Chapter 196 - Instant Defeat

Chapter 196 - Instant Defeat

“Ju… Junior Brother Yun!!”

Cang Yue immediately covered her lips, and looked at the figure that was easily within her reach in disbelief. Instantly, her vision became hazy, making her feel as if she had plummeted into the realm of dreams. Waves of dizziness had even emerged in her brain.

She took a step forward, and even though she forcefully endured the impulse to dive into his embrace, she could not suppress the tears on her face that gushed out no matter what. Looking at Yun Che and suppressing her weeping sound, she tried to speak; but she was already crying to the point of being unable to utter any sound, and couldn’t even voice out a coherent sentence.

Yun Che walked to Cang Yue’s front. Without minding Qin Wushang and the other two people on the side, he reached out his hand, gently wiped away the teardrops on her face and said with an aching heart: “Sorry, Senior sister, I have worried you.”

The voice belonging to Yun Che was like the most gentle of wind and reverberated within Cang Yue’s ears. She had thought she would never hear his voice ever again in her entire life. She grasped Yun Che’s hand. Her tears from joy and surprise could not stop as she said while weeping: “I… I had thought… had thought… never again… never again….”

“I didn’t tell Senior Sister that the place I went to was the Wasteland of Death, and it is my fault… However, I’ve returned safely; not a single hair is missing.” Yun Che comforted her while smiling: “Before I left, I had promised Senior Sister I would return within half a year. Even though I was almost late, at least I did not break my promise with Senior sister. Senior sister, don’t cry anymore… No matter where I go from now on, I’ll definitely tell you honestly, and never again let you worry for me.”

Cang Yue’s tears, Yun Che’s whispers... Even if one were an idiot, they would still be able to clearly tell their relationship at this moment. Leaving aside Qin Wushang, who had noticed inklings of this long ago, as Qin Wuyou had also secretly hinted toward him a few times; even though he was somewhat awkward and uncomfortable just watching from the side like that, it was still acceptable. But for Feng Bufan and Fang Feilong, their expressions were much more interesting… Yun Che was someone of broad interest half a year ago; they have also heard news of his death in the Wasteland of Death. Following beside the Crown Prince and the Third Prince, they had also occasionally heard that Blue Moon Princess and Yun Che were somewhat close. But at this time, they were seeing the two’s drifting tears and exposed emotions up close and personal…

Whether Yun Che was dead or alive, wasn’t any urgent concern to them. After all, he was merely a small character in their eyes, and at most, merely had a decent influence within the younger generation in addition to having had the attention of Crown Prince and Third Prince before. But Cang Yue… she was the one and only princess within the Blue Wind Empire’s Imperial Family! And the identity that was even more important —— She was also the woman that Fen Juechen fancied!

After Feng Bufan and Fang Feilong had finished being surprised, their gazes toward Yun Che instantly had a few more degrees of pity: Putting aside the Blue Moon Princess identity, if Fen Juechen hears of this Yun Che who dared to taint the woman that he fancied, even if the entire Blue Wing Profound Palace were to cover for him, he would still certainly die an incomparably miserable death, and there definitely would not be a second outcome.

Glancing at Qin Wushang and the two people with abnormal expressions, Yun Che squeezed Cang Yue’s hand, took a step forward and said: “Palace Chief Qin, I had left the profound palace unnoticed on my own accord half a year ago, and I wish for Palace Chief’s forgiveness.”

“Haha, it’s good as long as you returned, well and safe.” Qin Wushang smiled benevolently. Seeing Yun Che’s safe return, he was also truly joyous in his heart. At least, Princess Cang Yue would no longer continue to have an ashen heart be sad to the point of despair. He slightly nodded and said: “Oh! It also seems, that the fruit borne from your half year of training is very shocking. Your current profound strength rank is now… Hm? What!! True Profound Realm ten… Tenth rank? This this this….”

He had originally felt that the profound energy’s aura Yun Che faintly emitted was much more profound and thick than half a year ago, and thus he was very pleased. But only when he truly examined it, did he finally find out with extreme shock, that his profound strength level had actually already reached the tenth level of True Profound Realm!

