Chapter 155 - Two Invitation Letters

Chapter 155 - Two Invitation Letters

“Why must I avoid this person?” Although Yun Che had already vaguely guessed the reason, he still asked while frowning.

“In the previous Blue Wind Ranking Tournament, Princess Cang Yue personally showed up to watch the fights. As for how charming Princess Cang Yue was, I suspect there’s no need for me to give unnecessary details. Furthermore, at the time, Princess Cang Yue wore a luxurious rosy cloud dress and an purple-gold phoenix coronet. Even though she’s quite young, her beauty still overwhelmed everyone present and captivated the hearts of numerous young outstanding talents. Amongst them was Fen Juecheng.”

“After the previous Blue Wing Ranking Tournament ended, Fen Juecheng did not immediately return to the Burning Heaven Clan. He instead arrived at the Blue Wind Imperial City to seek attendance from the Emperor and sought for the hand in marriage of Princess Cang Yue… At that time, the Emperor did not consent to his request. However, he also did not refuse him. Instead, he tried to evade the issue with the excuse that Princess Cang Yue was too young for marriage. In actuality, the Emperor was roused by the proposal. Fen Juecheng was, after all, the young master of the Burning Heaven Clan, and was extremely probable to succeed the Burning Heaven Clan’s Clan Master. Should Princess Cang Yue marry him, she would become the future Burning Heaven Clan Master’s wife. Her status would be very high, so high that it would overshadow the position of an Empress. It was undoubtedly an excellent destination for her. The strife between the crown prince and the third prince would certainly not be able to harm her. Furthermore, this would bring bring the Imperial Family a connection with the Burning Heaven Clan… Princess Cang Yue was after all a girl; she will marry off one day. Thus, there would be no need to be afraid of any consequences of her marriage, such as the Burning Heaven Clan infiltrating into the Imperial Family.”

“In regards to the Emperor’s attitude, Fen Juecheng was delighted. He vowed that he would certainly take Princess Cang Yue as his wife.”

“However, not long after, news of the Third Prince Cang Shou borrowing the strength of the Burning Heaven Clan had arrived in the Emperor’s ears. This caused the Emperor to suddenly rage in anger. For the Burning Heaven Clan to be willing to assist Third Prince Cang Shou, one of the reason was because of their ambition for more power in the world and the other was because Fen Juecheng was deeply infatuated with Princess Cang Yue. This was because after those events, Third Prince Cang Shou became particularly good toward Princess Cang Yue. Every single time he would come across Princess Cang Yue, he would recommend her to marry Fen Juecheng and enjoy status, honor, glory, and splendor far beyond that of an imperial princess. Fen Juecheng also regularly came to the imperial palace under the guise of various reasons and, under the arrangements set up by Third Prince Cang Shou, come into contact with Princess Cang Yue. When he meet her, he would express his goodwill and intent to marry her using various methods.”

Yun Che’s heart slightly moved, but he remained silent.

“The Burning Heaven Clan was immensely powerful. Thus, the Imperial Family obviously did not dare to offend them. With the Emperor coming down with a serious illness, the Imperial Family was in turmoil. Princess Cang Yue, like all others, did not dare anger Fen Juecheng. All she could do was evade and not dare to flat out reject him. This was because she was somewhat familiar with Fen Juecheng’s character; while he appeared cultured and refined on the outside and possess the charisma of a great person, he was in fact filled with extreme shrewdness. In order to attain his goal, he would use any means possible, be it fair or foul. Sometimes, he would even do things from the shadows. Furthermore, he was very cruel and merciless, so much that it would cause one to shudder. Should she strongly rejected him and cause Fen Juecheng to lose all his patience, it would be impossible for her to anticipate what he might do.”

“So in order to break away from Fen Juecheng and to resolve a regret that her imperial father had, she left the Imperial City and toured each and every great profound palace of the empire…” Yun Che slowly said with a dull expression. As for what he was thinking, only he himself knew.

“That’s correct.” Qin Wuyou nodded, and then said depressingly. “Yun Che, I don’t know how you feel after hearing all these. I grew up in the Imperial City since a young age and I have regularly come across Princess Cang Yue from when she was very young. The she from back then was like a carefree and worryless angel. After her imperial mother’s death, the amount of things she had to endure, to bear, became greater and greater, heavier and heavier; it was as if all her carefreeness and happiness had left her. How much sadness, hardships and tiredness she had been through, is something that you cannot imagine because at the moment, you are close to Princess Cang Yue, enjoying her beauty and grace, enjoying her deep sincere concern and care for you…. At that time, when she selected you, it was indeed merely to realize her imperial father’s wish. All she had toward you back then was… something that could be considered as a ‘scheme.’ But now, I could tell that she had real genuine feelings toward you. If she didn’t, then she wouldn’t personally deliver something like a Sound Transmission Jade to you. You have enjoyed all that she gave you but had you ever thought of shouldering her burdens? Shouldering the things that she carries in her heart?... Or do you have that kind of sincerity, courage, and conviction?

Yun Che did not respond.

“Like what I had previously said, if you do not have that kind of courage and conviction, then you should take the initiative and distance yourself from Princess Cang Yue. The gap between your statuses is as far as heaven and earth. Also, if others were to know that you two had developed feelings for each other, just Fen Juecheng himself is enough to easily and quietly, tragically die without a grave. Even though you distancing yourself from her would break her heart, I still wish that you would select this option for her good, and also for your own good. I am more or less familiar with your personality; with your pride, I believe that you would most likely not select this option. Even if you had to bite your teeth, you would still not cower…. But the current you is too insignificant; you are incapable of helping Princess Cang Yue, you are incapable of sharing her burden. Instead, the only thing that you are doing is adding another layer of emotional burden for her to worry about. If you were to throw yourself in immense danger to support this layer of emotion, then perhaps it could be considered as being bold, but not courage…. If you were to, at this point, distance yourself from Princess Cang Yue, in my eyes, that is true courage and genuine sincerity.

