Chapter 173 - Group Extermination!

Chapter 173 - Group Extermination!

One Eyed Dragon’s hand accurately grabbed onto the wide hilt of the heavy sword. However, before he even had the chance to laugh out any sound, he already felt the heavy pressure of a weight around one thousand five hundred kilograms suddenly come from his arm.


The weight of one thousand nine hundred and fifty kilograms, coupled with it falling, instantly fractured and crushed One Eyed Dragon’s arm. The momentum of the heavy sword did not falter, and landed directly on his chest with a “bang” sound. One Eyed Dragon was violently smashed onto the ground while screaming out in agony. Under the heavy pressure of the heavy sword, as much as half of his body had even sunk down into the earth beneath him with a dull rumble. More than ten bones in his chest broke at the same time as he sprayed out a mouthful of blood with great intensity.

Actually, if One Eyed Dragon had raised all of his profound strength, prepared his profound energy for defense, and adopted a proper posture, even if he didn’t end up receiving the sword, he wouldn’t have been smashed half to death. However, when receiving a sword thrown so casually by a youth, who would raise all their profound strength to receive it.

The group of Black Dragon Bandits, currently in the midst of laughter, were all struck dumb, and their eyeballs nearly popped out of their sockets. Yun Che crossed his chest and laughed coldly: "Is my sword fun?”

“You…… You……” The heavy sword still laid heavily on his chest, resulting in a concavity in One Eyed Dragon’s chest. He was completely suffocated, unable of taking even a breath. As his eyes widened, he uttered the two words with much difficulty before his eyes rolled white and he lost consciousness.

The sword that laid on One Eyed Dragon’s chest seemed more like a small heavy hill than a sword.

Everyone could not comprehend the scene in front of their eyes as they stared for a long while without coming back to senses. Black Dragon stared widely, as he started to feel extremely cautious towards this youth who should have been a big fat prey…… The fact that the sword could smash One Eyed Dragon, who had a profound strength at the fifth level of the True Profound Realm, meant that it must be at least a thousand five hundred kilograms.

This kind of weight made Black Dragon question himself as to whether he could swing the sword with ease. Clearly the youth was only of the fourth level of the True Profound Realm; however, he could throw the sword without even flinching…… It meant that he had an amazing arm strength.

“Everyone…… Kill him!”

Black Dragon who had survived for ten years in the Wasteland of Death that was constantly shrouded with death. Naturally, he was not a rash and foolish person. Even though Yun Che’s profound strength appeared to be lower than his, that did not make him lower his guard. His cautiousness caused him to give out the command for the entire group to attack.

The Black Dragon Bandits that were surrounding Yun Che suddenly came to their senses. They shouted out loud, picked up their weapons and began to attack. Mu Xiaoling, who was placed on the ground, screamed out loud and shut her eyes, unwilling to see the miserable scene of Yun Che being chopped into pieces.

This profound strength of these bandits were at least at the fifth level of the True Profound Realm. The stronger ones were up to the tenth level. In the outer region of the Wasteland of Death, they were a considerably frightening group of bandits. Yun Che’s face darkened as he attacked with his right hand. His profound energy surged and he retrieved the Overlord’s Colossal Sword. Holding it horizontally in his hand, he spun on the ground with it…...


The simple spinning of the heavy sword created a massive tornado, causing sand to fly all around. The Black Dragon Bandits could not close in on him and they all felt an unavoidable storm approaching. The strong winds blew them all into the air and flipped them several times in the air before heavily tossing them to the ground. None managed to avoid the storm and several had been disarmed as their weapons were swept far away.

“Wh…… What!!” Black Dragon and his vice leader White Dragon retreated several steps. They were visibly shocked. That was such a frightening and tyrannical swing. It did not hit anyone nor had any profound strength been used. Merely waving the sword caused everyone to be flipped onto the ground!

The next scene made Black Dragon and White Dragon so afraid that they nearly lost their nerve.

Yun Che simply did not even want to waste another second on these people, so he smashed his great sword onto the ground; the body of the sword ignited into flames, and on Yun Che’s forehead, the imprint of the golden phoenix let off a golden radiance.

“Star… Scorching… Demon… Lotus!!!”

