Chapter 143 - Devil’s Flaming Blood Crystal

Chapter 143 - Devil’s Flaming Blood Crystal

After sending Xia Yuanba back to the Cultivation Room, the four people were already gone. It was not known whether or not they crawled off to the Medicine Hall to treat their wounds. Afterwards, Yun Che left the Outer Palace and headed towards the Black Moon Merchant Guild, with his heart heavy with thoughts on the way there.

“Are you thinking about Xia Yuanba’s Profound Vein?” Jasmine’s voice sounded in his mind.

Yun Che’s footsteps stopped for a moment, and he asked seriously: “Are Yuanba’s profound veins really the ‘Tyrannical Emperor’s Divine Veins’ you spoke about? If they really are, then exactly what kind of profound veins are they?”

Jasmine’s response was brief but cruel: “His profound veins are, without a doubt, the extremely rare Tyrannical Emperor’s Divine Veins. In the Profound Sky Continent, he is the only one I’ve seen that possesses the Tyrannical Emperor’s Divine Veins. Only, the Tyrannical Emperor’s Divine Veins are a set of divine veins for some people; but for him, they are just useless veins.”


“The reason that the Tyrannical Emperor’s Divine Veins is known as the Tyrannical Emperor’s Divine Veins is not because once it is awoken, it would provide a power capable of tyrannizing the heavens, but because one needs to possess the heart of a tyrant and the desire to become the emperor in order to awaken it. One also needs a tremendous desire for power; a desire so great it overwhelms all other aspirations. Once the Tyrannical Emperor’s Divine Veins is awaken, the owner must dominate everything and proclaim himself emperor. But if one cannot awaken it, while it is not evident in the Elementary Profound Realm, once one enters the Nascent Profound Realm and profound energy matures, to rise in one level will require ten times the effort of any regular person! And one will only be able to enter the Nascent Profound Realm; it is impossible to break through to the True Profound Realm.”

“Xia Yuanba’s personality is not weak, but it is definitely not strong either. Furthermore, he does not possess the heart of a tyrant, or the desire to become emperor. As for profound strength, he only longs for it, at most obsesses over it, but he is far from the extent of crazy desire one must have. The Tyrannical Emperor’s Divine Veins in his body, will never awaken. So, not only is it of no help to him, it will actually serve as the biggest deterrent. Even if he spends his entire life trying, he shouldn’t even think about entering the Nascent Profound Realm.”

Yun Che was speechless for a long time.

He would never doubt Jasmine’s words.

He was even more clear about the fact that the heart of a tyrant and the desire to become emperor were things that could not be brought up in someone. Even if he told Xia Yuanba that he could obtain a miraculous power by igniting his desire for great strength… But this desire, is not something that can be stimulated through language.

“If, and I’m saying if, Xia Yuanba’s Tyrannical Emperor’s Divine Veins awakens, will his profound strength increase explosively?” Yun Che asked tentatively.

Jasmine was silent for a moment, then calmly said something that greatly startled Yun Che’s heart...

“In one night’s time, his profound strength will directly break through the Emperor Profound realm… possibly even the Tyrant Profound Realm!”


Blue Wind Imperial City’s Black Moon Merchant Guild was the headquarters for the Black Moon Merchant Guild in the Blue Wind Empire, and it was also the largest establishment in the empire. Since it was located close to the Blue Wind Profound Palace, before entering the Imperial City, Lan Xueruo had specifically brought him here. Because of this, he was able to locate the Black Moon Merchant Guild quickly.

Compared to New Moon City’s Black Moon Merchant Guild, the Imperial City’s Black Moon Merchant Guild could only be described as utterly magnificent.

The Black Moon Merchant Guild was several tens of feet tall, and it occupied an area with a radius of several hundred feet. The entire Merchant Guild building released a feeling of indescribable luxury. A pitch-black crescent moon was suspended in mid-air above the main entrance. The four words, “Black Moon Merchant Guild”, on the horizontal placard shined with brilliance under the sunlight.

Yun Che arrived in front of the main entrance to the Black Moon Merchant Guild. The doors automatically opened, and a tall and pretty welcoming maid walked in front of Yun Che, and lightly smiled with a dignified air: “Esteemed customers, welcome to the Black Moon Merchant Guild. Please enter.”

The Black Moon Merchant Guild in New Moon City was only a small branch establishment; regarding the quality of their services, they naturally paled in comparison. As Yun Che entered the Black Moon Merchant Guild, he was immediately shocked by the magnificent and grand air of the interior. Only, other than the many beautiful maidens in the hall, there weren’t many visitors, making the whole building seem deserted. But Yun Che didn’t find that odd at all, because the Black Moon Merchant Guild did not sell common items; this was especially so for the headquarters of the Blue Wind Empire. No matter whether something was being purchased or sold, everything was calculated with the standard purple profound coin; one simply could not purchase an item for less than a purple profound coin here. So even though there weren’t many visitors in the Black Moon Merchant Guild, any transaction was a golden bucket full of profit.

“Esteemed customer, may I ask what you need?” The maid, who had welcomed Yun Che into the building, politely asked with a light smile.

“I need three Cyan Profound Crystals.” Yun Che stated, straight to the point.

“Precious crystal merchandise are located on the third floor, please follow me.”

The maid slightly bowed, then walked in front with a willowy posture and brought Yun Che to the third floor.

The third floor was deserted, without a single visitor present. The moment he entered the third floor, Yun Che instantly felt a incomparably strong aura pave over. With a glance, he discovered that the huge third floor was filled with all sorts of exquisite jade boxes and wooden boxes. With one glance, one could tell these jade and wooden boxes were definitely not common items, yet these items of high value were only here for storage purposes; it was plain just how precious the items kept here were.