Yun Che: “...”

Qin Wuyou turned around, patted Yun Che’s shoulder, and said. “Everything I needed to say has been said. As for what you choose to do, carefully consider it for a while. The reason Princess Cang Yue never dared to tell you her identity was also because she feared that you’d be drawn into her strife… On the other hand, it was also because you’re too insignificant; if you actually had enough strength, I believe that she would’ve told you everything long ago, for what she needed the most was a shoulder that she could depend on. But you… at least the current you, is fundamentally incapable of being that shoulder for at least ten years time. Instead, you will surely become her burden and another shackle to her soul.”

“I have placed the Goldscale Dragon Transforming Pellet on the table. If you are able to succeed in refining it, then it would allow your profound strength to rise all the way up to third level of the True Profound Realm… In short, sigh, just think over it.”

Qin Wuyou left with heavy footsteps. Yun Che did not send him off and instead, stood baffled in place for a long time.

Qin Wuyou’s words were like strikes from a heavy hammer; one by one, they ruthlessly pounded at Yun Che’s heart.

Previously, Yun Che believed that Lan Xueruo certainly possessed a high social standing. But he was also completely confident that the him now was worthy enough for her… Or perhaps he was overconfident and arrogant, and had never thought that there would be any individual he was unworthy of. However, he was currently deeply astonished after knowing that Lan Xueruo was actually the legendary Blue Moon Princess. Furthermore, she was involved in the Blue Wind Imperial Family’s upheaval and there was also the Burning Heaven Clan’s tremendous pressure from behind...

While it was true that he was very impressive defeating a Inner Palace disciple who was ranks over his own, and he himself also felt very satisfied, this kind of impressiveness was merely limited to the Blue Wind Profound Palace; it was only limited to the younger generation under the age of twenty. To the circle Lan Xueruo was involved in, his miniscule amount of strength was so small that it was simply negligible and wasn’t even worth their time.

What Qin Wuyou had said was right; Lan Xueruo needed a shoulder she could depend on. However, his miniscule self was simply incapable of giving her that kind of shoulder; he could only become another chain in her heart.

The other thing that Qin Wuyou said was even more correct… He enjoyed Lan Xueruo’s beauty and grace, enjoyed all of her continuous deep sincere concern and care; he even enjoyed the feeling of capturing her heart bit by bit. However, he had never actually tried to share her burden.

“This is a world where the strong rules; if one doesn’t have enough strength, then they are not qualified to discuss honor and dignity. Furthermore, one would not be able to protect the person they want to protect…. Grandpa and little aunt are waiting for my return. I do not have the ability to share the burden of shouldering what Xueruo carries with her… I merely defeated a little miniscule ninth ranker of the True Profound Realm, yet I acted so loftily and complacent here. What a joke… how laughable.”

Yun Che slowly tightened his fists and closed his eyes as his body began to slightly tremble. Only after a long time did he heave a sigh of relief and pick up Goldscale Dragon Transforming Pellet Qin Wuyou left on the table. He concentrated his gaze and threw the pellet down his mouth.

As the Goldscale Dragon Transforming Pellet entered his body, Yun Che immediately felt a surge of vigorous stream of energy rush out from his chest; it flowed towards all his veins and meridians in his body. A part of it directly rushed toward his head, and dazzled his sight.

What a powerful medicinal force…

Yun Che was slightly startled. He immediately sat down on the ground cross legged and closed his eyes. While concentrating on the energy, he began to activate the Great Way of the Buddha. How high of a profound art was the Great Way of the Buddha? In less than a mere four or five breath’s time, the warm flow of energy that was moving all over his body started to gradually settle down. The wild and unruly medicinal force soon became warm and calm. Without needing any guidance, the medicinal force progressively assimilated into his body. The profound energy within his profound veins began to surge and slowly expand….

Sunset. Sunrise.

An entire day and night quietly went by during Yun Che’s meditation. When he completely absorbed the Goldscale Dragon Transforming Pellet and opened his eyes, it was already noon of the second day. The fluctuations of the profound energy within his profound veins were already completely settled, and his profound energy had become even more thicker than yesterday…. Six hours ago, he had already successfully entered the third level of the True Profound Realm.

Although leveling up with medicine was not that stable, it was nevertheless the fastest method. However, pellets that gave such an astonishing effect like the Goldscale Dragon Transforming Pellet were extremely rare, and even tens of thousand of gold could not purchase a single one of those pills. Furthermore, due to the pellet’s strong and fierce nature, there was still a certain risk to taking them.

After sitting for an entire day and night, with a body that was still wounded, Yun Che’s stomach was already rumbling with hunger. Right when he was about to leave the room, the door was once again pushed opened by Qin Wuyou, who had yet to learn his lesson.

“Instructor Qin.” Yun Che immediately greeted him. After noticing Qin Wuyou’s bad complexion, he immediately asked. “What happened?”

“Something within my expectations.” Qin Wuyou sighed. He then took out two letters. “These are two invitation letters. One of them is from Crown Prince Cang Lin, inviting you to his Crown Prince Palace in ten days time at noon, to participate in his thirty third birthday banquet. The other invitation letter is from Third Prince Cang Shuo, inviting you to join his Beast Battle Convention that he personally manages. The time…. is also in ten days at noon.”