When he last saw Yun Che, it was six month ago. At that time, during his showdown with Murong Yi, his profound strength was only at the second level of the True Profound Realm… With six months of time, he actually consecutively crossed eight levels!!

“True Profound… tenth level? Ah?” Cang Yue turned back her face that still had tears hanging on it, and spoke with a tone that was both shocked and delighted: “Junior Brother Yun, is that true…. Your profound strength really has already reached the peak of True Profound Realm?”

Qin Wushang’s words, made the expression of both Feng Bufan and Fang Feilong change. They immediately probed for Yun Che’s profound strength; the result they got, made their expression change greatly again, and the shock in their hearts was at their limit. About the matter of him battling Murong Yi half a year ago, they naturally knew about it, and also knew Yun Che’s profound strength at that time…. But a leap of such an extent, jumping eight ranks consecutively in six month’s time, they had never even heard of such a case before.

Even for the current number one genius of the younger generation—— Heavenly Sword Villa’s Young Villa Master Ling Yun, it would have definitely been impossible for him to jump from True Profound Realm level two to True Profound Realm level ten in half a year.

What shocked Qin Wushang even more, was that not only did Yun Che’s profound strength surged greatly, the aura was also extremely stable… Raising eight levels within half a year, the profound energy was still so stable and thick; any part of this would be enough to shock the world.

Yun Che nodded while smiling: “Yes. Even though the Wasteland of Death is filled with dangers, it indeed could give a person an extremely good training experience.”

If it was only training, with Yun Che’s fifty-four fully opened profound veins, he would still have gained enormously in half a year. However, he absolutely would not have raised his strength by this much just because of that. Obtaining the Dragon God bloodline’s inheritance, was the true key factor.

“This… This is simply unbelievable.” Qin Wushang even somewhat stuttered from excitement: “Even those direct disciples of the top sects that possessed abundant resources and heritage, certainly wouldn’t have had such an improvement that you did. Seems like, I had always underestimated you greatly. It is also no wonder why the princess would... toward you. Haha, hold you in such importance.”

“Palace Chief Qin’s praise is too much.” Yun Che casually smiled, and cut straight to the chase: “The Blue Wind Ranking Tournament should be starting in just two more days, I want to represent the Imperial Family to attend this time’s Ranking Tournament. I wonder if Palace Chief Qin can grant me permission?”

“This…” Qin Wushang hesitated for a moment, took a glance at Feng Bufan and Fang Feilong, and said: “Every single force that attends the Ranking Tournament, can only bring three participant disciples at most. The three people that represents the Imperial Family to participate has already been chosen by matches within the Inner Palace. These two senior brothers of yours beside me are the two amongst them, and the other is Fen Juechen. If you were to participate, I’m afraid…”

“That’s easy.” Yun Che turned his gaze toward Feng Bufan and Fang Feilong: “Since it’s a ranking tournament, then the tournament’s outcome will affect the Imperial Family’s rankings within all the forces, and naturally will also affect the Imperial Family’s prestige. Thus, we absolutely must choose the strongest disciples as the participants. Since these two Senior Brothers are two of the strongest three from the selections, then if I defeat either of them, does this mean that I could replace them?”

“This….” Qin Wushang looked at Cang Yue, and slowly nodded: “That indeed is so. If your strength is greater than either one of the your two Senior Brothers, you naturally will be more qualified to represent the Imperial Family and participate.”

“That’s good then.” Yun Che folded his right hand behind his back, and extended his left hand toward Feng Bufan and Fang Feilong: “Then, I’d like to ask for some guidance from the two Senior Brothers here. I wonder which Senior Brother would like to grant me guidance first?

Yun Che and Qin Wushang’s discussion made Feng Bufan and Fang Feilong reveal their disdain. Even though Yun Che’s progress was shocking beyond belief, the two of them had long since broken through the True Profound Realm and had already been in the Spirit Profound Realm for more than a year, so how could they possibly care about a tenth ranked of the True Profound Realm? It was even more impossible for them to think that they would be defeated by a True Profound practitioner.

In the face of Yun Che’s attitude, the two laughed in disdain. Fang Feilong’s mouth twitched, and said: “Feng Bufan, I’ll leave this to you then.”

