Chapter 838 - Emperor of Massacre

MGA: Chapter 838 - Emperor of Massacre

He thought of such a question because the Misty Peak came from the ancient times, and Lady Piaomiao, because of the special power on the Misty Peak, survived for nearly a thousand years. It was something that defied common sense, and even though she was a Martial King, she still didn’t have the strength to live so long. The only reason she could was by relying on the special power of the Misty Peak.

That was also clear proof of something: besides raising one’s cultivation to achieve longevity, one could also rely on external power.

And if, with Lady Piaomiao’s cultivation, she could live so long by relying on the power of the Misty Peak, why could the peak experts from ancient times not have survived until now?

“Heh, whether they’ve survived I don’t know, but I do know if there’s someone who has survived since that era, they will definitely be an extremely horrifying person. It would be fine if they don’t show themselves, but if they do, then it would stir up quite a commotion.” Eggy lightly smiled. There was actually yearning on her beautiful little face.

Then, she said, “Continue checking. I have a feeling that there’s something extremely powerful left behind here.”

“Mm.” Chu Feng also thought similarly. Without hesitation, he leapt up and continued flying over the vast sea of bones.

As he did so, Chu Feng found several more skeletons of Martial Emperors, and all of them had died by a single strike. Such a scene made the shock in Chu Feng’s heart reach an extreme level.

In his mind’s eye, he could see the overwhelming power of the experts represented by vast sea of bones. When they allied together, they manifested destructive might to fight against a single enemy, yet were slaughtered by that very same person’s might, which resulted in them becoming that very scene.

“What is that?” As he flew above the bones, Chu Feng noticed a black palace at the very end.

Indeed, a black-coloured palace. It was entirely pitch-black, akin to ink, and it was like an enormous sharp sword imbedded into the earth. It was very grand, and at the same time, gave others a majestic feeling—one that prevented any from desecrating such a place.

“Haha, finally, it’s the end! Chu Feng, look! This is the end of the Asura Ghost Tower! If there is anything good in this place, it’s definitely in this palace!” Eggy shouted excitedly.

“Indeed, we’ve reached the end.” Chu Feng first gazed with alert, then discovered there was an invisible Spirit Formation blocking his path behind the palace. As such, he knew this was the end of the Asura Ghost Tower, and also the most important section.

Chu Feng had cast his Spirit Formation outward but was unable to detect anything. The black-coloured palace appeared as if it could block anything and everything. If he wanted to know what was within, he could only enter himself.

After landing onto the ground, Chu Feng found the palace was truly quite huge. In front of it there was a wide path, and on the path there were square, crystalline black stones. On the sides of the path, there were several statues of soldiers holding large swords.

They wore the same armour, and held the same weapon, but they all looked different. They were very overbearing and were dozens of meters in height. They were like guardians as they stood in rank and order by the sides of the path, protecting the glory of the palace’s master.

As he continued on the path, he felt an even stronger feeling of the palace’s majesty. Despite being completely black, it was not made out of the same materials. The palace was not all that big, but it gave people a feeling of immensity.

Finally, as he walked along the path, he reached the end, arriving in front of the palace’s door. That huge door was at least thirty meters tall, and in the middle there was a special symbol. Chu Feng was unable to determine what it was, but it could be described with a single word: overwhelming.

On the two sides of the door, and above the door, there were several big words written—they were a couplet.

Upper part of couplet on the right: “What are the truths in the journey of cultivation? Only I alone devote myself in killing monsters.”

Lower part on the left: “In the world under heaven, who is the ruler? I slaughter my way to bring order to the universe.”

Above: “Emperor of Massacre”

“Emperor of Massacre? Is that the master of this place?”

When he saw that, Chu Feng’s eyes lit up. He could tell, from the font of the couplet, that the person who wrote it was most definitely an expert. Within the strokes, there was clear arrogance and domineeringness. One could see that when he wrote those words, he must have stirred up quite a scene. Most likely, these words were written by the creator of the Asura Ghost Tower.

“Heh, Chu Feng, quickly go in! There’s definitely treasure inside, but after entering, be careful. Unless the master of this place is oddly generous, he will not let you take his things for no reason at all,” Eggy reminded with both nervousness and excitement.

“Mm.” Chu Feng nodded, then went up and pushed the huge door. After some rumbling, the space between the doors gradually increased, then the door was completely opened.

After pushing open the door, what appeared before Chu Feng’s eyes was a very vast palace. It was enormous, and the decorations and style inside were very exquisite. However, it was the same as the outside—everything was black.

When he walked within the palace, Chu Feng had a feeling of tininess. Although there weren’t treasures within the palace, it seemed that in the perspective of the master, for visitors to walk within the palace was an honour in itself.

But regardless of the palace’s size, there would always be an end. After walking for just a short while, there was an odd light emitted in front of them—it was a forging furnace. Moreover, in front of the forging furnace, there was a sign.

Judging by its font, it was the same as the couplet at the door so it was likely written by the master of this place. As for the content of the sign, it was:



“Spirit Power Forging Furnace? What is this?” Chu Feng asked in confusion.

Eggy was also looking at it carefully. After a good while, she said, “I’m not too sure either, but it should be some sort of formation for training one’s Spirit power. It’s likely it was created by the master of this place, but I don’t know if it is good luck or bad luck. Is it a trap, or is it a rare opportunity? How about you use your Spirit power to examine it?”

But Chu Feng shook his head after hearing Eggy’s words, and said, “It doesn’t work. In front of this furnace, there’s a Spirit Formation. I can’t determine what exactly this furnace is.

“However, there’s a trick to this Spirit Formation. Even though it is invisible, it’s not just a simple obstruction. And since the master of this place is so powerful, if he truly wanted to harm someone, he could have just set up a trap.

“With his strength, he could kill countless people with just a simple one. It would be of no trouble for him to make an inescapable slaughtering formation. There’s no need for him to spend so much effort to create this Asura Ghost Tower, requiring only those with experience to enter this place.

“So, I feel that this is an opportunity. An extremely rare opportunity,” Chu Feng said firmly.