Chapter 1348 - The Battle Which Destroyed the Heavens (2)

Chapter 1348 - The Battle Which Destroyed the Heavens (2)

The black mist swiftly spread through the Star God Realm and every inch it spread meant that one more inch of the Star God Realm would have been converted into a hell of death.

The despairing aura spread across the Star God Realm and with every passing breath, an innumerable amount of living creatures were perishing within the black mist. Moreover, black light covered the skies above Star God City which was at the center of the Star God Realm. A dreadful power crazily wreaked havoc in one of the most sacred places within the Eastern Divine Region. Layers of space were being shredded every single instant, and this rocked the entire Star God Realm as the whole star region shook continuously.



Miserable cries filled the air as black blood spurted through the sky. Moreover, every cry of misery and every drop of blood had come from a Star God elder… had come from one Divine Master after the other!

Upon becoming a Divine Master, one would reign supreme for all the ages. To this very day, the God Realm would still clearly record the name and location of every person who had become a Divine Master, because the Divine Master Realm was the pinnacle of what humanity could achieve. It would allow them to rule over heaven and earth, it was the realm that was the closest to the divine for humanity.

To possess this kind of power meant that one could overlook the entire universe and the living creatures within it. In just the time it took to wave one’s hand, a Divine Master could extinguish ten thousand lives like mowing grass.

However, today, these Divine Masters who proudly overlooked the Star God Realm were actually nothing but grass in front of Jasmine. Every time her wheel danced, every black beam of light would send them one after another, or even waves after waves of them, into the abyss of death.

They had never known that their own strength and divine bodies could be so substandard and frail. They clearly possessed the highest level of power in this world… So how could they be so weak that they could not even withstand a single blow, how could they have practically no power to struggle or resist at all!?

None of this was real… It could not possibly be real!

A nightmare! This was all a nightmare!!


A black tear pierced through two hearts which were already shaking so intensely that they were about to rupture. The bodies of two great Star God elders exploded open from the chest, causing two showers of sickly black blood to scatter in the air.

Thirty-six Star God elders… In the blink of an eye, nineteen of them had already fallen.

A total of nineteen Divine Masters!!

The death of every Divine Master, even if they had died because of old age, was a momentous event that would shake an entire divine region. However, in this nightmare that had suddenly descended upon everyone, the Star God Realm’s Star Gods and elders were no more than insects which had been crushed to death, as one Divine Master after the other met their tragic end.

Yes, this was… a nightmare… 

Today was the day that the Star God Emperor and the Heavenly Origin Star God had said was incomparably important, a day that would definitely be entered into the Star God Divine Canon and recorded in the annals of the God Realm. Because today, the key factors for the “ceremony”, a ceremony that had been plotted and prepared for so long, had finally all been assembled and it could be perfectly started.

At the same time, Jasmine and Caizhi were also the Heavenly Slaughter Star God and the Heavenly Wolf Star God. Both of the princesses of the Star God Realm had become Star Gods, allowing them to become perfect sacrifices for the ceremony. This was a gift from heaven, even more than that, it was the protection of heaven.

Since the Star God Emperor and the Heavenly Origin Star God had described it in this way, all of them had also believed it and acknowledged it as fact. Even if the Heavenly Slaughter and the Heavenly Wolf were to become tragic sacrifices, even if they had been reduced to tragic sacrifices by a despicable plot, if it would truly allow the Star God Emperor to attain power which neared that of a god, if it would allow the Star God Realm to ascend to an even higher level, then they also did not feel like they did anything wrong… even though everything was just as Yun Che had said it was, that it was something which directly went against the laws of heaven and human society.

But in the end, what appeared before their eyes was not a gift bestowed by the heavens. Instead, it was a heavenly punishment… the most cruel and dreadful heavenly punishment in the history of the God Realm.

The starlight radiating from the Star God Emperor’s body explosively flashed and pulsed, as the light that pulsed from the “Sword of the Twelve Heavenly Stars” in his hand grew more intense with every passing breath. The six Star Gods had been heavily injured and the thirty-six elders were being brutally murdered one after the other. In the past, the death of any single one of them would have been an enormous loss that was hard to accept, but today… even though his heart bled, he remained motionless.

Until this moment, when the starlight glowing on the sword finally solidified and grew fixed.

The Sword of the Twelve Heavenly Stars was a true divine artifact that the Star God Realm possessed. Even though its starry might was far from what it was in the Era of Gods, it was still a true divine artifact that had been left behind by the ancestral Star Gods. It had also been every Star God Emperor’s symbol of leadership and command over the Star God Realm.

Just what did it mean for a god emperor to gather and focus his divine power for an entire seven seconds? If one met it head on, it was definitely enough to severely wound any one of the Star Gods in a single instant.

“Get back!!”

