Chapter 794 - Revenge

MGA: Chapter 794 - Revenge

“You! You dare?!” Even Ya Fei’s soul was terrified out by Chu Feng’s action. She quickly turned her head away and didn’t dare to continue looking straight. She already subconsciously knew what Chu Feng would do.

Although she was still unyielding on the surface, when she thought of the following plan, Ya Fei’s complexion started to turn pale and her body started to tremble.

“I don’t dare? I’ll show you whether I dare or not.” Seeing Ya Fei’s timid appearance and her fearful gaze, Chu Feng felt greatly satisfied. He wanted this effect. He wanted Ya Fei to be afraid. Only like this was it a punishment to Ya Fei.

*whoosh* Suddenly, Chu Feng waved his big sleeve and tore Ya Fei’s final article of clothing into pieces.

“Ahh! Wuqing, you bastard!” Feeling the remaining piece of clothing ripped to shreds, Ya Fei immediately let out a shriek. As if mad, she flailed her hands around and clawed at Chu Feng with everything she had. She appeared she wanted to put everything on the line against Chu Feng and beat him to death.

However, she, whose power was sealed, was extremely weak. Let alone pushing Chu Feng away from her body, she could not harm Chu Feng in the slightest. There was simply no difference between every single one of her fists and cotton balls as they landed on Chu Feng’s body.

“To be honest, you are truly a thing of beauty. Rather than letting Murong Xun enjoy you, why not let me?” Chu Feng simply ignored Ya Fei’s beating. Instead, the smile on his face became wider and wider. He wanted Ya Fei to be angry. She could be as angry as she wanted to, but other than that, she could do nothing. She could only let Chu Feng do whatever he wished.

“Wuqing, stop! Otherwise, I will have my brother tear your corpse into pieces!”

Finally, Murong Wan came to her senses. When she saw there was nothing on Ya Fei’s body, and that Chu Feng was currently pressing himself on Ya Fei, Murong Wan was furious.

Even though she didn’t like Ya Fei at all, she was still her yet-to-be-married sister-in-law. She knew very well that Ya Fei was pure. If, before marriage, she were tainted by someone else, then her brother would definitely go mad upon learning of it. It would be an uncleansable shame to her Murong family.

“Quiet! I’ll come take care of you in a bit.” Chu Feng glared at Murong Wan fiercely, and even intentionally swept his gaze over her body, then made a wicked smile.

“You…” Murong Wan’s expression instantly changed when she saw that. She subconsciously felt an unpleasant feeling and didn’t dare to say anything more. She put her arms in front of her chest and turned around, truly afraid Chu Feng would extend his evil hands towards her.

“Wuqing, even if I become a ghost, I will not forgive you!” Ya Fei could not bear such disgrace. After furiously spitting those words out, she prepared to commit suicide.

*hmm* However, Chu Feng seemed to have already expected such a situation. He waved his big sleeve and a peculiar sort of energy entered her body, preventing her from all self-harm actions.

“Wuqing, you bastard!” Ya Fei was livid; she couldn’t even die when she wanted to.

“Contemptible? That comes later,” Chu Feng sneered, then like a tiger leaping towards its prey, he pushed Ya Fei down.

“No—” Ya Fei hysterically shouted. Her mind was about to collapse when she saw something horrible was about to happen.

“What? Afraid? Then beg. Beg, and perhaps I’ll consider letting you go,” said Chu Feng with an evil smile.

“Wuqing, I beg you, forgive me! Don’t do this!” Ya Fei no longer had her former arrogance at that moment, and her face was full of sparkling tears. She was akin to a little girl who was weak even to the wind, and had truly begged for forgiveness.

“What, you think that will do? Have you forgotten what you did to me before? There was no enmity between us, yet you again and again aimed to kill me. Now, you shamelessly want my forgiveness? If it were you, would you forgive me?” Chu Feng looked at Ya Fei with a cold smile. There was not a single trace of empathy on his face.

“I was wrong, I was truly wrong! It was all my fault before! I was greedy and wanted to take away your Secret Skill! I was heartless and wanted you dead!

“But I know my wrongs, I truly do! Please forgive me and let me go, and give me a chance to start anew. I will never do anything against you ever again! For everything that happened today, and previous grudges, let us write it off entirely, okay?”

With her beautiful and moving, yet pitiful and tearful eyes, Ya Fei looked at Chu Feng and sorrowfully begged.

Seeing Ya Fei who acted in such a manner, Chu Feng asked, “You said this. Everything that happens today, as well as previous grudges, let us write it off entirely, right?”

“Right! Write everything off, and forgive me, okay?” Ya Fei strongly nodded.

“Okay, I promise you.” Chu Feng smiled vilely.

But Ya Fei cried out.

Pain—unprecedented pain, and one that would only be felt once. It forced Ya Fei to clench her fists. Like the pieces of the skirt scattered about on the side, she remained unmoving as well; she had lost all strength to resist.

“Wuqing, I’ll kill you!” Seeing her future sister-in-law violated by such means, Murong Wan could finally hold it down no more and pounced towards Chu Feng.

*whoosh* However, at that moment, she was the same as Ya Fei. She didn’t even have power to tie up a chicken, so how could she defeat Chu Feng? With one hand, he grabbed her arm, then flung it, pushing her to his side.

Seeing Murong Wan’s face brimming with killing intent, Chu Feng smiled oddly, and said, “It seems that you can’t suppress your excitement, huh? That’s fine, I’ll satisfy you right now.”

As he spoke, Chu Feng had ripped Murong Wan’s white skirt into pieces, showing the delicate woman’s exquisite bare body in front of his eyes.

At that moment, even though Chu Feng had seen quite a few beauties, he couldn’t help wetting his lips. Although Murong Wan’s appearance was inferior to Ya Fei, she was undoubtedly a model beauty, and though her figure was not as perfect as Ya Fei, there was still a sort of elegance about her.

So, Chu Feng turned around, and left Ya Fei’s body. He then pressed himself onto Murong Wan’s soft and weak one.

“I will kill you!” Murong Wan only attacked with the resolution of dying. So, at that moment, she did not back away. She grabbed Chu Feng’s body, opened her mouth, and bit down at his neck.

As for Chu Feng, he was laughing. Ignoring Murong Wan’s clawing and biting, he said, “Be angry! I want your anger! However, other than being angry, you can do nothing else!”

“Mm!” At that instant, Murong Wan, who was still tightly biting down on Chu Feng’s shoulder, roundly widened her eyes. They then started glittering as fear and powerlessness permeated them. Simultaneously, two warm streams of tears flowed down.

She knew, at that very instant, her most precious thing was taken away.