Chapter 151 - Steamrolled

Chapter 151 - Steamrolled

When the Overlord’s Colossal Sword appeared, everyone present was momentarily shocked.

Whether or not a sword’s aura was threatening, depended on who was wielding the sword. If it was in the hands of a three year old child, even if it was a heavenly weapon, it still would not be of the slightest deterrence. But in an expert’s hands, even if it was a common sword, it would still release an awe-inspiring aura.

There were quite a few people present who had seen the Overlord’s Colossal Sword before; especially the elders and instructors, who were extremely familiar with it. Because over the past several hundred years, it had silently lain under the weapons rack in the Heavenly Weapon Pavilion, until it had been covered by a thick layer of dust. The disciples or instructors would only glance at it and marvel at its enormity, then look away completely… In their eyes, it was only huge, cumbersome, lacking in grandeur, and completely uninteresting. Over time, people had practically ignored and forgotten its existence.

But right now, grasped in Yun Che’s hands, its incomparably large pitch-black sword blade released a tyrannic aura that caused one’s heart to palpitate; just like the arrival of an army’s emperor that could make the world cower. It made the gazes of everyone present subconsciously focus on its body. They were incapable of moving for a long time as their gazes shook, their hearts shuddered, and their chests felt suffocated.

Qin Wushang was extremely startled after watching Yun Che stand up right after receiving a blow from Murong Yi’s “Blue Dragon Stirs the Sea”, but seeing the Overlord’s Colossal Sword grasped in his hand, his heart was several times more shocked… Because he was the most clear about what this feeling implied.

“To release this domineering aura from the Overlord’s Colossal Sword, which has been silent for the past several hundred years, as if a fierce tiger has completely awoken... Could it be that he can actually completely control such a heavy sword? A one thousand nine hundred fifty kilogram heavy sword! With profound strength at the second level of the True Profound Realm… how could this be possible!”

Even Qin Wushang at the Sky Profound Realm, a supreme realm, still did not dare believe everything he was currently perceiving. In his cognition, let alone a second ranker of the True Profound Realm, merely brandishing this Overlord’s Colossal Sword freely would be a difficult task for even the second ranker of the Spirit Profound realm… Completely mastering it would be out of the question.

But it was evident through the imposing manner of the Overlord’s Colossal Sword that Yun Che’s own aura was closely linked to it. This mutual fusion proved that Yun Che was already extremely familiar with it, and controlling it was practically like controlling his own arm or leg.

“W… What a big sword!”

“Don’t tell me, could that be the rumored heavy sword Yun Che selected from the Heavenly Weapon Pavilion?”

“It’s said that weapon weighs one thousand nine hundred fifty kilograms… that can’t be possible!”

Yun Che’s expression was completely tranquil, and it looked like other than the scar on his lower back, there were no other large hindrances. But in reality, even with a reformed body brought by the Great Way of the Buddha, how could a finishing blow dealt with the strength of a ninth ranker of the True Profound Realm be easily withstood. Although he didn’t sustain any heavy injuries, his injuries definitely could not be considered light; the only external injury was the long streak on his lower back, but his internal organs had sustained several injuries that weren’t light. Just as he got up, he already had to forcefully swallow a gulp of blood that almost bubbled up to his throat.

And at the same time, his anger had been completely incited.

“Murong Yi, I originally challenged you merely to use you as a form of pressure and to test my worth; but I never would have thought that, with your status as an Inner Palace disciple, you would actually be so contemptible and cowardly. To throw away your face just for victory… Since this is so, I also have no reason to be polite anymore.” Yun Che stated in a low voice.

“Ha… hahahaha!” Murong Yi began laughing wildly, but his laugh was very dry and tedious. He then said with a gloomy face: “Yun Che, you are indeed just a little stronger than I had imagined but you are still far from being to fit be your daddy’s opponent! Soon, I’ll let you understand the power of the peak of the True Profound Realm! Contrariwise, that sword in your hand, can you really wield it? Hahahaha…”

In the midst of his wild laughter, Murong Yi suddenly bellowed loudly and the profound energy in his body crashed forward crazily like a surging wave. The thick profound energy circulated the surface of his body like waves as it wrapped around his entire person. The air surrounding him instantly became chaotic and it stirred up waves of ripples.

