Chapter 1157 - Trial

Chapter 1157 - Trial

"Bro... Brother Yun?"

Upon appearing on the Conferred God Stage, the blood in Huo Poyun’s whole body began to boil over. Those great individuals that were mythical existences were present before his eyes and looking closely at him. He felt an unprecedented level of excitement, and was in no mood to pay attention to others. It was only just now that he discovered the familiar aura of Yun Che from some distance to his right. The two of them were separated by less than ten people.

The first reaction of Huo Poyun was, undoubtedly, disbelief at what he was seeing.

"Him?" It wasn't only Huo Poyun who noticed Yun Che. There was also another person, who harbored deep hatred for him—Jun Xilei. Catching sight of Yun Che, she stared him blankly for three breaths, "Impossible... How could he worm his way in here?"

"What's happening here? How can there be someone among us who is only at the Divine Tribulation Realm...? Wait a moment. This person is..." The eyes of Shui Yingyue stopped moving for a second, as she suddenly recalled the time when she had seen him.

"Hehehe." If there was anyone who was not surprised at all, besides Wu Guike, it was only Shui Meiyin. Unlike the others, she had been sneakily looking at Yun Che from the very beginning. Now that he had become the focus of the entire Conferred God Stage, light circled around within her eyes too. Her tender face had a big smile on it. "So the Profound God Convention can actually be such a fun event."

"This was bound to happen." Wu Guike started to feel uneasy.

"Who is that person? What exactly is going on?"

"The first level... of the Divine Tribulation Realm!? No matter what, it's impossible to enter the ranks of the ‘heaven chosen children' with such a cultivation, right?"

"Let alone the heavenchosen children, it would be impossible to even pass the first round of preliminaries!"

"Could it be that... he used some sort of special means?"

"Is there still a need to ask that? I didn't think that someone would dare cheat in the Profound God Convention! Furthermore, he forced his way into the top thousand. Is he looking for death or what!?"

"How exactly did he pull it off?"

"Who cares about his means? He is bound to die anyway!"

Some people began discussing the matter, and the rest stared at each other. Once they discovered this different kind of existence among the top thousand, first surprise and then disbelief surfaced in their eyes. Afterwards, the looks in their eyes turned into that of disdain and pity.

It was an extremely tremendous achievement to be one of the top thousand at the Profound God Convention. For a person in the first level of Divine Tribulation Realm to make it into the top thousand was so ridiculous that even a three year old child wouldn't believe it. Cheating itself wasn't that bad, as no matter what means was employed, it was in itself a kind of ability to be able to cheat. They could have overlooked such a thing if the cheating was done to rise in the ranks and not to dare to improperly become one of the top thousand in the overall ranking, which lead him to be clearly exposed to the eyes of the four great god emperors of the Eastern Divine Region, and countless realm kings of other star realms.

It would be an understatement to say he was looking for death. He was simply stupid beyond imagination.

In the eastern seating area of the Conferred God Stage, the expressions of the four great god emperors darkened. Even the Eternal Heaven God Emperor, who was the most gentle and calm among them, had a frown on his face. He was just about to say something when a wanton, crazy laugh reached his ears.

"Hahahaha, hahahahahaha..." The upper-half of God Emperor Cang Shitian's body was bent backward, as he laughed aloud while clapping. "Interesting, so very interesting! A person with a meager profound strength of the first level of the Divine Tribulation Realm was actually able to make his way into the top thousand youngsters of the Eastern Divine Region, huh. It has really broadened this king’s horizons, hahahaha."

There was no doubt that God Emperor Cang Shitian was ridiculing the Eastern Divine Region with his loud laugh, which further darkened the expressions of the four great god emperors.

 Even a profound practitioner of the first level of the Divine Tribulation Realm was able to enter the ranks of the top thousand, which effectively pulled down the threshold to make it into the top thousand of the Eastern Divine Region to the first level of the Divine Tribulation Realm. How could they not be ridiculed?

If it were to spread, there was no doubt the entire convention would become a gargantuan joke.

Although the Eternal Heaven God Emperor still had a calm face, there was clearly some heaviness in his tone. "Qu Hui!"

Following his two indifferently uttered words, the whole place became quiet.

