Chapter 1334 - The Other Shore (2)

Chapter 1334 - The Other Shore (2)

An incomparably strange and bizarre aura enveloped the skies above Star God City, as even the Star Gods and elders within the barrier all sensed an abnormal and dense cold energy directly spread over their entire bodies.

“What is happening?”

“Yun Che? It’s not possible! No matter what he does, it’s not possible for him to have this kind of aura,” Heavenly Origin Star God Tumi said in a deep voice as he stared at Yun Che.

Jasmine’s gaze had not left Yun Che. She sensed that strange and bizarre aura that could even pierce the barrier that surrounded her, and saw his fingers digging into his chest… As she lay there dazed, a memory that came from the Heretic God’s Indestructible Blood flashed through her heart and mind, causing her face to go incredibly white in the next instant. After that, the most terrified and alarmed cry she had ever let out in her life spilled from her lips, “Yun Che!! Don’t… Don’t… Don’t!!!”

“...” Yun Che did not move a single inch, only his five fingers continued to slowly tighten.

“Xing Ling, what are you doing!? Hurry up and take action!” Xing Mingzi roared.

Despite hearing Xing Mingzi’s orders, Xing Ling still continued to retreat step after step. If Xing Mingzi had been straight at Xing Ling, he would have discovered that Xing Ling’s pupils had shrunk to the size of pinpoints, and his entire body was shaking so vigorously that it seemed as if he had been dropped into the depths of some icy hell.

“Yun Che!!!” This yell was incomparably hoarse as Jasmine let go of Caizhi and used all of her strength to struggle free and hurl herself towards the border of the barrier, “Listen to me! This ceremony, this barrier, is made up of the the power of all the Star Gods and elders, it is comprised of the power of more than forty Divine Masters, and there is no one who can stop it or break it. Even if you do this, you still won’t be able to save me, you still won’t be able to save Caizhi… You won’t be able to accomplish anything! You’ll only send yourself to your death for absolutely nothing… Do you understand me!!?”

“If you dare do such a stupid thing… I’ll definitely never forgive you… I’ll definitely never!”

Yun Che’s Heretic God profound veins were given to him by her. She was also the one who had viewed the memories within the Heretic God’s Indestructible Blood. Thus, all of Yun Che’s initial understanding and knowledge of how to use his Heretic God divine power had been taught to him by Jasmine, step-by-step. As a result of that, Jasmine’s understanding of the Heretic God divine power exceeded even Yun Che’s understanding.

Yun Che’s actions and that abnormal aura caused her to understand instantly what Yun Che was about to do.

That was something… that he never should even have touched in the first place, a forbidden power of despair… one that he should have never touched in his entire life! 

Yun Che slowly raised his head and looked towards Jasmine, the corner of his lips hooked up in a very light smile. “Jasmine… I did not come to save you… After all, I can’t save you… I came here to accompany you…”

Just those short few words caused Jasmine’s tears to gush out. She fiercely whipped her head to the side and spoke in a choked-up voice, “What right do you have to accompany me… Just who do you think you are…”

She stretched out a hand and pointed towards where the Star God Emperor was sitting, “That old villain, even though I hate him, in the end, he is still my actual father. My life was something given by him, so if he wants to take it away… it is right and proper! What does it have to do with you!? So don’t just assume what you want in this place… Leave… leave!! If not… I will really… never ever forgive you!”

But Yun Che shook his head instead and said in a soft voice, “The life he gave you had already ended when you were thirteen. The life you have right now is something that I gave you… Your life is mine… Everything that you have is mine… I will definitely not allow anyone else to take you away… Unless I’m already dead!”

These selfish and unreasonable words fiercely pierced into the deepest and softest places of Jasmine’s soul. She gritted her teeth fiercely, but tears still freely flowed down her face and it was hard for her to continue speaking.

“The life I have right now is also something given by you. We helped each other to be reborn anew… During those years, our lives and souls were tightly intertwined with one another… and during those years we were apart, during every moment and instant of them, I was enduring the torturous feeling that I was missing something… Since it was a missing piece of my life and also a missing piece of my soul… I did not listen to what you told me and instead hurried over to this place impatiently, even giving everything I had in order to see you again…”

Jasmine’s entire body trembled. She tightly closed her eyes yet teardrops continued to leak out on her face which had long ago become awash in tears… Countless stunned gazes fell on Jasmine’s figure, they did not dare believe that the Heavenly Slaughter Star God who had the most evil reputation, the Heavenly Slaughter Star God who had always been cold and heartless towards everything, could actually weep… and she had even shed so many tears.