As Yun Che muttered under his breath, his body became surrounded with the flames of the phoenix which instantly grew several meters in height before scattering from his body and forming a Demonically Beautiful Lotus. The Lotus instantly engulfed a twenty meter radius with Yun Che at its center, mercilessly burning all the fallen Black Dragon Bandits trapped within with the fatal Phoenix Flame.

Many horrible shrieks could be heard from within the gigantic Flame Lotus. The shrieks sounded ghastly, as though it were cries that came from the depths of hell. However, the Star Scorching Demon Lotus did not weaken; instead, it continued burning mercilessly at full force. The layers of fire soon grew larger and larger before turning into another gigantic Flame Lotus. It trapped each and every person who was tossing and turning around in pain and despair, before eventually turning them into ashes...

This was the second time Yun Che had used the Star Scorching Demon Lotus. However, the strength of the Lotus this time was several times stronger than the first time.

Black Dragon and White Dragon had robbed and killed numerous people over the past ten years. The word “coward” could not be linked to them at all. However, as they saw their lackeys being burnt into slag in front of their eyes, their faces turned as white as sheet. Their teeths chattered and their legs trembled as all the muscles on their body also spasmed.

“Big…… Big Bro……” White Dragon stood in front of Black Dragon, and said in a trembling voice.

“Leave…… Let’s leave quickly!!!”

Black Dragon retreated a few steps, before turning around abruptly and escaping. White Dragon was stunned for a moment before escaping himself…… Two middle-aged profound practitioners with profound strengths of at least the first level of the Spirit Profound Realm, whose blade tasted blood every single day, were actually scared out of their wits by a youth who was only at the fourth level of the True Profound Realm and had to flee from him.

Before they were even able to run very far, a figure had shot flying out from within the Flame Lotus and instantly appeared above of them. Carrying a heavy pressure and force, the colossal heavy sword smashed down from above their heads.

Black Dragon and White Dragon turned around and shouted out loud. Both their long swords were infused with all their profound strength to block the hit.

One who was only at the fourth level of the True Profound Realm against two others who were at the first level of the Spirit Profound Realm…… This was something capable of only people who were either crazy or no longer valued their lives. Facing the two who were receiving his attack at full strength, Yun Che merely shifted his gaze slightly; he had no intention to dodge. He attacked directly with full strength, and his sword’s momentum increased tens of times instantaneously……

If he was holding any other type of weapon, even with the Great Way of the Buddha, he wouldn’t dare face them head on.

But he was wielding a heavy sword.

In a direct confrontation, what other weapon could possibly compare to the heavy sword!!

Three Dragon Blood Pellets brought about great improvement to his body and raised his profound strength. Furthermore, he strongly believed that he was now able to receive Ling Jie’s Heaven’s Might Sword Formation which had previously injured him badly with ease, so how could two people in the first level of the Spirit Profound Realm even be of any trouble.

“Falling Moon Sinking Star!!”


With an incomparably ear-piercing deafening sound, Black Dragon’s and White Dragon’s long swords both broke into several pieces. Under the huge impact, both of them were like leather balls as they rolled into the distance. When they eventually stopped, both of them clutched their right wrists while screaming in pain…… Their right hands had been shattered from the flesh, to their tendons, to their bones. Blood was flowing continuously and they were nearly crippled. Their bodies were so numb that they could not stand up for a long while. Their entire body’s bone structure nearly broke apart under the impact of the collision.

Yun Che somersaulted backwards before landing and retreated a few steps, which reduced all the pressure on him instantly.

Spirit Profound Realm. When he first entered Blue Wind Profound Palace, it was such a high level at that time. The entire Blue Wind Profound Palace only had three disciples who had attained that level. It could be said that he did not even have an opportunity to challenge. But now, with one Falling Moon Sinking Star from his heavy sword, he easily defeated two people of the Spirit Profound Level.

Under the “Heretic God Arts”, his profound strength rose tremendously with the berserk attribute. The “Great Way of The Buddha” provided him with a body that could go against heavens. The “World Ode of the Phoenix” provided him with the ability to destroy. “Heavenly Wolf Hell God's Tome” gave his heavy sword divine might……

Of Yun Che’s four types of energy, the first two originated from True Gods of the Primordial Era —— The Heretic God and the Rage God. And the other two originated from divine beasts of the Primordial Era —— The Phoenix and Heavenly Wolf, the Sky Wolf. With these four great strengths gathering on one mortal body, it provided Yun Che with the power to challenge someone who was an entire realm above him.

