Chapter 892 - Decided by One Strike

MGA: Chapter 892 - Decided by One Strike

“You useless people! In order for all of your development, so many cultivation resources were wasted, and so much time was wasted. In the end, what were they for?

“Everyone, get the hell back here!” Murong Xun’s eyes were full of blood from anger as he looked at his subordinates who were falling one after the other. He couldn’t help but curse at them loudly.

At that instant, none of the experts from the Immortal Execution Archipelago dared to go against his words. They no longer went to send their lives away, and instead, put away their attacks and entered a defensive state. Finally, all of them half-knelt orderly in front of Murong Xun, and said together, “We have been incompetent! Young master, please grant us punishment!”

“Punishment? You indeed deserve punishment for wasting so many years of my Immortal Execution Archipelago’s care! You tell me, how should I punish all of you?!” Murong Xun shouted furiously with his eyes roundly widened.

“Young master, please give us punishment! If you want to kill or cut us, we will not give a single word of complaint!” replied the half-knelt crowd in unison.

“Very well. Since you’ve said that, then use your blood and flesh to repay the work my Immortal Execution Archipelago has put into you.”

When he heard their reply, Murong Xun wasn’t moved at all. Instead, a hint of fierceness flashed within his gaze.

*whoosh whoosh whoosh*

Suddenly, a cold glint reflected off of Murong Xun’s blood-red eyes. The boundless blood-red aura once again shot out, transforming into countless blood-red chains, and it pierced through the kneeling crowd amidst howling noises and the squirting of blood.

“AHH—” When the blood-red chains passed through their bodies, the cultivation and life they had accumulated for many years rapidly streamed out. The agony of being squeezed dry and refined made them involuntarily scream.

But in spite of that, there was not a single person who escaped or backed away. Instead, they endured such pain within such resounding screams, and allowed their cultivation and life to flow incessantly into Murong Xun’s body. They did not complain in any way whatsoever.

And with over ten thousand people’s power channeling into him, Murong Xun’s aura once again soared. He had now infinitely neared the realm of a Martial King, and there was even a feeling of making a breakthrough.

However, as Murong Xun’s power rose higher and higher, the people bore through by the blood-red chains became more and more pitiful. At that moment, they looked neither human nor ghost. They were akin to zombies, and even the sound they made was as terrifying as a ghost’s howl.

“He is truly insane. He is refining such loyal subordinates in such a manner. Is he even human?” Seeing the horrifically developing situation, Xuan Xiaochao and the others came up to Chu Feng as they held their Incomplete Royal Armaments.

“Chu Feng, luckily you were here today. Otherwise, it’s likely we would have died already. Right now, Murong Xun has already gone insane, and insane people will do insane actions. Let us join you and fight him together.”

The Ten Gold-cloak Brothers had also come over, but in comparison to Xuan Xiaochao and the others, as the ten of them looked at Chu Feng, their gazes were rather complicated. They would never forget how weak he was back then in the Depraved Ravine. He was so weak he had to ask them for help; yet, he not only surpassed them now, he even saved them.

“It’s true that this Murong Xun is crazy, but I don’t think he has truly gone insane. His very actions are at most his actual nature.

“Seniors, Brothers, don’t worry. Although his demonic technique is powerful and cruel, it still has a restrictions. It cannot infinitely transfer the power of others to himself.

“Even if Murong Xun refines all of his subordinates until death, the highest he will reach is rank nine Martial Lord. As long as he bound from being a Martial King, I will still be able to beat him into a cripple.” As Chu Feng spoke, he flipped his palm. The Royal Armament Silver Dragon Spear then appeared within his hand.

When it emerged, its unique aura swept through all directions. Chu Feng’s strength increased by many times instantly, and at that very moment, Chu Feng gave others an illusion: even if it were a Martial King, perhaps Chu Feng could even truly put up a fight against him.

“Royal Armament?!” After feeling the might of the Royal Armament, no matter the Sixth Immortal, or the Water and Fire King, they couldn’t help but look at the Silver Dragon Spear in Chu Feng’s hand.

“It is indeed a Royal Armament. With his cultivation, he’s able to grasp this Royal Armament so thoroughly?”

After confirming it was truly a Royal Armament within Chu Feng’s hand, there was praise in the Fire King’s and the Water King’s eyes, there was fury in the Sixth Immortal’s eyes, and in the Inferno Divine Birds’ eyes, there was greed.

*bang bang bang bang bang…*

Just at that moment, bursts of muffled explosions endlessly rang out. In Murong Xun’s direction, the myriad of bodies had disappeared. In their place was a mist of blood that drifted in the air, and a shower of blood that rained down.

When they cast their gazes back at Murong Xun, his body had swollen and deformed. From a tall and suave man, he became a fatty who could explode at any moment. Moreover, none of the skin on his body was a good colour—it was blood-red, quite terrifying.

Although his aura was still very powerful, it had remained at rank nine Martial Lord. As Chu Feng said, the power of Murong Xun’s demonic technique didn’t matter, as there would always be a restriction. He could not completely refine and absorb their power.


Suddenly, Murong Xun let out a thunderous roar. His voice was no longer his original tone. With it came endless fury and resentment, akin to a demon’s voice.

However, at that moment, what was more horrifying wasn’t that voice, but the pressure he exuded as he leapt up and rushed towards Chu Feng.

At that instant, even the colour of the sky above Murong Xun’s head changed—it changed into blood-red. It looked as if the person who approached wasn’t actually a person, but a demon that was dyed in the blood of countless lives.

As they faced Murong Xun who was in such a state, even Xuan Xiaochao, the Ten Gold-cloak Brothers, and the others, who were quite fearless, couldn’t help deeply gasping. Bursts of slight horror emerged onto their faces, and they subconsciously backed away.

Scary—truly scary. Murong Xun, who had refined the blood and flesh of over ten thousand people, had too terrifying of an evil aura about him. He truly could not be described as human.

“My thoughts exactly.”

But the terror of Murong Xun’s horrifying aura did not matter. Chu Feng remained fearless, and not only that, there was even an excited glint that surged within his eyes.


Suddenly, Chu Feng made his move. His move shattered even space itself in his former position. Even Xuan Xiaochao and the others who had backed quite far away were forced even further back by the remnants. From that, one could see the fierceness of Chu Feng’s might.

As Chu Feng held the Silver Dragon Spear, he rose into the air, and like a comet, rushed straight into Murong Xun who reeked with blood.

When they were not even three thousand meters away, Chu Feng suddenly increased his speed. With a howl of a dragon, Chu Feng’s entire being became a white stream of light.

When the white stream of light streaked through the air, it was like a white dragon, appearing for just an instant. When the white stream of light disappeared, Chu Feng had already come up to Murong Xun. He waved his arm, and the Silver Dragon Spear in his hand became a white light, and with a muffled stabbing sound, large amounts of blood gushed out. Chu Feng’s Silver Dragon Spear had pierced into Murong Xun’s chest and out from his back.

Their confrontation was decided by a single strike.

Murong Xun—lost!