Honorable Qu Hui landed on the Conferred God Stage from the sky above, as he stood in front of all the "heaven chosen children," without saying a word. His stateliness, that seemed to be suppressing the heaven and earth, made all profound practitioners feel a chilling sensation all of a sudden, as they kept quiet out of fear.

His eyes moved a bit as his gaze, which appeared sharper than a sword forged with the standards of the divine way, fell straight on Yun Che. An indescribable chill made all the young profound practitioners beside Yun Che frightened in their hearts, and they swifty and carefully distanced themselves from him. A wide space had opened in the midst of the thousand people, with Yun Che at its center.

"You there, come out."

Qu Hui said. The tone of his voice was extremely indifferent. Although there was not the slightest profound strength emitting from him, a coercion swept down from some unknown place as it weighed down the bodies of others like extremely heavy iron plates. It caused all of these topnotch young experts to hold their breath, without exception.

Originally, this should look very funny to others, allowing them to enjoy the misfortune of the other party, and even vent their hatred for him. However, because of Honorable Qu Hui’s frightening fame, they were incomparably nervous, and felt pity for Yun Che rather than despising or hating him.

Because in front of Honorable Qu Hui, no matter how great one’s origin was, even if they were the illegitimate child of the Heavenly King, they would be done for.

Without any sort of hesitation, Yun Che stepped forward, as he firmly stood in front of Honorable Qu Hui, and didn't say anything.

He was standing with the Dragon Monarch, the five great god emperors, and almost all the topnotch experts of the Eastern Divine Region paying attention to him as well.

At this moment, Yun Che had become the focus of the entire Conferred God Stage... Even Luo Changsheng was unable to have such a "special honor."

"What is your name? Where are you from?" Honorable Qu Hui asked. There wasn’t the slightest emotion in his tone.

"Yun Che, from a lower realm," Yun Che replied calmly.

The four words "from a lower realm" immediately caused some disturbance among the people present at the Conferred God Stage, as changes happened in the gazes of all. In the God Realm, even the lower star realms, which were of the lowest level in the God Realm, disdained the profound practitioners from the lower realm, and viewed them as "inferior existences."

Even if Yun Che was the son of an upper star realm king, given the great sin he had committed in such circumstances, he was certainly going to suffer a punishment, without any room for mercy. So, if he was truly from the mere lower realm... there was no doubt that he would be punished without the slightest chance of being forgiven.

"Brother... Yun..." Huo Poyun swayed a bit, as his entire body felt uneasiness. However, he didn't dare to recklessly take any action or say something.

"Wh... Wh-Wh... What should we do?" all the hairs on Mu Huanzhi's body stood on end and he was in an extremely panicked state. Yun Che was the direct disciple of Mu Xuanyin. If something were to happen to him, they would have no explanations for Mu Xuanyin when they returned to their star realm. Moreover, how could this matter be an issue for Yun Che alone...? It was extremely likely that their Snow Song Realm would also be implicated.

This was, after all, the Profound God Convention, where all the four emperors, as well as the Dragon Monarch and God Emperor Shitian had arrived!

"This boy... is normally so astute. So... how did his brain suddenly become full of shit!?" Huo Rulie was also alarmed and restless with anxiety, as he rained curses in fury.

"Oh?" In the area allocated to the Star God Realm, the Heavenly Poison Star God Moonflower, who had been fiddling with her fingers this whole time, and not showing the slightest interest in anything that happened, narrowed her eyes, as a light moan came from her sensual and seductive lips.

"What is it?" Sitting beside her, the Heavenly Strength Star God Shenhu moved his gaze sideways to her.

"It's nothing. I just suddenly thought of someone." The voice of Moonflower was lovely, soft, and sluggish, similar to a charming beauty speaking by a man's ear in a low tone.

“I don't know who had such bad luck and a short life to actually be remembered by a female devil like you," the Heavenly Strength God Shenhu said.

"It's just a dead person now." Moonflower gently caressed and stroked her long and thin fingers that had too strong a fragrance of flowers coming from them. She narrowed her eyes, "This little brother who is seeking death, not only looks like him, his name is the same as well. Isn't that quite interesting?"

The face of Honorable Qu Hui seemed even stiffer than fine iron, as if no expression would ever appear on it. But, a wisp of strange light flashed through the depths of his pupils as he looked straight at Yun Che.