As the Star God Emperor gave a great roar, starlight swirled around the Sword of Twelve Heavenly Stars as it pierced straight towards Jasmine… This was a blow that contained all of his power, and it was also the sword blow that he was putting all of his hopes on. The starlight that gleamed on the sword was the most dazzling starlight he had ever unleashed in his life.

Starlight tore apart the darkness, tore apart space itself as it arrived in front of Jasmine and pierced towards her. Jasmine coldly turned around, the Evil Infant Wheel of Myriad Tribulations smashing straight at it.


Starlight and darkness collided in midair, as if a heaven-splitting bolt of lightning had exploded downwards, instantly splitting the world in two. Half of it shone with a glaring starlight, the other half was dark and devoid of light.

The space in an entire five thousand kilometer radius around them instantly exploded, creating wild spatial currents which crashed about like wild and stormy waves. Moreover, in the boundary between light and darkness, at the center of the wild spatial currents, the Sword of the Twelve Heavenly Stars was deadlocked with the Evil Infant Wheel of Myriad Tribulations. It was just that Jasmine’s face was cold and expressionless, while the Star God Emperor on the other hand… had blood flowing from the corner of his mouth. Both his eyes were so wide they looked like they were about to burst and both his arms were faintly trembling.

The power that he had gathered and accumulated for an entire seven breaths actually had not even been able to push Jasmine back a single step.

Even in the current muddy and turbid world, even if the Evil Infant Wheel of Myriad Tribulations had not even recovered a billionth of its power, its dreadfulness was still something that today’s mortals would not be able to fathom or understand.

“Jas… mine…” The Star God Emperor’s gaze was pleading as he gritted his teeth so hard that they almost broke, “Your father… knows that… he hasn’t treated you right… and you can hack me to pieces for that… But this place… is the place… where you were born and raised… the Star God Realm that gave you the power of the Heavenly Slaughter Star God… It was built up from the blood, sweat, and tears of generations of our ancestors… Do you truly want to… destroy it…”


The God Emperor’s words did not cause even a single ripple in Jasmine’s delicate face or black eyes. The only thing that answered him was a cracking sound that nearly tore his heart to shreds.

A pitch-black crack appeared in the place where the Sword of the Twelve Heavenly Stars had struck the Evil Infant Wheel of Myriad Tribulations and it slowly spread across the entire body of the sword.

“...!!” The Star God Emperor’s already bulging eyeballs instantly became bloodshot.

The Sword of the Twelve Heavenly Stars was the only divine artifact the Star God Realm possessed. It was a god emperor among artifacts, powerful enough to cause all the artifacts in the universe to bow before it.

But what sort of existence was the Evil Infant Wheel of Myriad Tribulations? In the Primordial Era of Gods, even though it was an artifact, its status in the Primal Chaos was still slightly higher than that of the Creation Gods and the Devil Emperors… Even though the Sword of the Twelve Heavenly Stars was an artifact left behind by the gods, it did not even have the qualifications to be mentioned in the same breath as the Evil Infant Wheel of Myriad Tribulations.


Yet another black crack appeared on the body of the sword. The Sword of the Twelve Heavenly Stars started to shake and it seemed to be letting out a mournful cry that bordered on despair. The starlight that had been deadlocked with the darkness for a short period of time also started to swiftly and suddenly die down at this moment. After that, it was swallowed up by the darkness which broke it down layer by layer.

“Jasmine, you… ARGGHHHHH!”

The third crack appeared and the flesh of the Star God Emperor’s right arm also split open at this moment. After the darkness had crushed the starlight, his body had started to be pushed back step by step, and every step he retreated caused the starlight to grow even dimmer. The mournful wails of the Sword of the Twelve Heavenly Stars also grew more and more shrill… while Jasmine’s eyes remained so cold and detached that they practically seemed to be empty, looking just like twin abysses of despair which would devour everything.

“What are you waiting for!?”

The Eternal Heaven God Emperor finally could not keep his composure. With a low roar, he began to swoop down towards the Star God Emperor.

“Wait a moment!” The Brahma Heaven God Emperor stretched out his hand but he was already unable to stop the Eternal Heaven God Emperor.

“That won’t do, we can’t wait for them any longer!” the Moon God Emperor said in a deep voice. “The dreadfulness of the Evil Infant has surpassed all our imaginations, this is no longer a calamity of the Star God Realm, this is a calamity of the Eastern Divine Region! Half of the Star God Realm already lies in tatters, if the Star God Emperor dies, we will lose a very important power that can fight this calamity!”

If there was a person who most wished for the Star God Emperor’s death in the God Realm, it would undoubtedly be the Moon God Emperor.

But even as his voice fell, he was already rushing downwards, a deep purple moonlight radiating blooming from his body.

