Chapter 1156 - A Different Kind

Chapter 1156 - A Different Kind

Huo Rulie also saw Yun Che at this time. He widened his eyes as he suddenly stopped laughing crazily. After repeatedly ascertaining that his eyes weren’t deceiving him, he opened his mouth and said while stammering. “Wh… Wh-wh-wh-wh… What is going on here?”

“…” The expression on the face of Mu Bingyun changed irregularly, and her chest moved up and down. If it was another sect, it would be undoubtedly a gargantuan pleasant surprise for them to have a disciple, from whom they didn’t expect anything, actually make it into the ranks of the “heaven chosen children.” But, Mu Bingyun didn’t feel the least bit of pleasantness, and was instead deeply shocked to see Yun Che.

Because, given Yun Che’s strength, he should abso~lutely~not be over there.

“Oh no!” Having remained in a shocked state for a long time, Mu Bingyun’s heart sank all of a sudden.

It was certainly impossible for Yun Che to pass the second round with his own strength… and it was the same for the first round too. In that case, the only explanation possible for him to appear here would be him using some sort of special means.

In other words, cheating!

But this place here was the Eternal Heaven God Realm! The one standing before him was the chief adjudicator of Eternal Heaven, Honorable Qu Hui.

Considering Yun Che’s profound strength, the first level of Divine Tribulation, even a fool would not believe that he became one of the “heaven chosen children” using his true strength. His action of “cheating,” was clearly looking down upon the Eternal Heaven God Realm, as well the “heaven chosen children” who had a special mission to carry out…

He would certainly be confronted with the indignation of the Eternal Heaven God Realm, the people present at the Conferred God Stage, and all the other profound practitioners of the many star realms as well.

Afterwards, not only would his qualification to participate any further in the competition be cancelled, but he would also definitely receive an incomparably severe… and even cruel punishment!

Although it was only a group of youngsters that were under sixty years old, the auras being emitted from them were powerful enough to make countless experts on the stage feel deeply amazed.

“So that person is… Luo Changsheng?”

Gaze after gaze fell on a particularly outstanding youth who was standing before all. He was dressed in white clothes, and his outward appearance was young, seemingly no more than seventeen or eighteen years old. His fair and clear skin, and rather feminine facial features added some delicateness to his refined and elegant bearing. At first glance, it made him look like a scholar who was frail, gentle, and easy to associate with.

However, the indistinct smile hanging at the corner of his mouth, and the expression of indifference as if he was looking down upon everyone, made him completely unapproachable.

This gentle and frail-looking person had in fact a name that was known by each and every person in the Eastern Divine Region.

Luo Changsheng!

The strongest of the Four God Children of the Eastern Region, the one holding first place in both the first and second rounds of preliminaries, and the person who was publicly recognized as number one among the current young generation of the Eastern Divine Region.

Although the people of the Eastern Divine Region had long heard of his name, if they hadn’t seen it for themselves, perhaps no one would have thought that the number one person of the young generation of the Eastern Divine Region would actually have such a gentle and frail appearance.

“Looks like no one else but Luo Changsheng could be number one for this session of the Profound God Convention.”

“Of course, there is basically no suspense to it. It is said that Luo Changsheng has already cultivated up to the ultimate limit of the Divine Spirit Realm, and is only a little ways away from entering the Divine King Realm. He only needed to wait for the right opportunity when he would have an even deeper realization of the profound way, and then he could be a profound practitioner of the Divine King Realm. It is extremely likely that he will become the youngest Divine King in the history of the Eastern Divine Region!”

“The Four God Children of the Eastern Region are indeed worthy of their great reputation. In the second round of preliminaries, it’s again those four monopolizing the first four places.”

“A large number of geniuses have emerged among those of the young generation, but the Four God Children of the Eastern Region have absolute superiority over others once again. There is no doubt about the final achievement of Luo Changsheng in this convention, and there’d most likely be no one else besides him, Shui Yingyue from Glazed Light, Lu Lengchuan from Shrouding Sky, and Jun Xilei, the Sword Sovereign’s Successor, who will eventually be the four to whom the title of god will be conferred this time on the Conferred God Stage.”

“Wait a moment! Look at that little girl beside Shui Yingyue… How could there be such a little girl here? First level of… Divine Spirit Realm?” the realm king of a middle star realm looked on in daze as shock filled his face.

His gaze was directed to a young girl in a black skirt, who appeared thirteen or fourteen years old. There was a black butterfly-shaped belt tied to her thin waist. Her clothes, age, profound strength… everything about her existence made her seem a misfit to be present among the people around her.

Shui Meiyin!

More and more gazes focused on this special girl… and then, even Yun Che looked at her. For a person of the first level of Divine Spirit Realm, it was equally impossible for them to enter the top thousand by relying on their strength. But he wasn’t surprised at all, because he had personally seen her moving about together with Shui Yingyue.

She had obviously cheated.

He was still feeling deeply puzzled in his heart… why had she been able to discover him, despite him being in the invisible state!?

