Chapter 855 - Guardian Formation

MGA: Chapter 855 - Guardian Formation

Such a sudden change shocked Chu Feng. With the observational power of his Heaven’s Eyes, he looked deep underground and discovered a terrifying killing formation.

It was a very strange formation. It seemed to be made by a person, yet also by nature. Even Chu Feng found it difficult to determine which one made it.

However, a fact that could not be denied was the power it contained was extremely horrifying. So much even a rank one Martial King could not defend against it—it had a very powerful attack.

Luckily, Chu Feng had reacted in time. Otherwise, if he had gone just a bit deeper and entered the range of the formation, he would have completely activated it. At that moment, with the strength Chu Feng had, he would have been killed in just a blink.

“What a crafty Medicine King. It wanted to lure me in!”

After finding the source of such horrifying power, Chu Feng was a bit angry. Although the killing formation was frightening, as long as he avoided its range of activation, there wouldn’t be any danger to his life.

On the other hand, the Medicine King could step into its range but not be harmed in the slightest. When he hid within the formation, Chu Feng could not capture it. In a situation like that, Chu Feng could really do nothing to it.

“Chu Feng, why would such a powerful killing formation appear out of nowhere?

“Moreover, this is a mountain peak. How can so many strong medicinal plants be grown? Don’t you think this is very strange?

“Although the plants can receive the energy from natural essence and thus grow, this is a vast mountain range. A few appearing would be already quite good. Yet, on this single mountain peak, it is filled with medicinal plants. This doesn’t make much sense.

“Moreover, there is such a frightening killing formation deep underground. Don’t you think this is odd?” Eggy reminded.

“Of course it doesn’t make sense! Let me look with the Heaven’s Eyes first.” Chu Feng didn’t hesitate as he leapt up, back to the surface, and started carefully circling around and observe the mountain peak full of medicinal plants.

With the detailed observation of the Heaven’s Eyes, as he continued his analysis, Chu Feng felt even more shocked. Even the suspicion in his eyes turned into joy, and that joy was becoming stronger and stronger.

In the end, he was even ecstatic. On his face, there was an uncontrollable excited expression.

Chu Feng discovered this land was truly not simple at all. There was definitely a Natural Oddity hidden in a certain part of this peak.

That killing formation was not a simple formation—it was a Guardian Formation Aperture. As long as he could deactivate it, he would be able to find the entrance and thus obtain the Natural Oddity.

“Hah, I originally thought this journey was worth it just by being able to obtain these medicine. No matter what, I never would have thought I would have a discovery like this! In this man-created space, a Natural Oddity formed! And it has even developed for at least several thousand years!”

There was no need describe how happy Chu Feng was.

There were many types of Natural Oddities. The most common ones were Spiritual Beings and Sacred Entities.

Spiritual Beings possessed intelligence. After formation, they had the ability to move, and could even transform into a human shape. They could cultivate in this world as a human, and since they were bred by the earth, they had very long lives. If they could mature, their future was unimaginable.

At first, the Phoenix of Ice at the Wolf Ivory Mountain was a Spiritual Being. However, it hadn’t been in development for very long, and it hadn’t matured. It was merely an embryo. It could not leave its place of growth, so dealing with it was very easy.

As for Sacred Entities, they never possessed intelligence, nor could they form into a human shape. They would only remain in their place of growth, and continue to grow. They awaited for the fated to take them away.

In other worlds, Spiritual Beings were the children bred by the world, while Sacred Entities were gifts from heaven, bestowed to cultivators.

However, Sacred Entities were not like fish on a cutting board. Not anyone could take them away. Coincident with their growth, there would be a natural Guardian Formation Aperture that protected them.

Unless one were able to deactivate the formation, they shouldn’t even think of getting their hands on it. They couldn’t even look at them. That could be said to be a test from the heavens.

“It truly is a Natural Oddity! The Burning Heaven Church is able to use the power of this Natural Oddity to grow so many medicinal plants. It means they’ve already discovered it a long time ago.

“These plants require time to grow, so it’s reasonable that they didn’t take them when they left, since the plants were not ripened yet. On the other hand, this Natural Oddity is so precious. Why didn’t the Burning Heaven Church take it away?” Eggy was still very confused after confirming it was a Natural Oddity.

“When we saw the Guardian Formation Aperture, it was changed. Quite clearly, it was changed by the Burning Heaven Church.”

Chu Feng could already tell the reason the killing formation appeared was so strange was because it was formed naturally, yet also altered by humans.

“Interesting. But, I just don’t understand why they did that.

“However, since it’s a Natural Oddity and it had been growing for so long, it will definitely help your cultivation greatly. Perhaps you could even make a breakthrough and become a Martial Lord!

“However, if you can’t deactivate that killing formation, you won’t be able to find the Natural Oddity.” Eggy curled her lips, feeling quite a shame.

“Actually, I do have a plan. Perhaps it can help me get this Natural Oddity,” Chu Feng said with a smile.

“What plan?” Eggy asked anxiously.

“Even though there are a large amount of medicinal plants grown here—a normal person would know this place is not simple at all—it’s very difficult to find anything off with this place using ordinary searching methods of a World Spiritist.

“As for that Guardian Formation Aperture, on the surface it looks like a very powerful killing formation so it’s very difficult to notice it’s an aperture for a Natural Oddity.

“Moreover, since the Burning Heaven Church had changed it, even if it’s deactivated, a typical person won’t be able to find the location of the hidden Natural Oddity.

“However, I have the Heaven’s Eyes. I have already roughly found its location. But, the aperture isn’t deactivated, so I can’t enter that place.

“In addition, I believe that the person who can deactivate this aperture has arrived. I can use him to break it open, and thus obtain the Natural Oddity,” Chu Feng explained.

“You’re saying to use that Third Immortal?” Eggy asked.

“Exactly. To use him.” Chu Feng firmly nodded his head.

“That would work, but at the same time, there are huge risks. I do want to know how you will attract him over though.” Eggy still had some doubts.

“Isn’t that simple? I can just use a few techniques and he’ll discover this place.

“However, that person is too powerful and is skilled in Spirit Formation techniques. Since I’m preparing to use him, then I will have to put a bit more effort into this. Otherwise, the one who’ll be at a disadvantage will be me.”

Chu Feng oddly smiled, then flew down and laid a complicated formation.

After several hours, the Third Immortal had entered. Moreover, in order to find traces of Chu Feng and the treasure, he used a special technique that made his eyes light up even brighter than a lamp. That not only increased his range of vision, it even allowed him to discover things ordinary people could not discover.

At that moment, he was standing in the air with the World Spirit Compass in hand. He was looking down from above, aiming to find some clues.

Then, suddenly, his eyes lit up. The corners of his mouth subconsciously rose to form a smile.

At the same time, he put away his special gaze and concealed his aura. Then, he leapt forth and flew towards the direction he was looking at.

And that direction was the location of Chu Feng and the Natural Oddity.