Chapter 146 - Departure

Chapter 146 - Departure

The poison spirit was only a type of primitive spirit with low levels of awareness. Colorless and formless, it was similar to a simple soul-body. After being forcefully sucked out by Yun Che’s Phoenix flame, it combusted as the Phoenix flame wrapped around it… A terrifying poison spirit that was enough to render almost all the doctors in the world useless, had been settled in merely a few minutes under Yun Che’s hands. This was something that should make one excited, but the moment Yun Che realized what his right hand was grabbing, his heart abruptly went cold, and three words flashed in his mind...

F*ck! I’m dead!

As he had expected, the moment his palm covered her chest, the goddess’s body stiffened. Her slightly closed eyes suddenly flew open, as her body instantly emitted an incomparably ice-cold killing intent and boundless profound energy.

With her profound strength at half-step from the Emperor Profound Realm, there were only a few in all of Blue Wind Empire that could touch her without her permission, and until now, she had always been like a snowflake that had yet to touch the ground. Let alone her body, no man had even touched the corner of her clothes before. This had to do with the profound art she cultivated, and also with her own personality. Only, she had also detected the poison spirit in her profound veins earlier. While focusing her consciousness to observe the movements of the poison spirit, she had temporarily let her guard down against Yun Che, and had actually gotten grabbed on the chest by Yun Che with one hand… Oh, that’s not right! It was a grab! And it was a very forceful grab at her chest.

Anger and killing intent was mixed into her profound energy aura, which had completely exploded outwards subconsciously. But as the goddess saw the lump of poison spirit in the conflagration, her heart suddenly softened, and forcefully retracted the profound energy aura back into her body… But Yun Che was too close to her, and how could the profound aura, which had been released with anger and killing intent, be easy to retrieve; a small portion of her residual energy still swept onto Yun Che’s body… Even though it was not even one percent of her residual energy, it was still from someone with a terrifying strength at the peak of the tenth level of the Sky Profound Realm; how could Yun Che possibly withstand it?

With a “bang” sound, Yun Che’s body was struck as if hit by a heavy hammer. He felt that his entire body become overturned and all of his internal organs had ruptured in a split second. After that, even his consciousness began to disperse.

Bang! Bang!!

Yun Che’s body flew outwards like a cannonball, smashed through the wall, snapped a tall tree in the courtyard that had the thickness of a bowl’s mouth, and continued to fly for several tens of meters before heavily crashing onto an ancient boulder. The huge boulder cracked and split into pieces, and Yun Che, bounced off onto the ground as he bled profusely from his entire body. Not long after, a large pool of blood had already gathered under him.

All of Inner Palace disciples usually stayed in the Profound Gathering Tower. They normally operated with complete freedom and were restricted by none. Perhaps it is also because mutual sparring was a common occurrence within the Inner Palace disciples, so these noises were commonplace. Thus, even though such a huge sound was emitted, not a single person rushed over. Even to the extent that no one had noticed the sound at all.

A white shadow flit past a distance of several tens of meters in a flash and landed in front of the already unconscious Yun Che. The goddess’s gaze was extremely complicated; her left chest still retained the feeling after his forceful grab that made her feel ashamed and angry. But she was even more clear that Yun Che did it completely unintentionally; in fact, the reason why he had committed such a blunder, was actually to expel the terrifying poison spirit for her.

Yet she had instinctively spread her profound energy aura and directly killed the person who had just saved her… Even though he had touched her taboo, he had, after all, done so in order to save her.

A hint of guilt flashed through the goddess’s eyes, and she faintly sighed. She gently raised her snowy hand, and plumes after plumes of beautiful dreamlike ice aurora fluttered under her hand and fell toward Yun Che, attempting to freeze his body. But just as the first glimmer of the ice aurora touched onto Yun Che’s body, all of the ice aurora instantly vanished, and the goddess’s brows swayed slightly...

He’s not dead yet!?

A youngster at the first level of the True Profound Realm was actually still alive after colliding with her aura, and his signs of life were not faint at all either; this amazed her. With a brush of her right hand, Yun Che’s body was carried by a gust of cold wind back into his room.


When Yun Che regained consciousness, he felt as if his entire body was immersed in ice. However, this cold feeling was not uncomfortable at all; rather, it gave him a very comfortable feeling.

“Hmph, you finally woke up.” Jasmine, after detecting the awakening of his consciousness, said snappily: “If you didn’t cultivate the Great Way of the Buddha, you would’ve been dead to the point where you can’t be more dead long ago.”

Yun Che opened his eyes, and thought back to what had happened before right away. His heart was immediately filled with lamentation; only, he wasn’t lamenting about his brush with death once again, but it was about… The feeling of this goddess’s breast, was really too too too too wonderful… To trade half his life for just one grab, why did he feel that it was kind of worth it!

“You’re awake!”

An ice-cold voice came over. Yun Che turned his head to the side, and saw the goddess who was currently standing in front of his bed. The corners of his mouth moved, revealing a touch of very light smile: “Unexpectedly, I’m still alive.”

“I am also very surprised that you are still alive.” The goddess’s eyes were cold, her gaze was like two daggers made of ice that pierced toward Yun Che’s eyes: “After colliding with my aura, you actually didn’t die And with such a heavy injury, I’d originally thought you would at least be unconscious for half a month, yet you awoke just after being unconscious for three days, and a small portion of your injuries have already healed. Perhaps this has to do with Phoenix flame’s strong regeneration properties; your life is much more sturdy than I had thought.”

Facing her cold stare, Yun Che smiled bitterly: “What I did before, was really an accident. I had only wanted to grab the poison spirit out, I didn’t think that…”

“If it wasn’t because you were saving me me, do you think you’d still be alive to talk with me right now?” The goddess said coldly.

