Chapter 1347 - The Battle Which Destroyed the Heavens (1)

Chapter 1347 - The Battle Which Destroyed the Heavens (1)

The pitch-black spatial vortexes let out sharp whistles and wails as they spun in midair. When the Evil Infant Wheel of Myriad Tribulations flew back into Jasmine’s hands, Tumi’s head had also dropped to the ground and it rolled a very far distance on the ground of the Star God Realm that had been stained black.

His eyes were still roundly staring, his bulging eyeballs and dilated pupils were proof of just how much despair and terror he had felt right before he died.

As the imperial tutor and sage of the Star God Realm, he had never imagined that this would be his fate. He had used so much effort to scheme and plot and perfectly control everything from start to finish, but what he had obtained was not the success of the “ceremony” and the brilliant glory of the Star God Realm. Instead he had birthed a dreadful devil god… a devil god that would very likely destroy the Star God Realm.

At the very end of his life, he did not know if he felt more discontent, fear, or regret.

Tumi had been someone who had influenced the Star God Emperor for his entire life, he had been his teacher in the profound way, his teacher in the ways of society, and he had also been the person who had guided and helped Xing Juekong to become the Star God Emperor even though he was the Heavenly Chief Star God. After becoming the Star God Emperor, he still continued to treat Tumi with extreme respect and he was fine with being viewed on equal footing with him.

So one could say that seeing Tumi die a miserable death in front of him had dealt an extremely huge blow to the Star God Emperor. His entire body trembled as he pointed his sword towards Jasmine, “Jasmine, you… you clearly still possess your awareness… Could it be that you truly want… to destroy the Star God Realm!?”


As space completely shattered, what answered him was that dark demonic wheel that contained boundless killing intent as it flew toward him, ripping apart space in its wake… It was an attack without even the slightest bit of hesitation!


The twelve stars inlaid into the Star God Emperor’s sword shone together and that instant of starlight bodily suppressed all of the darkness, causing the Evil Infant Wheel of Myriad Tribulations to freeze in the air. Both of the Star God Emperor’s eyes were completely bloodshot and his body flickered as he blinked forward, his sword piercing towards the devil wheel. Twelve points of starlight flew out of the sword as it surrounded the devil wheel and formed a destructive star formation.


The twelve stars ruptured. Explosively flashing starlight completely blocked out the sun and the skies the next instant, practically dispelling all of the darkness enshrouding the Star God Realm, making it hard for even all the Star God elders to open their eyes.

The black light that radiated from the Evil Infant Wheel of Myriad Tribulations was completely dispersed as it was sent flying downwards. In the blue skies above, the devilish infant’s face within the black clouds immediately contorted as it let out a wail that was several times more shrill and mournful than before.

This was the might of a god emperor, the highest level of power in this current world! 

This scene caused the gazes of the three startled god emperors, all of whom were still far away, to shake intensely as hope was birthed in their hearts. The Moon God Emperor could not help but crow excitedly, “Great! It looks like the Evil Infant isn’t invincible after all!”

“Due to the influence of the aura within the Primal Chaos, the Heavenly Profound Treasures in this current era simply cannot be compared to what they were during the Era of Gods, my Eternal Heaven Realm’s Eternal Heaven Pearl is the same,” the Eternal Heaven God Emperor said slowly. “Furthermore, according to what the Eternal Heaven divine spirit said, when the Evil Infant Wheel of Myriad Tribulations destroyed all of the gods and devils all those years ago, it had completely exhausted all of its power. Only a short million years have passed since then. This coupled with the fact of the Primal Chaos aura growing muddy and turbid means that even though the Evil Infant may have awakened, it definitely would not have been able to recover too much of its power.

The Eternal Heaven God Emperor’s words, coupled with the fact that Evil Infant Wheel of Myriad Tribulations’ devilish light had been scattered by the Star God Emperor, caused the dark gloom in the hearts of the three god emperors to be immediately dispelled. But in the very next instant, their expressions once again changed due to shock.

Amidst the starlight which had broken and destroyed the darkness, Jasmine’s figure blurred as she once again snatched up the Evil Infant Wheel of Myriad Tribulations. A pair of long and narrow black devilish eyes shockingly opened up on the pitch-black wheel. In a single instant, the black light that had been extinguished for a short moment once more flared to life with a fierce intensity. It rebounded to swallow all of the starlight that had been emitted by the Star God Emperor, and in the blink of an eye it covered the heavens and blocked out the sun once more, as it devoured all of the light in the world.

In just a moment, the entire Star God City was left completely lightless. It returned to complete darkness and one would not even be able to see their fingers if they stretched their hand out.

The darkness had devoured the light, sealing away one’s sight and even completely cutting off their spiritual perception. The Twelve Heavenly Star Formation was finally formed while everyone was panicking, but they had immediately lost all contact with the other Star Gods within the darkness. So just as the Twelve Heavenly Star Formation was formed, it was immediately dispersed.