Yun Che’s entire right hand was already stained with blood but his expression was dreadfully calm. “I know that you won’t forgive me, but this time… no matter how much you hit me or scold me, no matter whether you rise to heaven or fall to hell, I will be by your side and I will definitely not let go of your hand!!”

A cloud of bloody mist erupted from Yun Che’s chest.

“DOOON’T” Jasmine let out an extremely shrill and sorrowful wail.


Yun Che’s profound vein world of scarlet, blue, purple, black… All these four differently colored domains explosively ruptured in the exact same instant.

Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang...

The surface of Yun Che’s body and his muscles seemed to be rupturing crazily as countless flowers of blood blossomed across his entire body. The profound energy that coiled around his body instantly turned blood red… his aura had turned so deep and dense that it seemed to be the actual blood of purgatory itself.


Underneath that blood-colored profound energy, Yun Che let out a yell that sounded like a wild beast’s… that yell contained boundless rage, pain and despair and it sounded as if it had come from a despairing devil god who had been chained to the bottom of hell.

“He… What is he doing?”

“Could it be… that he wants to commit suicide?”

An aura of “unease” that definitely should not have been present but clearly was, had now enshrouded everyone’s heart and soul, as a strange stifling sensation and fear had now bubbled up from the bottom of their hearts, and started crazily spreading throughout their entire bodies like the plague.

Amid the hoarse roars which sounded like an evil ghost, the bloody energy that surrounded Yun Che swiftly swelled, causing Yun Che’s aura to rise at an incomprehensible pace.

“As expected…” Heavenly Origin Star God Tumi said with heavily knitted brows, “It’s yet another forbidden technique that exacts an exceedingly heavy price in order to strengthen one’s profound energy, just like that time when he battled against Luo Changsheng. It’s a pity, because given his current realm, even if his profound energy explosively grew by ten times or even a hundred times, what could he possibly do...”

Before his voice had finished falling, Tumi’s expression suddenly changed… The expression of the Star God Emperor and all of the other Star Gods also dramatically changed at this instant as looks of either shock or disbelief appeared on their faces.


Following an explosive bursting sound that seemed to resonate in the bottom of their hearts, Yun Che’s profound strength aura, that was at the first level of the Divine King Realm, had actually suddenly broken through to the next level to reach the second level of the Divine King Realm.

“What?” Tumi’s eyebrows furrowed mightily, “A sudden breakthrough? But in this situation… and without any prior indications or process of going through a breakthrough, just what exactly is… Wha… WHAT!?”

As Tumi’s expression changed yet again, Yun Che’s profound energy, which had just completed a “level breakthrough”, once again quickly overcame the next bottleneck and reached the third level of the Divine King Realm.

“This…” As the longest-lived, most experienced and most qualified sage in the Star God Realm, Tumi was so completely shocked by this series of events that he was left in a daze, and no matter what, he could not understand everything that was unfolding before his very eyes.

“Uwah… Ahhhh… AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!”

As those hoarse screams shook souls and rent the air, the bloody energy that was crazily rising caused everyone to be confused as to whether it was profound energy or actual fresh blood. The air was growing denser by the second and the strange dread that shrouded them felt as if countless vicious ghosts were incessantly surging into their hearts and souls...

Blood energy, hoarse yells, terror… and Yun Che’s profound energy continued to swiftly break through each level over and over again.

Divine King Realm fourth level...

Divine King Realm fifth level...

Divine King Realm sixth level...

Divine King Realm seventh level...

Divine King Realm eighth level...

Divine King Realm ninth level...

Divine King Realm tenth level!!

All of the bloody energy surrounding Yun Che’s body had finally started to recede and just as everyone thought the dreadful and bizarre changes in front of them were finally going to cease, the bloody energy that had temporarily receded suddenly exploded with incomparable ferocity


In that instant, the sky above the entire Star God City was dyed the color of blood. Furthermore that dreadful aura had started to bizarrely change in an incomprehensible and unbelievable manner as that bloody color spread through the skies. It was a change that even the very ancestors of the Star God Realm would not be able to comprehend or believe if they were still in the world.

