Chapter 875 - Tower of Martial Skill Cultivation

MGA: Chapter 875 - Tower of Martial Skill Cultivation

“Since you’re planning to cultivate the Earthen Taboo martial skill, I’ll have to prepare a special area for you,” Chun Wu said.

“The one who truly understands me is indeed my Senior Chun Wu. I’ve come here exactly for that.” Chu Feng didn’t bother hiding anything and stated his intentions.

“Tch. Would I not understand you? Follow me. I’ll show you a mysterious place in this Misty Peak.” Chun Wu smiled, then walked towards the exit of the palace.

Chu Feng quickly followed because this Misty Peak was truly very special. He knew the place Chun Wu and the others cultivated martial skills was definitely a very special place, so he really wanted to see the appearance of the Misty Peak’s unique area for martial skill cultivation.

After all, everything here came from the Ancient Era.

Indeed, with Chun Wu leading, they passed through several heavily guarded checkpoints before arriving atop a peak.

Outside the peak, there was even a firm Spirit Formation Wall. Even Chun Wu needed to use a special Spirit Formation Key to open it.

Only after climbing onto the peak did Chu Feng notice the peak was very vast, but at the apex of this vast peak, there was a little tower less than ten meters in height and three meters in width. Not only was it quite broken, one felt quite pitiful as they gazed at it.

However, the ancient aura it exuded told Chu Feng the little broken tower was not as simple as it appeared. Most likely, this was the most important part of this peak.

So, Chu Feng directly walked towards the tower, and only after nearing it did he discover there were several words written at the top: Tower of Martial Skill Cultivation.

“Junior Chu Feng, this is one of the most mysterious places of the Misty Peak, the Tower of Martial Skill Cultivation. It is a holy land for cultivating martial skills.” Indeed, as Chu Feng expected, this broken little tower was the place for cultivating martial skills.

Right now, Chun Wu had already opened the door to the tower, and after opening, what Chu Feng saw through the door was not the inside of the tower, but a world. That tower was a gate to a whole new world.

“Impressive! It’s another gate to a new space! This Misty Peak is truly a treasure land.” Chu Feng endlessly sighed in admiration. Along with his increase in experience, he knew that powerful World Spiritists could open an independent space.

So, Chu Feng knew very well no matter if it was the Martial Marking Immortal Realm before, or the world within the Tower of Martial Skill Cultivation, they were both likely spaces opened by a powerful World Spiritist.

“Heh, of course. If there were nothing good about our Misty Peak, the Immortal Execution Archipelago wouldn’t want to occupy this place. If it weren’t for my master threatening them, it’s likely they would have already made a move on the Misty Peak.

“That’s right, I don’t mind telling you a secret.” Suddenly, Chun Wu lowered her voice. After putting her mouth close to his ear, she still chose to tell Chu Feng with mental messaging, “On the Misty Peak, there are many mysterious peaks. Even though my master is the guardian of this place, there are several peaks even she cannot climb onto. So, even my master doesn’t completely know what sort of special power is concealed in which special places.”

“Heh, anything from the Ancient Era is indeed nothing ordinary.” Chu Feng nodded, then asked, “Senior Chun Wu, other than this independent space, are there any other special things with this Tower of Martial Skill Cultivation? Why did you say this is the holy land for cultivating martial skills?”

“It’s better for you to experience it yourself. Just remember this: you can destroy anything you see in there. No matter if it’s someone alive, or an existence undefeatably powerful, don’t be afraid. Just trust me.

“Oh, that's right. Most importantly, don’t walk too far, and don’t forget the path of return. Otherwise, if you can’t come back, I can’t save you!” Chun Wu said with a mysterious smile.

“Heh, you make it seem so impressive, and now I want to experience this mysterious land!” After hearing all that, Chu Feng was truly impatient. He stepped forth, and entered the ancient tower’s door, stepping into the new space.

After entering, Chu Feng discovered there was no sun, nor a blue sky, nor clouds. Everything above his head was foggy. Beneath his feet was sand, and gales were howling in the distance. The feeling it gave Chu Feng was represented by one word: desolate.

When he turned his head around, he still saw the door, and Chun Wu was standing outside the door. She said, as she looked at Chu Feng with a smile, “Remember! What you are cultivating is an Earthen Taboo martial skill! Do not aim for short-term benefits, and you must stop when appropriate!”

“I will remember your instructions.” Chu Feng bowed to Chun Wu with complete seriousness.

“You… Hmph, I won’t bother with you anymore. Go play on your own!” Chun Wu feigned anger as she curled her lips, then closed the doors. But, before closing the doors, a voice was sent inside.

“That’s right. When it’s time for the three meals, remember to come back to this place. I will bring you food at a fixed time.”

“Hehe, this little girl is quite nice! Chu Feng, should you consider stopping? After all, you already have three fiancées. You don't need another one!” said Eggy, who was in Chu Feng’s body, as she giggled.

“You’re thinking too much.” Chu Feng didn’t bother caring what she said, and leapt up, into the air, carefully examining this world.

After flying for a while, a lush green mountain range appeared. Above the mountain range, even the sky was different. At that place, there was a blue sky and clouds. When such a scene appeared within such a chaotic desert, it truly stood out.

After circling around the mountain range, Chu Feng saw an endless sea. On the sea, huge waves rolled about, and there was even the roar of sea beasts. It was a dangerous region of water.

It was dangerous because as he flew above the surface, Chu Feng could regularly see beasts killing each other. They were not only violent, they were bloodthirsty. Moreover, those beasts were not only enormous, they were very powerful as well. The weakest were in the Heaven realm, while most possessed strengths of a Martial Lord.

After flying for a while above the boundless sea, Chu Feng saw a green island in the distance.

That island was floating above the sea, and there was nothing special. Yet, it attracted Chu Feng’s attention because the waves that surged around the island were very strange. When he looked more carefully, he saw a dozen or so huge water snakes within the water.

Those snakes were truly large—every single one was over a hundred meters long. Not only did they have sharp teeth, there were sparkling scales on their bodies as well, resembling armour. They covered their bodies, making them nearly indestructible.

Moreover, every single one of them emanated the aura of a rank nine Martial Lord. Their auras were even more powerful than the typical peak Martial Lord.

At that moment, those huge snakes at the bottom of the sea were baring their teeth and making deafening roars at the island.

At first, Chu Feng felt confused at such a scene. He didn’t understand why they were so angry as they circled an island.

Only when the island started trembling and an extremely powerful aura burst out did Chu Feng understand.