The previously linked auras were cut off from each other and the auras of the six Star Gods, all of whom had already sustained very serious internal injuries, were thrown into utter chaos as even the spiritual senses of the Star Gods had been completely sealed by this darkness. Jasmine’s body had already flashed to the side of the six Star Gods by the time the Evil Infant Wheel of Myriad Tribulations in her hand let out a dark and gloomy devilish hiss.


A cluster of flames explosively ignited and a flame domain that could originally ignite a five hundred kilometer area was now suppressed by the darkness to the point where it could only occupy a few kilometers of space. Amidst the trembling firelight, Jasmine held that devil wheel in her hand. Soon, her black eyes, eyes that released a black light that threatened to bury the world, eyes that contained a hatred that could fill the skies, were only a few feet away from them!

The already skittish and panicked six Star Gods were all greatly startled. They were still, however, Star Gods, so even though their hearts were thrown into chaos by the shock, their power had already been released before their minds could react. Six great Star Gods and six different Star God powers attacked Jasmine in unison.

The six Star Gods had released their powers simultaneously and in that instant, all sound had been extinguished. The entire world had descended into a dreadful silence for several instants. The only sound that remained was the wailing laughter of the Evil Infant image in the air, a sound that made one’s blood run cold.

Because, after a million years of hibernation, its power had finally been awakened, it had finally been given new life!

“Huhahahaha… Hic, hic, hic, uuuuuuuuuuuuu…”


Devilish light detonated and an incomparably dreadful black vacuum appeared around Jasmine’s body, causing the power of the six Star Gods… the powers of six whole Star Gods to be completely obliterated, not allowing a single attack to even get near her body. Moreover, her counterattack had arrived nearly instantaneously, as a pitch-black ring of energy fiercely exploded forth with her body at the center.

“Be careful!”

When the black ring approached their body, no darkness devil energy had burst forth. Rather, it was as if their souls were being pulled into a black abyss as their vision, and the world of their hearts and souls grew pitch-black...


A black tear was carved into the Heavenly Flame Star God, spreading from his left shoulder to the right side of his ribcage. It cruelly ruptured the flesh, bones, and internal organs across half of his body while also extinguishing the firelight that had reignited not too long ago.


The Evil Infant Wheel of Myriad Tribulations smashed directly into the Heavenly Demon Star God’s chest and a beam of black explosively pierced through his back…


The Heavenly Jade and the Heavenly Demon were twin brother and sister, so their hearts and minds were connected. The serious injury dealt to the Heavenly Demon allowed her heart and soul to struggle free from the darkness. However, the next beam of black light struck her directly in the middle of her back.


The same black light pierced through the front of her chest as she wildly spat out fresh blood.


The blades of the Evil Infant Wheel of Myriad Tribulations pierced into the Heavenly Sun Star God’s chest and as the wheel blades spun, the air was filled with scarlet-black blood foam...


A black tear was carved across the legs of the Heavenly Soul Star God… As the Star God with the weakest body among the Twelve Star Gods, his legs were instantly sheared from his body.

Jasmine’s body suddenly spun around and the Evil Infant Wheel of Myriad Tribulations shot out and directly hit the Heavenly Charm Star God. Black and scarlet intertwined as black light interlaced with bloody mist exploded out from her perfect and flawless body.

Six consecutive instants, five Star God’s Broken Shadows, and the six people who were lost in the darkness all sustained serious injuries from the devil wheel.

Furthermore, these six individuals were no ordinary profound practitioners. They were not even ordinary powerhouses, they were the Star Gods! Star Gods who stood at the pinnacle of the Eastern Divine Region, Star Gods whose power and status eclipsed that of all the lower realm kings, middle realm kings, and higher realm kings!

Four ninth level Divine Masters, two eighth level Divine Masters! It was a power that should have been unrivalled in the current world, a power that should have been unbreakable in this world. But at the hands of Jasmine, just a single strike was enough to cause this power to instantaneously crumble. 

The consciousness of the six Star Gods finally escaped the darkness but what was waiting for them was a cluster of black lights that were even denser and gloomier than a black hole.


Miserable cries filled the air and these cries of misery had originated from the Star Gods themselves. The six great Star Gods all shot out in different directions, having been sent flying like broken bags of blood. Star God blood and darkness devil energy mixed together as they sprayed all over the sky.

In the distance, the expressions of the three great god emperors had completely and utterly changed as the hope that had previously risen up was mercilessly destroyed.

“We were far too naive, to think that we actually thought we were going to get lucky with this one…”

“That is the world destroying devil wheel which wiped out all the gods and devils we’re talking about, so even if it regained even the slightest bit of its powers, it also… also…” The Moon God Emperor fiercely sucked in a breath of cold air as he found himself at a loss for words for a period of time.

To defeat six Star Gods in an instant… This was six Star Gods, six Star Gods!!


The Evil Infant Wheel of Myriad Tribulations ripped space apart as it flew back into Jasmine’s hands. Jasmine’s pitch-black eyes were still firmly locked onto the six great Star Gods as she prepared to deliver them the finishing blow. But at this time, great roars shook the heaven as they surged up. The bodies of all thirty-six Star God elders shone with dazzling starlight as their feet formed a star formation which firmly surrounded Jasmine.