“Divine… Sovereign… Realm…” This was a realm he had crossed long ago, a profound realm that he had even started feeling disdain towards a long time. But when Heavenly Origin Star God Tumi said it this time, every single word was actually uttered with a trembling that had not occured for tens of thousands of years.

In front of him, the Star God Emperor was radiating an aura of extreme shock as his eyes had shot wide open. Surrounding them, all of the Star Gods and elders, personages who had reached the pinnacle of the Primal Chaos, every single one of them was so shocked that the color had drained from their faces. None of them dared believed what their eyes and their spiritual senses were telling them.

“What… is this…” A Star God managed to croak out.

“How could such… a thing happen…”

“Is this also… the power of the Heretic God?”


Yun Che’s profound energy had rushed straight to the first level of the Divine Sovereign Realm before finally grinding to a halt but the bloody energy around him still continued to swell. Yun Che’s hoarse cries had ceased and his body slowly straightened… In this instant, the entire sky seemed to be pressing down on them. All of the Star Guards felt so stifled that they could barely breathe, and an icy aura which carried the stench of blood spread from their tailbones, through their internal organs, and then throughout every corner of their bodies.

At the level of the Star God Realm, a profound energy boost was naturally a familiar sight to them. But just a normal boost in profound energy would come with side-effects of varying intensities. This was something that was common knowledge for anyone who studied the profound way. But no matter how strong a profound energy boost was, it could definitely not allow one to escape one’s realm. This was not even counted as common knowledge, it was among the most basic things for anyone to know.

But right in front of their very eyes, they had witnessed Yun Che’s profound energy, that was at the first level of the Divine King Realm, consecutively break through levels in a few short breaths… until he had broken through an entire great realm.

A breakthrough in the divine way was exceedingly hard. It was so hard that talent, hard work, resources, comprehension, and opportunity all had to be present. For someone to rise from the first level of the Divine King Realm to the first level of the Divine Sovereign Realm in less than ten breaths… It was such a ridiculous and absurd joke, yet this scene had appeared before their very eyes, burning itself into their eyes and senses, shattering the foundations of their very knowledge and experiences.

A terrifying silence settled over Star God City. All of the three thousand Star Gods seemed to be rooted to the spot by some invisible force as all of them seemed to have completely lost their souls.

“Brother-in-law. What is… going on with him…” Caizhi asked in a daze.

Jasmine’s eyes were stunned and she did not even respond to Caizhi’s words, it was as if her soul had left her body… Finally, she closed her eyes and said in voice that sounded like she was mumbling in her sleep, “Other Shore… Asura…”

Caizhi, “...”

The Heretic God power of the first gate, Heretic Soul, was “Falling Moon Sinking Star”, the power of the second gate, Burning Heart, was “Sealing Cloud Locking Sun”, the power of the third gate, Purgatory, was “Destroying Sky Decimating Earth”... Even though they were all powerful, they were not so powerful that they would overturn common sense and logic.

The power of the fourth gate, Rumbling Heaven, was “Moon Star Restoration” and it was a technique that truly started to display the power of the Heretic God that was strong enough to defy the laws of nature themselves.

But the fifth gate, Hell Monarch, the Heretic God divine power it used was extremely strong and violated the laws of nature by a great degree. Its distortion of logic and common sense far exceeded that of “Moon Star Restoration”.

“Other Shore Asura”... This was the divine power that belonged to the Heretic God’s fifth gate. It was also the most dreadful and forbidden divine powers of all the Heretic God’s divine powers… and it was also the most despairing divine power he possessed.

Once the “Other Shore Asura” technique was used, it would explosively increase one’s own profound strength… But this did not merely represent an increase in profound strength like when the Heretic God gates were opened. This represented an increase in terms of one’s realm of power, and it caused the Heretic God’s profound strength to completely go against all common sense and natural laws, rising a full realm above where it had been previously!

But its price was also peerlessly cruel.

Destroying one’s own profound veins! Burning up all of one’s life and soul!

The Other Shore symbolized death. The moment the “Other Shore Asura” technique was used, it would be the moment in his life where the Heretic God would be at his strongest and most glorious… But the moment the power that was obtained by destroying one’s own profound veins and burning up one’s own life and soul ran dry, it was the moment when death would overtake him.