Chapter 186 - Dragon Fault

Chapter 186 - Dragon Fault

Yun Che hopped up from the ground like a carp flipping out of the water. Looking at his hands, he felt power bubbling throughout his entire body, as if he was in a dream.

Yun Che’s sudden leap up undoubtedly startled Chu Yuechan. She watched Yun Che, and said weakly: “Yun Che… you…”

At this time, from the time Yun Che lost consciousness and the opening of the Frozen Soul Barrier, six hours had already elapsed. With Chu Yuechan’s current state, she had unyieldingly resisted falling asleep, and painfully waited for Yun Che to wake up and stand up again. Only, she never would’ve thought that not only did Yun Che stand up once again, his entire person, in the short span of six hours’ time, had completely recovered from all its injuries, replenished all its strength, and had been completely reformed.

“I’m alright now.” Yun Che put both hands down, then said with a slight smile. He looked at the Stone Dragon General outside, which was firmly isolated from the Frozen Soul Barrier, and said in a low voice: “Was it this barrier that protected us?”

“Hmph, you don’t say! If it wasn’t for this barrier, don’t mention breaking through, you would’ve died a hundred times already!” Jasmine said snappily.

“This is a Frozen Soul Barrier; it can still sustain for four more hours. You… are you really alright?” Chu Yuechan looked at Yun Che, and said with a voice still filled with disbelief.

Yun Che smiled lightly, and did not speak. Profound energy spread outwards, dispersing all the bloodstains on the exterior of his body. In an instant, not even a trace of bloodstains could be seen on his face, hands, and skin revealed through the holes of his clothing. His skin was as bright and clean as jade, with absolutely no sign of scarring.

This scene caused Chu Yuechan’s eyes to reveal some uncertainty. Yun Che bent down, and sent a gust of profound energy into Chu Yuechan’s body to protect her heart veins, and said with a gentle expression: “Wait for me here. We’ll leave this place immediately.”

After speaking, Yun Che grabbed the heavy sword on the floor, and charged out of the Frozen Soul Barrier… The Frozen Soul Barrier was a protective ward, and also an isolation ward. One could not enter, but one could leave.

Breaking through to the second stage of the Great Way of the Buddha had allowed the strength of Yun Che’s body to increase greatly. The one thousand nine hundred fifty kilogram heavy sword in his hands felt so light that it was almost as if it didn’t exist. It also felt much lighter than an ordinary profound practitioner holding a light sword. Once he exited the Frozen Soul Barrier, he swept the heavy sword horizontally outwards. With a string of explosions, those Stone Dragon Warriors were smashed to bits and pieces like pulverized beans… Crushed with incomparable thoroughness.

At this time, the strength contained in one strike was completely incomparable to before. More than twenty Stone Dragon Warriors were completely destroyed in just one sweep. Then, his body turned and jumped high in the air. With a low growl, he struck straight at the Stone Dragon General.

Before, he had been beaten half to death by one strike from the Stone Dragon General… And this time, he wanted to verify if his current reformed self could compare to the power of this Stone Dragon General head-on.


The two heavy swords collided ferociously. With an enormous sound, two intertwining gorges formed in the ground underneath their feet. The Stone Dragon General moved backwards while Yun Che shot outwards. After landing, he slid a distance before stopping with great effort, and his hands felt numb for a while.

On the body of the Overlord’s Colossal Sword, another nick around an inch long appeared.

The Overlord’s Colossal Sword had clashed with the enormous sword in the Stone Dragon General’s hands twice, and both times, a huge nick had been smashed into it. This was the disparity between two levels.

Yun Che’s eyebrows sunk slightly. Although his strength had increased greatly, the Stone Dragon General had attained the fifth level of the Spirit Profound Realm, and it wielded an extremely rare Sky Profound heavy sword. His thoughts of facing it head-on was still a little naive.

However, Yun Che’s expression didn’t reveal any unease. Possessing the Heavenly Wolf Hell God's Tome, he was least afraid of opponents that wielded heavy swords, because he was simply too familiar with every facet of the heavy sword. His gaze landed on the oddly-shaped heavy sword in the Stone Dragon General’s hands, and an unusual expression flashed repeatedly in his eyes.

Sky Profound Weapons; there were probably only ten in the entire Blue Wind Empire! As for Sky Profound level heavy swords, they simply did not exist.

But today, there was actually one right in front of him!

Although the current setting was the realm of the trials, since one could die or break through the realm, this meant that everything in this place was real, unlike the dream world of the secret Phoenix Trials. This also meant that the Sky Profound weapon in front of him was real as well!

With this thought, Yun Che raised his head and lifted the heavy sword up. He charged at the Stone Dragon General like lightning, but this time, he didn’t continue attacking the Stone Dragon General head-on. Rather, as its heavy sword came forward to receive his strike, he shifted his position using Star God’s Broken Shadow. He flashed to its left side, and smashed down with all his strength using the heavy sword.

The physical strength and power of the Stone Dragon General’s body, as well as its weapon, were both incredibly frightening. But it had one great flaw, which was its speed. Yun Che had clearly figured this out in his half-dead state before his breakthrough.

Along with a “boom”, the heavy sword smashed heavily onto the Stone Dragon General’s right shoulder. The golden-yellow armor on its shoulders fell off in an instant, but its body only stood askew to the left for a moment; it didn’t even lose its balance. The sword in its hands chopped horizontally, sweeping towards him.

Yun Che fled far away, escaping the Stone Dragon General’s counterattack. Then, he bared his teeth… This fellow’s body is too sturdy, even this heavy sword can’t injure it… It’s no wonder it didn’t die after receiving the combined strike of Phoenix Break, Empyrean Dance of the Phoenix Wing, and Heavenly Wolf Slash under the effect of Burning Heart.