Thirty-six Star God elders, thirty-six supreme Divine Masters; it was a power that a normal divine profound practitioner would not be able to fathom even in ten lifetimes.

“Don’t hold back!” The hoarse and guttural roar of the Star God Emperor rang out in the distance. His face was dreadfully dark and the sword in his hand once more glowed with the light of twelve stars. He completely disregarded his own worsening injuries and for the first time ever, the Heavenly Chief divine power was being crazily focused and accumulated without a care for the consequences.

The Heavenly Poison had fallen, the Heavenly Strength had fallen, the Heavenly Origin had fallen, and the Heavenly Slaughter had transformed into the Evil Infant due to her rage. It was also impossible for the Heavenly Wolf to return to them any longer… The Twelve Star Gods whose might and fame had once shocked the world, the most core cornerstones of the Star God Realm, were only left with six now, other than himself… and all of them had been severely wounded.

This cluster of black light that had come from Jasmine was still spreading and devouring the Star God Realm at an extremely fast speed. It was unimaginable that this sacred ground which was supreme and unsurpassed in the Eastern Divine Region, or even the entire God Realm, was currently being transformed into such a vision of hell.

What an absurd and dreadful nightmare this was!

He no longer bothered about the six heavily wounded Star Gods or anything else. He needed to use the limits of his god emperor powers, no matter what the effort or cost, to smash Jasmine to death. If not, the Star God Realm would truly be destroyed… utterly destroyed!

Starlight explosively flashed and the star formation, which focused the power of thirty-six Divine Masters, unleashed a radiance that could destroy the heavens and the earth. A pillar of light pierced the darkness, pierced through the Star God Realm, and pierced through the blue dome of heaven… Most of the Eastern Divine Region could see that line of white light explosively rise into the sky as it completely and utterly pierced both heaven and earth.

However, this white light which pierced the heavens only lasted for that single flashing instant as it was brutally severed after that.

Even though Jasmine possessed an appearance that seemed like it would never grow up, her face was still flawless and extremely beautiful, so beautiful that Yun Che had never been able to forget the first time he saw her. Her red hair had turned black and her blood-red eyes had turned black as well, while lines of pitch-black light wound around her snow-white skin. Yet nothing could cover up her extreme and flawless beauty. On the contrary, all of this had made her even more strangely beguiling and bewitching as several elements of danger and fear enhanced her appearance.

Her small and delicate body danced together with the devil wheel… In Yun Che’s eyes, that would definitely have been the most beautiful figure in the world, but as she danced, she gathered up the most dreaded power in this universe.

An enormous darkness devil domain was torn open in the middle of the star formation which shone so brightly that its light filled the skies. With the devil domain at its center, countless black marks swiftly shot out as they filled the entire star formation. Before looks of terror and shock could even appear on the faces of the thirty-six elders, the vast star formation was torn to shreds as it was completely and utterly crushed...

They still did not truly understand just how dreadful the current Jasmine was. Even the sealing barrier that had connected and focused all of the power of the Star Gods, the Star God elders, and a countless amount of profound crystals had been torn apart by her, so the star formation that they had laid down with all of their might was no stronger than a thin piece of paper in front of Jasmine.

The collapse of the Absolute Star Soul Barrier had caused a backlash that still gnawed away at their bodies. Before the swiftly-formed star formation they had created had even done anything, it had been torn to pieces by Jasmine and the ensuing backlash that struck them again threw the profound auras of all thirty-six Star God elders into complete and utter chaos. Their blood and energy flowed in reverse but Jasmine had already generated a pitch-black scar of light as the bloodthirsty and ruthless demon wheel cruelly spun downwards. 


How could the body of a Star God elder compare to the divine body of an actual Star God? Once the demonic wheel smashed against him, a Star God elder’s body directly collapsed, pitch-black flesh and shattered bone spraying from his body amidst the black light.

Black light flashed and Jasmine had already appeared within another patch of darkness. Black light blossomed outwards from the devil wheel and instantly shattered the divine bodies of three Star God elders along with the divine power they had just managed to gather.


A long rope made of star metal pierced towards Jasmine’s back but before it could even draw near to her, it had already broken apart. Jasmine did not turn around but a large pitch-black hand suddenly shot out from the darkness, grabbing up that Star God elder. A heart-rending and terrifying wail of misery rang in the air, but his struggles did not even last for a single breath before he was completely pulped and mashed by that hand of darkness.


Many beams of profound light shot toward Jasmine, but they only pierced a black shadow that had yet to fade away. In the air above them, the Evil Infant Wheel of Myriad Tribulations carried a black light that could span the sky as it pressed down, as if it were a devil god that was opening a huge and abyssal mouth… A peal of terrified and shocked cries of misery rang out in the air as four Star God elders were completely swallowed up by the darkness. Once the darkness had faded away, they had already been transformed into four sets of completely rotted and withered skeletons.