This time, Murong Yi thoroughly and completely, did not hold back in the slightest. Because, the shadow of “possible defeat” on Yun Che had stood up once again. The moment he had grasped the gigantic sword, his internal organs shook violently and expanded crazily, as if the grin of a demon had produced a great fear within him... He couldn’t lose; no matter what, he could not lose.

The forcefully released profound energy surged substantially, and Murong Yi’s entire body rose into the air. With a roar, the silver spear in his hands thrust at Yun Che rapidly like lightning; and every time the long spear thrust forward, it left behind an array of spear shadows. In the blink of an eye, a myriad of spear shadows horizontally spread in the sky like a huge lethal storm and enveloped Yun Che… Sealing off all his possible escape routes.

Every spear shadow released an awe-inspiring cold light and each possessed enough strength capable of piercing through a boulder.

Once this technique was released, all the instructors and elders present revealed expressions filled with shock.

“The strongest ultimate technique of the 《Blue Dragon Spear Arts》-- Purgatory Dragon Shadows! He actually successfully mastered it!”

“When Murong Yi selected the spear back then, I had tried to dissuade him from doing so because the sword is the path for a king… I never would have thought that Murong Yi’s comprehension of the spear was actually so incredible. In the past century of the Blue Wind Profound Palace, I’m afraid the number of disciples who have cultivated this technique before graduation does not exceed ten!”

“Now that he has released this move, it’s impossible for Yun Che to win… At least a dozen holes will puncture his body.”

Yun Che slowly raised his head and fearlessly looked at the inescapable trap of spear shadows that filled the sky. Just as the spear shadows fell from the sky amid the screams of countless people, Yun Che’s eyes flashed and abruptly raised the Overlord’s Colossal Sword grasped in his hands. The Overlord’s Colossal Sword drew a humongous pitch-black arc and smashed towards the spear shadows that filled the sky.

The way of the spear had a line that described a battle against the sword: No matter how many of your sword rays, I need only one sweep of my spear. Even though a sword was agile and versatile, when compared in terms of how overbearing it is and the range of its attacks, swords could never compare to spears… But this only applied to light swords; if it was a heavy sword, then the formula would be completely reversed.

No matter how many of your spear shadows, I need only one sweep of my sword!

In the face of the one thousand nine hundred fifty kilogram Overlord’s Colossal Sword in Yun Che’s hands, the spear in Murong Yi’s hands wasn’t overbearing in the slightest!

Along with Yun Che’s one wave, the entire plaza, and perhaps even its farthest corners, all heard a tremendous whistling sound that pierced the air...

Bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang...

The huge sword body collided with the countless spear shadows; in an instant, an incomparably dense crushing sound was emitted. The spear shadows that filled the sky exploded and shattered like pieces of fragile glass. In a split second, the spear shadows that Murong Yi had used all his profound energy to produce, were swept away cleanly like leaves blown away by a fierce wind. In the end, the Overlord’s Colossal Sword brought about a whistling sound akin to a storm wind, and heavily bombarded upon the silver spear grasped in Murong Yi’s hands.


An extremely ear-piercing sound of a strike resounded. The silver spear in Murong Yi’s hands instantly turned into the shape of a full moon, to then directly snap with a “crack” sound. The tremendous power, which had not yet dispersed, ruptured the webbing between Murong Yi’s thumb and index finger in its vibrations. In the midst of a blood-curdling scream, the broken silver spear flew out of his hand and flew a huge distance before landing at the periphery of the huge crowd.