But, the discussions related to Shui Yingyue on the Conferred God Stage, were heading in a very different direction than his thoughts.

“Shui Meiyun, fifteen years old. She actually managed to enter the ranks of the top thousand…? Incredible!”

“Fifteen years old? Divine Spirit Realm… Could it be that she is that rumored one of the Glazed Light Realm…?”

“It is impossible for another person like her to exist. In the current young generation of the Glazed Light Realm, not only do they have Shui Yingyue, but also an amazing little monster.”

“But, no matter how astonishing her talent is, with her cultivation right now, it is quite impossible for her to…”

“If it was someone else, it would naturally be impossible. However, if that rumor is true… No, no, there is no need for ‘if.’ For her to be standing here together with Shui Yingyue, it already proves that rumor to be true!”

“Rumor…? What rumor?”

“In the last stage of Divine Tribulation, before experiencing the heavenly tribulation, a person defeated three people in the mid stages of Divine Spirit Realm from the same sect—A sect master of a sect outside the Glazed Light Realm personally saw and talked about it.”

“Wh-wh-wh… What did you say!?!?”

People shifted their gazes at the Glazed Light Realm King who was present in the northern seating area. There was not the slightest hint of surprise on his face at seeing his two daughters appear on the Conferred God Stage. He only had a faint smile from start to finish.

Because this outcome was only natural.

“So there are four of them who are at the tenth level of Divine Spirit Realm… and three of them are no more than thirty years old.” The Dragon Monarch nodded in praise. “The youngsters of this generation of the Eastern Divine Region are truly outstanding. My Western Divine Region lacks too much in comparison.”

It wasn’t that the Dragon Monarch was being modest, because when it came to cultivation speed, the dragon race was inferior to the humans… and far inferior at that.

But taking into consideration the physique, talent and lifespan of dragons, even if the humans could grow at a very fast rate, they would have no superiority over True Dragons.

“Haha, if they knew that they were praised by the Dragon Monarch, they would certainly see it as the honor of a lifetime” the Eternal Heaven God Emperor said while smiling faintly.

“Hmph,” Cang Shitian let out a very light grunt. His expression was a bit stiff, clearly showing that he wasn’t really all that happy.

If the Four God Children of the Eastern Region were all close to sixty years old, he could completely accept them having such high levels of cultivation. However, among the four youngsters of the tenth level of Divine Spirit Realm, besides Lu Lengchuan who was above fifty years old, the auras of the life force of the other three… were actually only around thirty years old.

It dealt a significant blow to Cang Shitian. Because in respects to cultivation rate alone, the youngsters of this generation of the Southern Divine Region were already proven to be inferior to the Eastern Divine Region.

Besides these four, the auras of other youngsters were also astonishing, and far beyond his expectations.

When these thousand topnotch geniuses entered the Eternal Heaven Divine Realm, and then, came out three years later, there would be no doubt that the Eastern Divine Region would suddenly see the addition of a large group of experts, who would be considered topnotch even by the standards of the entire God Realm. It would naturally result in the power of the Southern Divine Region becoming weaker compared to the Eastern Divine Region.

He was, of course, in a bad mood.

The gaze of the Dragon Monarch moved little by little as he observed the top thousand. He was clearly looking at them quite seriously. Those he observed first were naturally the ones with the most powerful auras. After a moment, he nodded slowly, “Three thousand years in the Eternal Heaven Divine Realm is worth much more than cultivating outside for ten thousand years. Three years later, there will likely be at least ten Divine Masters among these thousand extraordinarily talented youngsters.”

His voice paused for a bit, after which the Dragon Monarch shook his head, as he corrected himself. “No, if they were to stay in contact with that level of aura inside the Eternal Heaven Divine Realm for three thousand years, there would be more than ten Divine Masters; even the emergence of twenty or thirty of them is possible. Otherwise, your Eternal Heaven would not have reached its current heights.

“Hahaha.” The Eternal Heaven God Emperor slowly stroked his beard as he smiled mysteriously. He didn’t make any comment to the Dragon Monarch’s words.

It was only him under heaven who truly knew the meaning of “staying three thousand years in the Eternal Heaven Divine Realm.” Even the Dragon Monarch, who had lived three hundred fifty thousand years didn’t really know it, either. It was the first time in history for such a thing to happen… Having maintained a balance with the Eternal Heaven Pearl for a long time, he now had to make a difficult choice and an enormous sacrifice.

“In addition, several hundred Divine Sovereigns will emerge among them. Putting aside that ‘calamity’, which is just a guess, the Eastern Divine Region in three years, will possibly… Oh?” The voice of the Dragon Monarch abruptly came to a halt. His gaze moved all of a sudden, and fixed directly on that petite black figure.

That excessively immature aura of life force, as well as that surprising aura of the profound strength in Divine Spirit Realm, caused this number one person in the mighty God Realm to intensely change his expression.

“So… the rumor was actually true,” the Dragon Monarch said in a low tone.

“Oh? Could it be that the Dragon Monarch has heard of her?” Following the gaze of the Dragon Monarch, the Eternal Heaven God Emperor asked with a faint smile.

