Chapter 1335 - Cruel Slaughter

Chapter 1335 - Cruel Slaughter

Killing intent, fiendish energy, and evil energy… was mixed with an incomparably dense stench of blood that assaulted everyone, causing all the exceptional powerhouses of the Star God Realm to feel faintly nauseous. Under the shock of having their knowledge and experience fiercely ripped to shreds, an icy-cold sensation and terror assaulted everyone’s hearts like a devil… This was a terror that one could not use willpower to resist, it was even more dreadful than the hell winds they dreamed of in their nightmares.

Furthermore, the origin of everything that was happening… The Yun Che within their vision was shrouded by a layer of extremely dense bloody energy. They could not see his figure beneath this layer of bloody energy and they could not even tell whether this was bloody energy or if it was dense blood that was crazily spraying outwards.

But within that dense blood-colored energy, shone two red lights that were even more dense and intense than fresh blood, it was as if a devil god in purgatory had abruptly opened up its bloody eyes.

“Wha… What… What is going on?” the Heavenly Wolf Star Guard commander Xing Lou, who was standing farther in front, said in a trembling voice. Just as those words left his mouth, he could scarcely believe that he had stuttered out those words so badly because of his shaking.

He, and all of the Star Guards that were present, were several thousand years old at the very least and as the Star Guards of the Star God Realm, how could the heights they had scaled and their experiences be ordinary? But none of them had ever felt such a dreadful aura before and none of them had ever felt a fear that rent at their souls like this… Furthermore, this was actually all radiating out from a young man who came from the lower realms. And to the best of their knowledge, this was a young man whose fate should have been entirely in their hands!

“Divine Sovereign… From Divine King to Divine Sovereign…” The words that had just rang out in the air had come from Heavenly Strength Star God Shenhu, and one could distinctly hear a trembling in his voice.

“In this world… How could such a thing actually happen…” As the Star Gods of the Star God Realm, this was the first time that they had doubted their own spiritual perception so mightily. Even the most exaggerated and most extreme forbidden abilities that they knew about could not even come close to a fraction of what they had just witnessed.

“The power of a Creation God… This is the power of a Creation God…” The Star God Emperor’s eyes shook with incomparable intensity as he muttered those words to himself. This was a power that had undoubtedly exceeded the imagination, knowledge, and experience of even a god emperor. Only the exalted and supreme powers of the Creation Gods during the Era of Gods could display such a heaven-defying power!!

After the shock and amazement had begun to fade, the depths of the Star God Emperor’s eyes shone with a desire and avarice that was a million times denser than it had been previously. He fiercely turned his head around and roared towards Xing Mingzi, “Hurry up and restrain him… But… you definitely mustn’t harm his life!”

The Star God Emperor’s voice actually contained a trembling and hoarseness that anyone could make out, furthermore, this time he had clearly shouted the word “definitely” as well.

The fact that Yun Che’s profound strength had shot from the first level of the Divine King Realm to the first level of the Divine Sovereign Realm within a few short breaths was something that had rocked everyone’s worlds. It was just that the first level of the Divine Sovereign Realm… If it had been in a normal star realm, it could even be said to be an unrivalled power, but this place was the Star God Realm! Every single Star Guard present possessed the strength of a Divine Sovereign. So in the realm of profound strength, any single one of the entire three thousand strong contingent of Star Guards would be placed above Yun Che.

Besides, there was still one Xing Mingzi, a powerhouse at the Divine Master Realm!

Thus, even though all of their previous knowledge and experience had been ripped to shreds by Yun Che, and they had been completely and utterly astounded and terrified by this bizarre change that was universally shocking, at the same time, they had never once viewed Yun Che’s bizarre change as something that could threaten them in any way… This was the Star God Realm, they were the Star Gods’ Star Guards. Even though Yun Che’s power was unrivalled amongst the younger generation, in their eyes, it was still far too low. Even if a power that defied all common sense had erupted in front of them, it was still impossible for this power to threaten them in any way whatsoever.

As the Star God Emperor’s roar fell on their ears, before Xing Mingzi could even reply, a weird roar that sounded like the roar made by a despairing wild beast rang out in the air above Star God City. The blood energy around Yun Che ruptured explosively as he fiercely rushed towards Xing Ling. The originally vermillion-colored Heaven Smiting Sword was now covered in bloody light and it looked as if the dense blood that came from the blood lakes of purgatory had been poured over it.

