Chapter 932 - Breaking the Formation

MGA: Chapter 932 - Breaking the Formation

After deciding on Chu Feng’s method, Taikou followed the written out instructions to create the formation. Chu Feng helped him as well.

“Chu Feng, is that you?” However, shortly after they started, Qiu Canfeng awoke.

“Master, you’re awake!” Chu Feng went up, paid his respects, and greeted him.

As the proverbs said, “Master for one day, father for one life.” Qiu Canfeng hadn’t taught Chu Feng anything, really, and didn’t perform any of his duties of a master. However, in Chu Feng’s heart, since he made Qiu Canfeng his master, then that relationship would persist and never change throughout his life.

It was the same for Zhuge Liuyun and the Azure Dragon Founder. Even though Chu Feng’s current cultivation had far surpassed theirs, he still held great respect towards them. That sort of humbleness was unrelated to strength; in Chu Feng’s heart, they were eternally seniors who demanded his honour.

“Chu Feng, it’s really you?” But when Qiu Canfeng woke up and saw Chu Feng outside the formation, he even though it was a dream. It felt so unrealistic.

“Master, it’s me. Your disciple has come to save you.

“Ah, that’s right. Master, I’ll introduce him. This is Senior Taikou. It was he who broke through the traps on the way here and brought me to you,” Chu Feng said as he pointed at Taikou.

“Qiushui Taikou?!” However, after seeing Taikou, Qiu Canfeng’s eyes lit up. He felt quite shocked, and from that, one could tell he knew who he was.

“Qiu Canfeng, we have truly not seen each other for quite some time.” Taikou lightly smiled. It was clear they knew each other before, but from their expressions, it seemed they didn’t have much of a friendship. Instead, there had likely been some conflicts.

“Chu Feng, why did you bring him here? Didn’t I tell you to ask for Fu Liansheng?” Qiu Canfeng asked in confusion, but there wasn’t any blame in his eyes. He just didn’t understand why Chu Feng was with Taikou.

“Master, I am really sorry. There’s been some change to the Crippling Night Demon Sect. I am truly unable to meet Fu Liansheng.

“Moreover, the situation right now is urgent. I have to quickly save you. Senior Taikou is the person I can trust the most, and he is also willing to save you, Master. So, with no other choice, I asked him to come here.

“Master, I do hope that you can forgive me for this offense,” Chu Feng said apologetically.

“Silly boy, you have done all you could to save me. Why would I blame you?” Qiu Canfeng shook his head. He didn’t condemn Chu Feng or anything, and he truly did feel grateful.

He cast his gaze towards Taikou with a bit of sentiment, and said, “I just didn’t expect the one to save me would be him. But that’s fine. There’s no need to mention the past. Qiushui Taikou, I, Qiu Canfeng, will repay you for what you’ve done today.”

“There’s no need. I’ve come here for Chu Feng’s sake, not yours.

“But, Qiu Canfeng, I must say that you’ve got quite good luck to have received a disciple like Chu Feng. He will be the pride of your entire life.” After speaking, Taikou continued laying the formation.

Chu Feng also quickly helped. That formation was very complicated, but everything was within Chu Feng’s grasp. With them working together, a boundless deactivation formation very soon came into existence.

“Chu Feng’s become this powerful?”

Qiu Canfeng, who was personally witnessing all that, wore shock in his eyes. He could tell that even though the core strength of the formation was on Taikou, the one who provided the core techniques was Chu Feng.

Although he already knew Chu Feng was a genius, he didn’t expect him to be a genius to such a degree. In less than two years, Chu Feng had grown to such a state. That truly surpassed his imagination, and made him, the master, look at his disciple in an entirely new light.

“Master, we will soon break through this Four Symbols Binding Formation. In a while, we will need you to coordinate with us from the inside. With that, we will be able break through this formation even quicker,” Chu Feng said after finishing all the preparations.

“Mm,” Qiu Canfeng nodded. Naturally, he understood.

Quickly after, Chu Feng and Taikou stood in two Formation Apertures and started laying the formation.


Radiance instantly shone forth upon activation. Countless runes stood in order, and like an army of millions attacking a city, the runes madly rushed towards the Four Symbols Binding Formation.


However, one could not break the formation so easily. Feeling the bombarding attacks, furious roars arose instantly. The four great beasts—Azure Dragon, White Tiger, Vermillion Bird, and Black Tortoise—all appeared.

They were enormous and ferocious. They oversaw each side of the formation, and all had their respective abilities. They were like guardians as they stopped the attacks of the runic army.

But Chu Feng and Taikou had already expected that to occur. Without panic, they channeled power into the formation and sent an even fiercer attack.


When continuously attacked, the four huge beasts were enraged. They roared, and simultaneous to their defense, they sent out their own attacks at Chu Feng and Taikou. The attacks were simply unimaginably powerful.

*boom rumble rumble*

Luckily, the formation Chu Feng and Taikou laid was equipped with both offense and defense. The strength of the four beasts didn’t matter; all of their attacks were stopped.

But the spirit a human possessed was limited, and this formation was also relying completely on Chu Feng and Taikou’s channeling of power. Since they were defending and attacking, the strength of the formation itself had been decreased. As such, they were thrown into a passive state.


Although the four huge beasts were made by a formation, it seemed as if they were truly alive. They knew their assaults were effective, so as they blocked the incoming attacks, they returned fire even more ferociously.

The four huge beasts had various abilities, and the power they possessed was at the level of a rank four Martial King. Moreover, their strengths were absolutely no weaker than Taikou’s.

The most important thing though was that their power was still rising, seeming as if it would reach rank five Martial King at any moment. As such, Chu Feng and Taikou felt the pressure become even greater. If the four beasts’ cultivation truly reached rank five Martial King, not to mention breaking the formation itself, Chu Feng and Taikou would likely die here today.

“These damned things. You’ve bound me for so long already, and you still want to continue binding me?!”

However, just at that moment, within the Four Symbols Binding Formation came a furious shout. Qiu Canfeng, who had remained silent, finally erupted.

When he roared, his power rolled out. It surged out from his body like a swirling hurricane, and it endlessly struck the Four Symbols Binding Formation.

Before such force, the seemingly indestructible Four Symbols Binding Formation instantly appeared as if it would collapse. With just an extra touch of force, Qiu Canfeng would be able to break the formation and escape its shackles.

“Master’s cultivation is…” Chu Feng and Taikou both couldn't help being shocked. At that very instant, they were finally able to feel Qiu Canfeng’s aura and what realm it was at.

He was not a rank four Martial King—he was a rank five Martial King. Moreover, his aura was powerful, meaning it was likely he had reached the peak of rank five Martial King.