Yun Che’s Overlord’s Colossal Sword, had also been lifted from his lower left to the upper right at this time, completing a perfect half-arc… At the same time, the area under the stage in which he was facing suddenly burst into chaos. Under the violent impact brought by the heavy sword, the crowd up to ten feet away from the stage all felt as if a heavy hammer had been slammed onto their chests. A majority of the people present were directly blown backwards, turning the large crowd into a chaotic heap of people.

The power of this sword, which was merely from one strike of a profound practitioner at the second level of the True Profound Realm… was utterly shocking!

Murong Yi, who had been suspended in midair, finally landed on the ground. Sitting there while paralyzed in place with eyes that stared blankly, it appeared as if he could not believe that everything that had happened was reality… He had spent two years comprehending this sure-kill strike and it had always been his deeply hidden last resort and trump card. But when he used it for the first time today, it had been thoroughly defeated by just one strike from the opponent. Even his beloved spear, had been snapped as if he was in a nightmare… The spear he used was obviously not a common spear; it was a Spirit Profound Artifact, the Silver Dragon Spear, from the Heavenly Weapon Pavilion. But the roaring Silver Dragon had encountered the awakened Overlord, so the only outcome was a wanton trampling.

“Yun Che… Yun Che! I’ll kill you!!”

Murong Yi, who had been in a daze for quite a long time, suddenly roared and jumped up abruptly. As if he had gone insane, he reached out to grab at Yun Che’s neck. Murong Yi’s consumed a large portion of his profound energy and used “Purgatory Dragon Shadows” once more. As of now, he could at most, only utilize around seventy percent of his strength at his peak state. In contrast to the calm and composed Yun Che who had the heavy sword in hand, what qualifications did he have to fight Yun Che?

Facing Murong Yi’s final struggle, Yun Che laughed coldly. His body exploded outwards with a flash, with his hands still holding onto the huge heavy sword, yet his movement speed was not any slower compared to before. Then, without even looking at Murong Yi, the heavy sword casually swept upwards.


A windstorm swirled amid the whistling sound. The heavy sword didn’t actually touch Murong Yi’s body, but even this frightening storm was something Murong Yi could not resist at all. Murong Yi’s body was directly blown upwards until he was almost ten feet in the air. At this time, Yun Che suddenly jumped up and traveled ten feet in one leap. The heavy sword arced, and ruthlessly slammed it upon Murong Yi’s body.


Murong Yi plummeted downwards like a loud cannonball. What followed was the rumbling explosion of the stage beneath him. Broken stone was scattered about and his entire body, from head to toe, smashed into the stage.

When the heavy sword had not been taken out and the two fought unarmed, they could barely be regarded as evenly divided. But once the heavy sword was taken out, Murong Yi was defeated in a landslide and was crushed so badly that he simply could not fight back. If he had only been able to control the heavy sword, it would still be impossible for Yun Che to do this. But what kind of existence was the 《Heavenly Wolf Hell God's Tome》? Once he had comprehended the fundamental stage of the 《Heavenly Wolf Hell God's Tome》, the heavy sword in Yun Che’s hands was no longer a heavy sword, but an angry celestial dragon who had been awakened. Every swing inevitably rumble the heavens and shake the earth as it cleaved stone and frighten the heavens.

In the midst of everyone’s dazed gazes, Yun Che landed from the air next to the area Murong Yi had smashed into the ground. With a casual wave of the heavy sword, only a “boom” sound could be heard as the majority of the stage collapsed immediately and flew upwards. Murong Yi’s body also flew into the air and landed in front of Yun Che. At this time, Murong Yi’s clothes were completely tattered; he was covered with bloodstains, his face had been blurred with dirt and blood. Although his eyes were still open, they were already void of any expression and were as dim as dead ash.

Yun Che took a step forward, plunged the heavy sword into the ground, and loftily stared down at Murong Yi: “Murong Yi, do you still want to fight? If you want to continue, I’ll be more than happy to comply. You’re a ninth level True Profound realm Inner Palace disciple, yet with your full strength, you were only able to make me swing my heavy sword three times… Ah, you really must feel like you haven’t demonstrated your strength yet.”