Ruthlessness, bloodthirst, pain, hatred, resentment, despair… every single bit of the the aura that swept over them seemed as if it had come from some deep abyss. Furthermore, it was clearly profound energy that was at the level of a Divine Sovereign, but the moment it grew near, it suddenly caused the coldness and terror of death to bloom in everyone’s heart… Xing Ling’s pupils fiercely contracted, and as the shadow of death engulfed him, the Divine Sovereign body that had been through countless tempering and refining had reacted instinctively before his mind could even process anything as it explosively fled backwards at the fastest speed possible.


As the earth shook calamitously, the blood-colored profound energy spread throughout the sky and the place which was supported by the highest grade profound formations in the universe continued to shake intensely...

Before Xing Ling could even gasp for a single instant, two bloody eyes, more dreadful than a devil’s, once more grew larger in his eyes as they drew near to him. He gave a strangled cry as he crossed both of his arms in front of his chest, the full power of a level eight Divine Sovereign exploding outwards due to fear.


To anyone’s knowledge, there was an enormous gulf of power between a first level Divine Sovereign and an eighth level Divine Sovereign and this was a gap that could not possibly be closed, no matter what the method.



An incomparably shrill and miserable yell fiercely pierced into everyone’s hearts and souls. The power of a first level Divine Sovereign and eighth level Divine Sovereign had collided, but the one who had let out this shrill cry of misery had actually been Xing Ling instead! Under the bloody light that had exploded outwards from the Heaven Smiting Sword, his right arm had instantly been shattered into several pieces while his left arm was directly shattered in ten pieces. In the next instant, it had been smashed into minced meat that scattered through the air. 


“Wha… What!?”

“Xing Ling!!”

This scene had shocked Xing Mingzi so much that his entire body abruptly convulsed. It had shocked all the Star Guards so much that their souls had practically flown out of their bodies. No matter how they tried, they were unable to bring themselves to believe that the arms of Xing Ling, who possessed the strength of an eighth level Divine Sovereign, and whose strength was in the upper echelons of all the Star Guards, could actually be destroyed by a single sword stroke of Yun Che, someone who had forcefully raised his power to that of a first level Divine Sovereign.

This was the body of a Divine Sovereign, a body that was millions of times tougher and more durable than any metal. In the eyes of the world, it was something that was counted as a true “divine body”!


Xing Ling’s eyes were so wide that they seemed like they were going to burst. He stared at his arms which had become minced meat and experienced a despair he had never imagined before. But the devil who had destroyed both of his hands with a single stroke of the sword was not far away as the Heaven Smiting Sword, that had turned blood-red, was now mercilessly hurtling downwards towards his body with explosive force.


A blood arrow shot more than ten meters in the air and countless bits of broken intestines were mixed in that spray of blood. Xing Ling’s chest split open and nearly all of his ribs had been shattered… Xing Ling let out a hoarse roar of extreme pain and despair. He wanted to struggle, but he could not find his own arms. He wanted to flee, to flee at all costs, but what awaited him was an even deeper despair.


Yun Che, who was bathed in bloody light, spoke in a voice that was even more hoarse and terrifying than that of a devil’s and every word that proceeded from his mouth seemed to come from a deep abyss of eternal despair...



As his fist fell, it bodily smashed through the body of Xing Ling… Perhaps Xing Ling had never imagined, perhaps no one had ever imagined, that his Divine Sovereign body would actually be so weak and frail.

“AH… AAAAAAAHHHHHHH…” Xing Ling yelled miserably until he lost his voice, and after that there was only a geyser of blood that crazily spewed from every orifice on his face.



As another fist fell, it explosively snapped Xing Ling’s neck.



This fist heavily smashed against the top of Xing Ling’s skull. In an instant, his skull shattered and foamy blood flew through the air… His entire head had completely exploded atop his neck, and underneath the fist that was shrouded by bloody light, one could not even find a piece of bone that was as large as a thumb.

Xing Ling’s body spasmed violently a few more times before it went completely still.

Xing Ling, a Star Guard commander who could cause fear and trepidation in the hearts of realm kings who ruled over middle and lower star realms, a person whom these realm kings would treat with the utmost deference and respect, had been violently killed just like this. He had hardly been able to put up a fight as he was being brutally slaughtered.

He had died without a whole corpse.

