Chapter 793 - Lesson

MGA: Chapter 793 - Lesson

“Insolence! You dare to hit me? I’ll kill you!”

After being slapped, the flames of fury spewed out of Ya Fei’s and Murong Wan’s eyes. They gnashed their teeth in anger. When have they, who grew up in sheltered environments, received such humiliation? They could not tolerate it at all.

“I hit you. So what?” Regardless of how spoiled they grew up to be, Eggy did not let them do as they pleased. She raised her hand, and gave them two more slaps, leaving behind two purple handprints on the left and right side of their faces.

“You wench, kill us if you dare! My grandfather will not forgive either of you!” Ya Fei could not fight back, and she was once again shamed. She, who knew there was no escape today, didn’t beg for forgiveness and instead furiously shouted back.

“Heh, I’d be letting you off too easily if I killed you. Also, please pay attention to your tone and words. Don’t make it sound like your grandfather will let us go if I don’t kill you. Isn’t your goal here to take care of Wuqing?

“You venomous women. Today, I will give you both a good lesson.” Eggy squinted lightly, and her smile was sweet. However, such a smile made Ya Fei and Murong Wan tremble despite the lack of chilliness.


Indeed, the two felt pain from the inner parts of their thighs and they uncontrollably shrieked. Eggy’s method of torture was different from others. Although it was not bloody, there was most definitely violence.

She was “pinching”. At that moment, her pure-white hands were akin to two steel clamps as they continually squeezed areas all throughout Ya Fei’s and Murong Wan’s body. She left marks that ranged from red to purple on their snow-white skin which was as smooth as jade.

Since they were children, they had never been bullied. Thus, how could they bear such agony? In an instant, all sorts of painful screams rang out.

But the more it was like so, the eviler Eggy’s smile became because she would never forget how those two tortured Chu Feng. In comparison to the torment they conducted on Chu Feng, this degree of revenge was far from sufficient.

Even though he hated every single fibre of Ya Fei and Murong Wan, Chu Feng had an important mission on him. As Eggy suppressed the two of them, Chu Feng had already turned around and, in accordance to the instructions recorded on the stone, laid a Spirit Formation to fully activate the Demon Bestowal Slaughtering Formation.

After a while, the formation was finally completed. However, the Demon Bestowal Slaughtering Formation was very complex. To activate it still required a certain amount of time.

Luckily, with that stone, it was enough to activate the formation. So, after Chu Feng laid the Activation Spirit Formation, he didn’t need to look over it nor channel power into it. Instead, since he had time, he went over and looked at the two women who had tortured him.

“Eggy, let me do it,” said Chu Feng calmly after arriving. At that moment, he raised a single fist. A dagger made by Martial power appeared in his hand.

“Heh, I was just giving them an appetizer. Of course, the main dish that follows is for you.”

Eggy understandably stood up. As she did, she used her unique power to suppress Ya Fei’s and Murong Wan’s strength, causing them to be powerless to retaliate. They were like fish on a cutting board, awaiting Chu Feng’s slaughtering and handling.

“Wuqing, go ahead! Kill me! I’m not afraid of you. If you’re a man, then kill me!

“Even if I die, I will not ask half a word of forgiveness! Haha, you want to torture me? Go ahead! I’m not afraid! No matter what, you will always remain a piece of garbage in my eyes!”

But something Chu Feng didn’t expect was that Ya Fei didn’t just continue shouting at him, her attitude was extremely horrid. Judging by her appearance, she seemed to have already embraced death.

Such a situation forced Chu Feng to tightly frown. At first, Chu Feng did want to give them a taste of their own medicine and torture the two women, then finally send them on a journey to hell.

It was because they were really too ferocious, Ya Fei especially. Leaving her alive would most definitely give rise to troubles in the future.

However, seeing as they did not fear death, and didn’t even fear torture, Chu Feng felt that killing them would just be too good of a deal. Yet, if he tortured them with his techniques… After all, females were not like males. Heartlessly torturing them, honestly speaking, was not something Chu Feng could do.

In that moment, he didn’t know what his course of actions should be. He just felt that those two women were quite troublesome to deal with.

“Heh, I truly couldn’t tell by your appearances, but you two do have quite a bit of courage to remain fearless even before death.” Eggy giggled when she saw that, then sent a mental message to Chu Feng, “Chu Feng, to a woman, sometimes the most precious thing isn’t life. There is one thing that, if given to an undesirable man, will make them feel worse than death. They might even take away their own lives because of that. I wonder… do you know what that is?”

“I…” Chu Feng was no fool so he naturally understood Eggy immediately. However, he hesitated a bit. After all, the present was different from the past. He was a person who already had fiancées. Was this truly the right choice?

“Chu Feng, do not shrink away from this. When facing heartless and venomous women, rather than simply killing them, why not strike their weakness and make them suffer for the rest of their lives?” Eggy continued prodding.

“Haha, are you afraid, coward? Do you lack even the guts to kill? You are indeed trash!” Just at that moment, Ya Fei suddenly laughed and started mocking Chu Feng.

Looking at Ya Fei’s bitchy face and hearing her scorning voice, anger immediately rose in Chu Feng’s heart. Disregarding everything, he extended his arm and grabbed Ya Fei’s skirt. He pulled down, and after a ripping sound, Ya Fei’s gorgeous pink skirt was in pieces.

Seeing Ya Fei at present, even though Chu Feng hatred her immensely, his heart couldn’t help being moved. He had to admit that Ya Fei not only had a bewitching face, her body was indescribable.

“Ah!” As for Ya Fei, she never expected Chu Feng would suddenly rip apart her skirt. Seeing her body nearly stark naked, with pieces of the skirt scattered about on her body, the arrogance on Ya Fei’s face was no more and what replaced it was endless fear. Other than that, she looked at Chu Feng with her glittering eyes and yelled with a fierce tone, “What are you doing?”

“What am I doing? I’ll show you right now what I am doing!” Chu Feng didn’t waste any more of his breath and with a whoosh, he pulled down his pants, then revealed a wicked smile.

At that moment, not only Ya Fei, even Murong Wan was stupefied from terror.

Both of them knew what Chu Feng was about to do—it was something that they hoped Chu Feng would never do.