Yun Che shook his head, and said: “Aftering desecrating Little Fairy, I fully deserve this kind of punishment I have received.”

“If you don’t want to force me to kill you, then completely forget what happened three days ago, and don’t ever mention it to anyone!” The goddess’s voice became even colder, but didn’t possess that piercing killing intent anymore. After few days had passed, she no longer had that desire to kill Yun Che; otherwise, she wouldn’t have let him live till now.

“I will definitely not speak of this to anyone.” Yun Che swore. He examined his body for a moment; even though his body was injured both internally and externally, none of his injuries were untreatable. With his medical skills, he would be able to fully recover given enough time. On the other hand, he had detected the origin of that ice-cold aura he felt. Even though this aura was ice-cold, it hid a incomparably thick profound energy, leaving no gaps while protecting and restoring his internal organs. Not only did his internal injuries not worsen over the past few days, they instead had actually recovered much faster than his external injuries.

And after three whole days had passed, she hadn’t left either… With her status, against someone who had profaned her, she could’ve just completely cast him away and leave, but she actually didn’t do so. The only explanation, was that underneath that external appearance akin to profound ice, her heart was similarly cold, but by no means merciless.

“Little Fairy, thank you. You not killing me is already kindness, and you even saved me.” Yun Che said weakly.

“Hmph, don’t be so sentimental. I only saved you because I still need you to dispel the ice poison in my body.”

The goddess turned her snow veil-covered face to the side, and spoke with a cold and stern voice.

“Actually, I lied to you about something.” Yun Che said slowly: “I had said before, detoxifying the poison in your body required around ten days’ time. Actually, to me, it will only take me a few breaths’ time to completely dispel the poison in your body. Also, I wanted to help you out of my own selfish motives, since you are at the pinnacle of profound strength, a level high enough to look down upon the entire Blue Wind Empire. I wished to have you owe me a favor by saving you…. Even in the worst case, we would still have had ten days of crossing paths. For my future, it would create a possible great power of assistance. Haha… Indeed, tricking a girl, and such a beautiful little fairy at that, is something I should suffer retribution for.”

Little Fairy: “...”

After Yun Che finished speaking, he lifted his left hand, palm facing the goddess. He strugglingly circulated his profound energy, and in an instant, the Sky Poison Pearl’s purification ability brushed upon the goddess’s body along the flow of his profound energy… The goddess’s brows furrowed for a moment, but she did not reject or obstruct.

The purification power expanded into the goddess’s body, and under Yun Che’s guidance, completely dispelled the Ice Poison of Origin in her body in the short span of a few breaths of time. A Sky Profound Realm profound beast’s Poison of Origin was naturally, incomparably terrifying. But with the Sky Poison Pearl being a Heavenly Profound Treasure, comparing this kind of poison with the poison that Jasmine was inflicted with, it can’t even be said as a speck of dust in front of an iceberg. Even the poison Jasmine was inflicted with could be slowly purified by the Sky Poison Pearl, let alone this insignificant ice poison of origin.

“Alright, like this, the poison should be completely detoxified now.” Yun Che retracted his hand and let loose a breath of relief as a hint of exhaustion was added onto his ill-looking face.

The toxic poison she couldn’t dispel with all her profound energy, was actually dispersed in an instant. The heart of the goddess whose emotion rarely swayed was immediately filled with shock. She had a vast range of experiences, and there were few in the entire Blue Wind Empire that could compare to her. But she had never heard that there was actually a method to completely detoxify such an acute poison in an instant. Even Blue Wind Empire’s number one genius doctor Gu Qiuhong would definitely be incapable of such a feat.

And this person, was merely a youngster who had just entered the True Profound Realm!

If she hadn’t been poisoned personally, and also experienced this personally, she simply wouldn’t be able to believe that all of this was real.

Finally seeing a trace of emotion on Little Fairy’s face, Yun Che smiled somewhat complacently, and said: “I have a unique poison-dispelling method. I implore Little Fairy to keep both this and the Phoenix flame in my body a secret, or else, I will would definitely instigate a great deal of trouble. However, if Little Fairy was ever to be inflicted with an incurable poison again in the future, you can look for me, and I will definitely help dispel it.”

The goddess’s gaze was complicated. She could no longer link this heavily injured youngster together with a minuscule Blue Wind Profound Palace disciple of the insignificant True Profound Realm. No matter his ability to identify this Poison of Origin, or his calm and unmoving gaze that was profound to the point where even she couldn’t see through, or his ability to exterminate the acute poison with a mere lift of his hand, she was inflicted with just a glance… All had made her deeply feel his mysteriousness and unusualness.

As well as, with an unknown origin, a faint sense of danger.

“The poison on my body has been dispelled, and your injuries are no longer life-threatening. Such being the case, I no longer have any reason to stay here.”

After she finished speaking, without waiting for Yun Che to react, spirits of ice was already floating on goddess’s body, and her graceful body that was encased in the ice spirit slowly turned into mist, and completely disappeared in front of Yun Che.

“Hey! Little Fairy…”

Yun Che hastily scrambled up, but her silhouette was gone before he was even able to speak. Yun Che’s voice paused, and turned into a few dejected words: “She really… left just like that…”

At this time, strands of a gentle yet cold voice descended from the sky: “In two months time, we will meet again. At that time, I will protect you for three months as you had wished.”

The voice dispersed away like smoke. Yun Che froze for a moment, then laid back onto his bed, exhaled with extreme comfort, and closed his eyes. He faintly smiled, and a very silent whisper was uttered from his mouth...

“She should be someone from Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace… It’s also been almost a year since I separated from Qingyue my wife. I wonder how she’s doing over there…”