Chapter 837 - Remains of a Martial Emperor

MGA: Chapter 837 - Remains of a Martial Emperor


However, when Chu Feng flew over another vast mountain range and arrived at an endless grassland, he was completely astonished.

What appeared before his eyes was not a simple grassland—there were white bones densely covering its surface, forming an endless ocean of bones both grand and horrifying.

Moreover, within the vast skeletons, there were not only enormous Monstrous Beast remains, there were also remains of humans. There was truly too many; it was simply incalculable with numbers.

In addition, no matter if it was the humans’, or the Monstrous Beasts’, they were all well-known and powerful characters. Not a single one of them was subpar.

“This is truly terrifying. So many peak experts, and even so many peak Martial Kings, were all killed by pressure alone. What sort of existence was the one that killed them? Could it have been a Martial Emperor?” At that moment, even Chu Feng couldn’t help inhaling deeply, unable to remain calm.

Of the multitudinous remains, there was nearly no one who was weak. It was likely any one of them, if released to the Eastern Sea Region, could become an overlord.

However, such powerful existences had all become bones. Moreover, they were forcibly killed by someone’s pressure. It meant that the person who killed them was very powerful and very horrifying.

“Haha, interesting! This is getting more and more interesting…” But in contrast with the shock Chu Feng felt, Eggy on the other hand became more and more excited. She yelled out loudly, “Chu Feng, look! Look at the skeleton between those two Monstrous Beasts!”

“Which one?” Chu Feng asked.

“The translucent human skeleton over there that’s letting off a bit of light! Do you see it? When that person was alive, he was a truly a cultivation expert!”

Following Eggy’s words and looking over, Chu Feng too couldn’t help gasping deeply. There was indeed a very special skeleton. It was a human’s, and it was a very special one: white as a jade, containing divine might, and it was even emitting faint radiance. Not only did it look like a treasure on the surface, there was even a feeling of indestructibility. Not to mention Chu Feng, even Martial Kings would find it difficult to damage the bones in the slightest. It was the remains of a Martial Emperor!

“Heavens! It’s a Martial Emperor! A Martial Emperor was killed!” Chu Feng could not remain collected any longer. His face was filled with astonishment as he leapt forward, rushed down from the sky, and wanted to get closer to the Martial Emperor’s remains to investigate it.



However, before he even touched it, a powerful burst of might spread out from the remains. It forced Chu Feng back into the air, and he only stopped after flying for dozens of miles.

When he landed on the ground, he felt that the bones throughout his body were nearly shattered. His blood was boiling, and he almost coughed up blood. Luckily, he wasn’t seriously injured, but he still received some wounds.

After wiping away the traces of blood at the corners of his mouth, Chu Feng’s complexion was quite unsightly. He said, “Eggy, even though the aura just now was very weak, it seemed to be an Imperial Might. Imperial Might only Martial Emperors possess.”

“It is.” Eggy nodded.

“But it’s clearly only a skeleton, and even its Source Energy was cleanly absorbed! How is it possible for an Imperial Might to remain?” Chu Feng felt confused. The typical Source Energy wasn’t there, so the skeleton should be normal. Yet, the one just now was clearly different.

“Idiot, a Martial Emperor is, after all, a Martial Emperor! It is a true powerful person, an existence that can call upon the winds and rains, and can move mountains and fill oceans. Even after death, their might remains. This remnant energy will never be extinguished, and with the strength you currently possess, you shouldn’t even think of approaching it,” Eggy explained.

“Powerful.” After hearing Eggy’s words, Chu Feng felt even more amazed. He wasn’t amazed at the power of the Martial Emperor, but at the killer which murdered the Martial Emperor.

Even though he was unable to get too close up before being forced away by the Imperial Might, he still noticed a fatal injury on the Martial Emperor’s skeleton.

That injury was very fiercely made, and the Martial Emperor was precisely killed by that single strike. Other than that strike, there were no other wounds on the skeleton of the Martial Emperor. That meant the unimaginably powerful Martial Emperor was killed by a person’s single attack. That was quite unbelievable.

“Hehe, this is truly interesting. I didn’t think there would be such a person in the continent of the Nine Provinces.” Eggy started getting excited.

“Eggy, do you mean that everyone here was killed by the creator of this Asura Ghost Tower?” Chu Feng knew what Eggy meant from her words.

“It’s most likely that. Otherwise, why would he seal these useless skeletons in the ghost tower?” Eggy said.

“That’s true.” Chu Feng nodded, expressing agreement.

“Heh, this is truly too interesting. Even I must admit the creator of this Asura Ghost Tower is a bit impressive,” Eggy said with a smile. She was oddly happy after seeing so many skeletons of powerful animals and people.

“Yeah! To be able to kill a Martial Emperor in a single strike… What sort of power is that?” Chu Feng could also imagine how powerful that person was.

“But sadly, judging by the changes that have occurred to these skeletons, they have likely already died for several tens of thousands of years. It’s been too long ago… They are also likely from the Ancient Era. The existences from that era have nearly been all extinct. So, I’m guessing you won’t have a chance to see the powerful figure of the master of this Asura Ghost Tower,” Eggy said with a bit of pity.

“They’ve all died, huh?” Chu Feng’s complexion changed slightly, then he quickly asked, “The matters from the Ancient Era are like puzzles. Even though many legends have been passed throughout the ages, it’s impossible to determine which are true and which are false. Eggy, you seem to know about these ancient things?”

“How could I know? I’ve just heard a few things, that’s all. They say this world’s Ancient Era was the era where experts came forth, an era where there was an endless stream of people with unique abilities and geniuses.

“However, that has already become the past. Right now, the people of that era have nearly all died. The matters regarding that era also, along with the people, slowly disappeared.” Eggy shook her head. One could tell even the proud queen felt a bit of sorrow since she missed such a prosperous era.

“Then is there a possibility that the people from the Ancient Era survived with special methods, and are just unwilling to show themselves?”

When the Ancient Era was mentioned, Chu Feng couldn’t help but recall the huge face that covered the sky within the Martial Marking Immortal Realm on the Misty Peak, the mysterious and powerful existence, and also the powerful creatures he had never seen before. Chu Feng faintly felt they were not creatures belonging to their era.