Chapter 893 - Kowtow and Admit Your Wrongs

MGA: Chapter 893 - Kowtow and Admit Your Wrongs

A spear pierced through his chest. With a single strike, Chu Feng had defeated Murong Xun, who had refined the lives of over ten thousand Martial Lords.

Such a scene completely dumbfounded Xuan Xiaochao, the Ten Gold-cloak Brothers, and the others. They had expected such a conclusion, but they had never expected such progress. It was really too quick. So quick the outcome was decided in an instant.

They too had faced Murong Xun earlier—they knew how horrifying he was. Yet, Chu Feng still defeated him with a single strike. One had to admit that in comparison to Murong Xun, Chu Feng was the true monster.

“Young master!”

Amidst the shock Xuan Xiaochao and the others felt, the Sixth Immortal was enraged. After a long roar, he raised his hand, and started an attack towards Chu Feng.

*boom* However, in the next instant of that strike’s release, it was stopped within a huge explosion—Qiushui Fuyan stopped his attack.

“Qiushui Fuyan, if anything happens to the young master, I will definitely kill you!” The Sixth Immortal’s face turned blue from anger when Qiushui Fuyan persisted in stopping him. He didn’t continue blinding attacking Chu Feng, and instead, cast the fiercest attack he knew in an attempt to kill Qiushui Fuyan.

“Even if you didn’t plan to kill me, I had never planned to let you go.” Qiushui Fuyan merely smiled lightly at the Sixth Immortal, who was nearing insanity. On her beautiful face, there was not a hint of fear at all. Instead, within her eyes filled with intelligence, there was even a trace of disdain.

*hmm* After piercing Murong Xun’s chest with his spear, Chu Feng waved his big sleeve, and a boundless golden Spirit Formation emerged. Then, with another wave of Chu Feng’s sleeve, the Spirit Formation shrank rapidly, and transformed into the size of a fingernail. It entered Murong Xun’s body through his wound.


After the formation went into him, Murong Xun let out a painful shriek. At the same time, large amounts of blood-coloured aura gushed out from his body. However, this time, they did not become blood-red chains, and drifted away instead.

When such a thing occurred to him, Murong Xun’s swelled body rapidly contracted. Even his powerful aura diminished.

With that Spirit Formation, Chu Feng sealed Murong Xun’s odd demonic technique, which caused the power he stripped away from others to leave his body.

After Murong Xun’s power completely dissipated, Chu Feng flicked his arm and threw the Silver Dragon Spear onto his shoulders like a shoulder pole. He then threw Murong Xun onto it, and landed on a warship.

After landing, Chu Feng flicked again, and like a sandbag, fiercely threw Murong Xun onto the ground with a thump.

“Chu Feng, I will tear your corpse into a million pieces!” After being thrown onto the ground, Murong Xun stood up in a stumbling manner. While gritting his teeth, he was like a mad dog as he pounced towards Chu Feng.

“Kneel down.” However, Chu Feng swirled around quickly, and arrived behind Murong Xun. The tip of the spear in his hand swept past, and after two bloody slashes, Murong Xun’s leg tendons were cut.

*thud* With his tendons severed, Murong Xun’s legs couldn’t support himself and he fell onto the ground.

After Murong Xun knelt, Chu Feng stood in front of him and said, “Kowtow and admit your wrongs.”

“Go to he—Ahh!”

Murong Xun wanted to curse at him, but before he even finished his words, he felt pain from his head. Chu Feng had tightly grabbed his hair, then, pushing down, slammed Murong Xun’s head onto the ground.

*bang bang bang…*

For a short moment, kowtowing sounds louder than even drumming rang out continually. After a short instant, blood started flowing from Murong Xun’s head.

“Chu Feng, damn your ancestors!”

Seeing his young master subjected to such suffering, the Sixth Immortal was even about to explode. He flipped his palm, and several Forbidden Medicines appeared. Without saying anything, he consumed them all at once.


After he ingested those Forbidden Medicines, bursts of colourful auras endlessly soared within his body. At the same time, his power was rocketing. He even exhaled peculiar mist from his mouth and nose.

“Crap.” Qiushui Fuyan’s complexion could not remain calm when she saw the change occurring to the Sixth Immortal. If it were before, when she fought the Sixth Immortal, not only could she face him cool, calm, and collected, she even stood on a bit of an advantage.

But now, the Sixth Immortal ignored the risks to his life and ignored the pain of backlash. He consumed so many Forbidden Medicines, and due to that his strength was incomparable to before. Now, he had surpassed Qiushui Fuyan’s limit.

*aooo—* Just at that moment, the Sixth Immortal furiously roared again, and threw a punch at Qiushui Fuyan.

That fist truly made the world tremble, and took away the light from the sun and moon. Even though Qiushui Fuyan put down layers of Spirit Formations, and used the strongest defensive martial skills she had, she remained no match for it.



Finally, after bursts of rumbles, Qiushui Fuyan let out a cry. She was forced several miles back by the power of that punch.

“Senior Qiushui!” When he saw that, Chu Feng couldn’t help shouting in alarm.

*aooo* However, after forcing Qiushui Fuyan through the air, the Sixth Immortal was still unwilling to stop. He waved his big sleeve, and a boundless suction power burst out, drawing her back to him.

When Qiushui Fuyan returned, the Sixth Immortal’s fist had been risen again. Moreover, an extremely horrifying aura was being channeled. If that fist were to land, Qiushui Fuyan was most likely going to die.


“If you dare harm Senior Qiushui again, I will slice this Murong Xun into pieces.” Capturing into his eyes the killing intent of the Sixth Immortal, Chu Feng did not hesitate as he abruptly waved the Silver Dragon Spear downward, and sliced off Murong Xun’s left shoulder.


“Sixth Immortal, save me!” Murong Xun could endure the pain of his arm being chopped off, but he could not endure Chu Feng’s bloodlust. He could feel the lack of guarantee to his survival. So, he quickly put away his pride and started shouting for help.

“You…” The Sixth Immortal’s expression changed greatly. Although he was furious, he hurriedly stopped and didn’t dare to move even a single inch.

“You two, stop as well.” Seeing its effectiveness, Chu Feng cast his fierce gaze at the two Protectors from the Inferno Divine Bird clan.

The two first glanced at the Sixth Immortal, and after a communication through their eyes’ expression, they dashed backwards, left the range of the Water King and Fire King, and returned to their human appearances.

“Lady Qiushui, are you all right?” When such an intense fight was eased, the Water King and Fire King first supported Qiushui Fuyan in the air, then landed onto the warship Chu Feng was on. As for Xuan Xiaochao and the others, they too quickly went there.

“Release my young master, and I’ll safely let you go.” The Sixth Immortal spoke. That was not something he desired, but there was no other choice right now. He could not let Murong Xun die.