Chapter 825 - The Price of Kindness

MGA: Chapter 825 - The Price of Kindness

“Chu Feng pays his respects to Senior Qiushui, Senior Piaomiao.” Although he was not afraid of them, the necessary etiquette was still necessary.

“Seniors, Junior Zi Ling pays her respects.” The amiable Zi Ling also sweetly smiled, and bowed to them along with Chu Feng.

“Chu Feng, you’ve truly got good fortune to have such a beautiful fiancée! From what I see, her title of being one of the three great beauties of the Eastern Sea Region should be changed.

“How is this Zi Ling even one of the three great beauties? She is totally the greatest beauty in the Eastern Sea Region! In terms of appearances, Ya Fei and Qiu Zhu are both inferior.”

Qiushui Fuyan walked up to Zi Ling and looked at her with a smile. Her eyes were full of admiration, and even though there was still a veil covering her face, Chu Feng could still tell that her mood seemed to be quite good.

“Since you possess a Divine Body, you should have outstanding aptitude. Judging by your age, you shouldn’t be that much younger than Chu Feng. Why is your cultivation so ordinary though? You’re only in the first level of the Heaven realm.” However, in comparison to Qiushui Fuyan, what Lady Piaomiao was more concerned with was Zi Ling’s cultivation.

“I…” Zi Ling found the words difficult to form. She didn’t know where to start, so she cast her begging gaze at Chu Feng.

“Senior Piaomiao, Zi Ling should indeed have an exceptional aptitude. If everything was normal, it would be completely reasonable for her to surpass Murong Xun right now.

“However, the reason why her cultivation became this ordinary is because when she was born, she was forced to eat the Heaven Gripping Pellet.” Chu Feng spoke in place for Zi Ling.

“The Heaven Gripping Pellet?!” Lady Piaomiao’s expression couldn’t help changing slightly when she heard that.

“Heaven Gripping Pellet? What’s that?” Qiushui Fuyan clearly didn’t know what that was as she asked Lady Piaomiao.

“The Heaven Gripping Pellet was originally a medicine from the Ancient Era. The rumours say it’s a poison that can seal the power of a Divine Body or a possessor of a special bloodline. Because it strangles the talent—something granted by the heavens—of a genius, it’s called the Heaven Gripping Pellet.” Lady Piaomiao’s knowledge was quite extraordinary; she indeed knew the origin of the Heaven Gripping Pellet.

“There’s actually a poison like that? This Immortal Execution Archipelago truly is despicable. They must have feared Zi Ling’s potential rise in power, which would threaten their position, so that’s why they did this,” Qiushui Fuyan said very furiously.

“It’s not that simple. From what I know, the Heaven Gripping Pellet not only has the effect of sealing talent, it can even transfer that talent to others,” Lady Piaomiao said.

“Transferring it to other? How so?!” Qiushui Fuyan was confused.

“Let’s take Zi Ling as an example. When she was born, she was fed the Heaven Gripping Pellet. From that instant, the divine power that should have allowed her to become superior to all was sealed. And, along her growth, the seal on the divine power became more and more thorough. If this continues, she will only become more and more ordinary.

“And, when she reaches twenty years of age, the sealed divine power in her body will reach its peak. At that time, if she were to do the thing between a man and a woman, the sealed power would be transferred onto that man’s body, and Zi Ling would become a cripple who cannot cultivate. As for the other person, because he was able to obtain Zi Ling’s power, he would transform into a dragon,” Lady Piaomiao explained.

“Dammit! This Immortal Execution Archipelago truly deserves to die. They not only took away talent that should have belonged to Zi Ling, they even want to take it for themselves! No wonder they didn’t kill Zi Ling directly, and instead arranged a marriage for Zi Ling and Murong Xun. They are truly despicable.”

After knowing the truth, Qiushui Fuyan was even more furious. But then, after some thinking, there was something she felt confused about. She asked, “Then, before Zi Ling is twenty, if the person does the thing between a man and a woman with her, what would happen?”

“Twenty years is the limit of the Heaven Gripping Pellet. It is when the sealed power reaches the apex. The ripest time to take away the sealed power is only then. Before twenty years, if that thing were done, then the person wouldn’t just be unable to obtain power, he would instead die by the backlash.

“So, that’s why Murong Xun doesn’t dare to touch Zi Ling before the age of twenty, and set the arranged battle on the day Zi Ling becomes twenty,” Lady Piaomiao continued explaining.

“Lady Piaomiao, then what about after twenty?” Chu Feng asked with concern.

“After twenty, due to the oppression of the Heaven Gripping Pellet, the person with the sealed power will become weaker and weaker. Cultivating also becomes more and more difficult, where, in the end, the person becomes completely ordinary until they die,” Lady Piaomiao replied.

“The Immortal Execution Archipelago should truly die!” The fury in Chu Feng’s heart was akin to an erupted volcano. It sprayed out and burst everywhere, surging throughout all parts of his body. If he could, Chu Feng would slaughter a path right up to the Immortal Execution Archipelago, and make them pay the price for their evil actions.

But then, after a thought, Chu Feng asked again, “Senior Piaomiao, is there a way to remove the effects of this Heaven Gripping Pellet?”

“This Heaven Gripping Pellet comes from the Ancient Era. If you hadn’t said that Zi Ling was forced to take this Heaven Gripping Pellet, and that her situation is indeed extremely similar to the symptoms of the pellet, I truly wouldn’t dare to believe this pellet, lost for so long, had reappeared in this world.

“However, for everything in this world, there is always an opposite. It’s not like there isn’t a method of removing the effects of this Heaven Gripping Pellet,” Lady Piaomiao said.

“Truly? Senior Piaomiao, can you help Zi Ling remove them then?” Chu Feng was elated when he heard those words.

“I don’t dare to guarantee it will succeed, but I can give it a try. However, this is not such a simple task. I need to find information and carefully study the compositions of this Heaven Gripping Pellet, then attempt to remove its effects. This requires a very long period of time because I don’t even know how a Heaven Gripping Pellet is made right now.

“But, don’t worry. I will do my best, so just hand Zi Ling over to me and don’t worry. I can guarantee her safety here,” said Lady Piaomiao.

“Then sorry for the trouble, Senior Piaomiao.” There was no need to mention what Chu Feng felt when he heard Lady Piaomiao’s agreement. It was simply like seeing a strand of light within endless darkness. Lady Piaomiao was truly a person who helped him greatly.

Afterwards, she specially arranged a place for Zi Ling to rest. Originally, Chu Feng wanted to accompany Zi Ling for a bit more, but due to the tone the Earth King had when sending him the message, there seemed to be something urgent. So, Chu Feng didn’t stay there for long and on that day, he left the Misty Peak and went forth to the Four Seas Academy.

However, before he even arrived at the Four Seas Academy, Chu Feng panicked because on the road, he discovered with astonishment that drawings of his face had already been posted at every major location. There was indeed someone who, by the incitement of rewards, sold Chu Feng’s appearance to the Immortal Execution Archipelago.

“Dammit! If I knew this would happen, I should have killed everyone inside and outside the Zi family.”

When he saw drawings of himself, Chu Feng was truly furious because within the Four Seas Academy, there was really quite a few people who had seen what he looked like. At this moment, his drawing had already been pasted here. It was likely that within the Four Seas Academy, everyone already knew Chu Feng’s very actions, and So Rou, Su Mei, and the others were likely in danger.

And this… this was the price of kindness!