The corner of Feng Bufan’s eyes slanted as he sneered: “Feng Feilong, you are merely someone who lost to me, so there is no point for me to do anything. If you can’t even pass through that, is there even a need for me to take action?”

Fang Feilong furiously countered: “Surnamed Feng, that was only because you consumed the Dragonscale Transforming Pellet early, and broke through one or two months earlier than me! Wait until I have completed refining the Dragonscale Transforming Pellet in these two or so days, then we’ll see who’s the loser!”

“There is no need for the two Senior Brothers to quarrel.” Yun Che said with a chuckled: “If you guys cannot decide on who is going to give me guidance, then you can both come up together.”

After those words were out, Qin Wushang and Cang Yue were scared silly. Feng Bufan and Fang Feilong stared blankly for a bit, then sneered at the same time. Feng Bufan answered: “Hmph. Yun Che, you are indeed as arrogant and conceited as the rumors had said you were…”

Feng Bufan had only just started speaking, but was then impolitely interrupted by Yun Che: “The ranking tournament is already close at hand, we had better not waste time on unnecessary talk. If the two senior brothers do not want to take the initiative to attack, then I won’t be polite anymore.”

As soon as his voice fell, Yun Che’s figure flashed as he directly dashed at Feng Bufan and Fang Feilong. As he approached, his silhouette suddenly split in two, letting Feng Bufan and Fang Feilong clearly see a distinct Yun Che come attacking in each of their direction.

Against an opponent at the True Profound Realm, neither Feng Bufan or Fang Feilong felt any pressure, nor did they feel flustered. And a True Profound Realm that actually vainly attempted to simultaneously challenge two at the Spirit Profound Realm, in their eyes, was the biggest joke of the century.


The two coldly shouted as they individually grabbed at the Yun Che in front of them, but both of their hands simultaneously grabbed at the air… The two Yun Ches, were both residual images! But under both their attacks, attacking these two residual images felt no different that attacking a real person, and did not have the the vague illusory feeling that residual images usually should have.

This was Star God’s Broken Shadow’s most formidable aspect.

Afterwards, Yun Che’s true body appeared above them. His body immediately spun as both his hands unfurled and simultaneously struck in the two’s direction. Like lightning, he struck the one on the left and the one on the right on the shoulder with an attack that didn’t appear to be light or heavy.

Yun Che’s surprise attack shocked them, but they did not have show any hint of fear when facing Yun Che’s attack. It was simply impossible for a True Profound attack, especially one that simultaneously dispersed towards two people, to break through their profound energy defense. And as long as the two simultaneously countered with their profound energy the instant the attack hit, the two Spirit Profound Realm’s counter energy was enough to let this arrogant egoistic brat who did not know the difference between heaven and earth, suffer serious injuries.

But just as Yun Che’s double slap hit their shoulders, an indescribable oppressive feeling sent instant chills down their backs as their hearts suddenly stopped. Then, after a loud “bang”, they felt as if they had been ruthlessly smashed by a fifteen thousand kilogram sledgehammer as their profound energy defense, along with any thoughts of “counter repelling” broke apart in a split second. The two groaned in unison and were sent flying far away. As if they were two bundles of rice straws, they continuously flew past a distance of more than thirty meters away. Afterwards, they sprawled on the ground while moaning in pain, and could not get up until a long while.

Yun Che’s profound strength was indeed only at the tenth level of the True Profound Realm, but how could his actual strength be measured by his profound strength!

Instant defeat!

Instantly defeated two people!

And these two, were the mighty top practitioners of the younger generation that had been second and third place on the Inner Palace’s Heavenly Profound Ranking, for more than a year!

Qin Wushang’s old eyes immediately opened wider than a cow eyes, and even Cang Yue had softly gasped as she subconsciously covered her mouth. The shocked tint in her eyes that turned into pleasant surprise, once more turned into a deep admiration and reverence… like how an ordinary girl adored her brave lover.

Seeing the two people who were unable to get up from the ground, Yun Che looked at his hands and then said somewhat embarrassedly: “Senior Brothers, I apologize, I attacked a bit too heavily… Err, Palace Chief Qin. Uhm… I really didn’t mean to do that on purpose… It shouldn’t delay the ranking tournament, right?”