Chapter 854 - Oddity

MGA: Chapter 854 - Oddity

At that moment, Eggy’s mind was concentrating on chatting with Chu Feng, so she didn’t even notice the situation in front of them.

Only after hearing his words did she close her eyes, feeling Chu Feng’s current gaze.

Though quite a trivial action, Eggy herself jumped in fright at what she saw. A hint of joy then emerged onto her beautiful little face.

Far away in the distance, there was a vast mountain range, and all sorts of peculiar peaks stood upright. But of those peaks, atop a mountain resembling a mantou, there was one peak that emitted various faint colours. It stood quite in contrast with the others; it was very captivating.

“There’s seems to be something good there. Chu Feng, head over!” Eggy shouted.

Where was the need for Eggy’s reminder? After discovering it, Chu Feng had increased his speed and flew towards the colourful mountain range.

The closer he approached, the more excited Chu Feng became. As he went even nearer, he was able to more clearly see what exactly that thing was.

It was a mountain peak—a very vast mountain peak. On it, there were all sorts of medicines. Not simple medicines, but very precious ones.

Even though they were used for creating pellets and weren’t all that useful for cultivation, they were still worth quite a bit.

World Spiritists were also experts in concocting medicines. When he had spare time, Chu Feng would study the usages and states of various plants. Of those, naturally they included medicinal plants.

As such, Chu Feng was able to instantly tell that the medicines on the peak were very precious. Every single one was invaluable, and very difficult to find in the outside world. Yet now, there were so many in here. Most likely, the Holy Medicine of Dragon and Phoenix was within those medicines.

“Haha, I’m rich now! I didn’t think the Burning Heaven Church had left behind such a large sum of wealth!” Chu Feng finally arrived on the peak.

Looking downwards at the glowing and invaluable medicines of varying effects, his heart was very excited. Even though those things didn’t help his cultivation, they were still very valuable.

Not to mention him, even such an enormous power like the Immortal Execution Archipelago, upon knowing of these medicines, wouldn’t hesitate to send a powerful battle force to occupy this place.

Most importantly, under the gaze of his Heaven’s Eyes, he had already found a very special-shaped medicine—it was the Holy Medicine of Dragon and Phoenix.

Within the vast world of medicine, the Holy Medicine of Dragon and Phoenix was absolutely not the most precious one. There were many more that had stronger effects.

Even though Chu Feng had a great understanding of medicine, there were still quite a few here Chu Feng didn’t know the names of. The value of these medicines was priceless.


But even so, Chu Feng still rushed up to a Holy Medicine of Dragon and Phoenix. After all, no matter the value of the other medicines here, the most important one to Chu Feng right now was the Holy Medicine of Dragon and Phoenix because it was a main component in helping Zi Ling fight the Heaven Gripping Pellet.

*hmm* After landing, without even thinking, Chu Feng used the golden Spirit Formation power and laid a boundless Spirit Formation above the medicine. It was an Opening Formation, a necessity in harvesting medicinal plants.

Medicinal plants and cultivation resources were different. In accordance to their strength, cultivation medicines possessed varying fighting power. No matter if it was spiritual medicine, Origin medicine, Profound medicine, Heaven medicine, Martial medicine, Spiritual Beings, or Sacred Entities, they had their respective spirits, and they had the strength to protect themselves.

However, medicinal plants were different. Most of them did not possess intelligence, nor any powerful attacks. At least, most of them didn’t possess either.

However, it was not as simple to harvest them. It required a World Spiritist to lay an Opening Formation in order to pick them.

If he picked them directly, then in the instant they left the soil, they would wither immediately and die. His effort would have been for nothing then. Similarly, in accordance to the different medicinal strengths of the medicinal plants, the strength of the formation would vary as well.

None of those plants were simple plants, and the Holy Medicine of Dragon and Phoenix was of that category. Luckily, Chu Feng was already a Gold-cloak World Spiritist; otherwise, to harvest it would truly require quite some effort. But now, it was much easier.

“Open!” Suddenly, Chu Feng shouted. The boundless formation in the air became a strand of golden light, and like a falling golden dragon, it shot straight towards the Holy Medicine of Dragon and Phoenix and enveloped it within.

*rumble rumble rumble* For an instant, even the earth trembled. Countless golden runes surrounded the Holy Medicine of Dragon and Phoenix and swirled around, pulling it from the ground.

In a situation like that, the medicine itself wanted to resist, but it was useless as Chu Feng’s Spirit Formation was too powerful. No matter how unwilling it was, it could only be slowly removed from the soil. As it was enveloped by the golden Spirit Formation, it landed into Chu Feng’s hands.

“Haha, I’ve finally gotten it!” With the Holy Medicine of Dragon and Phoenix in hand, Chu Feng carefully put it away because it was really too precious to him.

Just in case, Chu Feng picked several more ripened Holy Medicine of Dragon and Phoenix, and only then was his heart at ease.

*whoosh* After harvesting them, Chu Feng did not continue blindly reaping these precious medicines, and instead, rose into the air and looked down from above. With the Heaven’s Eyes, he gazed downward, carefully searching for the most precious medicines within that vast sea of medicine.

Chu Feng knew the ones to enter the Burning Heaven Church would definitely not be him alone. The Third Immortal would arrive sooner or later.

Even though the space in the Burning Heaven Church was very big, regardless of its size there would always exist an end. He didn’t know when the Third Immortal would enter.

He did not have that much time to reap all the medicines here. He was short on time, so Chu Feng could only choose the most excellent ones and harvest them as such.

“This is truly not simple at all! What sort of spiritual power is in this soil? It actually bred so many medicinal plants that have an abundant of power! It seems that this journey has been quite worth it.”

Suddenly, Chu Feng’s eyes lit up. Then, he leapt forward and flew towards one of the medicinal plants.

That plant was very ordinary. It wasn’t just dim, its appearance was very simple as well. Judging by its external appearance, it was simply an ordinary weed.

But, before Chu Feng’s Heaven’s Eyes, its actual shape had been revealed. This plant was very powerful. It contained extremely strong medicinal power, and to say it was the king of medicines in this vast sea of medicine was quite appropriate.

*whoosh* As expected, before Chu Feng even went close to it, the medicine flashed with light and actually pulled itself from the ground. Then, with its two tiny legs, it started madly running on the ground. It was also very quick, and even Chu Feng was shocked.

“Haha, it has intelligence, and it has the ability to move! It is indeed the king of this place!” Chu Feng was elated when he saw that. He made a grab, and with the boundless envelopment of his pressure, he wanted to suppress the Medicine King.

But it was useless as the Medicine King was too powerful. It emitted a green-coloured light from the inside, and as it was surrounded by such a light, it ignored Chu Feng’s power and continued running.

Just as it arrived at the end of the sea of medicine, with a poof, it burrowed into the ground.

“Hmph. Where are you running off to?” Such a good medicine was a treasure. How could Chu Feng allow it to escape so easily? He leapt forth, and followed it, burrowing into the ground as well.

“Crap!” However, though he didn’t expect anything when he burrowed in, Chu Feng’s complexion changed once again. From his initial ecstatic face, it became completely pale. He even broke out in a cold sweat.

At that instant, Chu Feng was able to clearly feel an extremely horrifying killing intent emanating from deep underground.

Within the soil of the vast sea of medicine, there was something strange!