Chapter 167 - Dragon Blood Pellet

Chapter 167 - Dragon Blood Pellet

"Young Master Feng, we have arrived at my Young Master's room. Do you have any other instructions, Young Master Feng?" After the guard brought Yun Che to the entrance of Murong Yi's room, he bent at his waist, and said respectfully.

"I have something very important to discuss with Brother Murong. Stand guard here and stop anyone from coming in. Understand?"

After saying that, without even waiting for the guard's reply, Yun Che had already pushed open the door and entered the room.

Murong Yi was lying sickly on the bed. With the heavy injuries he had sustained, he should not even think about getting out of bed for at least half a month. When he heard someone enter the room, he opened his eyes. But when he was about to flare up, he realized it was Feng Baiyi. His eyes shone instantly as he struggled to sit upright. "Baiyi, you came at such a late hour... Could it be that the deed has been done?"

"With both Xue Lang and I engaging him at the same time, do you think there's any possibility of failure?" Feng Baiyi smiled as he walked over.

"So you're saying that Yun Che is now dead?" For a moment, Murong Yi's eyes flashed in excitement and delight.

"No!" Yun Che walked over to Murong Yi's bedside as a mysterious smile appeared on his face. "He's not dead. Not only is he not dead, he's also still living really well. However, as for you, Murong Yi, you're going to die really soon."

Feng Baiyi's words stunned Murong Yi momentarily, but before he could even utter another word, Yun Che had already extended his hand at lightning speed, and tightly gripped at his throat.

"Erk~~~~" Murong Yi's pair of eyes instantly widened to the extreme. He grabbed onto Yun Che's arm with both hands as a painful and dry sound was emitted from his throat.

Yun Che knew very well about the severity of Murong Yi's injuries. The current Murong Yi was basically not even the least bit of threat to him, not to mention that he had even made a new breakthrough with the medicinal strength of the Goldscale Dragon Transforming Pellet. Even the two hands that were grabbing onto his own arm, were loose and powerless.

Looking at Murong Yi, who could no longer make any other sound but a painful groan, Yun Che smiled cruelly. With his left hand, he rubbed his face, and Feng Baiyi's face instantly disappeared, revealing Yun Che's original appearance. Seeing Yun Che, who was less than an inch away from him, Murong Yi's eyes instantly widened. His two eyes, under extreme horror and fear, bulged out greatly, and almost burst out of his eye sockets.

"Your good brother Feng Baiyi and Xue Lang, whom you guys hired, wanted to kill me. But, what a pity, they were the ones who died instead, and their corpses were not even spared either." Yun Che looked at Murong Yi, and gave a low laugh. "As for you... Tsk tsk, after beating you to this state, it must be painful to be unable to do anything but lie in bed all day. I might as well be a good person to the very end, and end your pain. I shall send you directly to the King of Hell; this will give you an opportunity to have an early reunion with your good brothers as well!!"

"Eh... Eh..." Murong Yi's widened eyes were filled with fear as he pleaded for mercy.

"In your next life, you’d best not incur my wrath again!"

The moment Yun Che's cold voice fell, he fiercely exerted force from his hand… With strength enough to swing the Overlord's Colossal Sword as he wished, breaking Murong Yi's neck was too easy. Along with a 'crack’, the bones in Murong Yi's neck shattered completely. Murong Yi's pair of eyes stuck out once again; his entire body suddenly stiffened and no longer moved.

"You're really cruel and firm in your killing. And after you kill, your heart rate actually does not change at all... Before we had met, did you kill a lot of people?" Jasmine suddenly asked coldly.

"Mn, many." Yun Che retracted his hand and answered calmly. "I may even have killed more than you."

"Hmph. You're too naive." Jasmine snorted in disdain, and no longer made a sound.

"Naive? The term 'naive' is only used to describe kids; such as a cute little girl like you, Jasmine." Yun Che said very softly.

When Yun Che left the room, he had already changed the appearance of his face back to Feng Baiyi’s. The guard he had ordered to keep watch outside the door had not left, and when he saw Feng Baiyi leaving the room, he quickly said with his head lowered, "Young Master Feng, are you leaving?"

"Mn." Yun Che irritatedly added: "Brother Murong has already fallen asleep. You people had best not enter and disturb him."

"Yes, Young Master Feng, have a safe return."

After killing off the great young master of the Northern Field Great General's household, Yun Che was still able to openly leave the place while being sent off with respect by the household's servant. This sort of feeling, was simply incomparably pleasurable.


On the second day, the news of the brutal death of the Northern Field Great General’s son spread throughout the entire capital like wildfire.

And Feng Baiyi was labeled as the culprit for Murong Yi's murder!

Murong Yi's violent death had occurred last night. And yesterday night, Feng Baiyi was the only person who had entered Murong Yi's room! But when the Murong household searched everywhere for Feng Baiyi's whereabouts, they found that it was as if Feng Baiyi had disappeared from the face of the earth and they were not able to find any trace of him, no matter what methods they used. This obviously gave rise to suspicions that Feng Baiyi might have killed Murong Yi and fled. When he was unable to locate Feng Baiyi, the Northern Field Great General was absolutely furious. He brought thousands of troops and mightily blocked the entrance to the Western Plain General's residence... The longtime brotherhood between these two military generals was thus broken there and then.

And when he, too, was not able to find Feng Baiyi, the Western Plain General started to suspect that it was a ploy set up by the Murong household, and thus, the two great families began to fight a battle that set the heavens spinning and the earth in gloom, where only one of them would survive...

As for the true murderer, Yun Che... Not a single person suspected him.

There was a definite possibility that Murong Yi had been assassinated by someone other than Feng Baiyi, but what sort of place was the Northern Field General’s residence? To kill Murong Yi silently without leaving any trace behind under the heavy surveillance in the Northern Field General’s residence would require someone with strength at least in the late-stages of the Earth Profound Realm. And thus, Yun Che would never be suspected for his death.

