Chapter 835 - Reentering the Ghost Tower

MGA: Chapter 835 - Reentering the Ghost Tower

“Seniors, let’s cut this short. Due to some circumstances, right now, a force in the Eastern Sea Region wants to destroy our continent of the Nine Provinces. This force is also something I am no match for currently.

“So, right now, we cannot remain in the continent of the Nine Provinces because I cannot guarantee if there’ll be others that come here after the Gao Dynasty. For safety’s sake, all of you need to temporarily move to another place and stay hidden.

“After moving, I hope everyone in the continent of the Nine Provinces will not care about our difference and unite together, because right now, we are a family.

“Lord Founder, I’ll hand these resources over to you. Although there isn’t a lot, with these, it will still provide a raise in strength for all of you.” As Chu Feng spoke, he gave the resources taken from the Gao Dynasty to the Azure Dragon Founder.

After roughly examining the resources, even the Azure Dragon Founder’s expression changed greatly. He was frightened by the abundant amount, then couldn’t help sighing deeply, and said to Chu Feng with a smile, “Oh Chu Feng, don’t call me ‘founder’ anymore. Right now, I am inferior to you. If others hear an expert like you call me founder, I’m afraid I’ll be laughed at!” As he spoke, the Azure Dragon Founder’s face was full of embarrassment.

It was not only he who had such an expression. Zhuge Liuyun[1], Li Zhangqing, and many others felt ashamed. Although seniority-wise, they were far above Chu Feng, strength-wise, the difference between them and Chu Feng was like the difference between heaven and earth.

“Lord Founder, what are you saying? As they say, ‘Master for one day, father for a lifetime’. Besides, you’re the founder!

“No matter when, I, Chu Feng, will not forget I am a disciple of the Azure Dragon School. No matter when, I will not forget I have a master in the Azure Dragon School called Zhuge Liuyun, and I have a founder called the Azure Dragon Founder[2],” Chu Feng said seriously. These were words that came from his heart. No matter what time it was, he would never forget Zhuge Liuyun was master and the Azure Dragon Founder was his founder.

He didn’t respect these two alone though. For many of the seniors there, Chu Feng would respect them for his entire life. No matter how powerful he became, his attitude on that would never change.

People could not forget their roots. They could not forget the people who had helped them when they had nothing, when they were so weak they couldn’t even defeat anyone.

After hearing Chu Feng’s words, the Azure Dragon Founder didn’t say anything more. However, the relieved smile on his face had clearly expressed the emotions he currently felt.

Afterwards, Chu Feng let the clans from the other dynasties leave first. They, who had nearly died, knew the danger of the continent of the Nine Provinces. There was no need for him to drive them out as they hurriedly left on their own.

But even though they had safely left, they would never forget it was a young man called Chu Feng who saved them.

After urging the outsiders away, Chu Feng instructed all of the experts from the Crippling Night Demon Sect to move everyone closely related to himself using the ten extremely quick warships. As for the location, Chu Feng had already chosen it. It was still in the eastern continents, but it was absolutely safe.

That relocation was a huge project. However, since the ten warships were extremely quick, despite the large number of people, it was completed shortly after a month.

At present, everyone in the continent of the Nine Provinces closely related to Chu Feng, even the large powers closely related to him, were all swiftly moved out of their homeland.

As they were being relocated, in accordance to Chu Feng’s instructions, the Jiang Dynasty made an announcement to the world. They said there were some resources in the continent of the Nine Provinces that attracted the attention of outside powers, and that before long, said powers might lead an army to attack. They urged everyone to quickly leave in order to avoid any unnecessary involvements.

Moreover, when they announced such a thing, the Jiang Dynasty sent varying degrees of financial assistance to various powers and even commoners. Not only would it be sufficient to compensate for the losses in the relocation, it freely gifted them quite some wealth.

As for the forces willing to help people quickly move out of the Nine Provinces, they would be able to receive even more bountiful rewards.

Of course, such a sum was naturally not one the Jiang Dynasty could provide. All of it was provided by Chu Feng. After all, at present, the wealth he possessed was something the Jiang Dynasty could not even compare to.

In a situation like that, the higher echelons such as peak forces and the lower echelons such as commoners all started the relocation. Other than a small portion of people who were unwilling, most of them chose to leave.

In the near future, the continent of the Nine Provinces would become a desolate area where one would be troubled to find traces of humans.

After basically finishing the relocation, Chu Feng came to the territory of the World Spirit Guild because there was a place Chu Feng wanted to challenge before leaving: the mysterious Asura Ghost Tower.

At that moment, nearly all of the World Spirit Guild members had left. Only a small potion chose to stay behind to guard this land. Putting aside the fact that no one could stop Chu Feng with his current strength, no one would stop Chu Feng because of the relationship he had with the World Spirit Guild.

As such, he entered the Asura Ghost Tower with no troubles and came to the seventh floor; the Monstrous Monkey King was imprisoned on this floor.

“The Spirit Formation here is truly quite cleverly made. No wonder my monkey brother was locked in here for so long.”

At that moment, Chu Feng spread out his Spirit power and used his Heaven’s Eyes to observe his surroundings. With the Spirit Formation techniques he currently grasped, he easily deactivated the Spirit Formation that had imprisoned the Monstrous Monkey King. Moreover, he continued walking farther in.

However, the deeper he went, the more complex the Spirit Formation traps became. If he didn’t have the Heaven’s Eyes, Chu Feng simply wouldn’t have been able to locate the method of deactivation with his Spirit power alone. He would possibly not have even discovered these traps.

In a situation like that, the pressure Chu Feng felt became heavier and heavier. He didn’t dare to possess even a single trace of carelessness, and he had to admit: the master of the Asura Ghost Tower was indeed not a simple person at all.

However, due to such exquisite Spirit Formation traps, Chu Feng realized more and more that if there were truly a treasure sealed in this place, it would definitely not be any simple treasure.

“Eggy, what is with this Asura Ghost Tower? On the surface, it clearly only looks like a tower, but why has it become so large after I enter?” Chu Feng asked as he carefully ventured forth. He discovered that the seventh floor of the Asura Ghost Tower was really quite large. It was over dozens of times the size of the sum of the six floors below.

“Heh, this Asura Ghost Tower itself is a formation. When you entered the seventh floor, you’ve entered the true formation.

“As for how big it is, that’s an unknown. If it was created by an outstanding World Spiritist, then it’s not impossible for this formation to open up an entire, standalone world,” Eggy explained.

“It’s that powerful? When can you teach me how to create this Asura Ghost Tower then?” Chu Feng, who made a contract with an Asura World Spirit, felt an increasing interest in the Asura Ghost Tower.

“You? There’s still a long ways away.”

Eggy curled her lips, indicating that the Asura Ghost Tower wasn’t something that could be easily created. After all, opening a whole new space and letting it remain for over ten thousand years demanded an extremely powerful Spirit Formation technique. Chu Feng, at present, still lacked that ability.

“Heh…” Chu Feng was not upset when he heard Eggy’s words, and instead, chuckled. He looked forward, and said, “Then, what do you think about this? Behind this Spirit Formation Gate, is it a new world, or is it a trap?”