It also destined that he would definitely be a shocking talent of this era.

To the current Yun Che, don’t even mention two people at the first level of the Spirit Profound Realm, even if it were a normal person in the fourth level of the Spirit Profound Realm, he still had a chance of victory.

Without giving Black Dragon and White Dragon the chance to breathe, Yun Che stepped forward, lifting the heavy sword, and smashed it towards the temporarily paralyzed Black Dragon and White Dragon.

“Hold…… Hold on……”

Black Dragon’s pupils contracted. Before he had finished what he wanted to say, Yun Che’s heavy sword had already struck onto his and White Dragon’s body.


At the loud noise, both their bodies were simultaneously severed as blood splattered all around. They died without a whole corpse.

Yun Che’s face did not change as he withdrew his heavy sword. Without looking at the corpses, he slowly walked towards Sun Zhou and Mu Xiaoling. He stopped just before the two apprentices and looked at them expressionlessly.

“Thank…… Thank you, great benefactor, for saving my life yet again.”

The scary Black Dragon Bandit Group had turned into ashes in the blink of an eye under the hands of this youth in front of them. Even their leader had lost his life almost instantaneously. The scene was a huge blow to the young girl, and made her stammer in front of Yun Che. She looked at Yun Che with half admiration and gratitude, and half fear.

“Thank you…… Thank you for your great kindness, oh Great Benefactor!” Sun Zhou hurriedly shouted as well with a quiver.

Yun Che closed his eyes and said mildly: “It was you who lured them to me right?”

This sentence made Sun Zhou sweat bullets as he shook his head frantically: “NONONONO!!! Benefactor…… Oh please hear me out! Just now, me and my junior fell into the hands of these evil people. I was afraid they would harm me and my junior. I had no choice but to do it. Luckily, benefactor was incredible and exterminated these evil people. Oh great benefactor, please forgive this foolish one for his mistakes. Please let us go. Me and my junior sister would definitely remember this kindness for all of our lives.”

“Oh? Really?” Yun Che laughed coldly as he eyed Mu Xiaoling. The corners of his mouth slightly lifted and he suddenly looked exceptionally lecherous: “Your junior sister, she doesn’t look that bad. She’s probably a virgin, right?”

With Yun Che’s words coupled with his expression, how could Sun Zhou not understand it. He replied enthusiastically without thinking: “Yes! Yes! My junior sister is still a virgin to date…… If benefactor is happy, you can enjoy her all you like. I believe she would be willing as well.”

Hearing Sun Zhou words, Mu Xiaoling was no longer disappointed; she merely felt sad and smiled coldly.

Yun Che’s lecherous gaze vanished immediately. It was replaced with a field of ice as he suddenly went forward to kick Sun Zhou onto the ground before stepping on his neck.

“Benefactor, you……” Sun Zhou opened his eyes wide and just as he started speaking, Yun Che used some strength and stepped downwards, causing his eye to flip white and made him incapable of saying the words after.

“Leaving trash like you alive in this world really pollutes our atmosphere. I’ll just send to you meet the King of Hell!”

As he finished speaking, a “snap” sound came from below his feet. Both Sun Zhou’s eyes bulged outwards and he died immediately.

“AHHHH—— “ Mu Xiaoling shrieked out loud with a face full of fear: “You…… You…… Why did you kill him! Even though he’s a despicable and shameless person, he had never killed anyone before…… Surely he does not deserve death…… Why did you kill him?”

Yun Che glanced at her and replied: “This senior of yours, normally at your sect, he’s a person with great personal qualities and liked by others right? However, in the face of death today, he revealed his true nature. Do you think that if I were to let him live, he would allow all these shameless deeds to be known by others? And your other two seniors who came out with you are already dead. The only one remaining who knows the truth is you.”

Hearing to here, Mu Xiaoling’s face had already turned very pale.

“He looked as though he was still lusting after you. Therefore, he definitely would first rape you and then kill you. After that, he would return to the sect and said that you all were killed by either evil people or profound beasts at the Wasteland of Death…… His deeds would not be exposed and he would still be the admirable Senior in your sect. However, you would be disgraced and killed…… Do you still want to ask me why I want to kill him?”

After finished speaking, Yun Che decided to move on and left northwards.

Mu Xiaoling stayed stunned for quite some time before she slowly crumpled to the ground. She uttered softly: “Thank you…...”