So while the Imperial City was in a state of huge turmoil, Yun Che, who returned to the Blue Wind Profound Palace, was as calm as ever.

After a single night, Yun Che's internal injuries were already roughly healed. Currently, he was holed in his quarters with dozens of different medicinal ingredients and treasures placed on the table in front of him. At the very front were the three pieces of Cyan Profound Crystals he had bought from the Black Moon Market two months ago. In the middle, on a small piece of green leaf, were a few dozen drops of the Flame Dragon's dark blood.

It was time to refine the Dragon Blood Pellet!

Two months ago, he had already planned on refining the Dragon Blood Pellet, and that was why he had visited the Black Moon Merchant Guild, which had led him to his encounter with Little Fairy. But back then, his Great Way of the Buddha had yet to reach the first stage of cultivation, so the amount of the Flame Dragon's blood he could take was limited; he would have only infused three drops of the Flame Dragon's blood per pellet at most. This would waste the Cyan Profound Crystal to a certain degree, and after deliberating, he decided to give up on refining the pellets temporarily.

And now, he retrieved twelve drops of Flame Dragon's blood from the Flame Dragon's corpse... That's twelve drops of blood from an Emperor Profound Dragon! In other words, in the three Dragon Blood Pellets he was going to cultivate, there would be four drops of dragon blood in each pellet!

To endure four drops of an Emperor Profound Dragon's blood at once with a body at the True Profound Realm, if someone else were to attempt it, it will definitely be a suicidal act. However, Yun Che had cultivated in the Great Way of the Buddha so the resilience of his body could not be compared to that of regular people. He was confident that his body would be completely capable of enduring the four drops of dragon blood.

Yun Che arranged the medicinal ingredients in order and placed both his hands on the ingredients. He closed his eyes, and a short while later, the purification ability of the Sky Poison Pearl activated. A green glow enveloped the Flame Dragon's blood and the other ingredients... After a long while, when Yun Che took his two hands off the table, different colored slags filled the entire table and three red, shining sphere beads appeared at the center. They were sparkling and clear, like three scarlet pearls. A mysterious medicinal scent also slowly dispersed in the surroundings.

"One hundred percent pure, perfect."

Yun Che picked up the three medicinal pellets and said to himself in satisfaction.

The Xiao Branch Sect’s few hundred years of heritage was clearly not a joke. Refining a single Dragon Blood Pellet requires many medicinal ingredients, and most of them were extremely valuable. Aside from the core ingredients, dragon blood and Cyan Profound Crystal, the other fourteen ingredients were obtained from the Xiao Branch Sect’s Treasury, and the amount was more than enough to cultivate three pellets. Otherwise, if Yun Che had to gather these ingredients by himself, not to mention spending a large amount of Purple Profound Coins, he would also need to spend at least two to three months worth of time to successfully obtain them.

Absorbing one Dragon Blood Pellet would require at least two days, and as for three pellets, six days would be enough to completely absorb them. By then, his profound strength would be raised by two levels at least... And this increase in profound strength was only secondary; an Emperor Profound Dragon's blood... would bring about unmeasurable benefits to his blood, body, profound veins, and bones.

"What's this medicinal pellet?"

Just when Yun Che was about to taste the medicinal pellet he had cultivated with the use of his Sky Poison Pearl, a cold and soft voice came from his back.

Yun Che's lips broke into a smile, and then, he turned around with a face filled with astonishment. Within his vision, dressed entirely in white, with skin white as snow, a girl of peerless beauty with extraordinary disposition was standing there. Her pair of jewel-like beautiful eyes stared at the medicinal pellet he was holding in his hand. Her eyes were simply too beautiful; though they emanated a bone-piercing chill, they were still able to move one's heart.

"Little Fairy, you're finally willing to meet me. Back then, you suddenly went away..."

"I'm asking you, what's this medicinal pellet in your hand?" Little Fairy ignored his words, and said coldly: "Why do I feel an Emperor Profound Realm aura being emitted from these pellets!"

Why would she appear of her own accord with just the aura from regular medicinal pellets?

Yun Che's expression grew solemn, and he could only explain as he was told to. "This is called the Dragon Blood Pellet, and it is a medicinal pellet which was refined from dragon’s blood. After taking it, not only will it raise your profound strength, it will also strengthen your body and increase your resistance to thousands of illnesses. As for why it's emitting an Emperor Profound Realm’s aura..." Yun Che pondered this for a moment, before truthfully saying "That’s because the dragon blood that was used to cultivate this pellet came from an Emperor Profound Dragon."

Little Fairy's eyes twitched slightly as a faint feeling of astonishment flashed by. She took a step forward and once again, took a look at the pellet in Yun Che's hand. Her lips parted, "You're actually able to cultivate pellets as well? And you're even capable of refining medicinal pellets with such high-grade aura. Even within this entire Blue Wind Profound Palace, it's impossible to find a medicinal pellet that's better than the one in your hand, and I have never actually heard of, nor seen the method you used to cultivate your medicinal pellets!"

Earlier, she had seen Yun Che's medicinal pellet refining process very clearly. There was no usage of furnaces, no usage of flames, no mixing or gathering of profound energy... With nothing but his hands, in just ten breaths, a pile of ingredients transformed into three medicinal pellets. If she had not seen it with her own eyes, she would not have believed that it had happened. And from what she knew, people who were capable of refining medicinal pellets which emit such high-grade auras, in this entire Blue Wind Empire, number less than ten, and their refining processes were long and difficult. Earlier, Yun Che did not even look like he was refining medicinal pellets, he simply looked as if he was performing a magic trick.