It was not only the case with Honorable Qu Hui. Slight change had happened in the gazes of the Dragon Monarch, Brahma Heaven God Emperor, Eternal Heaven God Emperor, Star God Emperor, and Moon God Emperor. Especially, God Emperor Shitian, who had been laughing crazily for a long while, he revealed an expression of interest.

Because Yun Che was too calm.

Facing all the god emperors and realm kings here while being in such a predicament, and with Honorable Qu Hui being only five steps away in front of him, much less an ordinary person, even a Realm King who had committed a great sin would possibly be too terrified to even stand in a steady manner.

However, Yun Che... didn't move in the least as he stood without any changes in his expression. Even his aura was like still water where no waves surfaced. He was behaving simply like a bystander that had nothing to do with the matter at hand... No, he was even calmer than a bystander.

His gaze was continuously drifting around... It wasn't due to being so utterly afraid that his gaze was wandering aimlessly, instead, he was actually looking around him in a seemingly absent-minded state.

Yun Che was certainly not afraid in the least. On the contrary, he was eager for such a thing to happen. However, he really wasn't as calm in his heart as he looked from the outside. At least, his heart had been beating crazily this whole time... though not because of the punishment he was about to receive.

Good... This is so good... In such a situation, Jasmine will definitely catch sight of me...

Jasmine... Where are you...? You're definitrly somewhere around here...

Yun Che's gaze and spirit sense were swiftly searching for her. During the eight years he and Jasmine had been together, it was absolutely not just them spending time from morning to night with each other, but also "coexisting in the same body." He believed that if Jasmine was in his vicinity, he would surely be able to perceive her.

All four great king realms had come to this Profound God Convention... An aura just like that of heavenly might was emitting from the eastern region, where the four great king realms were located. The Star God Realm was among them...

But... he was not able to perceive Jasmine’s aura. He had already spent a good long while searching for her, but still couldn’t find her.

Has Jasmine not come…? No! It’s definitely because there are so many powerful auras mixed at this place that I’m not able to locate her in a short time. If she’s here, she must have seen me by now.

Yun Che’s heart was filled with deep earnest hope and nervousness.

On the other side, far away in the sky above.

The goddess of the Brahma Monarch God Realm took her gaze away, as she said in a flat and indifferent tone, “Such a pointless farce. Uncle Gu, have you discovered it?”

The old person responded with a slight shake of his head, “None of them has what we are looking for. Neither the many people present, nor the thousand ‘heaven chosen children.’”

“Heaven chosen children? Hmph!” Qinye Ying’er lightly snorted in disdain. She didn’t show any reaction to not be able to find what she had come for, as she hadn’t expected much from the very beginning.

“Miss, “ the old man in the gray clothes said all of a sudden. “A dangerous individual is drawing near from the east.”


“It’s the Heavenly Slaughter Star God and the Heavenly Wolf Star God,” Uncle Gu slowly said. “The Heavenly Slaughter Star God harbors extremely intense hatred towards you. Adding to it her extreme nature, she will definitely attack you, even if this place here is the Eternal Heaven Realm. Therefore, avoid her for the time being.”

“…” the goddess of Brahma Heaven God Realm remained silent for a bit. “Forget it. It’s already no use staying here anyway.”

But before her figure moved at all, she suddenly muttered in doubt, “That’s strange. The Heavenly Wolf Star God still has a childish nature, so it’s somewhat understandable for her to come here. But why would the Heavenly Slaughter Star God come to this place?”

“Uncle Gu, you first leave with Fu and Xian. I suddenly feel like going over and seeing whether the Heavenly Slaughter Star God has made any progress over the past few years.”

Qianye Ying’er’s gaze turned to the east. The aura on her body slowly faded away, and as her golden long hair blew in the wind, an incomparable beautiful flittering light glimmered across her body.

“The spirit sense of the Heavenly Slaughter Star God is extremely sharp. Miss must make sure to be careful.”

Uncle Gu didn’t stop her, because once Qianye Ying’er decided to do something, no one could convince her otherwise.

Leaving a warning in the end, his aged and dried-up figure flashed through the sky, and after an instant, he was already rapidly flying away into the distance, along with the two maids in silver armor.

 The figure of Qianye Yin’er also became fainter little by little at this time, until it disappeared completely.

 At the same time, her aura disappeared as well.

 Just like the perfect invisibility that Moon Splitting Cascade bestowed on Yun Che.