At the same time, gusts of fluctuating profound energy also spread over. Yun Che quickly noticed that the room was filled with invisible formations, some of which were defensive formations, while others were attack formations. Once anything out of the ordinary occurred, these formations would instantly start up… Of course, this was provided someone would actually have the guts to act wildly in the Black Moon Merchant Guild.

“Elder Qiao, this guest would like three Cyan Profound Crystals.”

The maid walked in front of the old man and said with respect.

The old man glanced at Yun Che lightly, and got up emotionlessly. A moment later, he brought three jade boxes containing Cyan Profound Crystals, placed them in front of Yun Che, and asked mechanically: “Three purple profound coins a piece, for a total of nine purple profound coins.”

Yun Che placed nine purple profound coins on the trading desk, and then put away the three Cyan Profound Crystals; thus, completing the transaction.

“Esteemed customer, may I ask if you need anything else?” The maid asked with a light smile. In this Black Moon Merchant Guild establishment, every guest was aided personally. Once one entered, a maid would be present for aid the entire time until one left the establishment.

Just as Yun Che was about to say that he didn’t need anything else, his nose suddenly twitched. To the left of his line of vision, he noticed a jade box locked firmly not far from the right hand of the old man, and said: “What’s the price of that Devil's Flaming Blood Crystal over there? If it’s acceptable I’ll buy it.”

The old man, whose expression had been rigid the entire time, showed slight surprise as he looked at Yun Che, and finally said: “Young man, the Devil's Flaming Blood Crystal is formed in extremely volatile grounds of Yang attribute. They are scarce in the world, and those that have seen it are few in number. How did you know that this jade box contains a Devil's Flaming Blood Crystal?”

Yun Che smiled faintly and said: “By chance, this junior once came in contact with a Devil's Flaming Blood Crystal, and had a deep impression of the extremely volatile and Yang aura. Even though it is covered by the jade box, and its aura is quite weak, this aura belongs solely to the Devil's Flaming Blood Crystal; junior was still able to identify it in an instant.”

“Hehe, I’d have never thought someone as young as you would have such a broad range of experiences. I wonder what you need this Devil's Flaming Blood Crystal for? You don’t seem to be a fire-attribute profound practitioner.” The old man said slowly.

Yun Che said calmly with a smile: “Does the Black Moon Merchant Guild need to know what the merchandise they sell is for?”

The old man smiled faintly and didn’t press any further. He brought the box over and placed it in front of Yun Che: “Six hundred purple profound coins.”

Yun Che immediately took out his Profound Currency Card. After deducting six hundred purple profound coins, he opened the box and stored the Devil's Flaming Blood Crystal away. The Devil's Flaming Blood Crystal was very beneficial to the Phoenix fire power in his body. In certain dire circumstances, if he forcefully consumed the Devil's Flaming Blood Crystal, the power of the flames he released would drastically increase for a short time.

At the same time, because the Devil's Flaming Blood Crystal was extremely volatile and extremely Yang, it could dispel all sorts of ice-related poisons.

With his objective achieved, Yun Che left with the guidance of the maid. Right as he arrived at the end of the stairs, a maid with a woman clad in white walked over.

This was a woman masked with an ice silk gauze veil; her body was covered with a pristine snowy attire, and a thin ice veil masked her appearance, only revealing a pair of ice-cold beautiful eyes. The small patch of skin revealed was as white as suet white jade, and also like a patch of flawless snow. Under the snowy dress, her figure was graceful and moving, extremely delicate, and indescribably beautiful as she released a kind of faint ethereal attitude. She was elegant and noble like a goddess from the Ninth Heaven, without a trace of taint from the mortal world; it was almost as if one extra glance at this figure was blasphemy.

Yun Che could not help but freeze for a moment as he stared. Even though he could not clearly make out her appearance, this was undoubtedly an extremely beautiful woman. Even though her appearance was hidden, just her temperament and figure alone was extremely beautiful, capable of making one’s mind waver uncontrollably… Other than Xia Qingyue, this was Yun Che’s first time encountering a woman who emitted such an incredible feeling.

At the moment, if someone had told him this woman was a goddess who had descended to the mortal realm, he wouldn’t have had any doubts.

It was as if the woman had no perception whatsoever when facing Yun Che’s attentive gaze. That pair of ice-cold beautiful eyes didn’t move even a bit. As she had passed Yun Che, she brought a gust of cool, fragrant wind.

Yun Che’s gaze also unconsciously turned. Only after appreciating the dreamlike beauty of her silhouette for quite a while did he reluctantly follow the maid downstairs… This great pleasure from admiring beautiful things was something Yun Che could never suppress.

“This tiny Blue Wind Empire, is indeed a crouching tiger and hidden dragon.” Jasmine’s voice sounded out of the blue.

Yun Che said thoughtfully: “You’re talking about… could it be that white-clothed beauty that just walked by?”

“When you looked at her before, your heartbeat visibly quickened, and your soul also produced some desirous fluctuations. Hmph, perhaps this is the quality people find most annoying in men. However, you must not think about hitting on her; at least for now, the level between you and her is as far as the heavens and the earth!” Jasmine said coldly.

“... You mean?”

“Peak of the tenth level of the Sky Profound Realm… a half-step from the Emperor Profound Realm! Strong enough to be considered one of the top ten practitioners in Blue Wind Empire!”

Yun Che was so shocked his legs went soft on the spot, and almost face-planted onto the stairs.

After Yun Che went downstairs, the white-clothed woman arrived in front of the old man with the maid’s guidance. The maid respectfully said: “Elder Qiao, this esteemed customer would like a Devil's Flaming Blood Crystal.”