I just don’t believe you’ll be able to continue resisting so steadily!

Yun Che’s eyes flashed, and he charged forward once again. He flashed around the Stone Dragon General’s surroundings with Star God’s Broken Shadow, leaving behind several afterimages. Every attack from the Stone Dragon General was extremely frightening, but all of them struck the afterimages Yun Che left behind, while every one of Yun Che’s strikes landed accurately on its body.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom...

After being pounded heavily by Yun Che several tens of times, the golden-yellow armor on the Stone Dragon General’s body became riddled with holes, but its body was still basically uninjured. The Stone Dragon General turned its body half-way, and swept its heavy sword horizontally towards Yun Che. But this time, Yun Che didn’t jump backwards to escape.

“Empyrean Dance of the Phoenix Wing!”


For this strike, Yun Che selected the Stone Dragon General’s head as the point of attack. Following the sound of an explosion, a lump of flame exploded from the center of the Stone Dragon General’s head. The Stone Dragon General’s helmet directly shattered, and it emitted a painful howl. Its body finally lost its balance for the first time, and it stumbled backwards for a while. Under its body’s current condition, its left hand unconsciously let go of the heavy sword in order to maintain balance.

And what Yun Che was waiting for, was precisely the moment when one of its hands left the heavy sword; when it was only holding onto the sword with one hand.

Another weakness of the heavy sword was the wrist! Because the heavy sword was too heavy, when brandishing it, one must use both hands to grasp it. Only with both hands grasping could one exhibit the maximum strength of the heavy sword. But it also due to its immense weight that when the wrist receives a heavy strike, it was very easy for the heavy sword to leave the hand… especially when only one hand was grasping the sword!

While focusing tightly on the location of the Stone Dragon General’s right wrist, the moment Yun Che landed, he shot forwards like lightning, and the aura of profound energy surrounding him abruptly became incomparably chaotic.

“Falling Moon Sinking Star!!”

Just as the Stone Dragon General’s body stabilized, Yun Che’s heavy sword that frantically brought about ten times its usual strength, struck heavily and accurately upon the Stone Dragon General’s wrist which was holding the heavy sword.


Within a deafening collision sound, the Stone Dragon General emitted a painful howl once again. It’s entire arm was lifted up, and the armor covering it was also completely shattered. The oddly-shaped heavy sword flew out of its hands, just as Yun Che expected. After flying for several tens of meters, it landed heavily… Right before it landed, accompanying a sound akin to a landslide, a ravine several meters long appeared in the ground.

Yun Che dashed over, arriving in front of the heavy sword which had flown out of the Stone Dragon General’s hands. With both hands, he grabbed at the dragonbone-like sword hilt, gripping it within his own hands.

Although he had expected this heavy sword to be heavier than the Overlord’s Colossal Sword, once it entered his hands, he became shocked for a long while. This was because its weight was at least one-fold heavier than the Overlord’s Colossal Sword, which meant it weighed at least four thousand kilograms! If he hadn’t broken through the Great Way of the Buddha, even if he could pick it up, he shouldn’t even fancy the thought of wielding it freely like the Overlord’s Colossal Sword.

Although they were both heavy swords, the feeling Yun Che had when holding this sword could be said to be as different as the heavens and the earth compared to when he held the Overlord’s Colossal Sword. The aura of his entire person also underwent a complete change, and became a fierce tiger with claws and teeth open waiting to pounce, ready to burst out with earthshaking strength.

His profound energy flowed into the heavy sword, and the name of the sword appeared within his mind...

“Dragon… Fault… What a good sword, what a good name!” Yun Che said in a low voice, and a slight smile appeared in the corner of his mouth. Although there was only one great realm of difference between a Sky Profound Weapon and an Earth Profound Weapon, the difference in its weight, power, and aura was like the difference between the heavens and earth. The Stone Dragon General’s aura decreased more than one-fold after losing the Dragon Fault, just like a fierce tiger that had its talons and teeth pulled out. This made it so that Yun Che couldn’t feel any threat from it at all.

His gaze turned to the Stone Dragon General, and said with a cold laugh: “Using this sword you’ve given me, I’ll send you back to the West!”

Just as his voice landed, he charged towards the Stone Dragon General. Following a screaming gust of wind, within Yun Che’s hands, the heavy sword Dragon Fault displayed its cutting edge for the first time. In the midst of a rumbling sound, Dragon Fault slashed across the Stone Dragon General’s body. Only an incomparably ear-piercing “rip” sound could be heard, and the layer of golden-yellow armor disintegrated like a layer of thin paper. The Stone Dragon General emitted a low roar, and its body took many steps backward. A scar that was over an inch deep and over two feet long remained on its solid body.

The result of this one strike caused Yun Che to smile in delight. Without waiting for the Stone Dragon General to recover its balance, he jumped high in the air as his entire body lit with the phoenix flame. His gaze locked onto the head of the Stone Dragon General, and he said with an ice-cold voice: “Let’s see if your head can withstand the power of this Sky Profound Weapon!”

“Empyrean Dance of the Phoenix Wing!”


Yun Che’s flame-covered body tore through the air, striking the head of the Stone Dragon General from high up in the sky. With a “boom”, the flames exploded, and the power of the phoenix flame, in conjunction with Dragon Fault, erupted. Along with the Stone Dragon General’s thick and heavy helmet, its solid head also shattered in an instant, filling the sky with fragments of stone.

Yun Che flew downwards and steadily landed on the ground. Both hands held Dragon Fault horizontally in front of him, and his eyes revealed an incomparably excited light. Behind him, the Stone Dragon General, with its head completely shattered, slowly fell backwards. Then, with a muffled “bang” sound, it fell on the ground, throwing up a cloud of dust in the sky.