Chapter 826 - Someone Is Waiting for You

MGA: Chapter 826 - Someone Is Waiting for You

Chu Feng knew things were going horribly. Thus, to an even greater degree, he could not ignore Su Rou and the others. In the end, he changed his appearance and went inside the territory of the Four Seas Academy.

However, Chu Feng felt odd after entering, because he actually couldn’t even see a single wanted poster of himself. Furthermore, as he continued walking, he did not see anyone within the Four Seas Academy.

When he arrived at the entrance, only then did Chu Feng discover that it was actually sealed. No one could visit, and none of the disciples from the Four Seas Academy were permitted to step outside.

“What’s going on? Did the Immortal Execution Archipelago already ally with the Four Seas Academy?” When he saw such a situation, Chu Feng became increasingly worried. The Immortal Execution Archipelago had sent an alliance invitation to nearly all of the powerful forces in the entire Eastern Sea Region. Due to the Four Seas Academy’s strength and position, they were naturally included as well.

“My friend, Chu Feng, I’ve been waiting quite a while here!” Just as Chu Feng felt worry, a familiar voice suddenly rang through his ear—it was Taikou.

Chu Feng couldn’t help but feel joy in his heart. He quickly looked around, and as he expected, in the south-east direction, he found traces of Taikou. The single-legged old man was currently heading over as he rode the wind.

“Senor Taikou, you can still recognize me even though I’ve turned like this?” Chu Feng felt quite shocked because he had transformed his face. Yet, Taikou still called out his name; he had clearly seen through his disguise, the Transformational Mask.

“Hoh, with your little toy, perhaps you can trick others, but it cannot deceive my eyes,” Taikou said with a smile. On his aged face, a bit of pride appeared.

Chu Feng couldn’t help being surprised when he heard those words. Even though he already knew Taikou’s strength was unfathomable, after seeing him today, he appeared even more powerful. Chu Feng was nearly certain the old man possessed a minimal cultivation of a Martial King.

He didn’t pressure Chu Feng in any way, and even gave off a very benevolent feeling. However, after his experience with many powerful experts, when Chu Feng examined Taikou once again today, he faintly felt that Taikou’s strength was above people like Qiushui Fuyan and the Earth King, these rank one Martial Kings.

“Senior Taikou, you know about my circumstances?” Chu Feng asked.

“Do you mean you being Wuqing, or what you did in the Depraved Ravine and the Zi family?” Taikou said with a smile. There were even some hints of teasing within his words.

Chu Feng scratched his head and embarrassedly smiled. Without asking, he already knew Taikou knew everything. So, Chu Feng just asked directly, “Senior Taikou, are my friends well?”

“Don’t worry, they should be fine because they’ve already left the Eastern Sea Region before news of you spread,” Taikou said.

“They left the Eastern Sea Region? Where did they go?” Chu Feng asked.

“When they left, they even came and looked for me. I heard they said that the desolate and vast lands at the eastern side are divided into several continents, and that many of those continents are ruled by fallen dynasties.

“These dynasties don’t have sufficient strength to establish themselves in the Eastern Sea Region, so they call themselves kings at such bleak places. Since they have plenty of time, they even hold an Assembly of a Thousand Clans every year, and this year’s assembly has been set up at your homeland, the continent of the Nine Provinces. All of them have returned to support Jiang Wushang,” Taikou said.

“How long have they left for?” Chu Feng asked.

“They set off just a few days after you left,” Taikou replied.

“It means they should have arrived at the continent of the Nine Provinces by now. They should be fine.” Chu Feng’s tense heart was relaxed when he heard that.

“Don’t worry. Even if they didn’t leave the Eastern Sea Region, for a while, there’d still be no one who could harm them with me here,” Taikou said very confidently.

The gratefulness Chu Feng felt in his heart unavoidably increased by a bit more when he heard Taikou’s words. He and the Immortal Execution Archipelago were in eternal conflict—this was something the entire world knew.

Yet, despite these circumstances, Taikou still said those words. That meant he was clearly announcing which side he stood on. The old man who met Chu Feng by no more than mere coincidence prepared to support him to the end.

“Senior, why is the Four Seas Academy sealed off?” Chu Feng asked curiously as he felt gratitude.

“It’s a decision we made after I discussed it with the academy head,” Taikou said with a smile.

“What exactly is the reason? Could you possibly tell me?” Chu Feng quickly asked again.

“Of course I can, because the sealing off of the Four Seas Academy is related to you.” Taikou laughed, then said, “Before drawings of you even spread throughout the Eastern Sea Region, I had anticipated this day.

“I was afraid your relationship with the Four Seas Academy would spread too fast, which would harm your friends, so after a discussion with the academy head, we sealed off the Four Seas Academy. Then, we looked through all the disciples that had seen you and removed these potential troubles.”

“Senior Taikou you… you actually did all this entirely for the sake of my safety… I truly cannot repay this favour.” No matter what, Chu Feng never would have thought the Four Seas Academy was sealed off because of him.

“Ah, no need to thank me. I can seal information coming from the Four Seas Academy, but I cannot seal information outside the Four Seas Academy. As they say, ‘There are no air-tight walls.’ There are some things that cannot be hidden forever.

“However, this at least gives you some time. Return to the continent of the Nine Province and go find Jiang Wushang and the others. Tell them not to return to the Four Seas Academy, and not to return to the Eastern Sea Region,” Taikou said.

“Senior Taikou, if we just leave like this, will it bring trouble to your Four Seas Academy?” Chu Feng said worriedly.

“It won’t. If there’s truly someone who says you came to the Four Seas Academy, we can just deny it. They don’t have proof anyway, and that Immortal Execution Archipelago is free to come search. After all, none of you are even here. What can they do the Four Seas Academy if they can’t even find anyone?

“Besides, we aren’t any pushovers. Since they’ve already made enemies with the Crippling Night Demon Sect, they definitely don’t want to make any more. From what I see, they still don’t have the guts to stir up trouble in the Four Seas Academy.

“It’s like how they know Lady Piaomiao will protect you, but they still won’t dare to do anything at the Misty Peak. Although the Four Seas Academy is not as powerful as the Misty Peak, we do possess some strength.” Taikou appeared very calm. One could tell he truly did not fear the Immortal Execution Archipelago looking for trouble. The reason he did all this was only because he feared Chu Feng would meet trouble.

“Senior, I eternally owe you this great favour, but I will definitely not leave it be. In the future, I will definitely repay the grace you have shown me.”

At that instant, Chu Feng couldn’t help bowing to Taikou again. The gratitude he felt towards him truly came from the bottom of his heart because Taikou again and again helped him without asking for anything in return. That favour was truly too heavy.

“Okay, okay. The reason I helped you is because I have a good impression of you. I have no other aims, so don’t make it seem like I’m helping you because I want something from you.” Taikou smiled as he propped Chu Feng up. Then, he cast his gaze into the distant horizon and said, “Go, there is someone waiting for you.”

Chu Feng turned his head around to look, but at that instant, he couldn’t help being taken aback.

Behind him, other than vast white clouds, there was clearly no one there.