In those few short breaths before he had died, he had experienced the greatest pain, dread, and despair he had ever felt in his long life.

A deathly silence fell over Star God City as the air was filled with the incomparably dense smell of blood. The eyes of every Star Guard had bulged out so much that it seemed like their eye sockets were about to fracture. A Star Guard, and a Star Guard commander at that, had miserably died in front of their very eyes and they should have been shocked and enraged by this… But, right now they could not bring themselves to feel any rage, because a boundless shock and an abruptly multiplying fear was now filling every corner of their bodies and souls. 

“How… could this be…”

“He… Yun Che, he…”

“He… actually…” Heavenly Origin Star God Tumi’s face, which seemed to be eternally calm in the eyes of the world, was now completely twisted up.

It was not only the Star Guards, even the Star Gods and elders were left at a complete loss. Before they had even fully recovered from the shock brought about by the explosive growth of Yun Che that defied all common sense, they were once again so shocked and astounded that their livers and guts nearly burst.

They were incredibly clear about Xing Ling’s strength. Even if Yun Che had explosively raised his power to a degree that defied all common sense, it would not be enough for him to be Xing Ling’s opponent… Yet they had just personally witnessed Yun Che bodily smash Xing Ling to death.

Furthermore it had been a cruel slaughter where Xing Ling had not been able to fight back or put up any resistance!!

A level one Divine Sovereign had cruelly slaughtered a level eight Divine Sovereign!!

“Brother-in-law… He… He…” All the color had been drained from Caizhi’s face as both of her hands tightly grasped Jasmine’s hands. Yet she discovered that Jasmine’s hands were actually extremely cold, and she did not respond to what should have been a peerlessly shocking scene in an appropriate fashion. Instead, her eyes were dull and glazed and they were incomparably slack...

Under everyone’s trembling gaze, Yun Che slowly stood to his feet. After that, he held the Heaven Smiting Sword aloft as Golden Crow and Phoenix flames combined on his body, transforming into cruel and merciless crimson flames.

“All of you… deserve… to… die!!”

It seemed as if he was roaring and chanting those words at the same time, but every single word was the most terrifying sound everyone present had ever heard in their entire lives. Blood-colored profound energy and blood-colored flames wreathed his entire body, as if he was a berserking scarlet-blooded devil god. With just himself alone, he was rushing towards three thousand Star Guards, yet every single one of these Star Guards was trembling.

“Advance together… cripple his four limbs!!”

Xing Mingzi seemed as if he just been roused from a dream as he let out a loud roar.

If it had been ten breaths earlier, Xing Mingzi definitely would not have allowed two Star Guards to take action against Yun Che at the same time. Because this would have been a huge insult towards the power, status, and dignity of the Star Guards. But right now, the two words “advance together” had actually been roared out with abandon. But at the same time, he had not forgotten the Star God Emperor’s orders, to only cripple and not kill!

Once Xing Mingzi had given the order, the three Star Guards that were nearest to Yun Che took to the air. Three identical Star God Spears appeared in their hands and their silvery armor shone with the brilliance of the stars themselves.

Three Star Guards, three Star God Spears, but Yun Che actually did not retreat a single step. Instead, he rushed forward to meet them and with a strange yell of pain and hatred, the Heaven Smiting Sword, that was burning with crimson flames, drew a blood-colored arc of light in the air...



Three cries of misery overlapped one another as they rang out in the air. Three Star God Spears flew out into space and the arms of the three Star Guards who had been holding these spears shattered simultaneously… In that instant, they finally knew why Xing Ling’s strong Divine Sovereign body had actually seemed so frail and weak beneath Yun Che’s sword…


No one could understand just how heavy the resentment and hatred contained within this roar was. As the Heaven Smiting Sword exploded downwards, a huge image of a wolf flashed into being in the skies above… That was the image of the Heavenly Wolf that all the Star Guards were familiar with, yet it was not the familiar azure image that all of them knew. Instead this image was the terrifying color of blood and even those bared wolf fangs looked as if they had been bathed in lakes of blood...


This was a “Wild Fang” that had been twisted by Yun Che’s distorted power. As the blood-colored image of the wolf hurtled downwards in that instant, the armor and Divine Sovereign bodies of three great Star Guards were ripped to shreds in an instant. Before they could even let out a cry of misery, they had already been reduced to shreds of torn meat and fresh blood that filled the air.