked curiously. He could feel that the inside of the Imperial Door was not simple at all.

“I will have to start from the very beginning. Imperial Tombs are a very high-level treasure. The bare minimum you must be to enter this place is to be a Martial King.

“In the Eastern Sea Region, there are a few Imperial Tomb, but the ones discovered have been ventured through already. Everything inside has also been cleanly taken.

“For example, a large portion of the Royal Armaments in the Eastern Sea Region come from the Imperial Tombs. In reality, however, there is a difference in rank even for Imperial Tombs. It’s said that only those that have an Imperial Door is a true Imperial Tomb.

“From what I’ve heard, an Imperial Door is built by a Martial Emperor. It is something that a true expert left behind.

“Outside the Imperial Door are common items, and only within the Imperial Door do true treasures exist. A legend like this has been spread throughout the Eastern Sea Region for a very long time, but there has yet to be anyone who’s seen an Imperial Tomb that encompasses an Imperial Door.

“But after coming to a place like this, I have seen it. I’ve not only seen the Imperial Door, I’ve seen a true Imperial Tomb and how powerful it is. Being locked up in this place for nearly two years is evidence of that,” Qiu Canfeng narrated with solemnness.

“Doesn’t that mean this Imperial Tomb is the strongest one in the Eastern Sea Region and the eastern continents?”

Chu Feng was even more shocked. He never would have expected this Imperial Tomb which he discovered long ago was a rank that hadn’t even been seen in the Eastern Sea Region.

“At least, in all of the ventured Imperial Tomb, this is the only one that has an Imperial Door. It has a maddening power, and similarly, a destructive might.

“It’s said that one cannot force their way into an Imperial Door—they could only enter by it opening on its own. No matter what, I would not have expected a day like today to come. Not only have I luckily seen the fabled Imperial Door, I have even seen it open. I have seen the mystical world within the Imperial Door,” Qiu Canfeng said with emotion.

“Yeah! When I heard you were locked in the Imperial Tomb, I was wondering what sort of tomb could bind someone like you. After I arrived and saw the Imperial Door, I understood everything.

“But I too would not have expected it to open after saving you.

“This vast starry world… beautiful. Truly beautiful. I really do want to enter and take a look,” Taikou said with an emotional smile as well. Moreover, there was an expression of yearning that filled his aged eyes.