“The Evil Infant’s power has only recovered by a mere fraction, so the more it uses, the less it will have left. At that time…”

Just as the Brahma Heaven God Emperor had finished speaking, the Moon God Emperor’s figure had already entered a purple moon. His expression fluctuated for a while but he finally decided to follow tightly behind them.

The Star God Emperor retreated step by step and no matter whether it was his power or his will, both of these things were gradually inching towards the edge of collapse. But it was at this moment that a low chant that shook the heart and soul rang out in the skies above, a cry that rang out above the spatial storm that raged in the air:

“Die, defier of the heavens! All evil, be returned to nothing!”

This low chant jolted the Star God Emperor’s spirit as he let out a joyous cry, “Eternal Heaven!”

The light that had already grown dim and gloomy grew even dimmer at this moment. In the distant skies above, a gigantic hand that could cover the heavens was directly hurtling downward...


The ground of the entire Star God City sank by nearly three meters in a single instant.

Jasmine stopped her forward advance as her body fiercely sank… The powers of the two great god emperors, the Star God Emperor and the Eternal Heaven God Emperor, pressed down on the Evil Infant Wheel of Myriad Tribulations together, causing Jasmine to sink even faster as she was being suppressed… But this suppression only lasted for a single breath. Jasmine’s figure halted in midair and she fiercely thrust out an arm to greet the power of the two god emperors.


The Star God Emperor’s entire body shook violently as he spat out a large mouthful of blood that had flowed in reverse. Three more cracks split open on the body of the Sword of the Twelve Heavenly Stars simultaneously as similar cracks also appeared on the gigantic hand that appeared from the skies above. In a single instant, these cracks spread to the five fingers of this gigantic hand, causing a shocked expression to appear on the face of the Eternal Heaven God Emperor, who was still in the distant skies above.

But at this time, the light in the sky changed yet again. The Moon God Emperor held the Purple Pylon Divine Sword in his hand and the moonlight radiating from his entire body dazzled the skies. It was as if a bright moon had descended from the heavens to fall towards a world of darkness.


The Star God Emperor, the Eternal Heaven God Emperor, and the Moon God Emperor, the power of all three of these god emperors erupted at the same time. In a single instant, the heavily injured Star Gods and the Star God elders who had the fortune to survive… all of these supreme Divine Masters were blown away by a gigantic force that even they could not resist or defend against. The Star God City which had become a battlefield completely sank down, and all of the primordial profound formations were destroyed as they toppled over and collapsed.

The twelve Star God Palaces which had been on the verge of collapse were finally reduced to dust, and the collapse of the internal pocket dimensions within each of them began to stir up spatial storms which intertwined with one another.

Spatial storms were already something that was peerlessly terrifying, but under the power of three god emperors, and under the power of the world destroying devil wheel which was even more terrifying than the power of these three god emperors, it was actually rather insignificant.

The power of three god emperors combined as they pressed down against the Evil Infant Wheel of Myriad Tribulations together. They had definitely never dreamed that there would actually be an existence in this universe that would require all three of them to join hands with one another.

What was even more terrifying than that was that the other party had not been defeated in a single blow, despite the three god emperors combining their powers. In fact, the other party had not even… been suppressed at all!

The Evil Infant Wheel of Myriad Tribulations released a heaven-devouring black light, and Jasmine’s small and delicate body seemed to have been frozen in place by the power of three great god emperors, but she did not retreat even a step… It was in that instant when the spatial storms had just started to rage when the figure of the Brahma Heaven God Emperor slipped through a crack in space behind Jasmine and a golden light pierced the space as it thrust forward, striking Jasmine in the back.

Jasmine’s body faintly shuddered and that golden light paused for a single instant upon touching her back… before directly piercing through her devil body.


Blood mist erupted from Jasmine’s mouth and sprayed on the devil wheel in her hand. Her face darkened and the devilish markings on her body shone intensely as the Evil Infant’s shrill and enraged scream rang out in the peaks of the darkened sky.


Under the blood mist that had spewed out of Jasmine’s mouth, a black light that could devour everything erupted out of the Evil Infant Wheel of Myriad Tribulations as an incomparably gigantic image of the wheel appeared in the skies, covering the four god emperors and the king realm that had been pulled into a incomparable calamity

Great shock appeared in the hearts of all four god emperors, and it was at this moment that their god emperor powers crazily surged up, causing the four strongest powers in the Eastern Divine Region to flare up at the same time.


Amidst an explosive detonation which engulfed everything, the skies of the Star God Realm had completely exploded.

A pitch-black abyss which started from Star God City began to split all the way to the ends of the Star God Realm, splitting the entire vast Star God Realm in half. 

A cosmic storm, the most terrible disaster known to all living creatures, began to wildly and crazily stir up inside the star region where the Star God Realm was located…