“The Glazed Light Realm of the Eastern Region was bestowed a girl by heaven, who inherently possesses variant veins and variant soul. She began cultivating at the age of seven, after which she entered the divine way when she was ten. By the time she turned eleven years old, she reached the Divine Soul Realm, and then, the Divine Tribulation Realm when she was thirteen, and could fight undefeated with those from the Divine Spirit Realm… This dragon only thought of it as a joke, but it seems now that even this dragon had a quite a narrow view!”

Having experienced countless things over three hundred fifty thousand years, the weight of every word in “had a quite a narrow view” coming from the Dragon Monarch was too great to describe.

“It’s certainly impossible to talk about this girl with common sense as the basis. Just two months ago, she once again succeeded in advancing to the next realm as she stepped into the Divine Spirit Realm, which made all of us uncontrollably marvel at her talent.” The Eternal Heaven God Emperor said.

The gaze of the Dragon Monarch was still on Shui Meiyin. He had observed her for longer than the total time he spent on the Four God Children of the Eastern Region. “The four people with the title of ‘God Children’ are indeed absolutely outstanding, but… even combined, they are still not as good as this one girl.”

There couldn’t be any higher evaluation of a person than this, but the Eternal Heaven God Emperor didn’t show any change in his expression. Instead, he nodded without the slightest hesitation, “Eternal Heaven deeply thinks so, too. Over the past few years, Eternal Heaven has personally gone to the Glazed Light Realm more than once, in order to receive this girl as his disciple. However… Sigh.”

Eternal Heaven shook his head with some disappointment and much regret. For him, the Eternal Heaven God Emperor, to take the initiative to take on someone as his disciple was such an unimaginably wishful opportunity that no profound practitioner would dare to think of even in their ten thousand lifetimes. However, when he took the initiative to do so for the first time in his life, the result was…

“Hahahaha,” the Dragon Monarch laughed aloud. “Now that would be strange if the Glazed Light Realm agreed to give you such a bright pearl bestowed by heaven. If this dragon could get such a god-favored girl, even if the Heavenly King were to come asking for her, this dragon too would absolutely not be willing to part with her even for a little while.”

“That is definitely true, but it will still be a big regret in the life of Eternal Heaven.” The Eternal Heaven God Emperor let out a bitter laugh. Every time the Eternal Heaven God Emperor, who existed at the summit of the Primal Chaos, and commanded the highest prestige in the Eastern Divine Region, looked towards Shui Meiyin, he would actually have… an eager, longing look in his eyes.

“It’s rare for even this dragon to be able to see such an exceptionally talented one.” The Dragon Monarch sighed with sincerity. “If a person with her aptitude doesn’t come to a premature end, she will possibly be no less powerful than the guardians of your Eternal Heaven God Realm.”

A king realm is able to become so precisely because of having a special “inheritance” method. That was the reason for the Eternal Heaven God Realm to have a group of incomparably powerful guardians this whole time. The Star God Realm and the Moon God Realm both relied on “inheritance” too.

If a profound practitioner could reach the same heights by themselves in the profound way as the ones who receive “inheritance,” that absolutely would be an extremely terrifying matter.

Once again, the Eternal Heaven God Emperor didn’t deny his speculation, and nodded his head in response.

“Being able to see this little girl with unprecedented talent is in itself worth this dragon making the trip here.” Even a lot of envy could be sensed in the tone of the Dragon Monarch. “I suppose that she should be the youngest one not only among the thousand ‘heaven chosen children,’ but also of all the participants in the Profound God Convention.”

“The youngest one, with the lowest profound strength, but…”

Suddenly, the voice of the Dragon Monarch seemed to have been cut off by something instantly. Soon after, his brows lowered a bit as his gaze fell on a person behind Shui Meiyin.

Yun Che!

Amidst the auras of all the Divine Spirit Realm experts, the Divine Tribulation Realm aura of Yun Che was thoroughly drowned. Furthermore, the eyes of everyone were drawn to the ones with particularly topnotch auras even among the thousand experts… As for Yun Che… unless someone paid special attention to him, it was almost not possible to sense the existence of his aura.

The Dragon Monarch was just now marveling at the fact that Shui Meiyin managed to make it into the ranks of the “heaven chosen children,” despite being the youngest and the one with the lowest profound strength. But he didn’t expect to suddenly sense an aura that was merely in the Divine Tribulation Realm… and the first level of the Divine Tribulation Realm at that!

The aura of the first level of Divine Tribulation Realm was far more than out of place in the midst of the thousand “heaven chosen children” at the Conferred God Stage.

This discovery spread crazily among the people present at the place, just like a plague. The noise on the Conferred God Stage also became low all of a sudden at this time. Shock, bewilderment, and disbelief surfaced on the faces of more and more people. After a brief while, the gazes of all the people… literally, the gazes of all the people at the stage, were on Yun Che, without a single exception!

Including those of the other nine hundred ninety-nine “heaven chosen children” on the Conferred God Stage.